5 Amazing Ideas to Mark Your Husband’s 40th

Last Updated on June 4, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

Your darling is turning forty. Huge deal. Reaching the age of forty calls for a big celebration because it means your husband is ready to welcome the next phase of his life. He has spent a good number of years creating an identity for himself and deserves to be celebrated. You as a spouse should level it up by showing him how much you care.

Here’s a list of ideas and 40th birthday gift ideas for you to celebrate your 40-year-old birthday boy!

1. Full Blow-out Party

hose a party

Parties are the best way to celebrate any special occasion. Make it only about him by inviting his favorite people. If you have kids, get them involved as well. You can even spice it up, making it an extravagant themed party. Choose a theme that shouts out his personality.

Set a tone with the decor and send out party invitations to spark excitement among your guests. This is your chance to showcase the talented party planner in you. So we suggest you go all out. We are here to make the job easier for you! All you need to do is tick it off your list of the ideas shared below.

Pick a theme

You should know your man by now. So this should be an easy pick. Think of his favorite sports team, movie, or game. Or he might be techy who loves gadgets—you could consider picking a theme that resembles his personality and choices.


Make a list of family and friends you want to invite. If you have any time constraints, you can find a template online to suit your theme. All you need to do is put in your party details and send them out on social media. Maybe even start a hashtag to keep it trending among your tribe.

Cook up a storm

Just the way he likes it! Treat him to a table of his favorite spread. Make it fancy if that’s what he likes. Make some extra efforts with table decor for it to resonate with the theme. Find placemats and flowers that complement the surroundings.

Cooking is a big responsibility for just one person. Reach out to your family and friends for a potluck party. If budget is not an issue, you can opt for catering services or even hire a chef.


Have a list of his tunes and put together a playlist. It could be an outdoor daytime party, an evening cocktail dinner, or just a cozy friends and family gettogether—choose your playlist so that it blends with the occasion seamlessly. Don’t forget to make it appropriate for the age group of your guest list.

Dress up for him

Do you have a dress in your wardrobe or a piece of jewelry that was gifted by your man? Wear it to appreciate his efforts, and show him that you were waiting for the perfect occasion to show him how much you loved his gift.


Make a corner for people to gather around to take snaps for social media. You may even make it dramatic by having props for people to loosen up a bit before taking photos. Use the hashtag to share photos on social media to keep a memory of your celebrations.

Set up a bar

This is probably going to be the most loved effort for hubby dearest, as well as the guests. What’s a fun party without drinks? You can hire a bartender to make your hubby’s favorite drinks. If he’s a wine lover, then you can get a vintage that he will love.

2. Outdoor Picnic, Just the Two of You!

outdoor picnic

If the weather allows, take your celebration outdoors. Under the blue sky and into open spaces, there is nothing more liberating than an outdoor birthday picnic. Here are a few things you can do to make your husband feel special.

Choose a scenic place where you can enjoy nature and its surroundings, for example, by the beach, under a famous landmark or bridge, or just your backyard. You can choose the location to suit your convenience.

Picnic table, seating arrangement for two

Have a low table set up for both of you to sit and enjoy a cozy intimate time. Don’t forget to add in throws for breezy days and floor cushions to make it comfortable for him.

Table decor can be kept simple or creative according to your preference. Maybe throw in some flowers and candles to make it look pretty. Don’t forget plates and cutlery, as you’ll need them when you get hungry.

Prepare a thoughtful picnic basket

There are some essentials that you will need to make a note of before packing your picnic basket. Food should be the number one item on your list. It’s best to pack food that travels or stays well at room or outdoor temperature.

Again, with food, pick items that he enjoys the most because it’s about him feeling loved. It’s time to drop your menu preferences (just for a day). Yes, girls, we know you can do it.

Hire musicians to sweep him off his feet

Surprise him with a sudden musical birthday performance. Maybe hire someone to dedicate a song to him. You will only see smiles on the man’s face, trust us!

3. Favorite Game or Concert, First Row Seats Maybe?

game for husband

You have a whole year to plan a birthday, technically. So start your research of all the interesting things happening near you that your husband is dreaming of going to.

Sports Game

Check if his favorite league or team is playing in a sports stadium near you. He has probably been itching to attend one but never got a chance to. Surprise him with a gift that he will cherish forever by experiencing a night of live sports.


He would probably love to see his favorite artist perform live, perhaps likely to even shed a tear out of excitement. So buy him a ticket, or if it seems unaffordable now, you can start saving for the next one.

4.  Adventurous Holiday

This has to be the most common and expensive one out there. It usually takes a lot of financial planning to be able to afford this one, in most cases.

If you are feeling a bit impulsive, you can look up all the budget trips available near you. But if you are willing to make it rain, then pick a destination of his choice.

If you guys have traveled together, you have probably noticed many of his likes and dislikes. Pay attention to those while planning the holiday.


Pick a romantic location, and ask your hotel to give him a warm welcome to celebrate his 40th. You can ask them to set up a corner with a nice wine, flowers, and a loving note from you.


This is sneaky, but speak to the airline employees to give you an upgrade to business class to create an experience for him.


Make reservations at the most popular restaurants in your vacation destination. Plan ahead of time, as availability may be limited if the event is particularly popular.

Planning a holiday can come with a lot of back-office work. You will also have to factor in your husband’s work schedule, make an application on his behalf for leave if you are planning to surprise him.

Don’t we all wish for birthdays to be during the holiday season or at least on weekends? We would not have to be bothered by our work commitments or children’s school holidays. What a perfect world.

5. Make His Day!

We can vouch for one way that rarely fails. Having a low key birthday, but celebrating from the start to the end of the day in another special way to show him he’s loved and appreciated. Sometimes, it’s the little things that matter.

Start by making him breakfast in bed

Who doesn’t love to be reminded that it’s their birthday right from the time you wake up? This is a great way to tell them to gear up for the rest of the day, and you are all in for celebrating it to the fullest.

Take him shopping

If you can make arrangements for him to take a day off, you will probably have more flexibility to execute a well-spent birthday. If he is working on his birthday, which many people do, make a list of things to buy with him.

Surprise him at his office, followed by lunch

Who doesn’t love unexpected things and surprises? You can prepare a box with sweet treats, perhaps some cupcakes, or delights for the entire office to come together and celebrate. Maybe plan it with co-workers to have an offsite lunch followed by cake. He will surely feel loved and appreciated.

Plan a romantic dinner out

This is a classic! Take this opportunity to arrange a memorable fortieth birthday for your favorite person. Take him to his favorite restaurant. You can come up with ideas to decorate the table with flowers and candles. Ask the restaurant to bring out a special dessert platter with a birthday note. All these little details can turn it into a special evening worth remembering.

Why Is His 40th Birthday So Important?

It is known to be a milestone birthday for many reasons. Your husband is at a point in his life where he has gone through the younger ages learning, facing challenges at every stage, and overcoming them.

Forty is considered the middle age because it is the time when you contemplate your past life, celebrate your present, and plan a better future. So yes, it is a big deal.

He is also probably emotional about turning 40, so it’s your job as a partner to remind him that life begins at 40. Back in the old days, life was slow and conventional.

Turning forty was considered old, but fortunately, it’s no longer that way. Things have changed in terms of aging. Forty signifies wisdom, and that you are ready to take on new challenges in life. So be that wife who is proud of how far he has come—we are sure that’s all he wants.

40th Birthday Gift Ideas to Add to the Celebration

Shopping for your husband is always a hard job, but this year don’t let it defeat you. We know when the time comes to pick out a birthday gift for your darling, you can get confused. But we suggest you take a look at these romantic gift ideas to show him how much you care. This list will make any man happy.

A New Gadget

The first thing that you can look into is a brand new phone. This is the safest pick. Go for a brand that he loves. If he is an iPhone lover, give him the latest one. You can upgrade it from the one he is currently using if he has not already bought it.

His Favorite Bottle of Liquor

If he is a man who enjoys his drink and looks forward to having his favorite liquor, vintage whiskey, bourbon, wine, or beer, then you can consider making him happy with a favorite bottle or a case of it for his birthday.

Try giving him a premium bottle, something that you probably wouldn’t buy usually. It will do justice to the occasion, making the experience much more special.


Watches are a classy accessory and are always a decent birthday present. They never go out of style. Gift him something that will suit his wrist and his personality. Don’t forget to wrap the gift for him.

Xbox or a Playstation Upgrade

Is he a video gamer? Then we have a great option for you. If he looks forward to his time on his Playstation, then we know exactly what will impress him right away: a Playstation upgrade. If he prefers Xbox or any other device, give him the newest version of it. Tag video games along with the device. You can make it a grand package by incorporating headphones or controllers as well.

A New, Luxurious TV

This present will surely make him and the entire house happy (if you have kids). We all love a big TV in our living space for cozy nights. Experiencing a nice movie night with the family can help us unwind after a long day at work. Or just Netflix and chilling is the weekend norm. Buy him a TV that he will be able to enjoy regularly.

A Poker Set

This is another classy way to celebrate your 40-year-old man: a poker set for game nights. They are available in fancy gift boxes, with the option of handcrafting his name on them. This one will surely put a smile on his face.

Celebrating During COVID-19

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has changed all our plans and restricted social gatherings. Given that the protocols almost everywhere in the world are very strict, you will have to plan accordingly. You can still get creative with it. If you opt for a home celebration where your friends and family are not able to attend, then bring them in virtually.

Warning—This requires you to be tech-savvy. Call all his friends and favorite people to make a short video with a birthday message. Ask them to share some funny stories to keep them light and quirky. All you have to do is to make sure they send you the video in time for you to put it together. Gather all the videos, and make it into one big one, and he’s in for a short film. This can be a great moment of celebration for both of you.

End It on a Great Note

“Middle age is having a choice between two temptations and choosing the one that’ll get you home earlier.”  This also gives you the golden opportunity to remind him that he’s one lucky man to have a truly thoughtful wife. So this time, everybody wins!

We truly hope that you have enjoyed reading the detailed list of ways to celebrate the love of your life’s birthday. Pick one according to your convenience, budget, and liking. We want to wish you both all the happiness and advanced birthday wishes for the birthday boy!