How To Choose Outdoor Blinds: The Ultimate Guide

Last Updated on January 8, 2024 by Kimberly Crawford

Blinds for both indoors and outdoors are utilized for privacy and protection from harsh weather. While indoor blinds are used to limit the amount of light that comes in, outdoor blinds are primarily used to shield you from the sun’s rays.

Outdoor blinds may increase the privacy and security of your outdoor spaces and offer shade from the sun. Moreover, they may add to the look of your house.

Choosing outdoor patio blinds may seem challenging, especially if you purchase them for the first time. It would be best to make various considerations to ensure you have the best blinds.

Here are some guiding tips to help you when buying outdoor patio blinds:

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Things to Consider When Choosing Outdoor Blinds

outdoor blinds

1.  Be sure of your needs first

Before shopping for outdoor blinds, ensure you know what you are looking for and the purpose of the blinds. In most cases, there’s a trade-off between safety and style.

When choosing blinds, ensure you go for the most strong and resilient blinds, and they don’t have to let in much light.

Another function of blinds is to assist manage temperature, especially in hot climate areas. They can also be utilized to block the sun away from the inside, keeping the house look cooler throughout the day and providing much-needed shade.

2. Ensure to research the options available

There are several varieties of outdoor blinds available, including external blinds, alfresco blinds, patio blinds, etc. Take the time to investigate your choices and seek expert assistance.

Modern advisors can help you choose which types of outdoor blinds are most suited to your location, site, and environment. Their expertise and advice will be invaluable during the research and decision-making process.

3. Consider the climate

When choosing outdoor blinds, ensure you consider the influence of the weather conditions on your outdoor area to ensure that you enjoy your blinds through the year. For instance, during summer, you will need a blind to protect you and your furniture from the sun’s rays and glare.

On the other hand, you will need blinds to protect you from the winds and the rain in winter. There’s a variety of options that cater to all four seasons with retractable or demountable capabilities, so you don’t have to choose one option over another or compromise on an outdoor blind solution.

4. Consider their ease of operation.

When buying blinds, there are ensuring ease of operations is critical. There are permanent and retractable outdoor blinds that you should consider when choosing outdoor blinds and their ease of operation.

You may want to draw your exterior blinds during the wintertime to allow the sun’s natural warmth and light to enter your home.

Also, you’ll likely want to close the blinds for protection if you wish to stay outside after nightfall or when the wind starts to build up. Also, you may consider having motorized blinds that will operate at the touch of a button instead of the manual blinds that you have to draw manually.

5. Consider the type of fabric.

Blinds are available in various materials, and the varying climatic conditions determine the type of cloth you choose. For instance, PVC material will protect from the wind and rain while allowing natural light to penetrate the outdoor space and retain a view of your

backyard. On a hot, windy summer day, shutting your PVC blinds may excessively hot your outdoor gathering space. Mesh blinds are an excellent option. Mesh is a flexible fabricthat combines the advantages of both. Mesh blinds, which come in various grades and can

Block out the sun in the summer and keep out chilly winds and rain in the winter are popular choices. Alternatively, you may choose a canvas blind.

6.  Consider its energy efficacy.

Outdoor blinds are more practical than presumed. They may help make your home more energy-efficient, especially during harsh weather, as they may block almost 35% of the intense sun rays. Hence this limits your use of air conditioners. Moreover, even motorized blinds are eco-friendly.

7. Ensure you have a quality supplier

Buying your blinds from a respected manufacturer who knows the product and understands the purpose factors you encounter is a sure-fire method to prevent tragedy.

When you go straight to the specialists, they already know which blinds perform perfectly for the climate and how to troubleshoot your home’s particular configuration.

A respectable provider will also carry a variety of high-quality items, attest to their simplicity of use, and assist you with installation.

By following these simple principles, you will not only select outdoor blinds that are appropriate for your house, but you will also get a long-lasting finish that you will be pleased with for many years to come.

8. Ensure you go for high-quality materials

One of the most significant factors to consider when selecting outdoor blinds is the materials utilized in their construction. Outdoor blinds are available in various materials, including weave and mesh, as well as PVC.

Please choose the proper material based on its fitness for use; for example, different materials will provide differing levels of protection from the weather and varying degrees of transparency.

This allows you to ‘take in the scenery while providing ‘a complete block out if necessary. The correct materials will last a long time, safeguarding your home’s external structures and indoor fittings, carpet, and furniture.

9.  Do not overthink your choices.

There’s a wide variety of styles and designs available for outdoor blinds, and this can be quite overwhelming. If you’re looking for outdoor blinds or shutters, or awnings for your outdoor area, there are a variety of colors, designs, materials, and finishes to choose from.

What you should look for in an arrangement allows for circulation and light while keeping the sun, wind, and rain out. Then, of course, there’s color and style to think about.

There are several alternatives available when it comes to fashion, ranging from exquisite to modern and everything in between. When it comes to colors, it’s a matter of whether you want to compliment or contradict your home’s décor.

10.  Consider its durability

Any choice you make for your house must be long-lasting. Why put in a fixture or feature if you’ll have to replace it in a few years? Choose excellent quality above low-cost alternatives. They’ll endure longer and protect you better.

While lesser-cost options may be appealing owing to their reduced price, higher-quality solutions will not fade, warp, fracture, or split and will withstand harsh weather conditions like rain and wind. Personal preference plays a significant role in selecting outdoor blinds or shutters. Whatever choice you choose must fit your lifestyle, personality, and house.

Here are some benefits of investing in outdoor

benefits of outdoor blinds

There are numerous ways to enhance an outdoor entertaining area. Adding flavor to your environment may be as simple as purchasing new outside furniture, painting the exterior of your home, or installing an outdoor mural. These items, however, might be costly.

Check these outdoor blinds if you’re looking for a low-cost method to beautify your outside environment.

1.  They help you maximize the space

It can be quite challenging when hosting many people in your home, and you find yourself struggling with hosting a larger group. Mostly, it’s because most houses are built on smaller lots and have small backyards.

Therefore people with small lawns might find it challenging to host large numbers. Therefore, Make additional space in your backyard by adding outdoor shutters to your alfresco or pergola area, creating an outside room for you to use.

External blinds will allow you to use your outdoor space for dinner parties, children’s birthdays, and year-long.

2.  They protect you from harsh weather.

The installation of outdoor blinds in your backyard enables you to use your alfresco space at any time of year while also protecting you from harsh weather and annoying insects.

Create a windbreak to save your exquisite table setting or to block out harsh sunlight so you can spend a relaxing afternoon in your garden.

3. Add to the privacy

When holding an event, you want to be sure that the guest list only includes individuals who have been invited. Outdoor blinds provide solitude in your garden as you work, entertain, or rest at home.

Because blinds come in a range of colors and materials, you may use them to improve the privacy of your outdoor space as needed. You may relax and feel safe in your refuge without worrying about nosy neighbors or curious eyes.

4. Family-friendly

Outdoor Blinds are an excellent choice when you need visibility and want to be protected from the weather.

Most outdoor blinds provide a full vision of your backyard while down, giving you peace of mind knowing you can watch the kids while they play in the backyard while you’re hosting.

5.  Energy efficient

Outdoor blinds are designed to help you save money on your energy expenses. They can keep the heat inside during the winter and chill the interiors by reflecting it when it’s too hot outdoors. You may quickly cut your power use by up to 50% by employing them.

6.  Improve Aesthetic Appeal

They are available in various colors and styles to complement your home’s décor and architecture. In addition to bringing “interiors outdoors,” they also operate the other way around, bringing “exteriors inside,” allowing you to enjoy the weather without leaving your home.

7. Flexible

Custom outdoor blinds are available in any size, style, pattern, color, or texture to fit your needs, location, and budget. They can fit in with any setting and offer a more functional room to spend time with friends and family. They are also available in sunscreen fabric and clear or tinted PVC.

8. Keeps homes comfortable

These exterior blinds may be rolled up or down according to the needs of the house residents, allowing the necessary quantities of light and air to enter the rooms while making the living quarters comfortable for everyone. Unwanted insects or pests can also be kept out by keeping the blinds closed at the appropriate times.

9. Increases the grace of the house

By installing these attractive blinds on the windows or open spaces of patios or pergolas, the beauty of the rooms or outdoor sitting places may greatly increase.

The colors and textiles of these external awnings may be chosen to complement the outside color scheme of the house, adding grandeur and beauty to the overall appearance of the structure.

However, bright-colored blinds are typically used in areas where more natural light is desired, while dark-colored blinds may be installed in bedrooms or study rooms to prevent maximum sunlight.

10.  Easy to maintain and use

These blinds or awnings are very simple to maintain since they merely need to be cleaned down with a wet cloth or brushed off the dust. As a result, homemakers do not have to devote much effort to the upkeep of these blinds.

Blinds are often composed of durable materials such as contractible PVC or strong canvas. The mechanics for rolling up or lowering these exterior blinds and awnings are relatively basic and vary depending on the type of blinds used in the residence.

Roller blinds and shutter blinds are the most frequent forms; however, some outdoor blinds and awnings may be put down and hauled up, while others may be retractable manually with a cord.

11.  Protects the window glasses and  the outdoor amenities

By installing outdoor blinds and awnings over the windows, you can protect the glass panes from external damage and dust. As a result, the window glasses remain clean and free of breakage for a longer period, making maintenance easier for homemakers.

Additionally, the positioning of these blinds over the open areas protects the outdoor furniture and ornamental objects put on the open patio or porch from being damaged by any hard thing flying in from outside.


Are outdoor blinds worth it?

If you’re considering adding outdoor blinds to your home, you may be wondering if they’re worth the investment. Outdoor blinds can provide a number of benefits, from energy savings to increased privacy and protection from the sun and weather.

Outdoor blinds can help keep your home cooler in the summer by blocking out the sun’s rays. This can help reduce your air conditioning costs and make your home more comfortable. In the winter, outdoor blinds can keep heat from escaping through windows, helping you save on heating costs.

Outdoor blinds can also provide privacy and protection from the weather. If you live in an area with a lot of sun or wind, outdoor blinds can help keep your home more comfortable by blocking out the elements.

What is the difference between Ziptrak and Zipscreen?

Ziptrak is a brand of outdoor blind that uses a patented track-guided system, while Zipscreen is a brand of outdoor blind that uses a zip-up mechanism. Both types of blinds are designed to provide shade and privacy while allowing fresh air to flow into the space. Ziptrak blinds are typically more expensive than Zipscreen blinds, but they are also more durable and easier to operate.

Do outdoor blinds stop wind?

There are a few things to consider when answered this question. The first is the type of outdoor blinds you have. There are three main types of outdoor blinds- roll up, accordion, and retractable. Each type has its own set of pros and cons when it comes to wind resistance.

Roll up blinds are great for small windows or doors. They can be made of fabric or plastic, and some have a clear PVC window. Roll up blinds are easy to operate and can be pulled down quickly in case of bad weather. However, they are not as durable as other types of outdoor blinds and may tear in strong winds.

Accordion blinds are made of interlocking panels that fold up like an accordion. They are more durable than roll up blinds and can withstand strong winds. However, they can be difficult to operate and take up more space when not in use.

Retractable outdoor blinds are the most durable type of outdoor blind and can withstand the strongest winds. They are also the most expensive type of outdoor blind. Retractable outdoor blinds can be made of fabric, metal, or plastic and can be operated manually or with a motor.

Do outdoor blinds stop rain?

It is a common question we get asked and one which has a common misconception. Outdoor blinds are not 100% waterproof, however they are water resistant. So whilst they will not stop the rain from entering your outdoor area, they will help to keep it out.

Waterproof outdoor blinds are available, however they are not as common as water resistant ones. This is because they are not needed as often as people think. If you are looking for outdoor blinds that will stop the rain from entering your outdoor area, then waterproof ones are the way to go.

In conclusion, outdoor blinds are as useful as indoor blinds; they offer privacy and protection from the intense sun rays. Choosing outdoor blinds is no longer a daunting task with the tips mentioned above to guide you in choosing blinds. There are many advantages associated with investing in outdoor blinds.