How To Make A Mason Jar Organizer

Last Updated on November 14, 2019 by Kimberly Crawford

Mason jars are one of the greatest inventions ever to exist. They are just amazing for caning or even your DIY projects. What puts the mason jars at the top is their versatility! It’s incredible how they can be turned entirely into a new thing. You will admire how this canning jars can be used in different ways to help you have a comfortable and most organized life!

Let’s see how someone can DIY a Mason jar organizer for his use.

diy mason jar organizer ideas

How to DIY a mason jar organizer

Ensure that you acquire all the supplies that will simplify your project. Once you have the supplies you are ready to DIY your Mason jar organizer;

You need to use a drill bit to get a pilot hole in the wood. You will screw in the hose clamp on this hole

The drill bit will be used to make a hole in the hose clamp. Remember creating a hole I a metal can be very challenging. Use a titanium drill for this purpose.

You will then line them up after creating holes in both the hose clamp and the wood as you screw the hose clamp into the wood.

Get a beautiful place to hang whatever choice you have made.

It’s so simple to the DIY Mason jar. You need to follow the right steps, and there you are ready with the best Mason jar organizer. Do you wish to see some of the Mason jar organizer ideas that will warm your heart? Never mind, below are the best Mason jar organizer ideas that you may consider! They are amazing!

20 Mason jar Organizer Ideas

1. Organize kitchen utensils with painted jars

1 mason jar organizer ideas

Did you know that it is possible to organize the kitchen utensils using the brightly painted jars? Every tool that plays a role in the kitchen finds its jar for storage. The result is an organized kitchen that takes care of the small space. It is a fantastic Mason jar organizer idea that you should employ!


2. Keeping makeup brushes organized

2 mason jar organizer ideas

Mason jar organizer ideas are not only fixed to a kitchen! It’s even applicable in your room for keeping the makeup brushes. You need to stay organized all the time, and that’s why the Mason jar organizer will do it for you! Keep all your makeup tools well arranged in a mason jar and enjoy what you see!

3. Color organization

3 mason jar organizer ideas

Do you love colors? The Mason jar organizer ideas consider those who are thrilled with colors! Do you have a variety of colorful utensils, and you may wish to organize them according to colors? Why can’t you try the DIY Mason jar color organizer? It is very eye catchy, and it still serves the purpose!


4. Bath color coordination

4 mason jar organizer ideas

How about your bathroom? Are you fond of the bath colors? The Mason jar organizer will still work out in the bathroom. It’s a perfect way to have all the bathroom tools together in a nicely packed mason jar!


5. Mason jars to keep pens

5 mason jar organizer ideas

Your pens in the office can still get an organized pace to be in your office! Did you know that the mason jars can be just so lovely in holding all those pens in your office? Get one for yourself!


6. Baking accessories in apothecary jars

6 mason jar organizer ideas

Apothecary jars deliver an appealing sight! It will be helpful when you have your baking accessories in this fantastic apothecary jars. Give it a try for sure you will like it.


7. Countertop Mason jar organizer

7 mason jar organizer ideas

The countertop Mason jar organizer is another fantastic idea that is applicable in the kitchen. It’s the only way to easily access your kitchen tools in a designated jar with the names inscribed! You won’t miss a tool.

8. Sewing kit storage idea

8 mason jar organizer ideas

Mason jar organizer ideas even found practical use in the home use. Did you know that sewing needles can be safely kept in a mason jar? The sewing kit will contain all the tools for sewing, such as string needles and anything else! Is it a perfect way to get organized, right?


9. Shelf with hooks

9 mason jar organizer ideas

The simplest way to store the mason jars is through the use of hooks on a rack. The hooks will nicely hold your mason jars for a different purpose.

10. Safe Cupcake cups

10 mason jar organizer ideas

What we like about the safe cupcake cups is the beautiful appearance that entices the eye.


11. Rustic board

11 mason jar organizer ideas

The rustic board is cheap to install. You have to go vertical in part of the walls, and there you have fantastic mason jars for different articles.


12. Rustic bathroom storage

12 mason jar organizer ideas

I believe we do every cleaning in the bathroom. I like the rustic bathroom storage since it accords you with a simple way to keep those ear pins in the walls of your bathroom. It’s what the Mason jar organizer has done.


13. Best office storage

13 mason jar organizer ideas

What do you have in your office? Don’t you have pens and pencils? You need this amazing Mason jar organizer that will safely and beautifully store your pencils.


14. Hardware storage

14 mason jar organizer ideas

The Mason jar organizer can also be used to store that hardware. Do you have nails and all those sorts of equipment, and you wish to have it someplace? Keep it in the mason jars.

15. A toothbrush holder

15 mason jar organizer ideas

The Mason jar toothbrush holder is just a fantastic organizer. We like how this excellent mason jar holder because it will give that smart sight.


16. Art supply organization

16 mason jar organizer ideas

We love the arts. We love anything that contributes to the success of the art! But we don’t like disorganization. The Mason jar really will do well as an art supply organizer.


17. Amazing kitchen color candy display

17 mason jar organizer ideas

The mason jars even found their way to the kitchen, and it’s doing well when it comes to candy display. Don’t you like this fantastic display of the Mason jar organizer?


18. The cute office supply organization

18 mason jar organizer ideas

Mason jars will accord you with the beautiful things in life. We like the cute office supply organization that results from the Mason jar application. It’s the best way to get organized.


19. Tangled twine

19 mason jar organizer ideas

Tangled twine Mason jar organizer is another fantastic application of the mason jars! The picture will explain it all. It’s only the best idea that we can get from the Mason jar organizer.


20. Simple shelves

20 mason jar organizer ideas

Simple shelves will serve well in storing the mason jars. Notably, we are interested in the contents in the mason jars, and that’s why we recommend it as a brilliant way to get organized.



diy mason jar organizer ideas 1

To conclude, getting organized is essential everywhere in our niches. We must get held in the kitchen, office, and bathroom, and even inside our rooms! All this will be achievable when we consider the smart application of the Mason jar organizer.