30 Best First Communion Gifts For Boys

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For devout Catholics, the first holy communion of their children is one of the most awaited events in their lives. It is an important rites-of-passage and a milestone not only on the spiritual lives of those who shall receive the sacrament but especially to their families and communities. 

Receiving the Eucharist is the beginning of a new chapter of their faith as young Christians. This new chapter of their spiritual lives is believed to be celebrated, hence, the need to give a gift as a symbol of your congratulations to them. In this case, here are some of the best first communion gifts for boys that you should know of. 

unique first communion gifts for boys

30 First Communion Gifts For Boys 

So, what do you give to young boys who are receiving their first communion? Diving right into that question, here are some of the most ideal gifts for their first communion. 

1. Cross necklace

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Right after his 1st Eucharist, giving him a gift of a personalized cross pendant put in a copper dog tag is a gift to remember.

A necklace is something that you use every day not just to add aesthetic in your daily fashion ensemble but also serves as symbolism of your personality and the values that you hold dear. In this case, it is a symbolism of spirituality. 

2. Christian Music Box

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As early as seven years old, children are already fond of Christian music, thus, making a music box that plays several Christian songs a perfect gift for one who just received his 1st Holy Communion.

Inside this music box is a locket where the giver can put on some bible verses or the picture of the one who received the Eucharist to bring more sincerity.

3. First Holy Communion Wall Art

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Ranging from paintings, mosaics, to old-school gargoyles, first communion wall arts are always beautiful gifts to give.

The price range for this type of gift differs depending on the design, level of customization and more. But if you want an artsy gift to give boys who just received their first communion, it should be this. 

4. Pocket token

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A wallet size keepsake where chalice and cross are engraved is such a sentimental first communion gift that boys can treasure up to adulthood and even hand down as a family heirloom in the years to come. 

They are portable and can be kept well, in pockets, so they can be taken during family devotions and even during church hours. It is always a good idea to give children something that they can take care of at an early age.

5. Communion picture frame

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It is always good to look for the best frame to put your child’s first communion picture. This one here is a resin picture frame, with cross designs and a golden frame.

As a major life highlight for Christian boys, this one deserves a fine space in the living room of the home

6. First communion gift set

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This includes a prayer book, lapel pin, rosary beads, patron saint scapular, satin pouch, and a satin purse.

In order to keep the sanctity of the sacred activity and to instill in them the real meaning of the holy communion and the responsibility that lies ahead, this is a good first communion gift to give. 

7. First Communion Box

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This is where your boys can put their own rosary. It is usually made of wood and are oftentimes blessed in churches before being given as gifts and way ahead of the first communion.

Being small and handy, it is something that they can keep as keepsake for the long haul.  

8. Olive Wood Rosary

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Rosaries have an important role in Holy Communions and for the rest of our Christian lives, for that matter.

Sure, rosaries can be accessed anytime, anywhere, in specified shops but this olive wood rosary is a standout piece which you can give as a first communion gift for boys.

The fact that olive wood comes from the Holy Land is something that makes it even more symbolic.

9. Wood Prayer Cube Dice

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The best possible way of making a young child know about the real meaning of communion is to give them a gift that is similar to dice that when dropped and rolled, they will read the writing that is on the top.

This is not just something used for familiarization of bible verses but could also be a devotion game for kids, their friends and the rest of the family.

10. Rubber cross bracelet

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Again, bracelets are go-to gifts even for gifts to boys who shall receive their first communion. 

Unlike the ordinary ones, one that is best as a gift is usually made of leather and metal which has an engraved prayer or bible verse at the back of the bracelet. This is something that they can take care of to last a lifetime. 

11. First communion tie

It is important to look your best every time you go to church but during first communions, everything should be on point.

One way of doing so is gifting a first communion tie with either an engraved Christian symbol like a cross or a cuff which you can pin in the communion tie. 

12. Personalized Cross


The cross is the ultimate symbol of Christianity. There is no better way to celebrate a first communion than to give one an item with a cross in it.

Here, you can have the cross gift personalized. You can do this by either engraving verses at the back or to incorporate gemstones and other Christian symbols in the cross pendant. 

13. Watch

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This can be a very wonderful gift to the young man who will be receiving his first communion. A perfect match to his polo and slack plus black shoes.

A watch is a manly accessory which completes his look. But as an everyday accessory, you can also give them a smartwatch infused with a digital bible and Christian songs, among others. There are many kinds of smartwatch that you can check on Superwatches. It’s better to know which accessory you should buy to make sure it’s a good choice for you.

14. First Communion Book

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‘On My First Holy Communion’ is a book designed for children. This one is a perfect gift since its content serves as a guide for boys through their first communion. They can also keep it as a keepsake for the years to come. 

15. First Communion Boy Figurine

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Figurines, as simple as they may be, offer a strong signification of something very important especially if it was specifically given to mark a special day like a first communion. Hence, for boys to always remember the day of their first communion, a boy communion figurine is thoughtful to start with. 

16. Prayer Journal

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Journal is a very big help to young men who are not very vocal about their experience of some things, hence, the perfect gift for your little man. This is where he can write the new thing he learned about communion and a lot more.

17. Camera

If your little man loves taking photographs for an experience or anything beautiful while realizing how powerful God is. This is the best gift for your child! Let him experience more and explore more beautiful places and interesting views. 

18. Children’s Bible

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A children’s bible is a very nice choice of a gift for your young man to enhance his faith and believe in the power of Christ. This is the most basic way of letting your child discover on his own about the bible and about Christ who is above all.

19. Musical Instrument

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When your kid is fond of music, let him learn music so he can lead in church also. Build his confidence and never underestimate the capabilities of your child even for such a young age.

20. Catholic Book of Saints for Children

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This contains 96 illustrated stories of saints from St. Agatha to St. Zita is a very useful and helpful gift for your child. Acquainting them with their words of wisdom as they go on their Christian life after their first communion is just essential. 

21. Personalized Communion Memory Box

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Place the things that you used during your first communion in a communion memory where you can preserve over time. It is also a good item where you can put your prized communion keepsake inside it. 

22. Devotion kit for Kids

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It is always best to know some scriptures and verses from the bible especially for children. Having such devotion books for kids can help them familiarize, which is why this is also one of the best gifts you could give to your young man.

This one here is more of a coloring devotion kit. Young boys could express their creative side while being familiarized with the bible. 

23. Formal Suit

This should be the first communion gift to come to mind because this is what is needed during that event.

It might not be the first time for a boy to wear a formal suit to church, but this sure is one of the most memorable ones. Buy a matching cuff for the suit to complete the get-up during their first communion. 

24. Faith Throw Blanket

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Throw blankets with inspirational quotes as its design is also one best gift to a young child, especially one who is about to receive their first communion.

Aside from it can bring them comfort during night time or in the cold days, it can also serve as a reminder of the quotes the blanket has. 

25. Pillow case

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Pillow case with picture of characters from the bible or events from the bible where little caption under each photo is given.

This will give children a sneak peak of what the bible says just by a mere pillow case. This is such a simple way to ground a young boy in his formative years as a Christian.

26. Domestic Church Lego Set

If you want to engage your child into spiritual themed games, a domestic church Lego set is one of the best choices.

Aside from it gives excitement and joy to the child while assembling, it also gives them the idea of the past events, happened in the bible.

27. Rosary Pouch

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Make one that is personalized where their name is present so that in case of loss, they know who the owner is. It is also a protection of the rosary better than having no casing at all. Such a useful gift.

28. Bookmark

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For boys who are on to books at an early age, giving them bookmarks as first communion gift is a multifunctional, year-round serving gift for boys.

There are bookmark sets featuring bible characters, stories, and verses which are beneficial in strengthening the Christian formation of young boys. 

29. Engraved compass

A compass is a traditional rites-of-passage for boys. But having one with an engraved biblical verse or a religious family statement would be a fine choice to give to young boys during their first communion.

If they are able to treasure it as they go on, it could serve as an heirloom thereafter. 

30. Tabletop cross

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This one is something that they can keep through the years. This works so much like a figurine. It is very customizable since you can have it engraved with important bible verses for the family.

It can also have a small picture frame slot where you can put the family picture during your boy’s first communion.  

How to choose the first communion gifts for boys

Choosing the best first communion gift for boys is not as complex as it may seem. There is a multitude of items to choose from but you still have to consider some tips before buying one and these would be the following: 

  • Know what they need: While boys are known to be a fan of receiving gifts that can bring them excitement. However, it is best to know what they need at the moment. In this case, limit your choice to just the ones he needs on his first holy communion. 
  • Find something that has meaning: Giving gifts is not just merely picking out items on the market or buying just anything just so you could give a gift but choose something that has a lot of meaning in the personal and spiritual aspect. 
  • Choose the ones they can appreciate: Given their age, a little bit too much maybe just too much. Choose something that they can use and can appreciate. Think of their hobbies, their likes and what activity they are fond of doing. A gift that is suited to their taste is the best gift. 
  • Choose affordable gifts: Always be practical. When giving gifts, it does not always require spending so much on quality products. It is best to roam around and find the best gift that is suitable for your budget and is of high quality. 
  • Choose educational and spiritually beneficial ones: Instead of buying toys in different kinds which some can also give them skill lessons but it is best to get items that are educational and spiritual items such as books, albums, writings, coloring books, and others that could provide something beneficial for the children.
  • Make sure your gift is long lasting: Children want things that are not easily broken because they sure will love it for almost all of their life especially if they receive one that is perfect to their needs and choice. The longer the excitement and happiness the gift gives, the best it is for them. So, take it to remember gifts that are durable – long lasting.
  • Do it yourself: As young as they are, kids also love handmade, made out of pure love and effort gift items. Not only are they ingenious, unique and comforting, they are also the ones treasured for the long haul to be kept as heirlooms for the next line of boys of the family. 
  • Do not settle for less: Effort is a must when giving gifts. Kids are very intricate beings that see every small detail of a thing given to them. It is not that they do not like it but more of a habit or a practice. They do it out of curiosity and out of their want to see the best gift they could receive. So, when choosing a gift look every side for any damage or anything that may seem unlikely.
  • Take time thinking and buying: In buying gifts, make sure to always give it some time because if not you might end up choosing the not so best choice. Even if it will take you a lot of time, be thoughtful and patient enough to take the challenge of giving a gift to such a celebration. 
  • If not DIY, give something that is highly personalized: Let your mind think or search for the best inspirational quotation available online. Kids love it so much when they receive gifts that have their names or birth dates engraved on the item. It means that the giver has really taken time making the gift. Remember that kids love it when they are given importance, even just by giving a gift.


Aside from what we have listed as first communion gifts, there are still other things to consider when choosing a gift for boys during this special event in their Christian lives. Hence, here are some FAQs about first communion. 

What is First Communion in the Catholic Church?

First communion is the second sacrament received by Christians in their lifetime. It is a rites-of-passage which signifies the child’s decision to follow the teachings of the Church and to imbibe in his/her young life the important doctrines of the Church. As such, it is a well-celebrated event in the life of a Christian child. 

What happens at a First Communion?

As to the process or order of rites, the first communion follows the normal communion rites during masses where one partakes in the eating of the bread and the drinking of the wine.

What makes it special however, is that it would be the first time that a child officially joins the congregation in this partaking. After receiving the communion, the children are then presented one by one in front of the congregation and are officially welcomed to the Christian world.

Why is First Communion a big deal?

Being an important sacrament, first communion is inherently a big deal to Catholic families.

First, it is a big deal because it is said that once a child partakes in the Holy Eucharist, he/she also starts the beginning of the journey to faith and being in one with Christ.

Second, it is an important step in the chronology of sacraments and as such could not be skipped in the formation of being a full-pledged Christian.

Third, it is believed as the point where an individual becomes intertwined with Christ. Hence, it is the stage where children become more aware and knowledgeable of the Catholic faith, the foundations of Christian beliefs and what it means to be a Christian, overall. 

Is money an appropriate gift for First Communion?

While religious items and jewelry are the common gifts during first communion, money gifts are also allowed and appreciated. However, the money gift must come from family and relatives and like the idea of the bar mitzvah, the money is not given to the child but is used to open up a savings account for them. 

More gifts:


Communion is the highlight of every mass. The lining up of many people just to receive the body and blood of Christ is a given because it is in their hearts and duty as a Christian to partake in this sacred Eucharist. Given these, first communion is a very significant event in the life of the Christian child and their families.

Being an important event, it deserves to be celebrated and one way of making it more significant would be the giving of gifts. The main point of gift giving during this event is to give something that a child can treasure until he becomes a man or throughout his Christian life. With this, you need to give a well-thought gift for your boys during their first communion.