25+ Best Christmas Living Room Decor Ideas

Last Updated on March 7, 2024 by Kimberly Crawford

The living room is an essential part of decorating for Christmas. There are plenty of ways you can decorate your main living area and embody the holiday spirit. All you need is patience, a plan and some hard work!

best christmas living room ideas

How can I make my living room for Christmas?

Embrace the festive spirit by decorating your living room! A few things can go a long way but make sure you invest in making the seating arrangements as cozy as possible. Here are a few tips:

  • Create a festive feature wall.
  • Go for glamour.
  • Match your décor to your furniture.
  • Introduce a Midas touch.
  • Add winter warmers.

25 Best Christmas Living Room Décor Ideas

1. Embrace the red and white color scheme!

1 christmas living room ideas

Red and white go beautifully together, most especially when you’re going for a festive look. Invest in plaids and fluffy whites. Stripes and solid color patterns are a must too! Just take a look at this lovely red and white setting.


2. Red and white throw pillows

2 christmas living room ideas

The holiday season can get cold and snuggling on the couch is a well loved activity. Create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort that doubles as a stunning décor accent by investing in color-coordinated pillows for your couch!


3. Decorate your mantle!

3 christmas living room ideas

If you have a mantle in your living room, it’s always a fun idea to decorate it. The mantle can easily be neglected but let’s face it!

It wouldn’t be Christmas without it! Add in some Christmas socks, festive signs, boughs and ornaments to curate a truly amazing focal point.


4. Go for a magical winter wonderland

4 christmas living room ideas

Christmas is such a magical time of the year with the endless sea of white just shimmering along the horizon, it can be tempting to bring it into your home.

Don’t be afraid to go for a winter wonderland theme! You can never go wrong with snow, silver and shimmery things. Create a fairytale fit for your wildest fantasies.

5. Blush and gold never gets old

5 christmas living room ideas

Blush and gold are a timeless classic. You could opt for the sophisticated route and decorate your living room with white, gold and blush accents to truly embody an expensive Christmas.

Add in some flowers in a blush color, some bright white finery and a touch of gold to pull you through.

6. Set up a DIY holiday advent calendar feature

6 christmas living room ideas

If you have some extra space on a small table, prop it up near a wall and create a truly magical countdown to Christmas right in your living room! This is a really fun idea to keep your holiday spirits up when it’s still a fair bit far away.

7. Install a stocking rack

7 christmas living room ideas

Don’t have a mantle? No worries! Try your hand out at this adorable little rack for your stockings that you can either hang on the wall, place on a table or position near your tree. Keep the colors festive and tie these in to your theme easily.


8. Invest in little centerpieces

8 christmas living room ideas

If you’re looking for something a little more quaint or just something to add to your already large décor repertoire, invest in little centerpieces you can either DIY or purchase yourself. Candles, little ferns and Christmas tokens are a great thing to have around your tables or shelves.


9. Go metal

9 christmas living room ideas

Don’t be afraid to bring the glamour into your home for the holidays. Grab some metallic ornaments to sprinkle around your windows, tables, chairs and entryway. Metallic décor always looks good paired with solid colors, gauzy curtains and warm white lights.


10. Wooden trinkets/centerpieces

10 christmas living room ideas

Wooden centerpieces are a delightful addition to any home for Christmas. Not only do they look timeless, but they also add in a certain warmth factor that Christmas would lack without them.


11. Neutral Christmas Tree

11 christmas living room ideas


12. Twinkling lights

12 christmas living room ideas


13. Lush garland

13 christmas living room ideas

14. White knitted furnitures

14 christmas living room ideas

15. Neutral Christmas Living Room

15 christmas living room ideas


16. Ornament chandelier

16 christmas living room ideas


17. Coastal style

17 christmas living room ideas

18. Orange style

18 christmas living room ideas

19. Snow in the living room

19 christmas living room ideas

20. Elegant living room

20 christmas living room ideas


21. Blue living room

21 christmas living room ideas

22. Christmas formal living room

22 christmas living room ideas


23. Winter forest

23 christmas living room ideas


24. French shabby Christmas decor

24 christmas living room ideas


25. Farmhouse Christmas living room

25 christmas living room ideas



Wherever you are, the living room is an essential part of decorating for the holidays. Surely, the season for coming together merits spreading warmth and joy in the main room of the home. There are many ways to embrace the holiday spirit and this is only one of them. So, which of these are you going to try first?