How to Have a Green Halloween: Ideas to Make This Halloween More Eco-Friendly

Last Updated on March 16, 2024 by Kimberly Crawford

Everything is going greener these days and Halloween is no exception. Go Green by reducing, reusing and recycling this Halloween and become more environmentally friendly.

Going Green, showing one’s concern for the environment, is a trend that is showing up in all places. Now it is taking on the holidays.

Halloween, normally an orange and black holiday is taking on greener hues this year as people look for ways to reduce, reuse and recycle to make their Halloween more eco friendly and earth friendly. Green Halloween is a growing trend being encouraged by people trying to live green by applying green concepts to Halloween.

In greening Halloween everyone is encouraged to make more eco-friendly, earth-friendly and healthier choices when it comes finding ways to celebrate the Halloween Holiday.

Make it a Green Halloween this year from the costumes to the food, the decorations and the activities and even the transportation. Here are a collection of ideas to help get started in greening Halloween and celebrate the holiday in a more environmentally friendly way.

Reduce Spending on Halloween Costumes

One of the easiest ways to go green for Halloween is to reduce the amount of money spent on Halloween Costumes. Resist the temptation to by another expensive costume that may only get worn for a couple of hours. Instead, look for ways to reuse or recycle old Halloween costumes or old clothes.

Reuse Clothes for Halloween Costumes

Reuse Clothes for Halloween Costumes | How to Have a Green Halloween: Ideas to Make This Halloween More Eco-Friendly

Something old can become something new again. Movies like Mamma Mia and Hairspray are bringing back the 60’s, the 70’s and the 80’s. Dig into your closets, friends or grandparents’ closets and see what old clothes can be found. If nothing is there check the thrift shops.

Hannah Montana’s “Zombie Princess” and Jake Ryan’s “Zombie Slayer,” started a trend for anything zombie. Zombie slayers, cheerleaders, prom queen is another way to reuse old clothes. Find old cheerleader outfit, prom dress or clothes and let the kids cut them up as another way of reusing old clothes.

If you do need to buy something for a Halloween costume, try and make sure it is an item that can be reused even after Halloween. Sweats tops and pants can be turned into many different kinds of costumes and then reused long after the holiday is over.

Recycle Halloween Costumes

Eco-friendly parents are working on ways of recycling old Halloween costumes. Meet with other parents and hold a costume swap.

Reuse Trick or Treating Bags

Trick and treating bags | How to Have a Green Halloween: Ideas to Make This Halloween More Eco-Friendly

Instead of spending money on Trick or Treating bags or containers consider one of these options. Let the children trick or treat with a pillow case (no cost). This year there are different trick or treating recyclable shopping bags that can be reused after Halloween.

Reduce Energy with Halloween Lights

Reduce the amount of electricity used and turn out the lights. Use alternative light sources to light Halloween like fluorescent light bulbs, LED lights and decorations and even candles. Use a tea light for the pumpkin.

Reduce Spending on Halloween Party Supplies by Reusing and Recycling

Instead of buying paper plates and cups that will be thrown away use reusable utensils, plates, napkins and tablecloths, or buy less. A class party might be able to get by with just cups and napkins, no plates. Plastic Halloween cups can double as a take home treat at class parties.

Reduce Spending on Halloween Decorations

Cheap Halloween Tablescape | How to Have a Green Halloween: Ideas to Make This Halloween More Eco-Friendly
Cheap Halloween Tablescape – Source

Another way to make your Halloween greener is to decide to reduce the amount spent on buying Halloween Decorations. This is another area where recycling and reusing can come into play.

Recycle Halloween Decorations

Recyle Halloween Decorations | How to Have a Green Halloween: Ideas to Make This Halloween More Eco-Friendly

Halloween Decorations is a great place to recycle. Newspapers, cardboard boxes and stuffing materials can be used to create unique Halloween decorations or costumes.

Reuse Halloween Decorations

Reuse Halloween decorations | How to Have a Green Halloween: Ideas to Make This Halloween More Eco-Friendly

See what is already in your home from Halloween’s past; there may be a lot that can be reused or recycled into decorations.

When buying decorations, look for energy efficient lights and choose Halloween decorations that can be reused for several years. When Halloween is over, pack away the Halloween decorations the same way that Christmas decorations are reused from year-to-year.

Reduce Halloween Sweet Treats and Focus on Healthy Treats

Non candy Halloween treats | How to Have a Green Halloween: Ideas to Make This Halloween More Eco-Friendly

One trend of going green at Halloween is to reduce the number of sweets for Halloween and focus on healthier Halloween foods or non-food, non-candy treats.

Go Organic with Halloween Treats

For those who still want the sweet treats, consider going organic. While organic candy still has sugar, many organic candies are made and packaged with the earth in mind.

Choose organic, all-natural, dye-free ingredients that are sold in bulk with minimal additional packaging and packaged in materials that are biodegradable.

When selecting organic candies like sour gummy worms for your Halloween festivities, look for options that come in compostable packaging. Compostable packaging materials break down naturally in the environment, leaving minimal waste and reducing the burden on landfills. 

Consider buying organic candies in bulk to minimize additional packaging and reduce the overall environmental impact. Many stores offer bulk bins to scoop out the quantity you need into your reusable containers, further cutting down on single-use packaging waste.  

Incorporating leftover Halloween treats into snacks or desserts is a delicious way to minimize food waste. Try making candy bark by melting chocolate, sprinkling leftover candy, and allowing it to cool. Alternatively, add chopped candies like M&M’s or chocolate bars to your favorite cookie dough for candy-filled cookies.  

For a gooey twist, layer candy between brownie batter before baking. Crush candies to use as toppings for ice cream, yogurt, or oatmeal, or create candy-themed sundaes with various candy toppings. For an interactive treat, melt chocolate or caramel for fondue and dip marshmallows, fruit, or cookies.  

Experiment by adding candy pieces to a crepe or pancake batter or enhancing your hot chocolate with crushed candy for a sweet twist. Tailor the sweetness to your liking, as some candies are already very sweet. Get creative and savor these inventive ways to enjoy your Halloween candy leftovers!

Green Your Transportation

A final way to green your Halloween is looking at how you are getting to your destination. Instead of having everyone take separate cars for the Halloween activities, when possible take public transportation then walk. Some may be able to ride a bike. Consider carpooling as another way to cut down on transportation expenses and fuel usage.

With a little bit of thought you can turn your normally orange Halloween into a green one, do you part for the environment and have a eco-friendly, earth-friendly and healthier celebration.

How to Have a Green Halloween: Ideas to Make This Halloween More Eco-Friendly