20+ Best Farmhouse Style Tray Ideas & Designs

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The origin of farmhouse design dates back to ancient Europe. Initially, this was not a design choice, rather a way of living. It was in the early 18th century that the design aspect migrated to American homes. Ever since this design has been a key component during the festive season as well as on a normal day.

best farmhouse style tray ideas

1. Farmhouse style flat basket

1 farmhouse style tray ideas

In this design style, a flat, rectangle-shaped basket is used for holding candles and its stands, small green leaf-based wreath, and plant pots. The color selected for candle stands as well as the candles is marble white.


2. Rope basket

2 farmhouse style tray ideas

In this style, a basket made of rope or jute strings used to be placed as an accessory for your farmhouse kitchen design.


3. Rustic Christmas themed farmhouse kitchen tray

3 farmhouse style tray ideas

This design element of a kitchen tray follows the Christmas theme. The tray is made of either reclaimed wood or fresh timber.

It follows a 2-tier design approach and can be decorated with pine stems, leaves, silver-colored threads.

Other Christmas elements such as silver colored balls and spheres are added to accentuate the look.


4. 3 Tier tray

4 farmhouse style tray ideas

This tray consists of three tiers and the color palette used is silver. For this modern styled tray, the stem in the middle is usually of wooden material and follows a tapered up approach.

Each of the tiers can be used to hold dried or fresh flowers (red and yellow ones), pine seeds and cones, and letter cards.


5. 2 pots and one tray!

5 farmhouse style tray ideas

In this design style, two potted plants are placed inside a simple yet rustic styled kitchen tray. The shape of the pot is of a frustum of a cone.

One-pot can be placed at a different height than the other with the help of one or two hardbound books in the tray. The base of the tray is hard and polished wood. The border of the tray is decorated with bent iron bars and clamps.


6. Tray as a garden!

6 farmhouse style tray ideas

This design of a tray consists of 3 tiers. Each of the 3 tiers is painted white. The center stem is wooden and of faded brown color. The overall design can be used for creating a multi-tier garden. Cactus, knickknacks, green-plant pots, and small graters can be placed in the base tier.


7. Rustic multi-tier tray

7 farmhouse style tray ideas

This rustic tray can be made using reclaimed wood and old steel. Stone is also a good option to make the tier plates, however, it takes more time and resources to chisel the sides and achieve the desired round shape.

The color of the center-stem and individual tiers shall match and can either follow a stone grey color palette.


8. Steel and glass tray

8 farmhouse style tray ideas

In this design style, the farmhouse-design kitchen tray is made of galvanized steel. It needs to be polished and small side handles can be provided. Couple it with a glass-based flower pot for keeping the cotton bouquet.


9. Rectangle wooden tray

9 farmhouse style tray ideas

This tray is fairly easy to make. Much of the time spent will be on polishing the surface to achieve the refined look. Also, make sure that the base plate of this single-tier tray is of the dimensions of a perfect rectangle.

On each of the shorter sides, fix two additional rectangle wooden pieces along their longer sides. These portions would serve as the location for fixing the iron handles. This farmhouse styled tray can be used in your kitchen as well as your living room center table.


10. Timber that ages!

10 farmhouse style tray ideas

The shape of this kitchen tray is an elongated narrow rectangle. On its shorter sides, three wooden or iron sections exist for facilitating the handles. Two vertical and one horizontal sections.

The material used for making this tray as well as the handles is wood. The color or texture palette used is of weathered wood. This tray can be combined with white roses and jasmine flowers with their green stems, placed in weathered red pots.


11. Faux wooden tray

11 farmhouse style tray ideas

The material used if faux wood or cardboard. Instead of resting the tray on its flat surface, supports can be fixed under the tray. These supports can be wood-based or be made of plastic. The look can be combined with white-colored cups and open-jugs as well as pale yellow colored flowers.


12. Black colored vintage!

12 farmhouse style tray ideas

In this design style, the base and sides of the kitchen tray is made of metal or steel and painted black. The look of the tray is complete by placing dried pumpkins, and topiary-pots.


13. Wood in stone finish

13 farmhouse style tray ideas

This design follows a 3 tier approach. Each tier, as well as the stem is made of polished wood. The texture to be followed is stone finish. On the first tray, a bird-nest styled grass case can be added.


14. Wood in white!

14 farmhouse style tray ideas

This tray is made from wood. Whitewash the tray before or after assembly. It can be used to place lavender pots.


15. Weathered ceramic and unbound books

15 farmhouse style tray ideas

This tray includes a weathered white-colored single-tier tray. The material used can be either wood or ceramic. Combine with unbound books and flower jugs.


16. Soda crate tray

16 farmhouse style tray ideas

Made from wooden soda tray, this vintage look is complemented with flower basket and plant pots.


17. Wooden herb garden

17 farmhouse style tray ideas

This is a 3-tier tray design made of wood. Polish the wood using white color. Herbs and wooden chisel add to the design aesthetic.


18. Wood and metal fruity!

18 farmhouse style tray ideas

This is a fruit basket tray consisting of 2 or 3 tiers. Material used is scrap metal plates and wood for the stem. It gives a rustic look to the tray which can hold fruits and spice containers.


19. Stone themed bird bath tray

19 farmhouse style tray ideas

In this design style, the tray can be made of either wood or stone. The theme is of a birdcage or bath. Mix it up with a plant pot inside the tray to give a farmhouse style.

20. Metal nest for the Easter season

20 farmhouse style tray ideas

This design follows the DNA of the Easter season. It is a multi-tier design with each tier used for placing the Easter eggs and hay content.


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