Wall Arts Décor and Design for Kids

Last Updated on March 20, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

Kids often pick inspiration from everything around them. So, it is essential to be cautious about exposing them to your designs. Besides the fact that it shapes how they think, it can influence their brain’s development. 

Besides, it is one of the fastest and most passive ways to introduce fun and happiness into your kid’s life. Being a super mom or super dad isn’t always expensive. Little things matter for most kids. So, it is best to pay attention to things as minimal as their room’s wall decoration. 

Do you wish to make super wall décor for your kids, but you are out of ideas? Or are you stressing over how to put your ideas together? Relax because your worries are over. Check out some fantastic décor ideas and designs lovely for kids. 

1. Glow in the dark wall design 

1 wall decor for kids

Do you want the fun of your wall design to stay 24/7 from day through night? Try using glowing wall designs. They give a striking appearance during the day and transition into a bright, colorful glow at night. 

You can make sun, star, moon, and other nightlife elements a significant part of the design. Pictures of animals, plants, and trees will blend well to give your kids a feeling of nature. 

Alternatively, you can have fun with your kid’s interests. Dinosaurs, cartoons, fireflies, and the likes are good options. 

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2. Color Inspired Wall Décor 

2 wall decor for kids

Kids are fascinated by colors. It helps them to learn better and sharpen their senses. Constructively mixing bright colors is one of the best décors for your kid’s room. 

Besides the fact that your kids will love the colors, it also gives the room an appealing look. You can use colors to give the room a desired tone and effect. You can use natural wall colors or add colorful wallpapers and stickers. 

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3. Jungle or Animal Inspired Wall Décor 

3 wall decor for kids

Animals like cartoons and animations attract kids’ attention. It makes them aware and interested in their immediate environment. Also, it can beautify the room’s look, mainly when you use exciting but straightforward colors. 

Your design can feature a jungle safari or create a mini zoo on your kids’ room wall. You can also take them through the wonders of the wild with some uncommon animals. Don’t forget to leave out trees and grass to give them a feel of the green environment. 

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4. Superhero Inspired Wall Designs 

Kids certainly love superheroes! If you discover that your kids are fans of any superhero, you can pick inspiration from there. One of the qualities of a super mom is figuring out the things that fascinate your kids. 

Clear pictures of these superheroes on the wall are cool. You can get trendy 3D wallpapers of superheroes like spiderman, Batman, Hulk, and Superman. Be sure they are in their popular attire, and the pictures should show them in action, preferably. 

5. Shapes, figures, and Alphabets 

5 wall decor for kids

Do you want your kids to learn pretty fast? Then consider making their room walls educative. You can help them learn passively and excitingly with your design. 

Use colorful stickers or wallpapers that contain shapes, figures, or alphabets. You can even creatively combine them. So, they get to learn about alphabets, shapes, and figures passively. 

6. Science Themed Wall Designs 

6 wall decor for kids

Science is a popular concept, and you can help your kids pick interest in its concept. It is one of the best modern home décor ideas for homes with kids. It can raise their curiosity about life and nature. 

This design can help the mental ability of your kids. The memory helps keep your kids sharp, and you will find so much fun in watching them grow! 

Besides the educational value of science-themed design, they appeal to the sight. So, you don’t need to be worried about creating a bland room. If you use the right colors for this design, your kids will find fun in education. 

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7. Wall Art Designs 

7 wall decor for kids

First off, it is best to understand that this concept is not just about covering the walls. The creative arrangement, suitable colors, and relevant concepts are all keynotes. Ensure that the wall arts are suitable and exciting for your kids. 

Also, you might have to be cautious about the way you hang your wall arts. Kids might play around them and drag them down. Alternatively, you can make the arts directly on your walls and give it a particular theme. 

8. Wall Designs With Quotes And Inscription 

8 wall decor for kids

Are your kids starting to read already? You can start helping them with their room designs! Inscriptions on walls can go a long way to inspire your kids. They get to read it every day. 

 You can make it a motivational inscription or something you want them to get used to as they grow. 

Why Are Kids’ Room Design Essential?

Kids are easily influenced by things they see around them. They learn passively and actively faster than you can imagine. So, customizing their room design can influence their thoughts and interests. 

Their room walls are the first thing they see every day and the last thing they see before closing their eyes to sleep. So, you should expect it to leave a lasting impression. 

Besides, the look and feeling kids get from their rooms can affect their psychology. Poor wall décor and design can make the room unattractive for them. And this might make them uninterested in their environment. 

Things to Consider While Creating Your Kids’ Room Designs and Décor 

There is a difference between creating a beautiful wall for your kids and your kids loving what they have. It is best to strike a balance between your kids’ interests and your aim. The considerations below can help you find this balance. 

  • The gender of your kids 
  • Age and general interest 
  • The primary goal of your theme 
  • Health condition and phobia of your kids (if any)


Walls are very pronounced in any room. They can design the room’s overall appearance and outlook. If you want to design any room, the walls should be a crucial consideration. 

Designs and décor for kids’ rooms require special attention. You need to be creative and constructive. Also, you need to make what your kids will love and appreciate. You can try out some of the ideas highlighted above. The wall design and décor initiative can add to your ranks as a super dad or super mom!