How To Keep Your House Clean All the Time in Just 7 Easy Steps!

Last Updated on June 10, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

Not everyone likes to clean their home, and for a good reason. It is an ungrateful job that usually does not earn us any praise. Additionally, keeping our place all neat and tidy sometimes seems like a near-impossible task.

Nevertheless, if we do not want to live surrounded by dirt and dust, we have to swallow our pride, roll up our sleeves, and get the job done.

To help you with cleaning your home, we have prepared a few useful tips. Following them will definitely allow you to make your house appear nice and clean all the time. Considering this, if you want to enjoy a clean home for the spring, then read on!

Make a Cleaning Schedule

1 cleaning schedule

Cleaning your home is not a one-time thing. Once you are done with the initial cleaning, you will still have to do a few more things. According to the experts at, the best way to keep your home in top shape is to make a schedule.

Once you plan your cleaning routine out and do your best to follow that schedule, keeping your house clean all the time will become much more manageable.

Clean the Easy Things First

If you are feeling a bit worn out after a long day at work, do not dive right into the hardest jobs first, as this can ruin your mood. Instead, start with small things, such as wiping the kitchen countertops and cleaning the sink.

Clean as You Go

2 clean flooring

Ideally, you should clean stuff up as soon as either you or your loved ones make a mess. This is a great habit to develop if you want to keep your home neat and tidy all the time. Keep in mind that the longer you wait, the harder it will be to clean that stuff up.

Considering this, if you see some dirt on the floor, clean it up right away to avoid being overwhelmed with a multitude of tasks later on.

Invest in Good Laundry Supplies

One of the main reasons why people dread doing the laundry is the fact that they do not have effective laundry supplies, such as high-quality detergents and softeners. If you want to make doing laundry more pleasant, invest in good laundry supplies that will make your clothes look and feel fresh and clean.

Vacuum the Floors Regularly

3 vacuum floor

If you have a pet, you should vacuum more often than once a week or once a month. Ideally, you might want to do it every single day if you have the time. Once every two days should be enough if you do not have a pet.

Vacuuming will remove dust and dirt from the floor without spreading it around the house, which is what happens when you sweep the floors. As a result, vacuuming will help you keep your air clean, which is a huge benefit!

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Let in Some Fresh Air

One of the best ways to fight mold and mildew is to ensure that air circulates freely in your home. Keeping your windows open is one way to do it. However, bear in mind that this will not be enough if your home has mold problems.

Another way to make sure that air circulates freely throughout your house is to buy a few air purifiers that will remove unpleasant scents and bacteria from the air. You can also purchase an air conditioning unit if you can afford it.

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Use Some Baking Soda

4 use baking soda to clean

Baking soda helps neutralize unpleasant odors in your home. Taking this into consideration, you can leave some baking soda next to garbage cans or other places where unpleasant odors are coming from. The baking soda should neutralize them in no time!

Try Out Some DIY Cleaning Recipes

Homemade cleaning products are easy to make, and they are much healthier for your skin and lungs than most store-bought products. Moreover, they can end up being much cheaper. Here are some simple DIY solutions you can try out.

A spray made out of vinegar and water can be used to clean your oven and your stovetop. You can also make a simple dishwashing soap out of washing soda and borax powder. It smells nice, it is cheap, and it gets the job done.

Keeping Your House Clean Is Easier Than You Think!

As you can see, keeping your house clean is much easier than it sounds. That is especially the case if you make cleaning a part of your daily routine. For instance, you can make an effort to complete at least two cleaning-related tasks per day and plan a deep cleaning session once a week.

Once you start doing that and put the other tips we mentioned above into action, you are very likely to end up having a clean and tidy house in no time. While it might seem like a hassle at first, it will definitely pay off in the long run!