Setting up an Outdoor Seating Area for the Winter Holidays

The winter holidays are here. However, things this year might be a little different than usual. Of course, you might have experienced it last year as well. Yes, we are talking about the COVID-19 pandemic.

It ruined last year’s winter holidays for many. Things this year are looking a lot better, but are still far from perfect. And with the Omicron variant spreading fast, we might have to lose another holiday season without any enjoyment.

However, things need not be that way. You can also enjoy the indoors if you cannot go outside during the winter holidays. And the best way to do so is by setting up an outdoor seating area or patio. By utilizing the outdoor space around your house, you can set up an area where you can relax during the holidays. It may not be as exciting as a trip abroad, but it can still be a joyful experience.

So set up that garden patio for enjoying the winter holidays. And here is how you can do that. 

Start with Some Outdoor Furniture

start with outdoor furniture

The furniture is the most vital element for your patio. It is also the patio’s main attraction. Hence, a lot of your effort and thought needs to go into the type of outdoor furniture you plan on getting. 

When buying patio furniture, think about the looks, comfort, and durability. And as for the material, you can either go for cane or wicker.

Cane is a perfectly fine material for outdoor furniture. The material is strong as well. You can keep the cane furniture outdoors under the sun and during winter too. However, you do have to cover it during the cold months. That is because it does not conduct body heat and you need it to retain moisture. Otherwise, cracks will develop on its surface.

Wicker can withstand all types of weather conditions. You do have to maintain it properly. That means try your best to cover the wicker chairs and tables during rain or snow, as well as extremely hot conditions. 

Get the Right Cushions and Patio Cushion Covers

You have your furniture. Now you need some new cushions and cushion covers for your patio furniture. Get something fancy but durable. They will last longer, and will also provide an elegant look to the patio. The ones Fig Leaf has are some of the finest you will see on the market. Whether you want solid colors or prints, they have it all. 

Take your time while buying the covers. Check the size chart sellers as Fig Leaf provides on their websites. And apart from checking the design, do check the material as well.

Install the Pergola and Shades

Many people will give you a weird look when you tell them you want a pergola, and shades for your patio. As far as they are concerned, outdoor seating areas should not have such boundaries. However, do not pay heed to them.

The pergola will keep you cool during the summer. In the winter, it will protect you and your furniture from the snow and mist. You can also enjoy the rain as long as there is a roof over you. The shades will also keep you cool, and protect you from the rain. That means even in difficult weather conditions, you can still enjoy some quality outdoor time.

A Small Fireplace Would Be Nice Too

Winter will not be fun without a fireplace. And an outdoor one will be great for your patio. 

Building a fireplace outdoors can be expensive. Smaller fireplaces can cost around $3,000. On the expensive side of things, the costs can go up to $10,000 to $15,000. It depends on the size and type of fire pit or fireplace you want. 

Buying a portable fire pit can be the cheaper solution to this. They cost as little as $500 and can go all the way up to $1,500. Given that you will only use the fire pit during winter, it would be wiser to buy the portable one.

That concludes our guide to setting up a patio or outdoor seating area for the winter. Keep things festive, especially with the decor and cushion covers. Also, invest in a good fireplace, while keeping it within budget. Meeting these requirements will ensure a beautiful holiday season for you and your loved ones this winter.


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