45+ Best Kitchen Floor Tile Ideas and Designs (With Pictures)

Last Updated on June 4, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

If you’re looking for floor tile ideas for your kitchen, you might be feeling a bit confused. No one can blame you: tile is experiencing a significant style moment right now, and it’s available in more forms, finishes, colors, and sizes than it has ever been.

Because the kitchen is a part of a home that not only witnesses tons of foot traffic but also the odd nasty mishap, tile is one of the greatest alternatives for floorings in the kitchen.

Tiles are more resilient than vinyl, hardwood, and laminate, as well as being more impermeable and simpler to clean.

Furthermore, the design options using tiles are limitless. Vibrant porcelain tiles provide personality to your kitchen design ideas, while real stone’s timeless appeal lends elegance or rusticity, based on the desired final result.

beautiful kitchen floor tile ideas

White kitchen floor tile

1 kitchen floor tile ideas

A black kitchen floor, they feel, enhances the white cabinetry stand out better. Others complain that the brightly colored flooring is difficult to keep fresh. 

Kitchen floor tiles that are white, on the other hand, may make a big difference in the appropriate property and with the appropriate homeowners. They may, for example, quickly give off a Scandinavian vibe. 

Furthermore, the hue reflects light, making small places appear larger. Kitchen floor tiles that are white does not necessarily mean it’s underwhelming, bland, and adult-like. The huge white ceramic floor tile contributes to the kitchen area’s fresh yet welcome vibe.

White kitchen floor tiles might appear costly and striking. These don’t have to be extravagant, either. You may also pick white kitchen floor tiles that virtually blend into the background, providing a wonderful subdued backdrop for the other polished textures and features.

Ceramic tile kitchen floor

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For the kitchen, ceramic tile is a timeless option. Not only is it eye-catching,  attractive and clean in appearance, but it is also incredibly low maintenance and long-lasting. Tiles’ variety nearly ensures that you’ll discover a style that matches your kitchen floor designs.

Ceramic tiles can withstand a lot of tear and wear in the kitchen, through muddy footsteps to spills and sprays. Ceramic is also incredibly easy to keep clean.

On a lot of days, a dry cleaning using a vacuum or broom, accompanied by a moist mop with heated water and a moderate cleaning solution, would suffice.

Ceramic tile comes in a broad range of hues to complement any design concept. Furthermore, contemporary printing technology allows for the creation of ceramic tile surfaces that resemble organic stone (travertine and marble) wood, and concrete, as well as spotless monotone designs.

Peel and stick kitchen floor tile

3 kitchen floor tile ideas

If you’ve always wanted a distinctive kitchen with a creative backdrop, peel-and-stick tile could be the thing to go.

Peel-and-stick tile is available in stone, glass, gel, and vinyl, believe this or not! Moreover, as you might expect, costs range widely.

Many individuals are attracted to peel-and-stick because of the inexpensive cost, however this is largely true of vinyl and gel choices.

If you would like to save money and time, peel-and-stick is the way to go. But the truth is that nothing compares to the beauty of genuine tile.

If your landlord approves, peel-and-stick tile might be ideal for rental homes or if you want to update your kitchen but simply couldn’t afford a full redesign.

Grey kitchen floor tiles

4 kitchen floor tile ideas

If your kitchen has adequate light, don’t be scared to go with a gray floor tile. A huge gray or anthracite tile, along with real wood or lacquered cabinetry in the kitchen, will definitely provide a bit of flair and refinement to your kitchen area.

The biggest advantage of kitchen floor tiles that are darker is that they take less time to clean, especially in high-traffic areas.

A deeper grey floor tile is undoubtedly the approach to go if you believe your kitchen will be susceptible to stains and dirty footprints.

Consider a marble-look tile if you want to add a little more light to your kitchen or if you want to incorporate the color grey into your scheme more subtly.

Ceramic Porcelain kitchen floor tiles

5 kitchen floor tile ideas

One of the most appealing features of contemporary porcelain tiles is its ability to effectively imitate a wide range of classic flooring materials, including cork, bamboo, steel, wood, granite, and marble.

These can be nearly indistinguishable from the actual thing in terms of appearance. Porcelain allows you to enjoy the performance benefits of ceramic tile while also having an appearance that is distinct from ordinary ceramic tile.

Porcelain tile shares the same convenience and comfort profile as normal ceramic tile, since its longevity comes at the cost of a cold rigidity that is less appealing than many other types of flooring. Area rugs are commonly used to “lighten” ceramic tile floors.

Black kitchen floor tiles

6 kitchen floor tile ideas

Kitchen tiles that is black may appear simple or uninteresting, but this is far from the reality! Black tiles come in a variety of materials, finishes, and forms, making them as individual as the kitchens in that they are used.

This isn’t your grandmother’s black tile from the 1980s. In today’s modern kitchens, black tile may be sleek and sophisticated or cozy and rustic.

Integrating tile that is black into your kitchen can make your home seem effortlessly stylish and absolutely sophisticated, regardless of how you want it.

You can’t really go wrong in your kitchen if you choose a black tile, whether you’re aiming for a rustic appearance with rough granite and oak, a modern aesthetic with glossy tile backsplash, or a blend of the two for a grand millennial vibe. You’ll achieve an easy-to-wear, elegant appearance that’s always in vogue!

Black and white kitchen floor tiles

7 kitchen floor tile ideas

Interior design in black and white doesn’t ever go out of fashion. It’s a merciful palette; there are several ways to approach it, and you can never go wrong.

Monochrome will forever be in harmonious balance, regardless of whether your taste is conventional and classic, rustic and old, or contemporary and modern.

Black and white has become a complementing mixture, but when you mix two very different tile forms, it becomes much more striking. Consider the contrast between shiny white subway tile and Dark Shiny Penny Round Ceramic tile.

It works since these forms and sizes are so dissimilar that they don’t contend for attention as the room’s main point.

Small kitchen floor tile ideas

8 kitchen floor tile ideas

With a tiny kitchen, you have a couple of things to consider: make it feel large or make it feel homey.

The use of wide-format tiled floors with complementing grout will provide the impression of more space. Warm hues that complement your cabinetry are ideal for making your kitchen seem welcoming.

To make it feel as vast and brilliant as possible, it’s critical to use the proper tiles. It isn’t just about dimensions, either: dark tiles placed in the incorrect location of the kitchen may make it appear smaller.

Tiles that reflect sunlight, on the other hand, may make a kitchen feel brighter, while diagonally placing floor tiles can make it appear bigger and longer.

Shade or hue is also crucial: a color scheme that flows smoothly from the tiles to the components will produce a unified appearance.

Modern kitchen floor tiles

9 kitchen floor tile ideas

You have a lot of choices in a kitchen that’s modern, from linoleum, cork, and stone to glass, bamboo, and, of course, porcelain and ceramic.

Which tile you may utilize is mostly determined by your application. Glass, for instance, is not suitable for use as a floor tile but is ideal for use as a backsplash.

Tiles are available in every price range imaginable. As a result, understanding your budget should be a logical first step. Vinyl tiles, for instance, are less pricey, although custom-made ceramic tiles are sometimes more expensive.

What you can accomplish will be limited by this reality. Making a selection will be a lot easier once you’ve limited down your options.

The majority of quality kitchen tiles are rather durable. However, you should think about how you use your kitchen and make tile decisions based on that.

Hexagon kitchen floor tiles

10 kitchen floor tile ideas

Hexagon tiles are one of the most popular tiles these days. They are versatile and inherently elegant, and they work well in a variety of settings.

Go through all of the possibilities for hexagon tile placement in the hopes that you’ll find the ideal match for your next big project.

Hexagonal tiles come in a wide range of hues, materials, styles, uses, and design possibilities, from porcelain hexagon tile to marble hexagon tile, mosaic hexagon tile to black hexagon tile. This is why they are such a trendy and popular option.

Use a marble hexagon tile on the floor to form a more timeless room, since it will have a contemporary edge while maintaining the refinement anticipated of stone.

Marble kitchen floor tiles

11 kitchen floor tile ideas

Nothing beats the appearance of real marble tiles. Marble is available in a wide range of colors, styles, and finishes, and has a very royal appearance.

While imitation marble flooring can imitate the appearance of marble that is natural to a degree, it cannot rival or compete with the real thing.

Marble is extremely resilient for a natural product. It’s also noted for its purity, and it’s earned a reputation for long-term use over centuries.

While artificial flooring choices are also quite durable, many people prefer marble since it is a natural product. In fact, the preference for genuine marble tiles over artificial materials has never been higher.

Slate kitchen floor tiles

12 kitchen floor tile ideas

While other materials may offer similar advantages to slate, including high durability, slate outperforms most other elements in terms of appearance.

Slate is a wonderfully gorgeous, one-of-a-kind stone that is mined all over the world and comes in a variety of naturally occurring colors.

Single slate tiles may not be consistent, but the shapes on the surface blend together to produce a wonderful piece of art. Slate tiles, with its rough surfaces, are ideal for achieving that lovely, rustic aesthetic that so many people like.

Slate tiles get the power to expand value to your property due to its distinctive appearance and strong durability.

Terracotta kitchen floor tiles

13 kitchen floor tile ideas

Terracotta floor tiles are frequently used in rustic kitchen designs, which is unsurprising. Terracotta goes nicely with brick wall accents and timber wooden beams to ensure a comfortable atmosphere.

They may be used in both open floor plan kitchen and eating spaces as well as traditional layouts. When coupled with a softer colored grout, rectangular Terracotta floor tiles will look fantastic in a grid pattern, emphasizing the rustic appeal.

To create a historic feel in kitchens, square terracotta tiles can be set in a continuous bond design.

Terracotta tiles are also durable enough to endure the high amounts of foot activity that are expected in increasingly busy kitchens.

There are many different Terracotta colors and styles to choose from, so that you can discover the one that best suits your design.

Herringbone tile kitchen floor

14 kitchen floor tile ideas

The brilliance of herringbone tiles is that no matter what tile you pick, the way it’s set can enhance it. For added effect, choose textured or colorful tiles, but even just a basic tile in a herringbone style can reach new levels of interior design excellence.

The good news is that herringbone flooring is extremely low-maintenance, allowing you to create fashionable interior decorating with no effort.

Tiles are quite simple to clean, requiring only a wipe with a cleaning chemical, and deeper grout is a lifesaver for disguising filth!

There are so many options for herringbone tiles, whether you choose a trendy city tile for your wall or timber tiles to mimic the look of genuine wood or a hardwood floor.

Kitchen floor tile ideas with white cabinets

15 kitchen floor tile ideas

Grey and white work together to accomplish any aesthetic, whether it’s modern or contemporary. The colors may be used on the walls, counters, flooring, and cabinets. When used alone, one may make a powerful message. 

Combine the two for a sophisticated yet modest aesthetic. In certain kitchens, the two are also blended in marble countertops, making a striking impression right in the midst of the kitchen.

Grey granite worktops, white cabinets and a basic three pendant fixture of lighting in pewter to complement the fittings and equipment complete this lovely white and grey kitchen.

Stone kitchen floor tiles

16 kitchen floor tile ideas

If you have a modern or contemporary home, several types of stone flooring can fit in most spaces. Among the most prominent aesthetics in kitchens is natural stone tiles.

They are also a lovely alternative for bathrooms and corridors. Stone flooring is a good choice for many reasons than just appearance.

Stone flooring has a wide range of design options, from the lightest limestones and marbles to the deepest granite and slate, and most of them are quite resilient, offering them one of the greatest types of floor finishes to pick if you want to contribute positively and character to your home.

Kitchens with natural stone floors will have both aesthetic and utility. Granite is a popular alternative that is typically used for countertops since it is durable and long-lasting, but limestone will offer a warm rustic touch and will not readily wear away.

Blue kitchen floor tiles

17 kitchen floor tile ideas

Blue is a generally popular color that comes in a variety of tints, hues, and tones. Blue is thought to generate clarity and heightened intuition, maybe since it is the color of both the sea and the sky.

The color is also associated with creativity, calmness, and concentration, all of which are excellent attitudes to create in your house!

Whether used in a dark navy for a sense of drama or a milder tone for a much more subtle setting, the color is instantly peaceful and comforting when utilized in interior design.

There are various ways to incorporate blue into your next home design project, ranging from nautical to royal, and from thrilling infusions of accent color to eye-catching designs.

Green kitchen floor tiles

18 kitchen floor tile ideas

Green is the environment’s own color pallet; it may be vibrant and energizing, or restful and revitalizing, enabling us to welcome nature into our homes in all its grandeur.

You may use soothing mint for a tranquil and restful setting and a subtle olive or sage for a gentle sophisticated look, or you can use lime or apple tones to add effect and flair. 

With emerald wall tiles, you have a lot of alternatives. Use bright green wall tiles alongside cool neutrals like clean white to give your kitchen a new vibe.

Pick up the color of the tiles with kitchenware or equipment, or choose a complementary accent color. Combine olive green tiles with deep wood kitchen cabinets for a more sophisticated effect.

Beige kitchen floor tiles

19 kitchen floor tile ideas

When you’re choosing beige, don’t skimp on the color. Instead, go for a refined look by sticking to a subdued color palette.

Use a variety of beige colors in your design, ranging from faint nearly-brown to off-white. Then add shades of yellow, gray, or even pink-tinted porcelain floor tile in cream.

In this outfit, the accents are crucial. Furnishings, drapes, a throw rug, wall colors, and sofa pillows may all help to complete the overall look.

You might be shocked by how contemporary this monochrome approach looks. The waterfall of delicate colors produces a soothing and easy-on-the-eyes atmosphere. Add a splash of clean, pristine white to make a statement.

Red floor tiles for kitchen

20 kitchen floor tile ideas

Red tile may be used as an emphasis to warm up a “cold” environment, or it can be employed in bigger purposes or for a whole room to make a dramatic effect (envision a red tile alcove).

Red tile is also good for kitchens because it is supposed to stimulate appetite. Red may visibly affect the dimensions of how narrow and long spaces are when utilized as a tile feature wall.

To change the impact of the red tile, mix it with different colors. Red, for instance, may seem feminine and comfortable when paired with soft grays and bright pinks.

Warm earthy colors and rustic red tile create a welcoming atmosphere. Purple-reds are calming and intimate, while orange-reds are stimulating.

Farmhouse kitchen floor tiles

21 kitchen floor tile ideas

White cabinets are the epitome of “breath of fresh air.” This kitchen is a traditional farmhouse with its white cabinetry, white chairs, and enormous white sink.

Copper is another option. Copper, once considered outdated, is making a comeback. This copper countertop is the kitchen’s center point, but it’s balanced out with copper pendant lighting and brass brushed finishes.

Have you figured out what connects all of these country kitchens? It’s because of the white cabinetry. The farmhouse look is unmistakable.

The wooden cabinets offer a sense of country character to this kitchen, which is more contemporary with stainless steel equipment and finishes.

The kitchen is made cozier by the installation of a cream-colored flooring. It also blends very well with the granite’s rich hue.

Country kitchen floor tile ideas

22 kitchen floor tile ideas

Hand painted patterns or sculpted tiles, for example, conjure up thoughts of a classic or country scheme more strongly than others.

Country landscapes are particularly emotive, and enormous, ornate plaques may be found adorning many walls. There are no fast and hard rules here since the impact you want to produce is entirely up to you.

Even though the rest of the area is kept basic, a patterned tiled backsplash is a great way to add individuality and intrigue. You did not have to stress about sprays of water, food, or oil because most tile materials are impervious to these substances.

Contemporary kitchen floor tile ideas

23 kitchen floor tile ideas

You may paint your contemporary tiled kitchen in almost any color you like. It’s possible to add depth, shine, patterns, and glitter!

Whether you want a dazzling, white kitchen or a vibrant, stunning one, tile will guarantee that the shade you choose for your kitchen lasts for generations.

Because of the extensive choice of finishes and tints, you won’t have to worry about not selecting anything to match your décor.

You’ll never have to worry about not finding something to complement your kitchen cupboards and counters with a wide range of textures and patterns.

Rustic kitchen floor tiles

24 kitchen floor tile ideas

Natural appearance tiles must be your first pick for a kitchen floor that is rustic. While tiles that are made of natural stone can be difficult to keep clean and watertight, stone appearance ceramic tiles are a great alternative.

These tiles are tough and long-lasting, and they’ll go great with the natural components in your rustic kitchen.

You may also buy timber impression floor tiles if you really want to add extra wood to your kitchen. These tiles, which are designed to appear like wooden floors, may be ideal for your rustic kitchen.

Vintage kitchen floor tiles

25 kitchen floor tile ideas

The tiles were decorated with vivid colors, elaborate designs, and strong figures a century ago. These tiles were utilized to give the house a more lively appearance.

Vintage patterned tiles are regaining popularity in the interior decorating market as people have begun to appreciate the designs and superb craftsmanship of the past.

These antique ceramic tiles are fantastic because they combine the sturdiness of ceramic tiles with the designs that were popular in the past to give them a vintage appearance.

The method in which the tiles are put also provides them a vintage aspect, in addition to the vibrant colors and detailed motifs.

Mosaic kitchen floor tiles

26 kitchen floor tile ideas

Try to envision your kitchen floor tiles with a classic mosaic design that will not only set it apart from common designs and patterns but will also make your guests ogle with delight. Opt for complementary colors that aren’t stuffy or too overwhelming. 


What color floor tiles for a cream kitchen?

Black and gray tiles are best utilized in kitchens where the homeowners want to make a big statement as soon as visitors walk in.

Greys and blacks are particularly stunning in a marble effect floor tile selection, ready to create and make an unrivaled natural counterpoint to any cream kitchen.

What color floor tiles with white gloss kitchen?

Wood appearance tiles are a great accent to practically any kitchen, but they look especially good with gloss kitchens. Modern fixtures and accessories can be used to balance out white surfaces, or metal light fittings can be used to emphasize them.

What is better for kitchen floor wood or tile?

The beauty of tile flooring is its adaptability. New tile flooring is perfect for homeowners wishing to boost the value of their kitchen.

They are suitable for all climates and places inside the home. Hardwood flooring, on the other hand, is ideal for homeowners who want to add a vintage vibe to their kitchen.

What is the most durable floor tile?

Porcelain tile is stronger, tougher, denser, and less permeable than ceramic tile, making it the most durable variety on the market. It has a really low absorbency, which means it’s almost impenetrable to water destruction even after extended exposure.

What is the best color for kitchen floor tiles?

Green and gray, as well as neutral tones like cream, beige, and white, are still popular kitchen tile colors this year.


Have you decided on what kitchen floor tile to use in this extensive list yet? The choices are endless but do not fret, because this is a good thing if you just focus on what you want your space to look like. Oh, and don’t forget to have fun and explore your creative mind while you’re at it.