20+ Relaxing Backyard Ideas and Designs For Your Garden (2024)

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In the hustle-bustle of life, stress and pressure, who wouldn’t like a quiet relaxing place? Who wouldn’t like a beautiful backyard?

The backyard is one of the most important spaces of a house. You can relax and read a book, host a small get together or just sit with your kids.

To help you enjoy your backyard experience, we bring you some amazing relaxing backyard ideas. Treat your mind and soul with these beautiful ideas!

best relaxing backyard ideas

1. The Hot Tub Backyard

The Hot Tub Backyard

That sounds tempting! You can build a small hot tub in your backyard to relax. You can just get into it and release all your tensions of the day. Also, it will be a perk for your body muscles. A spectacular view can be a cherry on the cake.

2. Backyard With a Spa Station

2 relaxing backyard ideas


If you love spas then look no further. This backyard idea is perfect for you. A spa station with a beautiful wooden rack to display the essential oils, masks and towels can give you a pretty looking backyard. You can enjoy the luxury of a spa just at your home.

3. The Warm Backyard

3 relaxing backyard ideas


A fireplace can be a very beautiful and cozy option for your backyard. In the winter, you can enjoy the warmth of the fire with your family and friends. Also, the fireplace will enhance the features of your backyard.

4. Set Up A Yurt

Set Up A Yurt

Source: housebeautiful, hip2behome 

If you have a big space, you can set up a yurt in your backyard. These are multi-functional. You can use it as a playroom for your kids, guest house or as an entertainment area. With a bonfire, you can manage to get a feel of camping.

5. The Flowery Backyard

The Flowery Backyard

Who doesn’t like flowers? You can plant your favorite flowers in your backyard. Flowers will add color and fragrance to your backyard. Also, you will be producing more oxygen for yourself. If you would like, you can build a flower-covered pergola as well.

6. The Tree House Backyard

The Tree House Backyard

Source: pinterest, housebeautiful

If you have a lot of trees in your backyard, then you must try building a treehouse. Inside the treehouse, you can build a small library or your hideout place. The treehouse can be your safe haven

7. The Barbeque Backyard

The Barbeque Backyard

This is a delicious option. Isn’t it? You can build a barbeque or a small open kitchen if you like, in your backyard. When hosting a party, you can cook in the small backyard kitchen and enjoy a barbeque.

8. Grow Your Own Veggies

Grow Your Own Veggies

small space of your backyard to garden organic vegetables. Later, you can have fun eating and brag about your backyard veggies.”>

If you are one of those people, who love farming then this is the idea for you. You can utilize the whole backyard or a small space of your backyard to garden organic vegetables. Later, you can have fun eating and brag about your backyard veggies.

9. Outdoor Dining

Outdoor Dining


If you love to sit under the open sky with stars, then you will like it. You can have outdoor dining in your backyard. Enjoy romantic, casual, candlelight, all sorts of dinner. A minimalistic dining table with chairs will be perfect for this setting.

10. The Hammock Backyard

The Hammock Backyard

Source: pinterest, hgtv

You can get a hammock for your backyard. You can experiment with the color and make of the hammock. If you like reading, then your weekends are sorted. You can just lay on the hammock reading books, enjoying the sun. A beautiful garden can be an add on to your hammock backyard.

11. Get the Asian Vibes

Get the Asian Vibes


To give that soothing Asian vibe to your backyard. You can build a small pond in your backyard with stepping stones. With these stones, you can build a small path from the indoor to the backyard sitting area. This way the backyard looks like a very extension of the house.

12. The Low Maintenance Yard

The Low Maintenance Yard


If maintaining the backyard is a huge hassle for you. Then you can build a backyard with artificial turf. These turfs look original and give you the vibe without too much hassle and almost no maintenance. Also, you can have some artificial plants along with the breathing ones.

13. The Glittering Backyard

The Glittering Backyard

candles, fairy lights, string lights and lamps to decorate your backyard. Vintage hanging lanterns will be perfect for this setting.”>

Source: stacieflinner, familyhandyman

To avoid that gloomy backyard, you can add lights to it. You can use candles, fairy lights, string lights and lamps to decorate your backyard. Vintage hanging lanterns will be perfect for this setting.

14. A Backyard for the Kids

A Backyard for the Kids

Kids need their space too, isn’t it? To make your kids happy, you can build a small pool with a slide in it. If not a pool, then you can go just for the slides and swings. The kids can also use a small tent.

15. Install a Fountain

Install a Fountain

Fountain always works! The best way to make your backyard pretty and relaxing is by installing a fountain. You can add some flower plants to compliment the fount. Later, you can sit back and enjoy the hymn of the flowing water.

16. The Resort Resemblance

The Resort Resemblance

Source: pergolakitsusa, housebeautiful

If you love holidays and resorts, why not bring them to your backyard? You can build a beautiful clubhouse with pillars and no walls. You can add some wooden furniture and candles to enhance the resort-like vibes.

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Stay Safe From The Sun

patio awning

Even though you want to feel the sun on your face, take into consideration that too much exposure can be harmful. Anytime you are planning outdoor activities during peak hours (10 am to 2 pm), it is best to take proper precautions to avoid overheating and possible dehydration.

You should drink plenty of water throughout the day, but especially before and after being in the sun. Also, physically protecting yourself from the sun is crucial, especially in places where it’s almost always sunny throughout the year like Miami.

Because of this, you might want to consider placing retractable awnings in Miami in your outdoor relaxation area. This can help a lot to protect your skin from harmful UV rays, especially if you have small children. Apart from these, you can also place big umbrellas in your seating area. There are so many options out there!

Don’t Forget The Soil

If you want to build a garden, plan on building that into your design from the beginning. You should test the soil before planting any seeds or buying any plants. Some climates are not suited for certain types of vegetation, which will help avoid growing food that won’t produce much or even dying plants.

Even if your garden does not produce anything, you can still have fun designing it! Also, you should consider building raised garden beds for your vegetables. These are easier to maintain and typically use less water than regular gardens.


If you plan on hosting any outdoor get together is, then having enough lighting crucial. Lighting not only allows the party host to see what they are doing but also creates an ambience that is inviting to guests. You can use a combination of solar lights and string lights to create a warm glow for any outdoor space.

Just make sure the visibility is not obstructed, which should be easy if you follow good guidelines! A great idea is to use solar-powered lanterns throughout the outdoor area so that the sun powers them up throughout the day and they light your outdoor area throughout the night. Another idea is to use lanterns with candles inside. They are normally used for decorating or to make an area feel cosier, but they also do a great job of lighting up the surrounding area.

Outdoor Fireplaces And Gazebos

If you would like to create more outdoor living space, consider adding in gazebos and fire pits. Not only are these perfect for giving off that rustic feel, but they are also very aesthetically pleasing.

You can add in some comfortable seating and even surround it with some pretty flowers and plants to give the space a unique look and feel. Fire pits can be used for roasting marshmallows, while some gazebos may come with cooking equipment. If you don’t want to use them for cooking, you can use them for entertaining guests.

Securing A Play Area

If you have some small children, make sure to design some sort of secure play area. This can be done by fencing in your yard with metal or wood poles. It is important to make the play area close enough to the house so that parents can keep an eye on their kids while also giving them plenty of space to run around and play.

You can place it near the seating area so that kids won’t disturb anyone. It is also a great idea to have some soft ground in there, just in case they fall! If you’re not sure how to build your play area, consider hiring someone to install some backyard playground equipment.

Focus On Comfort

If you want people to come over and enjoy themselves, then make sure the seating arrangement is comfortable for them. This will encourage them to stay longer while giving off a great first impression of your home. When choosing outdoor furniture, consider placing some outdoor sofas with big cushions in the seating area since they are very comfortable for guests. You should also place an outdoor rug underneath it all if you live somewhere that has pretty cold winters or lots of bugs.

It will also make the seating area look more inviting. Comfort also implies keeping edges on your furniture soft and to use throw pillows if you have them. This is a great safety tip because you don’t want people bumping into sharp edges. A bonus tip is to use some aromatherapy scented candles to give off a subtle smell throughout the seating area. This will make people feel more at ease and they may even fall asleep in their chairs!

Repelling Bugs 

If you are planning on hosting any barbecues or other outdoor get-togethers, bugs can be very annoying. You should invest some money into buying lots of citronella candles to place around your seating area. This will create a direct barrier against the bugs and also give off a nice smell that everyone is sure to enjoy.

It may seem like an added expense, but it is definitely worth the price if people end up enjoying themselves more because they aren’t being bitten by mosquitoes! Another idea is to install some solar-powered bug zappers around your yard.

These are very small solar lanterns that attract insects with their light during the nighttime hours. They usually have a metal grid inside them which the bugs when they touch it, killing them instantly. They are very safe to use and will help your backyard get-togethers go more smoothly!

outdoor pergola

Outdoor relaxation areas are a perfect place to host some parties or just relax with your family. Whatever your reason for wanting one, you should consider considering the above advice when planning out your design! Make sure you keep your outdoor area safe for anyone who visits.

Be Creative with Lighting

Lighting is crucial in making your backyard relaxing. The more lighting you have, the better. However, simply thinking of fluorescent replacements with outdoor lamps and lanterns is not good enough; use candles as well. You can purchase battery-operated candles that can be placed anywhere.

Decorative outdoor string lights can create a lovely effect and help set a mood. Identify the most used areas of your backyard and make sure they are well lit. If you’re interested in something more aesthetically pleasing, don’t forget about flowers as a beautiful (and fragrant) decoration for your garden.

Here’s an excellent tip on outdoor lighting: Light sources should provide ample light without creating a harsh glare. A lower wattage bulb is better than using brighter ones with high wattage bulbs. We recommend only using LED lights because they will not put off as much heat as incandescent or halogen options and you don’t have to worry about them burning out as quickly as CFLs do — leaving you with one less thing to remember when going down your list of things to do the yard! 

Be Creative with Backyard Furniture

Where possible, consider the option of adding some built-in seating and tables to your backyard. We’ve even seen people add a small refrigerator and some speakers to their outdoor space! Put your TV on a stand that is integrated into the design of your deck or outside furniture. This frees up floor space and can make for more entertaining conversation.

Add Comfort 

As previously mentioned, it is important to be creative with lighting and decorations for your backyard; however, another thing that’s important is comfort. Determine which activities you would like to take place in your backyard, such as getting together with friends, playing games, outdoor cooking, or simply relaxing by yourself. Your seating arrangement should reflect this plan. 

For example; if you expect guests will be spending an hour or two there talking and enjoying themselves, you probably want more comfortable seating. Your guests will feel relaxed if they are sitting or lying on a comfortable surface – perhaps a soft rug or a comfy chair. It is also very nice to have some foot-friendly stools and chairs.

If your outdoor space lacks a dining table, consider using a bar height table and stools for eating meals outdoors rather than bringing in the kitchen dining set every time you want to eat outside.

A Relaxing Backyard Doesn’t Have To Be Large

One way to make your backyard feel relaxing is by making it reflect who you are as a person. For example, if you are more of an indoor type of person, some plants can help create a serene environment while at the same time not requiring much work on your part.

This works best combined with soft lighting or candles that can help relax tense feelings induced by daily stressors. On the other hand, if you are more suited to spending time in larger spaces, perhaps your garden can provide the space for an outdoor party with friends. The use of natural lighting and the nice weather will all contribute to making it seem like everyone is at one with nature.

Inviting Guests Over For A Barbecue

Another simple way to create relaxation in your backyard is by inviting guests over for a barbecue. An even better approach would be to invite guests that you know enjoy cooking outdoors.

If they bring their own food, then you will not have to worry about cooking or preparing anything yourself! You can also make your barbecue event more relaxing by adding music or playing some cards while enjoying the evening breeze after the sun has gone down.


Dancing is an incredibly fun way to create relaxation in your backyard. It allows you to become one with the music and just let go of all that stress! The best part about dancing is that it can be enjoyed by almost anyone, no matter their age or weight.

If some family members are not quite as enthusiastic about shaking their hips, they can still provide entertainment for everyone else through games like cards or croquet. For those who want to truly dance like no one’s watching (in this case, people definitely will be watching!), getting a partner and some smooth beats playing will give you the perfect excuse to spend some time together where all your problems fade away.

relaxing backyard 1024x595 1

As you can see, creating a relaxing atmosphere in your backyard does not have to be difficult or even costly. You just have to get creative with what you already have and look for ways to perfect it. Plain candles, some soft lights, comfortable seats, inviting guests over, dancing around – all are an excellent way of making your backyard feel like the place where dreams come true!


These ideas will help you transform your backyard into a beautiful, relaxing space. If you are a reader and like calm places, these ideas will help you achieve such a backyard setting. If you are a party person then an outdoor kitchen, backyard pool, and clubhouse can be your go-to options.