51+ Creative and Cheap DIY Nightstand Ideas and Designs

Last Updated on November 28, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

Modern nightstands are multipurpose small bedside tables. These are mainly used to place items which might be useful during the night.

A nightstand usually contains a few drawers and a shelf with some space for decorations as well. One look at a nightstand might reveal anyone’s nighttime routine. A perfectly arranged nightstand enhances the overall ambiance and décor of the bedroom.

best diy nightstand ideas

How tall should a nightstand be?

As a general rule, the nightstand should match the height of your mattress. There shouldn’t be a need to bend down or look up to find an item placed on a nightstand while lying in your bed. Height varies from 20 to 24 inches and can be adjusted as per the bedroom settings.

How to build a nightstand?

Building a nightstand doesn’t require intricate knowledge of woodwork. Just a few basic tools and sound design can help you build a nightstand without much difficulty.

You must consider a few things before building a nightstand. These include the color of your bed, dresser and other furniture items present in your bedroom. The color of the walls and the design of the bedroom should also be considered.

Here are 50+ nightstand ideas you may consider:

1. Hollow Box

1 nightstand ideas

Simple and elegant design offers minimalistic design with plenty of space for your routine items plus a small bookshelf for nighttime reading.

2. Wood and Metal

2 nightstand ideas

This wood and metal nightstand offers an open drawer for your books and a spacious shelf for decorations. With a similar iron bed and contrasting background, the nightstand looks perfect.


3. Dark Walnut

3 nightstand ideas

This particular nightstand made with dark walnut wood adds an antique look to your bedroom. It has a proper drawer and small bookshelf to fulfill your daily needs.

4. Modern Wall-mount

4 nightstand ideas

This wall-mounted nightstand adds minimalistic elegance to your bedroom. To features an open drawer and open top for your accessories.


5. Wooden Rack

5 nightstand ideas

Another easy to make nightstand with innovative design. The color of wood and drawer can be adjusted to match your bedroom settings. Throw in a few books to make it more delightful.


6. Jacobean Wood Panels

6 nightstand ideas

These tall standing nightstands, fitted with lamps, are unique in their design. These are suitable for a spacious bedroom and look elegant with matching furniture.

7. Square Top

7 nightstand ideas

This square top nightstand suits a variety of bedroom furniture. The color of the tabletop can match the furniture or floor panels with a contrasting frame to enhance vividness.


8. Classic

8 nightstand ideas

This nightstand with four compartments provides ample storage space for books, alarm clocks, and other accessories. Its white color enhances its classic look and an indoor plant completes this décor artistically.

9. Pallet Wood

9 nightstand ideas

This pallet wood nightstand is simple and easy to make. If your bedroom has matching floor panels or furniture, this nightstand will enhance overall décor.

10. Four Squares

10 nightstand ideas

This simple nightstand matches every type of furniture. Just select a color according to the bedroom décor and enjoy the plenty of space offered by this nightstand.

11. Rustic Wood

11 nightstand ideas

This nightstand is an extension of the headboard. It provides a simple metal platform for your accessories and a clamp-on lamp. It adds an antique to the overall ambiance of the bedroom.

12. Treasure Chest

12 nightstand ideas

This box-shaped nightstand looks simple and antique. The wood stain can easily be matched to the furniture, thus enhancing the outlook of the bedroom.


13. Triple Drawer

13 nightstand ideas

This conventional design still looks awesome and its triple drawers provide plenty of space for your accessories.


14. All Black

14 nightstand ideas

This nightstand has an elegant design and matte finish which makes it stand out from its surroundings. It also has plenty of space for your use.

15. Maple Wood

15 nightstand ideas

This nightstand is well suited for smaller bedrooms. Fixed in a corner, its unique triangle top acts as a lamp as well as a shelf.

16. Minimalistic

16 nightstand ideas

This nightstand is as simple as two pieces of wood joined together and fixed on the wall. This is minimalistic and chic, yet suits your needs if you don’t require a lot of space.

17. Double Drawer

17 nightstand ideas

This nightstand features one open and one covered drawer in addition to the top shelf. Its all-black color enhances its presence in the room.

18. Iron Frame

18 nightstand ideas

This nightstand couples iron frame with a wooden shelf and a wooden drawer. It would look excellent with iron furniture and wooden floor.


19. Graceful White

19 nightstand ideas

This nightstand with its white drawers and golden legs would suit almost any bedroom furniture. It is graceful simple and offers plenty of space.


20. Classic White

20 nightstand ideas

This nightstand offers a classic design that would go with any furniture and bedroom design. It is simple, chic and beautiful.


21. From crates

21 nightstand ideas

22. Step nightstand

22 nightstand ideas


23. Chair nightstand

23 nightstand ideas

24. Concrete blocks

24 nightstand ideas


25. Suitcases

25 nightstand ideas

26. Cheese box

26 nightstand ideas


27. For small space

27 nightstand ideas

28. Vintage chair

28 nightstand ideas


29. Vintage suitcases nightstand

29 nightstand ideas


30. Window boxes

30 nightstand ideas


31 nightstand ideas


32. White nightstand

32 nightstand ideas


33. Wood slice styled

33 nightstand ideas


34. DIY bookshelf nightstand

34 nightstand ideas

35. Cool nightstand

35 nightstand ideas


36. DIY bedside table from stack books

36 nightstand ideas


37. Compact pipe nightstand

37 nightstand ideas


38. Chic nightstand

38 nightstand ideas


39. Striped Nightstand Ikea Hack

39 nightstand ideas


40. Basket nightstand

40 nightstand ideas


41. Hanging nightstand

41 nightstand ideas


42. Nightstand with beautiful florals

42 nightstand ideas


43. DIY sliding barn door nightstand

43 nightstand ideas


44. Rounded nightstand

44 nightstand ideas


45. $30 diy nightstand

45 nightstand ideas


46. Adorable nightstand

46 nightstand ideas

47. A box

47 nightstand ideas

48. Wall hanging side table

48 nightstand ideas


49. Rustic Square Bedside Table

49 nightstand ideas


50. DIY crate nightstand

50 nightstand ideas


51. Bedside table DIY

51 nightstand ideas


52. Gun nightstand

gun nightstand



A Nightstand may seem to be a small part of the furniture in overall bedroom design. But its utility and placement increase its importance. One must select a design and color which matches the bedroom theme and enhances the overall ambiance of the room.