30+ Creative DIY Stuffed Animal Storage Ideas and Projects

Last Updated on November 7, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

Stuffed toys are children’s best friend. They come in different sizes in different kinds and varieties. They are also cuddly, so even as adults, we still have them around our beds.

Some are fond of collecting toys that they fill in all the storage boxes in the room once their display boards are full. Fortunately, there are so many ways of storing or displaying them without having to worry about the space.

If you are looking for ways to store your stuffed animals, you are on the right post because we shall run them down for you. It could be a full-blown display board or more portable or concealed like some of the ones we shall feature here. So, without much ado, read on. 

best stuffed animal toy storage ideas

30 Stuffed Animal Storage Ideas

If you are thinking of some ideas which you can store your stuffed animals in, it is always good to have some ideas which you can adapt or base your work from. Thus, here are the different storage ideas which can help you have an organized and clean room even with all the so many toys you have. 

1. PVC pipes and bungee cords

When choosing stuffed animal storage, it is always best to opt for the cheapest and most adaptable given the size of the room.

PVC pipes shaped into a cabinet like this one fitted in the corner plus the simple hanging of bungee cords on the pipes’ edges are very crafty.

This one keeps the stuffed animals from scattering into the floor. This surely saves space and keeps the room organized. 

2. Clothesline rope storage

2 stuffed animal storage ideas

Making a box for a stuffed animal zoo using a clothesline rope is likened to the bungee cords.

The only difference is that it uses any established material from end to end to connect with the clothesline rope. As a whole, they look the same and serve the same purpose. 

3. Cabinet with bungee cords storage

When having an unused cabinet and thinking of a creative idea on how to make use of them, try attaching bungee cords for a better stuffed animal storage.

You can also use the other open sides for other things to store like that of the books and others. Cabinets that do not have covers always give in a lot of ideas like that of a perfect stuffed animal storage. 

4. Repurposed wooden palette boards

4 stuffed animal storage ideas

If you have spare wood pallet boards, get creative and keep them for a stuffed animal storage. It can be done DIY and need not be very elaborate to work.

You can use simple bungee cords or wrought iron for the bars if you want a sturdier look for this storage. It looks so antique and just the right place for placing your stuffed animals.

5. Cargo net storage

Another cheap but creative way of making stuffed animal storage is through cargo nets with eye bolts.

All you have to do is to attach them to your walls on an established end to end point, then you just have to put them on the spaces of the net and let the squares stop them from falling outside.

This one here just made a stuffed animal wall on one side of the room and it just looks playful and cool. 

6. Basket storage

6 stuffed animal storage ideas

Baskets that are hung in your room walls can also be a storage for your stuffed animals.

They come stylish and with different colors and designs plus they can be very durable on walls with a hook. This is a very common storage but is really an ideal one, especially for kids’ rooms. 

7. Space under the bed

7 stuffed animal storage ideas

When you have nowhere else to put your stuffed animals, one resort could be placing them under your beds but make sure to have it placed in a container box to give them also a nesting area.

Here, regular cleaning of your stuffed animals is a must because they easily accumulate dust, especially when they are concealed beneath the bed.  

8. Attached toy coral

8 stuffed animal storage ideas
Source: Shade of Blue Interiors

When having babies, give it a try to make toy corals attached to your babies’ bed. Here they can easily get in and out of their stuffed animal plus it is one of the best possible ways to organize your babies’ stuff.

Give them instructions to where they can get their toys so they can practice having a clean and organized environment.

9. Storage units under the bed

9 stuffed animal storage ideas

Customized beds with storage boxes underneath is one of the most unique storage boxes inside the room.

Aside from it giving an extra aesthetic to the room, it is also functional in that it does not only store stuffed animals but also unused things like books, notebooks, and other materials that fit.

Coming up with this idea might be a little expensive but looks beautiful on the outside plus the room can look cleaner too.

10. Long shelf storage

When wanting to have enough space for your stuffed toys, having a long shelf above or anywhere else inside the room can be very useful. They may be made with wood or concrete as long as it serves its purpose.

Other than that, it is a great investment because it is durable and can be used for years. A strong and sturdy storage area is better than those cheap ones, only that you cannot rearrange them when you are remodelling your rooms.

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11. Chain Storage

11 stuffed animal storage ideas

A chain is also a creative way to store your stuffed toys. From top to the ceiling, you can hang them from every space of the chain.

It is vertically placed and can be a lot like a decoration than a storage area. You put everything from the small to the big ones as long as the chain can accommodate the weight.

12. Stack Crates

12 stuffed animal storage ideas
Source: Regan Baker Design

If you want to keep your stuffed toys within your children’s reach, it is best to have stack crates.

All you have to do is arrange them neatly and put them in the recreational area for your children. This is one way of keeping them in play while staying organized.

13. Storage benches

13 stuffed animal storage ideas

While others have storage beds, some opt to storage benches where they keep their stuffed toys and can get them out any time, easily.

Whether the sofa, small chairs or any other bench available inside your room, you can create a storage box under. 

14. Closet

14 stuffed animal storage ideas

The easiest way to have a storage box meant for your stuffed toys is buying a closet or the unused once so you can get it functional.

Closets are probably the most used storage area inside the room for it can accommodate almost all of the stuffed toys present while still using it as a clothing storage for some of your babies’ fashion needs.

15. Floating shelves

15 stuffed animal storage ideas

This is always a good idea but make it strong and secure to prevent accidents inside your room.

As this is prone to falling which can get dangerous specially for children, it is best that you put it extra care and have your stuffed toys out of sight when using this as a storage area.

Children are very curious about a lot of things they find interesting. So, when having this one, make sure that you are present and give a lot of attention.

16. Traditional shelving

16 stuffed animal storage ideas
Source: Studio DB

Using shelves as a storage area for your stuffed toys is also one great idea.

Using this means putting your toys in view for people to see and when put in use, the presence of an adult is a must not to destroy the view plus prevent accidents in case of a high placing stuffed toy. This one stands decoratively plus useful furniture inside the home. 

17. Shelves as a headboard of a bed

17 stuffed animal storage ideas

This one is beautiful to see. Having a storage area as your headboard is very unique and creative at the same time though not so much recommended in the beds of children as they can be more playful in bed because of the easy access to toys. However, when covered, it can be a very good idea. 

18. Play table with storage boxes

It is always ideal to have a specific area in the room where one can play while having their toys within their reach plus a classified one according to their type and color.

This is one of the best areas or furniture where you can put toys into as they are very reachable and accessible. However, this one can be very small and may not accommodate all your stuffed toy animals. 

19. Stuffed Toy Swing

19 stuffed animal storage ideas
Source: It’s alway Autumn

You can always get creative and work on some stuffed toy swing. Aside from being very pleasing to the children’s eyes, they can also be useful and highly functional.

You may create a series of swings in one base or foundation while you keep them hanging securely in your ceilings. This one is a very creative idea. 

20. Peek A Boo Sacks

20 stuffed animal storage ideas
Instruction: Peek a Boo Pages

Have a bag, bin or a sack that can fill in as much as your stuffed toys require. Give it a point that children can see what is inside the bag so they will not be taking time to look for their chosen toys.

When using a peek-a-boo sack, try to classify one item from the other to avoid confusion among children. It is always best that you organize toys according to their type and kind.

21. Behind the Door Storage Bags

21 stuffed animal storage ideas

When running out of space, you can always use the back of your doors in putting your stuffed toys.

Hang in bags that are not of use through a hook at the back of your doors and place them in your stuffed toy animals.

This is a good space saver plus it is very cheap since you will use any bags that are available in your room

22. Pillowcase

22 stuffed animal storage ideas

This one comes in very handy and portable where children can bring them anywhere they want to be.

This pillowcase stuffed toy storage is so perfect that it works two ways – as a pillow when your baby suddenly falls asleep while playing and a storage area for their favourite stuffed toy. 

23. Galvanized Garage Toy Bins

When achieving an industrial type of bedroom for your baby boy, this one is a great and unique idea. These bins can accommodate large and heavy weight stuffed toys. When it comes to uniqueness and durability, this one is truly one for the books. 

24. Wooden Stuffed Animal and Toy Storage Bin

24 stuffed animal storage ideas
Source: The Merry Thought

When you want something sturdy that can be used longer than the plastic ones, a wooden stuffed animal storage bin is also one of the best choices.

You can have them customized and make it appear according to your liking – the size, design, and how many tiers are needed for storing the stuffed animals in the wooden boxes.

25. Laundry Hamper

25 stuffed animal storage ideas

This one is meant as a laundry basket and good for placing in towels and other more but is a very good storage area for your stuffed toys too.

With this, you can just put anything as long as the storage fits plus it is also stylish that you can have them around the room. This one also works two-in-one, as a laundry basket and as a toy storage area.

26. Mailing Tubes

26 stuffed animal storage ideas
Source: Frugal Fun 4 Boys

DIY storage is also a great choice. Having interconnected tubes in a large frame is very usable so that each of your stuffed toys can have their own home.

The tube serves as the home while the square serves as the foundation to strengthen the interconnected tubes which make it standing freely and can be an added decoration inside the room. 

27. Woven Stuffed Animal Storage

27 stuffed animal storage ideas

In a children’s room, animals that are large as this storage area can be very attractive plus having it as a storage area can keep the children from trying to have their rooms as clean as possible for the wooden stuffed animal storage that is as large as the living ones.

This could be a great catch for children who do not know how to bring back their toys. 

28. Toy chest

Melissa & Doug I trä leksakslåda – vit, lekplatser och inredning, möbler, 3  plus present till pojke eller flicka : Amazon.se: Leksaker

A toy chest is a very nice option thinking about storage boxes for your stuffed toys. It is always a good idea to be keeping toys that are low and reachable plus functional because chests also serve as chairs at times.

Having this as a storage area will keep the stuffed toys from getting seen and children will have it in and out of the said storage idea. 

29. Revolving Shoe Tree

29 stuffed animal storage ideas

A shoe storage area can also be turned into a stuffed toy storage area and children find things interesting when they are moving, this, a revolving shoe tree considered as one of the smartest ideas.

Here, you get the attention of children to play and organize at the same time. The presentation matters for children especially dealing with their toys.

30. Huddle them in a Tepee

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A tepee is very useful because it serves as a great display and now serves as a storage area for your children’s stuffed toys. A taper is commonly present in the recreational area of children when they play hide and seek or house.

The stuffed toy is the best place in this area for early interaction of the children even for toys that cannot converse. Children love it when they control stories according to their wants. 


Aside from the ideas aforementioned, there are also other stuffed animals storing ideas and tips that you should know about. Here are some FAQs about stuffed animal storage ideas for you to refer to when the need arises. 

How do you properly store stuffed animals?

There is no rule of thumb when it comes to properly storing stuffed animals, but if you need the common tips, they are as follows: 

  • Display them: Children love to play with their stuffed toys but as you grow up you would want them to display in an area where people could see and appreciate their beauty. Hence, a proper way to store them is to display them but make sure to clean, check and clean it regularly.
  • Use air-tight storage bins: With this, you can prevent your stuffed animal from dust, bugs, and dirt.  You can keep these storage bins under your bed or in the basement area. If you place them in your basement, try to keep them off the floor in the case of any flooding.
  • Wrap them in an acid free tissue paper or boxes: Wrap each of your toys to an acid free tissue paper so you can preserve the life of your stuffed animals when not used or displayed. 

What types of stuffed animals should be decluttered?

One way or another, some stuffed animals just need to be discarded. For pointers, here are some of the stuffed animals that should be decluttered right away. 

  • Broken or ripped: When dealing with a broken stuffed animal, it is better removed in the collection box than to further store them because they might cause a dirty environment when kept more. 
  • The dirty ones: It is important to declutter the ones that are dirty enough to be played by your kids to prevent them from getting sick or allergies. Some stuffed toys, when not properly taken care of, usually accumulate dirt, so it is better that they be removed than right away. 
  • Those that have not been played with for at least three months and more: For those that have not been played with, it is believed that they already accumulated great amount of dirt and dust that is why it is better be decluttered or put them in a place where you can clean and restore them but just like the latter, do not bring them back to the storage area where you got them as they might have elements which can be harmful for children. 
  • Any other excess stuffed animals: When you have so many stuffed animals that you already run out of storage areas, it is best to remove them already as to avoid crowded areas and to have more space for your movement. 

You might opt to sell them online or have them in another storage area where you can keep them. Remember that anything that is too much is not good so rather than store them in some other place, have them on sale or give them to children who want them. 

Does vacuum sealing stuffed animals ruin them? 

Yes. Especially when the plush ones. They get misshapen in the process and get misshapen more in time when they are sealed in vacuum bags. 

How do stuffed animals help children?

Stuffed animals are not just interactive toys but also stimulate the brain since children can become more familiar in categorizing things not just in labeling them but also in terms of sizes and shapes. 

For some parents, stuffed animals are a major investment because even with the advancement of technology, these help them talk and empathize at the same time. The stuffed animals become their friends as they practice socialization and they share things with them as if they are well and living. 


Toys for kids are essentially limitless but the good old stuffed animals are still one of the most sought after because they are fluffy, safe, interactive, and can be their binkies or buddies for years to come.

However, when there are so many of them lying around, it could be a problem for the parents. As such, you need to be ingenious in terms of stuffed animal storage ideas. 

Stuffed animal storage ideas need not be too complex or ornate. Most of the time, you can go DIY with them. One important consideration is the size of the room and the number of stuffed animals to be stored. If you got these covered, it should not be hard for you to choose the best one for your kids’ bedroom or in the playroom.