30+ Cool Baby Boy Nursery Ideas and Designs (With Pictures)

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Being able to bear a child is the ultimate essence of a woman. From day one of pregnancy to the whole labor-birth story is a long story every woman will talk about proudly and repeatedly to different people with different levels of happiness.

However, it is known to people, especially to couples that pregnancy and having a family is hard itself. Thus, a lot of preparation is needed. 

From pregnancy clothes to baby clothes, from pregnancy milk to baby milk and from building a house to building a room or a nursery for your little ones. Hence, if you are near your due date or you are just wondering what a nursery room looks like, this is a perfect read for you.

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30+ Cool Baby Boy Nursery Ideas On A Budget

1. Blue and brown baby boy room

1 baby boy nursery ideas

Blue has always been a boy color so it is but right to start here. In this idea, the soft balance between sky blue, powder blue and the bolder tone of brown and black are thrown in for a tonal baby boy’s room.

The polka dot effect, the floor to wall contrast and the tan chairs also offers a different effect to this idea. 

2. Calming beige

2 baby boy nursery ideas

The color beige gives a soothing feeling when used as a color in a room. Although not strictly a boy’s color, it is refreshing to look at and is just perfect for classic interiors and farmhouse styles. Plus, beige as a monochrome is very workable for other colors so you can always incorporate bolder tones to it. 

It also adds to the beauty of a room when infused with furniture that matches its color like the black and white chair rugs, and a comfortable sofa which blends well to the theme of the room.  

3. Glitter accent wall

3 baby boy nursery ideas
Source: Lovely Etc.

If you are a fan of accent wall designs, you might opt for a glittered, navy-blue splash in a white monochrome room for a baby boy nursery. Here, the accent wall became the focal point of this nursery.

The floating shelves, the changing table and the carpeting are all complementing and the use of bolder tones for the crib bed and the wall offer an aesthetic separation to this room.   

4. Darker splashes

4 baby boy nursery ideas
Source: DIY Decor Mom

While many moms are into bright colors for their baby’s nursery room, you can always make use of the dark ones.

Darker tones have always been associated with masculinity but infusing in tones of bright white, and playful tones like a green rug here offsets the boldness of this baby boy’s nursery. 

5. Timeless white

5 baby boy nursery ideas

We are all fond of the classics. Just because it is a baby boy’s nursery would not mean that we have to strictly follow the division of the color wheel for boys’ and girls’ colors. Keeping the colors as neutral as possible makes it more attractive. 

For moms who want to make a room for all ages, a white monochrome room would do. Sticking with complementing neutrals for the furniture and lighting also give it a cleaner feel and makes it more workable for future added designs.  

6. Color the walls green

6 baby boy nursery ideas

Vibrant and compelling, you can never go wrong with green. When choosing colors for your baby boy’s nursery room, green is a neutral color to build around with.

It has a calming aura especially when combined with other colors like yellow, brown, and white.

You can always invoke a natural appeal, a jungle vibe, or just straight close to nature look if you use the right add-on furniture too. Your little one might start being a nature lover with this room. 

7. Shabby chic baby boy’s room

7 baby boy nursery ideas
Source: Simple Nature Decor Blog

This is not the most popular design for a baby boy’s nursery because shabby chic is almost always associated to feminine designs. But the brightness and classic look of this boy’s nursery is just on point and very open to design possibilities.

Minimalism is on point from walls to fixtures. The white and cushiony round crib at the center is also a fine focal point. A room that knows no gender is always a breath of fresh air to look at.  

8. Soothing white and blue combo

8 baby boy nursery ideas

Angles, lines, and textures are said to boost the visual acuity of infants. If you are working on a baby boy’s nursery, the soothing tone of blue, with minimal splashes of white yellow could help.

This one here offers both a clean and dynamic balance revolving around blue and white. It has a noticeable airiness in it and all the extra spaces can be used for playing, which by the way, is just thoughtful. 

9. Dots and symmetries

9 baby boy nursery ideas
Source: Suzann Kletzien

Combining different textures and angles in a room is a fine way to keep everything in a transitional balance.

On one side, make it as playful as can be but on another portion, the arrangement of a baby-themed gallery is a more dapper and formal space for the growing toddler. The layers of blue in this room complemented by gold, yellow, and white are just outstanding.  

10. Superhero-themed nursery

10 baby boy nursery ideas

For superhero geek parents, this design is almost inevitable. Aside from having very accessible decorative pieces to assemble the room, you can also channel your inner child in your baby boy’s nursery.

It can revolve around just one character or throw in the whole gang to make one superhero microcosm in your baby boy’s nursery just like this one. 

11. Monochrome zoo

11 baby boy nursery ideas

Children’s affinity to animals is never broken and as parents, it would be thoughtful and also creative to have a low-key zoo zone with an animal gallery on one part of the wall, animal prints in the customized blankets, and of course their favorite animal binky.

Also, giving it a neutral monochrome color like the grey ones are perfect for this theme. It will seem as if the zoo is just around the corners of their room. 

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12. Vintage baby boy nursery

12 baby boy nursery ideas

Simple yet classy, the vintage theme is very popular today not just for homes and furniture but also for nursery rooms. For one, this is a spare room which was converted into a nursery.

The bicycle print on the wall is already leading but with the addition of the baby blue and white combo plus the hardwood, heirloom crib, this has easily become the vintage baby boy nursery of your dreams. 

13. Lowkey camp theme baby boy nursery

13 baby boy nursery ideas

If you are eyeing for a clean and lowkey campsite or jamboree theme for your baby boy’s nursery, here is something to take inspiration from. It features hand painted triangles for that informal, camp look.

It is then complemented by this wooden crib, boho fabric and matching boho print pillow. The rug and the lush potted plants also add to that clean and airy look. 

14. Cheery Baby Boy Nursery

14 baby boy nursery ideas
Source: Little Crown Interiors

The color combination of this nursery room is very catchy especially for children whose curiosity never ceases.

The vibrance of the color mustard combined with the depth of brown and blue colors, this nursery room provides calmness and joy, thus, a recommended idea for your little one’s room. 

15. Shared room and nursery

15 baby boy nursery ideas

For parents who do not have enough space for a separate nursery room, rearranging the room to accommodate the baby nursery is essential.

The use of A room with a white background accented with the color blue is a perfect match. A colourful decoration is also perf for this kind of style. 

16. Penguin themed nursery for baby boy

16 baby boy nursery ideas

Penguins are another child-familiar sight because they see them in children’s cartoon shows a lot.

This penguin flush in a baby boy’s nursery does not only make it playful and eye-catching, but it also gives a lot of soft and fluffy feels. Let us just allow this idea to speak for itself.  

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17. Star Wars Nursery

17 baby boy nursery ideas

Star Wars might be the most relatable franchise for movie geek parents. And if you happen to be one, know that the force is always strong with Star Wars themed baby boy nurseries.

Building on dark neutrals with a few streaks of red, yellow or blue and you have it all. Decorating it with actual lightsabers is a major plus, honestly.  

18. Forest-Themed Baby Boy Nursery

18 baby boy nursery ideas

With the combination of green, blue, black and white, the wall background definitely made this idea. The flowers in bloom and the color of the crib adds vibrancy to the room. 

19. Light Blue for the Calming Effect

19 baby boy nursery ideas

With all the ‘blue’ ideas, this one has the color blue with a calming effect. Placing the crib near the window is also healthy for your babies as they can receive a little bit of sunlight which they need.

This one is artsy at the same time because it has an accent of bright colourful objects placed in the walls and furniture that complements the color of the wall. 

20. Playful Monkeys in the Nursery

20 baby boy nursery ideas

Making it a room with playing monkeys is such a nice view and very childish in perspective. The arrangement in this set is very cool and neat with the combination of green, blue and white.

Building one these colors are sufficient already in making it a true baby boy’s nursery. 

21. Baby Boy Paint Ideas

21 baby boy nursery ideas

Out of all the blue ideas, this is probably the best choice. The wall painting which looks like the sky with clouds on it definitely represents a baby ‘s nursery room.

The white and blue symbolizes the colors of the sky and bringing it to a baby’s nursery brings a relaxing ambiance instantly. The hanging toy which seems like rain also added to the look of this nursery idea. 

22. Nursery for a Sailor

22 baby boy nursery ideas

For sea lovers, this might be one of the best choices. The light blue is as calming as the blue sky while the deeper hues represent the color schemes of the sea.

What makes it more realistic is the farmer’s net put in the ceiling of the wall which seems as if you are at sea. The colors white, blue, and navy blue are also the key colors representing the scenery of the sea.

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23. Decals and pendant lamps

23 baby boy nursery ideas

Many do not opt for plain backgrounds especially for nursery rooms. It pays to add a design to your baby’s room, hence, an added decals and pendant lamp might be a good choice.

In this case, a plain wall turned to a forest-themed decal plus. You can also add a pendant light to make it more dramatic. 

24. Nursery for twins

24 baby boy nursery ideas

In this theme, two cribs in different colors are put together into a nursery room, making a room for fraternal twins. The neutrality of green is good if you have two twin boys. You can also use other colors to mark the difference in the personalities in twins.  

25. Rustic vibe baby boy nursery

25 baby boy nursery ideas

If you have a preference for the rustic vibe, here is a baby boy nursery idea which you should take from.

The distressed effect of the wall, the hardwood crib, the leather off-purple seating and extended ottoman all complement nicely to give this baby boy nursery the penultimate rustic vibe. 

26. Baby Boy Decor Ideas

26 baby boy nursery ideas

A stripe wall with the colors blue and white to have a calming effect plus the presence of rattan hoops and different colors and shapes that are hung in the wall to make it more artsy.

A furniture like the cubic stand is also a perfect choice for this nursery room. Arranging the toys in a cohesive look is also the ultimate trick if you have a lot of items to work on like this one here. 

27. Athletic vibe

27 baby boy nursery ideas

If as parents you are already niche picking for your baby boys, better start them with your favorite sports and theme their nursery rooms for these sports.

For parents who are fond of football and might want their children to play the sport as well, this is your best choice. 

The lower part of the wall is painted green representing the field plus a big football ball designed in a plain white background completes this nursery room idea. It is very simple yet highly thematic. 

28. Farmhouse nursery room for baby boy

28 baby boy nursery ideas

Just because it is a baby’s room would not mean that you cannot use farmhouse details on it. For one, this baby boy’s nursery room is made of a stone tile wall on one side, the hardwood, caramel color crib bed, and that animal hide rug at the center.

It might look compact, but its arrangement is visually compelling. 

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29. Gray and Yellow Nursery Ideas

29 baby boy nursery ideas

Grey is one of the neutral colors that can be paired with almost all of the other colors. In this look, grey combined with the color yellow makes the room more exciting and warmer at the same time.

Dull colors are not good for babies so always choose to have it paired with something vibrant. 

30. Nautical-Themed Nursery

30 baby boy nursery ideas

Look at this nursery room idea. From the ceiling down to the floor, the colors down to the wall design and furniture, it gives a well-balanced look of a Nautical-themed nursery room.

The compass painting around the main lamp, the ship’s steering wheel, the ropes, the sailing boats and other nautical decorative pieces are on point. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Aside from the ideas that we have covered, it is also essential that you know other decorative trademarks and essentials for baby boy’s rooms. Hence, here are some FAQs about how to decorate or what to put when arranging a design for a baby boy’s nursery room. 

What do you put in a baby boy’s room? 

If you are still wondering what a baby boy’s nursery must have, here are the top five items which you can add for a more comfortable and soothing ambiance inside your baby’s room. 

Comfortable glider that you could sleep in

After giving birth, you will spend almost all your time inside your baby’s nursery room, thus, the need to have a comfortable glider where you can rock back and forth the baby from then on.

Gliders are the most comfortable and primary must haves of every breastfeeding mom. While expensive, they are good investments in the nursery. 

Blackout curtains

Blackout curtains are also common in a baby’s nursery room. It blocks direct sunlight and helps keep the room cool, thus, making your baby have a longer and more comfortable sleep.

Blackout curtains can also be very effective if you choose the right cooling colors which are green, blue, indigo and violet. 

Ergonomic crib

When choosing a crib, always make it a point that there is more to it. Today, there are a lot of collapsible cribs that turn into bed and sometimes into a wide space he can play from.

It is best that you choose things that you can use until your baby grows and also because this is a good save for your effort and money. 

Changing table

It pays to have a designated space where nappies can be stored and changed at the same time. When buying a changing table, it is best to have it customized to create a different use of every part.

A changing table with a removable topper and a lot of storage boxes you can put your baby’s needs in is perfect especially when you have small spaces built for your baby’s nursery. 


When the baby grows, there will be a lot of crawling around the floor, thus, a need for a nice and cozy rug in your baby’s room.

When choosing a rug, make sure that it is large enough to cover every space left in the room as to prevent your baby from getting injuries and make the room pleasant to see. On the downside, rugs accumulate dirt so you have to vacuum the room regularly.  

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How do you decorate a baby boy nursery?

Wall painting

When it comes to creating your baby boy’s nursery, think of the most creative way to decorate the plain walls of the room. Go for murals if you can. Make sure that the painting matches your nursery’s design as this can also make or break the total look of the room.

Nonetheless, note that although paint is cheaper compared to other wall design alternatives, it requires a lot of time that it takes days or even weeks of finishing the walls of the room.

You can have florals

This is an unpopular opinion but florals are gender-neutral designs which you can freely incorporate in a baby nursery’s room. Hence, it may be time for us to get out of the stereotypes since florals are eye-catching. 

Opt for a design that will grow with the baby

When building a nursery room, make it a point to choose designs that are timeless. This goes for the wall paint, furniture, and design inside the room. Make it neutral and adaptable as much as possible as babies grow fast.

Provide sensory spaces

More than cribs, walls, and designs, make sure to put a space for recreational activities and for sensory and motor development.

As your baby grows, they tend to spend their time outside the crib and explore. These spaces would be tents, playpens, and other separate spaces intended for playing. 

Anent to budget

How you decorate your baby’s room also depends on your budget. The more the budget, the more you can add to the quality and aesthetics of a room.

If you do not have enough budget, bring out the creativity in you as it is not necessary to buy everything when creating a room for your little one. The point is, just keep everything within the budget. You will surely come up with something. 



Creating the best nursery room is every parents’ goal but with the myriad of ideas to choose from, it could be a bit challenging and overwhelming. But at the end of the day, the choice all boils down to the comfort of our babies, the convenience of the design, and the completeness of the room.

All of these can be achieved even on a limited budget. You just have to trust your parental instincts in coming up with the best one.