25+ Best Townhouse Backyard Ideas and Designs for Privacy, Patio, Deck

Last Updated on December 22, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

Townhouses might be compact, but you can always maximize all the space around to make a beautiful backyard out of it.

Having a backyard in your townhouse extends the livable space, adding a space where family and friends could convene, at any day and for any event. 

If you are looking for some townhouse backyard ideas to draw inspiration from, this post gives you a rundown of some townhouse backyard ideas you can consider. 

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25 Townhouse backyard makeover ideas

From simple to upscale, you can find a lot of townhouse backyard ideas to work on and install on your own. Here is a rundown of some of the best townhouse backyard ideas out there. 

best small townhouse backyard ideas

1. Clean, natural stone details

Clean, natural stone details

For a laid-back, clean slate, a bluestone flooring can be a low-maintenance backyard idea that requires nothing more than occasional sweeping. Accent the place with lush, drought-tolerant plants and some wooden benches and seats. 

2. Stone transitions

Stone transitions

For larger townhouse backyards, you can go for transitional symmetries. You can use a combination of natural stones for the seating area and pea gravel for the raised plant beds. Incorporate various types of plants for more color and texture. 

3. Shady enclosure

Shady enclosure

For a true afternoon delight, you can set-up a shady enclosure in your townhouse backyard. Put a dash of zen accents like an enclosed tree offering a lot of shade. Plant a lot of greens along the fence. If possible, go with a wooden fence and steel seating to complement it. 

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4. Townhouse backyard fun

Townhouse backyard fun

For medium to large size townhouse backyards, you can make three functional spaces in one. The largest portion of the backyard should be reserved for seating. At one end, you can install a basketball ring for the kids to have fun. By the fence, you can put a mini-golf course for the grownups to play too. 

5. Slatted enclosure

Slatted enclosure

For larger townhouse backyards, you can go for a slatted pergola and fence. You can set a shaded dining area contrasted in a natural stone flooring. Separate the plants and bushes in the corners and put grass or pea gravel on the sides for accent. 

6. Boho style

Boho style

An urban boho is always a dreamy style. Having this for a backyard is such a warm and cozy space for conversations, drinking, and even reading books.

All you need are wooden or steel benches, a pea gravel flooring, hammock, string lights, and large tropical plants and you are good to go. Using a glass roundtable that reflects your string lights at dusk and at night exudes a whimsical touch to this boho townhouse backyard. 

7. Green turf

Green turf

A wide mat of green artificial turf is always a classy way of achieving a flat and smooth yet refreshing look for the backyard. It is a very uncomplicated style and all you need to add would be natural stone pathways and a lot of greenery.

If you are thinking of having an open space for your backyard, this is the best style for you. Lounge chairs are beautiful additions to this style too. 

8. Leveled townhouse backyard

Leveled townhouse backyard

Who says that you cannot put up your treehouse in a cramped-up backyard? Having one literally levels up the arrangement especially if the property is terraced too. Going for a thick vine wall in the flooring of bluestones is a different kind of beauty. 

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9. Backyard courtyard

Backyard courtyard

You can have a courtyard style with your townhouse backyard by putting tall wood or metal fences in a very small backyard space. Wooden benches are a fine touch and just go with simple concrete flooring. This box type courtyard has a very urban flair. You would see this style in high-rise condominiums and townhouses in the city. 

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10. Open backyard

Open backyard

Sometimes, all you need for a backyard is an open space where you could camp out and have drinks and barbeque on a green turf, beneath shady trees, and twinkling string lights.

This is one of the backyard designs that heavily depends on lighting so make sure that you choose the most ambient lighting to get a full dreamy effect. A herringbone pattern flooring for the extended patio seating is also a good accent. 

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11. Victorian brownstone

Victorian brownstone

For a raw-looking townhouse backyard, incorporate a lot of brownstone accents. You can use raised planters for some shrubs and plants. For the flooring, brick and grass will do.

Just put in a wood seat set in the middle and you are good to go. You can also create a space between the backyard and an extended space by using pea gravel and pavers to set the demarcation line like this one. 

12. White walls

White walls

For a bright and cool backyard, try to go for an all-white scheme. It gives a polished look and natural illumination for the backyard, day in and day out. Complement it with lounge chairs and prepare a succulent garden on the side for more visual appeal.

A white fabric sail that serves as shade gives off a suburban feel. If you still have space for a simple water feature, do install one for a more refreshing view. 

13. Grass patch

Grass patch

For a small backyard, you can have a segmented style. You can still incorporate a corner seat set and natural green grass on the other corner. Add a lot of profuse bloomers for a refreshing and cozy space especially during spring and summer. This is a neat way for kids and adults to enjoy the backyard, especially for urban townhouses. 

14. Vertical box planters

Vertical box planters

If you want to focus on elevating your backyard walls, go for wood box planters. With this, you would not need to invest a lot in flooring and other accent pieces. All you need is a nice and comfy seating set in the middle, some rustic accents to complement the wood planters. 

15. Add water features

Add water features

For an upscale townhouse backyard, the addition of a water feature like a small pond or contemporary style fountain could offer so much visual appeal. It gives a lot of oriental looks and clean lines for the flooring and wall add to its zen touch.

Having low growing plants and shrubs on the side make the space calmer and more tuned in with nature. Waking up to this view is energizing. 

16. Corner seating

Corner seating

You will not need much if you are eyeing corner seating in your backyard. It just needs to echo the wood walls and some focus track lights around the enclosure.

Lay down a mat of synthetic grass for the flooring. This style is also a versatile one as it could be easily used for both small and spacious townhouse backyards. 

17. Brick walls and natural stones

Brick walls and natural stones

These materials are classic combinations and if you want a vintage-looking townhouse backyard, you should highly consider brick and natural stones. Both add a warm vibe for any space and their clean look along with small water features give you a run for your money. 

18. Brick flooring

Brick flooring

If you want to go all brick from walls, planters, and flooring, you are in for a townhouse backyard with a lot of old school personality.

The deep red and warm feel of the brick provides a fine contrast for lush greenery and rattan or wood seating. Brick and large tropical plants also give an illusion of space so this one is apt for small townhouse backyards. 

19. Cultured pergola shade

Cultured pergola shade

No matter how large or small a townhouse is, you can still make it romantic or whimsical with the help of cultured pergolas. Let climbing plants like wisterias or jasmine cascade down during the blooming season.

Adding a low-cost pergola where these blooms can climb and a stylish roundtable with steel seating underneath also add to its rustic beauty. 

20. Minimalist pool

Minimalist pool

A swimming pool in a townhouse backyard might be considered over the edge but it is one of the most underrated styles for an urban townhouse backyard.

Consider having a small, minimalist pool as the focal point of your backyard design. Contrast it with a grass surrounding for real outdoor fun. Adding in a corner firepit gives a cool outdoor feel to it. 

21. Circular arrangement

Circular arrangement

You can still incorporate all the elements of a full backyard patio even in a small townhouse backyard by using a round arrangement. You can maximize the space well with circularly arranged seats, a firepit or small barbeque grill in the middle.

Also use circular blue stones and pea gravel in between for an added texture and dynamics to the arrangement. 

22. Hot tub and xeriscape

Hot tub and xeriscape

If your townhouse is located in a tropical, most of the time hot and humid climate, you can always opt for a xeriscape with a corner hot tub. Build the pathway with some red soil and natural stone pathway.

Fuse in some xeriscape plants like succulents and other drought-hardy greens. Also, put in some lounging chairs and a summer umbrella. The cherry on top is your corner hot tub with string lights draping over. 

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23. Contemporary-industrial townhouse backyard

Contemporary-industrial townhouse backyard

For a modern, chic backyard, you can assemble a fence composed of black steel, wood, and frosted glass. Demarcate the seating area using concrete pavers and consider a countertop fire pit. 

Soften the arrangement by laying down a patch of synthetic grass on one corner and install concrete planters for some color and depth. If you can score some globe lights, it would be a fine choice. 

24. Backyard outdoor shower

Backyard outdoor shower

Installing an outdoor shower has become a popular complementary design for backyards now. As a matter of fact, real estate sites affirm that having a backyard shower increases the home value by 30%.

Townhouse backyards benefit from the uniqueness of having outdoor showers especially in a tropical arrangement or if you lack water features in your backyard. 

25. Party-ready townhouse backyard

Party-ready townhouse backyard

The aesthetics can easily be arranged but there are specific accent pieces that make a townhouse backyard more endearing not only to the homeowner but also for visitors.

Regardless of the backyard design, you are eyeing, having a bar cart that you can easily push and pull around for drinks and for refill brings the backyard to another level. 


Townhouse backyards deserve all the aesthetics that you can give. Aside from upscaling your home, in terms of real estate value and aesthetic appeal, it is really a good investment to extend your entertainment and relaxation space. Having one is particularly beneficial for urban townhouses with cramped up spaces. 

As have been previously saying, there are a lot of ideas to choose from and you can easily pull off one for your townhouse backyard. You can mix and match, build from scratch or lift a design directly from a style. At the end of the day, put into mind that you want this because seeing it and relaxing on it gives you an exhilarating feeling.