6 Creative Holiday Gifts That Mean Something

Last Updated on October 28, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

Many of us lead busy lives these days. Because of this, little time is left over for meaningful pursuits. For example, the holiday season is approaching. With so much going on, it’s easy to buy gift cards for loved ones.
But while this saves time, it lacks creativity. However, you CAN have your cake and eat it too. Giving creative gifts is easier than you think – let us prove it to you.
Below, we’ll show you six meaningful gift ideas that won’t consume too much of your precious time. Let’s get started!

(1) Meal Kits

meal kits

On most nights, few know what to make for dinner. Because of this, we fall back on old favorites. While this saves time, it can cause us to fall into a rut in the kitchen. So if your gift-giving target loves cooking but complains about not having time to try anything new, get them a meal kit membership.

Each week, they’ll get a box filled with everything they need to make new dishes. They won’t have to scour the web for new recipes or hunt down needed ingredients. Instead, everything they need will be there.

Here’s the thing about meal kits – you can pick one that best fits your receiver. From Blue Apron to Sunbasket to Purple Carrot, each meal kit has a different angle. Every year, the meal kit selection in this country keeps getting better.

It’s never been easier to give the gift of inspired cooking. So, give meal kits a try this holiday season.

(2) Convert a Family Photo to Art

family photo

Photos capture special moments, preserving memories long after they have passed. But while an excellent shot can bring back emotions, an exquisite work of art greatly magnifies this effect.
Expertly-created paintings and illustrations have a dignity about them that no photograph can match. So why not submit a copy of a treasured family photo to a local artist and let them work their magic?

Imagine the look on your loved one’s face when they unwrap an artwork that captures their family’s energy perfectly. It’ll be a piece they’ll proudly hang in their living room/study for decades to come. And they’ll have you to thank for it.

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(3) A Calendar Featuring Meaningful Photos

But what if you have many meaningful photos of your loved one? If you find yourself in this situation, give them a calendar featuring twelve of these spectacular shots.

You might choose to include photos from their childhood. Perhaps you’ll include graduation shots. And of course, wedding pics are guaranteed to bring on the feels. But it’s all up to you. Find the photos that mean the most to your recipient, and your gift will be warmly received.

(4) A Video Montage (Featuring Their Family & Friends)

family video

Speaking of bringing on the feels – have you told your receiver how you feel about them lately? In today’s modern world, we don’t do this nearly enough. So why not record a video tribute to your receiver?
If you’re intimidated by this, no worries – it’s natural to feel that way. But, as we said earlier, modern society makes it tough to be vulnerable. So get your recipient’s friends and family members in on the act.

With one loved one after another recounting treasured memories, important moments, and unspoken feelings, your subject will get misty, really fast. Pair it with the right music, and tears of joy are sure to result!

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(5) An Engraved Map of Your Receiver’s Favorite Place/Home

Some folks don’t just get attached to people – they also have a real love for where they live, too. So if your receiver can’t stop talking about how they love living in NYC, Boston, Portland, or anywhere else, get them something connected to that place.

Now, when it comes to hyperlocal gifts, the options are limitless. But at the moment, engraved street maps are super hot. This especially goes for 3D engraved maps, whose streets and topography are textured on the finished piece.
Get your loved one this, and you’ll likely see it in their home office on your next visit.

(6) An Artistic Family Tree

family tree

Most of us have a family member that’s obsessed with genealogy. Over countless hours, they’ve amassed a list of distant relatives that have uncovered unlikely connections.
Commemorate their hard work with an artistic re-creation of the family tree that they’ve built. Start by getting access to their genealogy research (if they don’t have a partner, you may have to get creative to secure the necessary files).
Then, send this information to a creative who understands what you’re looking for. Work with them to create a piece that your receiver will treasure for the rest of their days.

Give Genuine Joy This Holiday Season

Any gift can be an awesome gift if it has thought behind it. First, learn what your loved one truly values. Then, leverage the skill of a creative/small business owner to create something that will blow their socks off.