Popular Modern Console Tables for 2022

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A console table is a historic furniture item that has made a definitive comeback. It comes in a variety of shapes, is made of different materials, and can fit any interior. Read on to learn what to consider when choosing such a table for your home. 

A console table is a fashionable furniture item that accompanies many contemporary interiors. They can be used in a variety of ways and always provide a touch of luxury. Read the article to learn which modern console table will be right for your home.

Console Tables in Time

console table with glass vase

Why “console”, you may ask? As a verb, this word means “to soothe, to relieve”, while “consolation” is known as “support”. In fact, this is precisely what a console table is: it is a flat surface, supported by the kind of brackets. It is not designed to stand alone in the middle of the room, and you should be careful in placing too many items on it.

The actual idea of a console table goes back to the architectural items of corbel and console – a stone, metal or wooden piece jutting from a wall to support a parapet. But whereas a corbel often has a rectangular shape, a console is mostly an S-shaped scroll bracket.

So a console table used to mean a table with curved brackets that support the top surface. It has never been designed to stand on its own. Instead, it is always found standing near the wall, thus demonstrating its architectural roots.

Although both corbels and consoles were widely used in architecture, it was only the latter that made a cross-over to the world of furniture. In fact, even if you have never seen a console table, you have surely seen shelves with S-shaped or simple rectangular brackets. These details are called consoles, too.

Console tables came into fashion first in Italy and then in France in the 16th-17th centuries. Noble connoisseurs wanted to adorn their furniture with details that could serve as a link between contemporary Italy and the Roman or Greek times.

Curved “consoles” supported the top resembling a piece of classical architecture incorporated into a noble home. At the time console tables were often ordered with tall mirrors and matched them in material and design.

The comeback of console tables occurred in the 19th century. These small items still served a decorative purpose, although they were becoming more practical, too. In addition to mirrors, there could now also be matching chairs or armchairs, while tables themselves were used to put on a vase or some figurines.

Despite our attempts to declutter the house, people still aim for style and luxury. A modern console table sometimes epitomizes both: it can have either a curved surface or fancy “legs”. However, it does not change its historical place in the room, always standing by the wall.

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Choosing a Modern Console Table

So, what to think of and pay attention to when choosing a console table for your home or flat? Below are some important factors to consider.

A console table is a decorative item

This kind of table has always had a decorative purpose. A pile of books on it will significantly ruin the impression, and it is not sturdy enough to be used as a home bar. Modern console tables have either legs or a top that beg to be put into the spotlight. So it is recommended to place such a table where it can be combined with other home décor.

A console table is a functional item

The manufacturers of modern console tables take into account the pace of life and the need to save space. So, a fairly tall and slim console table with a relatively wide surface will perfectly fit the hallway, especially if placed under the mirror. Hosts and guests can use to put on their handbags, keys, and accessories, like gloves and scarves.

If a console table has drawers, it can complement a bedroom and even play the role of a bedside table. In this case it is best to add a matching armchair or a stool to it.

A console table is highly mobile

This is a significant advantage of a console table, especially in the living room. Since it is made to be light-weight, it can easily be moved to a different wall. This is important if your living room is occasionally used for parties.

The Many Faces of a Console Table

There are several types of console tables. Some of them are multifunctional, while others can only be put in a specific place.

A side table (an end table)

bedroom with side table

Such console table has only two front legs and has to be fixed to the wall. The fixings must obviously be hidden from the view. Needless to say, this table cannot be moved.

A hanging table

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Source: Amazon

Resembling a large shelf, such console table is similar to the side table, except that it may have no legs at all! In such case it repeats the design of historical console tables at the aristocratic residencies and royal palaces. Again, this table cannot be moved, so it is probably best to use it in the hallway or bathroom.

A standalone console table

Most manufacturers today produce console tables that can be moved around the room. They come in such a variety of design that consumers are spoilt for choice. Even such retailers as IKEA make console tables, often with small drawers.

A transformer console table

In many small homes it is important to retain some free space. However, there are occasions when a big table is necessary. A transformer console table may be the best solution. It usually has the “sides” and two adjustable legs. Move the legs forward, put the sides atop – and your modern console table effortlessly turns into a dining table!


If you like to add a piece of luxury to your home, look no further than a console table. This furniture item boasts different forms, materials, and styles. You will definitely find the one that best suits your room.