How to Decorate a Ladybug Theme Nursery for a Baby Girl’s Bedroom

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What décor could better hit the spot for a bright and cheery baby girl’s nursery? Here are affordable tips to keep a ladybug decorating budget out of the red.

Bright red ladybugs and sage green leaves are a trendy choice for a baby girl’s nursery motif. The familiar critters fill a baby’s bedroom with the warmth and beauty of a summer garden.

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Walls for the Ladybug Theme Nursery

Wallpaper options abound depicting adorable ladybugs set against green leaves and colorful flowers, but decorators might also opt for the more affordable coat of paint. Clean white or soft sage are excellent foundation colors to set off the spotted shells of bright red ladybugs.

Once the walls are covered, parents can add a ladybug theme wallpaper border or try their hand at stencils. Some may want to attempt a mural depicting summer flowers, leafy vines, and a bright parade of ladybugs. Peel and stick wall decals or wallpaper murals are an equally attractive option.

Bed Sets Crib Sets, Window Treatments, and Area Rugs, for the Ladybug Nursery

The summery look of the ladybug nursery theme has resulted in quite a few options for crib sets and coordinating accessories. The prices of these sets vary widely. A few of the more popular packages on the market include Lil’ Kids’ L Is for Ladybug crib set, Nojo’s Ladybug Lullaby baby crib bedding, Patch Quilt’s Ladybug Crib Bedding, Kids Line’s Ladybug crib set, and Jojo Designs’ Ladybug Parade.

Coordinating curtains, wall hangings, area rugs, diaper storage, and lamps accompany most of these crib sets. Do-it-yourself decorators may prefer to make their own curtains and throw pillows from ladybug print or coordinating fabrics. Lacey or sheer nursery window treatments can lend the room a bright and airy feel perfectly suited to a summer garden.

Decorating a Ladybug Theme Nursery

Decorators can emphasize the ladybug theme by framing pages from Eric Carle’s well-loved Grouchy Ladybug and hanging them in sequence around the nursery. Used bookstores are bound to have several affordable copies of this colorful children’s treasure.

To give the room some added depth, parents can place sticky hooks just below the ceiling at regular intervals along one wall. Draping silk vines along the ceiling line will enhance the nursery’s summery feel.

Greenery is key to a ladybug nursery. Silk vines, flowers, and potted silk plants will all add to a lush garden ambiance.

Parents who want to go all out with the ladybug theme for their baby’s nursery can hunt down a used desk, table, chairs, dresser, or chest of drawers and give them a ladybug make-over. Stencils make this a decorating project any parent can tackle.

A toy chest stenciled with ladybugs, flowers, butterflies, dragon flies, and green leaves would make a cute and colorful accent piece. Decorators could make a coordinating wall shelf in no time at all.

Higher shelves are a great place to decorate with ladybug themed storybooks. Some great titles include The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle, Ladybug by Claire Llewellyn, Crawl Ladybug Crawl! By Dana Meachen, Are You a Ladybug? by Judy Allen, Ladybugs by Ann Heinrichs, Ladybug Ladybug by Ruth Brown, and Ten Little Ladybugs by Melanie Gerth. Decorating with books is an inexpensive way parents can brighten up the bedroom and instill an early love of reading.

Parents can personalize the room by searching out a Halloween ladybug costume at a thrift store or on eBay. Their little baby will look cute as a bug in framed photos on the nursery wall.

Parents can help their toddlers and older kids personalize the garden room by making ladybug rock pets to display as door stops, bookends, or paper weights.

  1. Find round rocks of all sizes.
  2. Paint the rocks red then add black accents for the ladybug’s head and spots.
  3. Finish with a clear coat of shellac.

Parents and kids will also enjoy scoping out a bunch of ladybug illustrations from magazines and picture books at the used book store. They can clip favorite photos with their child and use the pictures to decoupage accent pieces for the room such as pencil cans, plaques for the wall, a table and chairs, or nightstand. Touches like these make a ladybug theme room feel special and fill it with happy memories.

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