Inexpensive Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Romantic, Fun, Creative, and Inexpensive Date Ideas for Valentine's Day

Last Updated on June 4, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

Don’t have a lot of money to spend this Valentine’s Day? Try one of these romantic, fun and creative date ideas to impress one’s significant other without going broke.

Date nights don’t have to be expensive to be romantic and fun. In fact, getting creative with date ideas can make special memories between two people, especially on a romantic holiday like Valentine’s Day.

Cook at Home for Valentine’s Day

#1. Chicken caprese

chicken caprese 4


#2. Cajun Shrimp Pasta

2 homemade valentine recipe ideas


#3. Lemon Feta Linguine with Garlic Asparagus 

3 homemade valentine recipe ideas


#4. Cheesy Mini Potato Gratin Stacks (Muffin Tin) for lunch

4 homemade valentine recipe ideas


#5. Steakhouse Sheet Pan Dinner for Two

5 homemade valentine recipe ideas


Someone can easily impress his significant other by cooking all her favorite dishes for Valentine’s Day. People can save over a hundred dollars by cooking a steak dinner at home instead of going to a fancy restaurant.

Turn the dining room into a romantic atmosphere by turning down the lights and making a simple centerpiece with flowers from the grocery store and a few non-scented candles.

Not much of a cook? Stick to simple items such as cheese and crackers as an appetizer followed by a mixed salad, spaghetti as the main entrée and brownies alamode for dessert. Pick up a bottle of wine on sale to enjoy during dinner.

Romantic Spa at Home for an Inexpensive Date

#1. Spa Amour

1 homemade spa ideas


#2. Create a Romantic Stay-at-Home Spa

2 homemade spa ideas


#3. Enjoy a romantic spa day at home

3 homemade spa ideas


Some couples spend over one hundred dollars getting a couple’s massage at a spa for Valentine’s Day. People can also enjoy this luxury at their own homes on a much tighter budget. Purchase a bottle of massage oil, dim the lights and light a few candles.

Then enjoy giving each other massages in bed. It can be uncomfortable getting rubbed by a stranger, so share the experience with a loved one instead.

Romantic and Fun Date in Front of the Fire for Valentine’s Day

If someone has a fire place in her home, she could invite her significant other over for dinner next to the fire.

Lay a blanket down in front of the fire and have a romantic picnic with cheese and crackers, sandwiches, pieces of fruit and more. Have s’mores for dessert and don’t forget the champagne. It doesn’t get much more romantic than that.

Give a Lesson This Romantic Holiday

It’s sexy to learn a new skill from a date, girlfriend or boyfriend. For example, if someone is a chef, he could teach his girlfriend how to make a simple chicken dinner by cooking together.

Someone who is a dance instructor could give her date lessons on how to do the samba. Think about one’s skills and put them to good use this Valentine’s Day.

Creative Date at the Thrift Store

Go to the thrift store together during the day. Specify a certain amount that each partner can spend. Then each person has 30 minutes to find an outfit for the other person.

At the end of the shopping spree, each person has to wear what the other has chosen that night. Spend the night watching movies at home, cook dinner together or go out for a cheap burger and fries to show off the new outfits.

Don’t rack up debt on the credit card to have a fun date this Valentine’s Day. Instead, get creative by utilizing one’s skills, cooking at home, giving each other personal massages or spending the day at the thrift store.

Romantic, Fun, Creative, and Inexpensive Date Ideas for Valentine's Day