35+ Best Kitchen Window Decor Ideas and Designs (With Pictures)

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Kitchen windows may serve as decorations for the kitchen while also functioning as a window and decorating the entire space if they are properly handled with certain ideas for kitchen windows.

Designed and emblazoned thoughtfully— kitchen windows can look just like those exquisite spaces in diners or one of those luxurious locations of hotel kitchens without burning a hole in your wallet because all that a strong design necessitates is a little creativity rather than cash, and who doesn’t want to prepare food or eat in a lovely location like that?

And what if that location is right in your own home? It’s a lot more than that. Furthermore, it is a well-known truth that working in a clean and appealing environment yields outstanding and pleasant outcomes.

35+ Best Kitchen Window Ideas and Designs

beautiful kitchen window ideas

1. Nook by the Window

1 kitchen window ideas

This may be a lot of fun and can help you market your entire kitchen layout. When someone comes across anything so basic yet so brilliant, people claim to be envious.

Obviously, this is only a possibility if your window in the kitchen is in a nook or in a location that can easily be converted into a comfortable nook.

If you have a tiny space, you may try to make this one work since constructed seats and windows are highly wanted by certain individuals seeking for kitchen window designs. 

On the seats, some cushions and a designed mattress might be equally as effective.

2. Lamps

2 kitchen window ideas

Decorate your kitchen window with certain decorative light shades. You might think outside the box by opting for anything other than the typical flower and showcase arrangements.

If you have big windows and ample room, you could choose to go for tall lights. Likewise, if you have a limited area and small windows, you might go for little or miniature lighting.

In contrast to your kitchen lighting, choosing lamps with shades would provide a unique and attractive location in the same space.

3. Artificial Plants

3 kitchen window ideas

Placing live plants inside a kitchen window might attract a variety of pests and dust. As a result, fake vines and shrubs could suffice.

Artificial greenery resembles genuine plants in appearance, but it has the advantages of being low-maintenance, insect-free, and dust-free. They may be washed as needed.

The flowing green vines offer your kitchen a new, green appeal that complements the rest of the decor.

Fake plants in small pots are available in almost all types of businesses; even ordinary stores preserve stock due to the high demand. You may get them on the internet or at any home design store.

4. Shutters and Shades

4 kitchen window ideas

When compared to drapes and curtains, blinds and shutter are safer and superior solutions. Attractive window coverings include shutters and shades.

They don’t completely block all of the light, allowing you to keep your kitchen as bright as you would like it. They do occasionally deter undesirable insects from entering through an open plan window.

Shades and shutters are practical, but they also add beauty to the kitchen window. Selecting a color or style that complements your kitchen window’s overall appearance is one of the best kitchen window options.

Roman shades are also a nice choice. They’re distinct from regular blinds and shades in that they’re one-of-a-kind.

5. Fabrics that are fantastic

5 kitchen window ideas

Using the correct textiles, you may make the windows seem as good as new. Clever use of materials, such as drapes or curtains, is one of the kitchen window concepts.

It all depends on your personal style and preferences. It’s possible to make a statement by flaunting this a little.

Choosing pop tones in drapes and curtains will give your kitchen and kitchen pane a dramatic aspect, but using current colors will make your kitchen visually pleasing, uncomplicated, and beautiful.

Choose a cloth that is as far away from the burner as possible, and use fabrics that do not readily catch fire.

6. A Burst Of Color

6 kitchen window ideas

You don’t have to go with green, but arranging a few accent materials in the same hue would refresh the look and appeal to the eye. Contrary to the neutral grey of the kitchen countertop, the emerald ribbon and apples stand out.

Choosing colors that magnify each other is a smart move for those of you who want to impress family and friends.

Adding pops of color into your kitchen window will make the whole area a lot more than what it’s supposed to be but rather a place you always wanna be whether you’re just washing the dishes or cooking and preparing a meal. 

7. Beautiful And Elegant

7 kitchen window ideas

Strings of beads, for example, give a touch of elegance without drawing attention away from the floral arrangement.

The intricate pink and washed-out colors of the floral box serve as flashes of vibrancy against the monochromatic environment, without overloading the senses.

There are also other ways to make your kitchen window appear beautiful and elegant like adding neutral-colored curtains or exquisite lamps.

All you have to do is envision it with something you absolutely would love in there that will surely make it fabulous and elegant.

8. For the sake of a frame

8 kitchen window ideas

Curtains can be used as standalone accessories. To make a true impact, choose materials with unique patterns and bright colors.

Opting for patterned curtains will frame your kitchen window into a picture-perfect area that everyone will absolutely love and adore. 

Make sure to pick similar curtains with unique curtains that are refreshing to the eye if you don’t want your kitchen to feel overwhelming and stuffy.

For instance, opt for a checkered curtain with colors that complement the layout and decors of your kitchen in general.

9. Asymmetry in Today’s World

9 kitchen window ideas

Larger kitchen windows provide greater play space, but be careful not to overcrowd them.

The manner this arrangement balances the bigger plants and ornate bottles with small succulents is brilliant, and the imbalance attracts the eye.

It seems suspicious that asymmetrical measurements will fit together but look at it yourself.

This could just be the next thing you will want to put your kitchen window in for its masterful and creative take on something modern.

10. Delightful White

10 kitchen window ideas

A window or panel over the kitchen sink is frequently installed by contractors. It provides you something to look at while doing the dishes when you’re bored. However, it is mostly used to vent damp air from the sink. 

A wide secondary side window complements the sink window in this property. The snowy motif reflects optimum quantities of natural sunlight, so the everything-white kitchen is brightly illuminated.

11. Walls with windows

11 kitchen window ideas

This kitchen, just like the last one, has a white motif. The flooring and the feet of the chairs have a tinge of beige. Two of the sides of this kitchen, however, are clad with French windows which are known as French doors more commonly. 

They liven up the tables and eating area in this open floor plan by flooding it with light. The windows enlarge the space, which is already rather vast.

12. Kitchen Screens of Significant Size

12 kitchen window ideas

Installing a horizontal glass-fronted chimney that mimics a flat-screen Television in a lounge room is fashionable.

This notion is enhanced in this kitchen by a huge, no-munchkin window which takes up one entire wall. It allows light to shine through the transparent cupboard doors, reducing the need for electric lighting. 

To keep the natural sense of the window, it is encased in untreated wood. This will give your kitchen area a natural, earthy vibe from all that natural light. Talk about a great place for breakfast!

13. Double Vision

13 kitchen window ideas

This home’s kitchen has a more traditional design. Just above the kitchen sink, windows have been installed.

They are, however, mid-sized twin windows, and the identical twin lampshades add to the impression. You get more direct sunshine since the lighting systems are so near to the window. 

This means you can turn on the lights later in the evening, saving money on your energy costs. Multiple windows can look elegant and well-crafted if put carefully. This can also provide you an excellent view outside for when you are washing the dishes. 

14. Off-white and on the outskirts

14 kitchen window ideas

Kitchens that are white are attractive because they require you to keep your kitchen spotless.

If you don’t want to be bothered with upkeep, a mild neutral like beige or gray would suffice. The multiple windows in this off-white kitchen swings inward and is encased in pale oak. 

The end effect is a vibrant kitchen with fewer sanitary issues than a white kitchen. Maintaining a white kitchen can be awfully exhausting so opting for these colors doesn’t have to be so bad anymore. Plus, neutral colors are aesthetically pleasing.

15. Nature’s Embrace

Granite or natural stone worktops are common in many homes. However, your kitchen window designs may impact the materials you use in your construction.

A large window in this residence views beautiful foliage. So, next to the window, a wood counter is constructed to keep the natural concept going. The unpainted timber outside mimics the grass and vegetation.

Being close to nature and putting it inside your home, just within your reach and is easily accessible will both be beneficial for your health and an interior design that you will absolutely adore.

16. Islands in the kitchen

16 kitchen window ideas

The former kitchen was crammed with glass and cupboards, but this one is light and airy. This gives you additional options for kitchen window designs. The kitchen is spacious and well-equipped. The area is divided by a kitchen island. 

The French windows along either side of the room let in plenty of light, making the space feel light and spacious. The wooden flooring is complemented with beige drapery.

17. Marble Wonders

17 kitchen window ideas

Another alternative for the window’s kitchen coverings is to use light-colored reflective surfaces. If the window is large and the tabletop is close by, the counter will receive the most light.

This way, the entire kitchen is illuminated. The beige marble countertop in this house absorbs and reflects the light from the huge window, brightening up the space.

This is a simple yet very functional and easy on the eyes design that you will come to love. It’s also sleek, modern, and easy to maintain. 

18. Brown And Bright

18 kitchen window ideas

It is not necessary for the kitchen counter to rest toward the window. The completed counter is placed on the other corner of the wall in this house.

This counter is complemented with a wide 2 different window that spans the length of the space. The kitchen walls have a vibrant yellowish-brown color. The chosen colors brighten up the kitchen and give it a natural shine.

19. Perfectly Perpendicular

19 kitchen window ideas

L-shaped kitchen countertops are a terrific way to make the most of your kitchen’s available space. Correct window layouts will go well with your worktops. Two wide sliding windows featuring white oak frames grace this kitchen. 

The stove backsplash features gray markings on its white wall, as do the countertops and cabinetry. The gray in the oven and chimney is brought out by them.

20. Seeing Double

20 kitchen window ideas

The white glossy double lampshades partnered with double walls that are tiled increase the amount of light in this kitchen.

Its wall-to-wall window, though, is the true highlight of this kitchen. It’s a small space, yet the entire wall is covered in glass, first from the countertop to the roof. 

The acute curves on the counter, as well as this, are useful ornamental elements. They give the impression that this small kitchen is much larger.

21. Marble Countertops And French Doors

21 kitchen window ideas

We’ve only glanced at kitchen window options that resemble French doors thus far. However, we now desire a kitchen with genuine French touches. A panel of French doors runs the length of this kitchen. 

They open on to a beautifully planted yard, giving your kitchen a constant sense of freshness and greenery. Place your marble slab backsplash in the sight line of the window. While you’re cooking, it’ll help you unwind.

22. Wonderfully Woodsy

22 kitchen window ideas

The classic cocoa tones of colored and polished timber come to mind when we envision what wood panels would look like. This kitchen incorporates the precise tone of wood and contrasts it with shining white surfaces to create an earthy atmosphere. 

The double door window is placed between floating cabinets above the sink that is porcelain. Your pleasant kitchen is finished off with vertical window curtains. This layout is both elegant and comfortable; qualities you would love in your kitchen.

23. Kitchens of the Present

23 kitchen window ideas

You may have several style ideas and wish to implement all of them. Concrete substitutes tile in this room, but the stones are colored white to add a contemporary touch.

The u-shaped countertop offers the features of both kitchen island and L-shaped countertops. There are both hovering and ground cupboards in the kitchen. 

Everything is tied together by the movable longitudinal windows. Modern and contemporary designs surely is the way to go because it’s well-crafted and always hip, trendy, and chic.

24. Layouts that are linear

24 kitchen window ideas

Kitchen window designs are heavily influenced by the form of your kitchen. To save room, all of it is mounted against a single wall inside this apartment’s kitchen window.

Under a small, extended counter layered over by a white stone wall, a series of kitchen cupboards is hidden. 

Place the window at a 90-degree angle to the stone wall. The window nearly reaches the ceiling, allowing enough light in.

25. It Should Be Shaped

25 kitchen window ideas

This kitchen, which features diverse geometrics, is another example of a nicely shaped kitchen. Retractable lighting can be seen in the ceiling.

Downlighting is also used in the paneled hood and cabinets, so the hexagonal pattern lampshades are mostly ambient. 

The chairs are circular, and the huge 16:9 windows are identical to those in your living room. The hardwood floor’s brown complements the window shades and ceiling grids.

26. Design of an Open Kitchen

26 kitchen window ideas

For contemporary homes, islands in the kitchen are a commonly used model. So what would happen if the kitchen was entirely made up of islands? It’s all built-in to this living area kitchen, which is designed around a rectangular section. 

Cupboards, refrigerators, cooktops, ovens, and countertops are all hidden behind recessed doors. Huge windows on both sides of the ‘island’ fill the room with natural daylight. Gray, cream, and beige make up the kitchen’s color scheme.

27. Busy And Bright

There’s a lot of stuff going on with this kitchen. This frantic environment may be uncomfortable and disturbing to some. However, if you enjoy high-energy environments, this is a good choice.

The room is still mostly white, but the chestnut floor tiles and metal-colored lampshade add some color. 

The circular mirror optically extends the width of the space, and the vertical windows just above sink station are a nice addition.

28. Various Definitions

28 kitchen window ideas

Because you may use smaller panes of glass to fit in your windows, you save money. However, there are instances when a huge continuous stretch of glass is desired.

To generate a floodlit appearance, this kitchen employs a large, uninterrupted window. 

The cabinets, however, are framed to mimic windows to give some structure to the kitchen. The design incorporates cube grids as well as larger doors.

29. Window Treatments for the Interior

29 kitchen window ideas

Almost every kitchen window design has a hatch. It’s a doorway that connects the kitchen to the lounge room or dining table. It may be used to transport food starting from the kitchen to the dining station. This hatch is made of both timber and acrylic. 

It has gliding glass and moveable shutters. The glass allows light into the room while maintaining kitchen odors isolated in the kitchen.

30. Allowing Light To Enter

30 kitchen window ideas

There’s a kitchen island and window countertop in this kitchen with not just one, but two counters. Wall-length windows span the full area above the table in both the living room and the kitchen. Just over the sink, there is a large window, and over the heater, there is a smaller window. 

Cast aside a large glass allowance because the windows really had no extraneous material and are bordered in black.

31. Glass Doors That Smoke

31 kitchen window ideas

This kitchen, like the one before it, is framed by a single wall. However, because the space is greater, the kitchen does not appear to be as cramped. There are wall-to-wall cupboards in the kitchen, as well as a concealed burner and down-lighting. 

The room is brightened by the double French doors across one side. However, for further seclusion, the glass is frosted. The floating cupboard finishes complement the door frames.

32. Kitchen with a Cozy Corner

32 kitchen window ideas

Without any effort, extended windows generate uninterrupted visual lines. Which is why this kitchen works so well. The narrow window runs through one wall to another, drawing your gaze in and letting the kitchen appear larger. 

Although the window is boxed in by hovering cupboards over or counter cupboards beneath, the window – as well as the kitchen – nonetheless feel light and big due to its size.

33. Open Areas

33 kitchen window ideas

Kitchens that are built in a straight line are a brilliant approach to make the most of limited building space.

By putting the whole of your kitchen tools solely on a single side of the room, you free up a lot of floor space. This gives the impression that your home is bigger. One window is put above the dish in this scenario. 

Another window is on the side, establishing a visual border between your kitchen and the outside world.

34. Above and Below the Surface

34 kitchen window ideas

In today’s modern kitchens, storage capacity is a major selling factor. A beige brick wall separates the cupboards along each counter in this instance.

The above grill reflects the oven beneath, and the wide side window catches flecks of light on both outer surfaces. 

35. Kitchen Sliding Doors

35 kitchen window ideas

In the United States, accessible kitchens are preferred. However, a temporary separation between your living and dining area may be necessary. The separation in this example is composed of sliding doors. 


Should kitchen windows have curtains?

It is not necessary for kitchen windows to have curtains because as you know, curtains can be flammable. However, if it is at the right place and you think iit will add a nice visual to your kitchen, then go for it. 

What is trending in kitchen curtains?

Because sheer curtains are transparent, they may be used to adorn a window while still allowing light to enter the room.

Which window is best for the kitchen?

For kitchens, windows that are casement in style are a common choice. On a lever, they expand outwards, allowing you to manage ventilation in the room. Such windows may also flood your kitchen with natural light.


Because many individuals are unfamiliar with kitchen window décor, it’s beneficial to learn from others’ experiences. Get one of the preceding photos as a starting off point, a sense of motivation, or just as a source of motivation to help you blaze a fashionable path.