How To Build A PVC Pipe Storage and 23 Awesome Organizing Projects

Last Updated on November 14, 2019 by Kimberly Crawford

Have you read about many storage ideas, and you are even loss of choices? How about the PVC storage ideas? Do you like it? The PVC storage ideas are undoubtedly among the best storage ideas that you must consider for that organizing and thrilling storage option. If you want PVC pipes, then you should employ this storage idea. Its tone of suitable ways to get organized.

PVC storage can take a variety of sizes and shapes depending on the nature of the items that you intend to store. Is your choice is the toys, and then you will have to create something that will perfectly fit the size of the toys that you intend to store. Let’s consider, for instance, the size of the PVC pipe for the shoe storage.

diy pvc pipe storage

What size of PVC pipe do I need for shoe storage?

Most shoe sizes range from 6 to 8 inches. This is an adequate size for the shoe storage. The idea can be made more attractive by printing it. You will then cut out the number of the PVC pipes pieces that you need according to the shoes you intend to store! Measuring and sizing are essential for perfect storage.

How to build a PVC pipe storage rack out of wood

In case you will like a PVC rack out of wood, all you need is a drilling machine that will then pierce holes in the wood in a circular manner. This process isn’t that tough, but of course, with the help of experts and quality machines!

How to store with PVC pipe

Storing with PVC pipes is easy. Once you have designed the PVC storage, the next stage is to place your tools and materials in the PVC storage you want. Many kinds of PVC storage options do exist. It’s therefore wise to consider the 20 PVC pipe storage ideas to clearly understand how to store with a PVC pipe.

23 PVC pipe storage ideas

1. PVC pipe for small tools

1 pvc pipe storage ideas

When dealing with minimal tools such as screws, this PVC pipe storage idea will do. It takes a short time to establish this kind of storage.

2. Farm tools storage

2 pvc pipe storage ideas

This storage idea suits the room of the farm tool types of equipment, such as the spade, hoe, and the likes! You need to stay organized, and therefore, the best way to do this is by using PVC pipe storage.


3. Tape dispenser

3 pvc pipe storage ideas

Did you know that the PVC pipe storage can help you make an excellent tape dispenser? You don’t have to keep on losing your tapes again! The tape dispenser made of PVC pipes is efficient and durable.


4. Ball storage kit

4 pvc pipe storage ideas

The PVC pipe storage can be the best as a ball bit storage. This idea is a simple way to store the collections of balls, and it won’t disappoint since it’s helpful for all ages!


5. PVC pipe rack

5 pvc pipe storage ideas

Do you always stay with kids with bikes? You need a storage idea for the bikes. Why can you consider the fantastic PVC pipe storage idea for bikes? It’s the best.

6. Toothbrush storage

6 pvc pipe storage ideas

PVC pipe storage has found an application as a smart way to keep track of the toothbrushes. You need a safe and suitable place, and we found the best PVC pipe storage idea!


7. Store your shoes

7 pvc pipe storage ideas

Staying organized is what everyone aspires. Did you know that the PVC pipe storage can do that for you? Look at this fantastic storage idea.


8. Chicken feeder

8 pvc pipe storage ideas

Arguably, it may not be stored, but what if this chick won’t finish all the foods? I am sure it shall have to wait until the next day! So it’s storage.


9. The ice containers

9 pvc pipe storage ideas

Did you know that the PVC pipes can be the best ice containers? You will have the efficiency without necessarily stopping at some points for ice!


10. Toy car garage

10 pvc pipe storage ideas

It’s a practical way to keep all those toy cars. Look at this appealing PVC pipe storage idea?


11. Power tool holders

11 pvc pipe storage ideas

It is another appealing way to keep those power tools safely. You need to consider this smart storage idea as a result of the PVC pipes.


12. Ribbon PVC storage

12 pvc pipe storage ideas

Oh my! This is an excellent idea! Look at how it keeps all this in a perfectly organized manner?


13. Pipe wine rack

13 pvc pipe storage ideas

We can’t explain this. But of course it’s an industrial purpose. Did you know that the PVC pipe storage even has an industrial application?

14. The rainbow headband stand

14 pvc pipe storage ideas

Erecting, this is undoubtedly simple. It won’t take a decade. It’s also very cheap, and there you get an apeling storage structure! Go for it.

15. PVC pegboard modification

15 pvc pipe storage ideas

It’s mini hardware, yes, but we care about the benefits of the PVC storage! It delivers lots more than we even thought!


16. Hairdryer storage

16 pvc pipe storage ideas

PVC pipe storage ideas found a way to the saloons! Look at how the pipe looks so handy while storing the hairdresser? It’s simply amazing.


17. Shoe holder

17 pvc pipe storage ideas

The PVC pipes accord you with a beautiful shoe holder. It will even support all pairs of your shoes.

18. Towel drying station

18 pvc pipe storage ideas

Do I need to explain this? No, it’s just perfect, and you will love it. Keep those towels safe and dry.

19. Art supply storage

19 pvc pipe storage ideas

The PVC pipe will deliver fantastic art supply storage! Look at the practical idea that will keep all your art supplies properly. All you will do is to arrange them correctly.


20. Pool rack

20 pvc pipe storage ideas

It is one of the rare applications that we get when we use PVC pipes. It’s one of the best storage ideas.

21. PVC Shoe Rack

21 pvc pipe storage ideas

22. Industrial Shelf PVC Pipe

22 pvc pipe storage ideas


23. PVC Toy Storage

23 pvc pipe storage ideas



To conclude, the PVC pipe storage has found more significant applications in almost all fields. You will find it in homes, industries and even offices! It’s considered one of the best ways to store tools.