25+ Best Kitchen Sink Ideas and Designs (With Pictures)

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Kitchen is the part of the home where it is always busy and crowded. It is where food preparations and all other matters that are connected with cooking and other kitchen activities happen.

Everything needs to look nice, clean and hygienic, even the smallest detail like the sink. While it may look minor, the kitchen sink needs prime attention. The household size, the function, and the design all account for a kitchen system for the home. 

If you are looking for some kitchen sink ideas for your kitchen revamp or upgrading, you have come to the right post because we shall run them down for you. Hence, without much ado, let us look into some kitchen sink ideas for you to consider.

kitchen sink ideas designs with photos

25 Kitchen Sink Ideas and Designs (Modern, Farmhouse,…)

When wondering about the perfect kitchen sink that would fit your kitchen design, then here are some guides which you can base from when it comes to choosing the best kitchen sink idea for your home. 

1. Gold Kitchen Faucet

1 kitchen sink ideas

Undermount sinks are one of the most popular and most used kinds of sinks among homeowners. They are installed under the counter, hence the name.

When having a plain white countertop and you just want to show off your sink, then choosing a gold faucet could be one of the best choices.

Given that the black and white color combination exudes so much class and elegance the gold sink accent added more luxury that it enhanced the aesthetic value of the kitchen. 

2. Black sink

2 kitchen sink ideas

With a marble countertop, the best choice of sink would be in the color black. Aside from it adding sophistication to the whole kitchen, it also serves as the best contrast with the marble countertop and texture.

Also, the open storage area placed just a little bit on top of the sink makes it contrasting but is very much looking busy but nice.

This whole kitchen sink idea is giving dynamics, making the color black matte sink universal where it blends just well with all the other colors combined. 

3. Double Undermount

3 kitchen sink ideas

This double undermount sink is looking so stylish having the basins hidden with this black marble countertop.

Having a double aluminium sink like this one gives you the benefit of interchanging places on where you want to do your dishes while the other side can serve as a rinse area.

Some homeowners also choose a double sink because of the capacity it can hold plus it is looking nice and complementing given the colors of black and aluminium.

They look perfect together and it brings out elegance to the kitchen.

4. Single Basin Sink

4 kitchen sink ideas

While a double basin works, a single basin that is large like this sink idea can be very much preferred by homeowners too.

The sink looks so simple with just the common shape and material but is accented with the different kinds of faucets where you can choose from depending on the need of usage.

This feature added extra special to this simple design that it is appearing luxurious even with a simple sink design idea. 

5. Dual material countertop

5 kitchen sink ideas

This one is looking chic and stylish given the double material countertop of a combined wood and Caesar stone.

The wooden material wrapped the sink which highlighted the black matte sink. What gave the look more exciting is the stainless-steel faucet which makes it more appealing to the naked eye.

Choosing this sink design idea requires a lot of decision making given the so many colors present but when put together makes up a new look that is very beautiful and all attractive.

6. White sink

6 kitchen sink ideas

A kitchen that is all-white and a glossy white countertop always look clean and neat. Also, having a sink that is in uniform with the majority of color like this kitchen design is also a good idea.

Though it can be less recognized because it looks like just a part of the countertop, the matte black faucet gives an indication that a sink is present on the center part. 

White is a timeless color; hence, it can look all clean, beautiful and elegant even if time passes. Choosing a white sink might be challenging in terms of cleaning but choosing the right texture will make it all easier. 

7. Stainless Sink

7 kitchen sink ideas

When having a white cabinetry, a stainless steel as its combination is always a good to go. They work perfectly together as the whites seemingly highlighted the stainless ones.

The double sink in stainless is easily recognized given that it shines with the natural light and looks attractive in this whole kitchen design.

Going for this sink idea might just be the usual but when combined with other elements like this whole kitchen look makes it more be

8. Rustic Copper

8 kitchen sink ideas

Complementing colors are always a plus speaking of color combinations. In this picture, the kitchen range hood is put in color with the sink which is giving the most rustic feels in the area.

The copper single basin sink is also highlighted given its bold color compared to the cabinetry that comes with it. 

Accented with a vintage faucet, there is no doubt that it is an eye catcher that guests would come in speaking about it and asking where did you buy it.

Having this kind of sink idea is very warm that people would feel the homie vibe just by looking around. 

9. Neutral double undermount sink

9 kitchen sink ideas

Neutral colors always look the best together like this kitchen design idea. The color combination of the grey cabinetry and the white sink plus the Caesar countertop are looking so beautiful and elegant.

In this sink idea, you can see that the sink does not level with the countertop which makes it resistant to dripping. 

Having leveling would be a great idea plus you’ve got to prevent water from spilling over the countertop or worse, on the floor that would lead to a slippery flooring. Hence, going for this idea is very much helpful and unique talking about the design.

10. Top mount double sink

10 kitchen sink ideas

While an undermount design works given that is more popular than others, the top mount has also something to offer.

As the name suggests, a top mount lies above the countertop which is looking cooler and more modern. In this porcelain sink and countertop, there is no doubt that they look so elegant.

Putting plants across each other is making the look livelier and more refreshing. The double sink feature allows you to do more since you have to do two separate things which are best in food preparations. 

11. Small kitchen sink

11 kitchen sink ideas

A small sink can look grand with a large stainless faucet and a granite dark gray chopping board on top of a lighter gray countertop.

While the chopping board seems to overpower the sink, they still look complementing that you would mistake it as the sink cover. 

Gray colors always exude class that is why having them in your kitchen would be a good way to go. On this kitchen sink, though looking simple, with all the elements present around, it elevates its aesthetic value. 

12. Colorful Kitchen sink

12 kitchen sink ideas

While the whites and off whites look clean and contemporary, having a contrasting colorful backdrop is a way of making them look better.

The patterned colorful tile seems overpowering but is giving the sink a chance to get attention in this whole kitchen sink idea. 

The sink accented with a chrome kitchen faucet completes the contemporary feels. This sink idea is well designed so that many would adapt when looking for the beautiful ones.

13. Tiered Kitchen Sinks

Aside from looking extra given the colors, materials and design that is put together to give a luxurious look, this tiered kitchen sink also offers a lot of functions given the wide space and features which allows you to have a strainer, a cutting board, meat rack and other more. 

Placing a designed stainless-steel faucet looks complementing with the strainer sink and all the others present combined with the color wood which is looking all natural and fine.

Going for this sink idea can be very expensive but can offer so much that you would not need elsewhere to finish your kitchen task. 

14. Partitioned Black sink

14 kitchen sink ideas

Placed in level with the countertop, this sink surely is the focal point of this whole kitchen area because of the white countertop which highlights the bold color of the sink.

Aside from looking so elegant, this partitioned sink is mainly designed to have a place to wash and rinse. 

The uneven space area where one side is designed larger than the other looks stylish too. Having this sink idea is very much looking good especially with the marble countertop and backsplash that comes with it.

15. Large Single Sink

15 kitchen sink ideas

A sink that is placed on a corner has always the advantage of making a larger one compared to the usual sink size of a kitchen.

This sink idea which is undeniably large and looking old given then wooden color but serves as the focal point of the entire kitchen because of the entire kitchen.

Placing a faucet that is gold and looks antique completes this traditional large single sink idea. 

16. Triple corner sink

16 kitchen sink ideas

This large copper cornered sink has three compartments that can be very functional in food preparations.

The left side can work as a food tray while having its own drainage, the sink on the center and a little space on the right that is meant for a rinsing area. 

This kitchen design can be much functional plus the overall design also gives a different look.

Going for this design can be expensive given the features and materials, however, as long as it serves its function right, the cost will never be a problem.

17. Kitchen Sink with Storage

17 kitchen sink ideas

This kitchen sink idea has a typical design with aluminium material that is an inch higher than the countertop.

One thing that makes it special Is its feature of having a storage and rinse area for the dishes, mugs, and other more. 

This all-in-one rack has so much to offer plus the view outside whenever doing the dishes make you look out and have fun of the natural light and the light each building provides every night.

While this one is very much simple, this is also a lot functional which can be preferred by most homeowners. 

18. Ceramic Kitchen Sink

18 kitchen sink ideas

With a small kitchen sink, you can only do one thing at a time. Though small, it has a partition on each side which can be very functional as a rinsing area, washing and for food preparation.

Also, an extended rinsing area is placed just beside the sink that can be removed and assembled every time it is needed. 

This is the reason why a small sink area is also a good to go as you can always add something in the countertop that can be useful.

The wood countertop made the white ceramic sink be the focal point of the area which is looking so beautiful and elegant. 

19. Large Stone Kitchen Sink

19 kitchen sink ideas

When wanting a unique sink, there is nothing more unique than having this large sink that goes above the wooden countertop.

This sink design is complementing with all the elements present as they are looking traditional plus the antique-colored faucet that adds style in this whole kitchen sink design idea. 

This stone sink is also deep which means that it can accommodate plenty of your kitchen utensils to be washed or an enough space for your food preparation. Having this large design would create a striking look of the whole kitchen sink.

20. Vintage Bath tub sink

20 kitchen sink ideas

When you want the widest sink, this one is probably the top of choice. The size goes beyond a large sink and is looking like a bathtub because of the design. Because of the size, the sides are also looking like a countertop already. 

Each side can function as a rinse area or even a storage area for some of your kitchen utensils.

This whole idea is looking vintage given the colors combined and all other elements present in the area. When you want a wider view of your sink to do more, then this is the best choice for you. 

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21. Circular Tiered Kitchen Sink

21 kitchen sink ideas

This circular kitchen sink is looking so functional and attractive that visitors would come rushing to see its uniqueness.

It has five partitions in which each has a different function. Having this unique kitchen sink can play as the focal point of the entire area while actually working its function. 

When choosing the perfect sink for your kitchens, this is probably the best of your choice. An extremely unique sink with an unusual shape of countertop too.

22. River Island Kitchen Sink

22 kitchen sink ideas

When getting enough of the basics, it is but natural to look for more of the rare ones like this river island kitchen sink.

This sink’s major function is to store drinks and beverages that are suited when there is a home party and other occasion that needs cold drinks. 

Aside from it looking all so modern, it is also looking very much cool not just to the homeowner but more so to the guests that are attending the event. For homeowners who love to host parties, this is the best kitchen sink idea for you. 

23. Functional workspace

23 kitchen sink ideas

For a large kitchen, it is inevitable to have many activities that are connected with cooking and food preparations, hence, the need to have this large that has so many storage areas where you can have your kitchen utensils stored and organized.

This kitchen sink is also very typical given the material, size and structure but what makes it look attractive is the so many functions it can serve the homeowner.

With this, you can have a very convenient way of storing just right after washing the dishes plus you got to have what you needed in just a reach of your arms. Going for this kitchen sink idea may look a bit crowded but is very helpful, function wise. 

24. Big kitchen sink with sliding chopping board

24 kitchen sink ideas

Having a modern sink is always a good idea especially for homeowners who like it new and fresh looking.

With this kitchen sink that has a special feature of a sliding chopping board is very much attractive that you would not mind having to move your chopping boards whenever needed near the sink. 

It came in reachable and easy to bring in and out from the sink. Also, the chopping board can lip all the way from corner to corner so you can place it where you feel most comfortable. 

25. Multi-functional single sink

25 kitchen sink ideas

If you want it single with two functions, then having a multi-functional single sink idea like this one is the best choice for you.

Here, you are provided with plenty of space to wash the dishes or prepare the food while having a stainless drainage that also functions as the base of the sink. 

This kitchen sink idea works best for homeowners who try to save space for other materials put inside the kitchen. Choosing a large multi-functional sink is always functional so that it can serve its best whenever needed. 


Aside from the list of kitchen sink ideas that we have featured here, it is also imperative that you become aware of some FAQs that might come in handy in landing on the best choice for you in the future.

If you are still on the lookout for the best kitchen sink match for your needs and preferences, sift through these kitchen sink FAQs. 

What is the most popular kitchen sink style?

When talking about the most popular one, an undermount sink is always placed on top. Aside from it being easy to install and cost the cheapest compared to other styles, it can also provide the homeowner plenty of space speaking of the countertop. 

An undermount sink style means giving enough space for your countertop that could mean different activities related to cooking and food preparation can take place in a single area.

Using this style is just typical but can also look stylish and looks one with the countertop. So, when using this style, make sure that they work best together along with your countertops in order to look better. 

Which sink is best for the kitchen?

The stainless sink is believed to be the best for the kitchen because aside from it looks complementary to all countertop color and design, stainless steel is also known as heat and stain resistant that is why it is preferred by most homeowners. 

Aside from functioning best, it can also come up with a cheap price to less expensive ones depending on the size and design of the sink.

Stainless Steel is considered the best sink for kitchens because it also lasts long and is looking very much attractive and timeless that it still looks good even for years to come. 

Is a single or double sink better?

A single sink is more popular than double sinks for a lot of homeowners. Though the double sink can provide more space and function for food preparation, washing and rinsing area, the single basin sink is more preferred because it can be designed as large and as wide as you want it to be plus a more space for your countertop is also an advantage. 

A single sink does not mean a smaller place of functioning but is handier and can look better in style inside the kitchen area. However, when the homeowner wants it double, where you can have a specific place that is meant for food preparation and rinsing area then it is also quite stylish when opting for the double sink. Hence, whatever you choose from these two can give a quality of function that can greatly help inside the kitchen.

Are granite sinks better than stainless?

Stainless steel is much better than granite sinks. First because granite sink is harder to install than the stainless steel, second is that granite is way more expensive that the other, third is it is not heat resistant unlike the stainless steel plus it do not last long as when the granite composite is not properly sealed damages gradually until the moment where you need to change it eventually. 

Hence, stainless steel, though looking usual and common, still works best compared to the granite sink. 

What are the three main types of sink? 

If you are curious about the types of sinks, you should know that there are three main types. These would be the drop-in sink, the undermount sink (single and double) and the farmhouse sink. Each of these have their own sets of pros and cons.

Further, they offer distinct aesthetic values to the home. As for function, they also differ in terms of how much they can accommodate. As such, it is important for you to know how they differ before choosing one. 

What type of sink is most durable?

There are a lot of sink options and one differs from the other depending on the quality, style and design which you can choose from. However, having the style that is suited to your kitchen style and is durable enough that it can serve its function for periods of time plus having to look all good and stylish is always the best choice, thus the stainless-steel sink. 

Aside from the popularity it gained to the market, they now come in more stylish and modern to level with other styles and designs which is why a lot more is switching to stainless steel not only to save money but because of its durability that is known to many. 

Although looking plain and simple, it works best with just any other color while functioning for quite long periods of time. When planning to have one, there is no doubt that the stainless steel is much recommendable compared to other styles that do not fit the long-lasting criteria of a homeowner to his kitchen sink design. 


Planning the best sink to put on your kitchen is basically like choosing the best partner for you. You will dig in all the parts where it can look wrong so that you can have the perfect one.

Choosing the best is a matter of looking at all the possible materials, on all sides, in all colors. It is not just about planning and finally realizing the plan but giving the kitchen a whole new look just by choosing the right sink design. 

May it be a single or a double basin, made of ceramic, marble or wood, the design would look its best when placed in the right location with all the other materials and elements that come with it.

A sink plays an important role inside the kitchen that is why it is also a must to give it attention in terms of the color, size, special features and the materials that goes with it.