35+ Beautiful Grey Bedroom Ideas and Designs

Last Updated on July 30, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

Bedrooms are the ultimate personal space for us. Its décor reflects, in a way, our experiences, artistic appetite and approach to life. Grey, being a neutral color, represents a balanced approach to life.

Its softer shades have a feminine touch, while its darker shades represent masculinity and strength. Overall, a grey bedroom gives a mature and sober touch to the inhabitants and visitors alike.

best grey bedroom ideas

What color goes with a grey bedroom?

The choice of color for bedspreads, cushions, and decorations is wide open. Being a neutral color, one may use pink, teal, yellow or turquoise for a feminine touch.

For males, it can be coupled with navy blue, black, or even a hint of red. If you are using darker shades of grey, white color may represent the ultimate match for these decorations.

What color should I paint a bedroom with grey bedding?

Walls can be painted white, humble yellow and local green. These colors are best suited if you have grey bedding. But you can even try black, matching shades of grey or navy blue to give a room more dense look.

How to decorate a grey bedroom?

Minimalistic decorations are best suited for grey color. You can try ash wood, white or navy blue furniture. A silver mirror or acrylic wall décor may add a unique touch of your personality.

Here are 20 grey bedroom ideas you may consider to make up your bedroom:

1. Space and Luxury

1 grey bedroom ideas

Grey furniture, dark curtains and a cozy-looking bed in white. These items bundled together provide a subtle hint of luxury and comfort in this bedroom.

2. Simple and Elegant

2 grey bedroom ideas

Softer shades of grey mixed with white stripe beddings provide just the right mix of elegance and simplicity. This bedroom represents a winning combination by keeping it sober.

3. Sophisticated Grey

3 grey bedroom ideas

Dark grey background, light grey headboard with white bedding and a dark grey quilt make this bedroom oozing sophistication. The peach comforter adds just the right amount of contrast to the setting.


4. Shades of Grey

4 grey bedroom ideas

The combination of dark and light grey provides the perfect touch for a strong masculine feeling about this bedroom. Black and grey shoes on the back wall provide the athletic touch.

5. Magical Red

5 grey bedroom ideas

Adding a bit of red in an otherwise completely grey bedroom may be the winner for some. It provides just the right contrast and highlights.

6. White Wilderness

6 grey bedroom ideas

This bedroom mixes up white and medium tones of grey to produce a cozy effect, which can provide comfort to a tired mind and body.

7. Grey Lines

7 grey bedroom ideas

This grey striped bedding with dark grey bedspread provides the right combination to the otherwise brightly lit bedroom. Wood colored bed and table lamp blend in to make this bedroom simple and classic.

8. Mature Color Mix

8 grey bedroom ideas

Navy blue bed with grey floral pattern bedding and an odd peach comforter provides a balanced mix of mature colors. The peach background enhances the overall ambiance as well.

9. Silver and Rust

9 grey bedroom ideas

This bedroom has a gentle mix of grey, silver with soothing shades of brown. The mirror at the back enhances the complete decor.

10. Fluffy Fur

10 grey bedroom ideas

Grey walls are complemented well by the combination of white and black fur. Modern art and firefly lights complete the outlook of this bedroom.

11. White and Grey

11 grey bedroom ideas

White and grey combination is the ultimate match. Bronze colored ceiling light and accessories make this bedroom a classic.

12. Wood Vintage

12 grey bedroom ideas

Ash white walls, rich wooden furniture coupled with grey bedding and matching curtains complete the vintage settings of this bedroom.

13. Mix it up

13 grey bedroom ideas

Mixing grey shades of pink and white lights up the room. Throw in a plant and a decent nightstand, you have got a tastefully arranged bedroom.

14. Wall Décor

14 grey bedroom ideas

Add a simple, monotone wall décor to the delightful taste of grey walls. With similar color bedding and contrasting pillows, this bedroom looks chic.

15. Wood and Pink

15 grey bedroom ideas

Mixing grey beddings with baby pink and wood background present a chic looking bedroom. Throw in a couple of wall hangings and an odd plant to make it even more aesthetic.

16. Mirrors

16 grey bedroom ideas

Grey and silver colors go hand in glove. Fixing mirrors coupled with the miniature triangle wallpaper provides just the right touch for this modern bedroom.

17. Mustard Yellow

17 grey bedroom ideas

Grey and mustard represent a unique contrast. Throw in some flowers on the nightstand and a few books to make it more delightful.

18. Floral Patterns

18 grey bedroom ideas

Florals can go with any color, even grey. In this bedroom grey and yellow flowers light up the bedroom with white furniture.

19. Dirty Green

19 grey bedroom ideas

Green colored walls blend well with grey bed mixed with white or grey patterned sheets.

20. Orange

20 grey bedroom ideas

Dark grey background, grey bedding contrast with orange pillows and bedspread gives this bedroom a unique look. White nightstand and light-colored painting complete this décor artistically.

21. Grey guest room

21 grey bedroom ideas


22. Neutral bedroom

22 grey bedroom ideas


23. Solid colored bedding

23 grey bedroom ideas


24. Black, white, grey, and pink

24 grey bedroom ideas


25. Comfortable grey bedroom

25 grey bedroom ideas


26. Neat grey bedroom

26 grey bedroom ideas

27. Grey, white, and blue

27 grey bedroom ideas


28. Gray black neutral color palette for a guest bedroom

28 grey bedroom ideas

29. Grey, black, and navy bedroom

29 grey bedroom ideas

30. Bedroom with a warm wood wall

30 grey bedroom ideas


31. Grey and cream headboard

31 grey bedroom ideas


32. Modern grey master bedroom

32 grey bedroom ideas


33. Romantic grey room for girls

33 grey bedroom ideas

34. Shabby chic bedroom

34 grey bedroom ideas

35. Grey and white guest room with a hanging wreath

35 grey bedroom ideas



Grey themed bedrooms provide a calm feeling in an otherwise vibrant and brightly colored world. Mixing grey with different other colors provides just the right glimpse of your personality.