Natuzzi Sofa Reviews: Quality, Price, Durability, Pros and Cons

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If you’re into Italian furniture and love comfort, diversity, and trendy seats, why not try the Natuzzi sofa. The Italian company responsible for Natuzzi sofas started its operation in1959. The group’s chairman knows as Pasquale Natuzzi.

The company is behind creating the brand’s sofas, armchairs, and other sitting room accessories. Its main office Is in Santeramo in Colle, Apulia, Italy. To understand more about Natuzzi furniture, read along.

natuzzi sofa pros and cons

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What Is Natuzzi Leather?

Natuzzi leather is an edition that mainly focuses on creating the brand’s sofas and armchairs in different designs. Natuzzi leather is 100% pure Italian hide. The leather furniture from Natuzzi is of high quality and very stylish.

Natuzzi Pros and Cons

If you buy your sofa from Natuzzi, there’s an added advantage and disadvantage that comes with it.

The pros include;

  • You can have custom-made furniture
  • There are various price point that cutters for all customers
  • The furniture is of high quality and standard materials
  • They offer extensive warranties

The cons include

  • The shipping window is very long
  • It has a higher price tag
  • Includes a limited selection

How Is the Quality of The Natuzzi Sofa?

The sofas at Natuzzi are of high quality. And it’s because the company strictly adheres to international standards of quality management and environmental protection. The sofas comprise high standard materials that undergo serious inspection at the company before release.

The couch’s frame consists of both engineered wood, solid wood, and plywood. The fabrics are pure leather, and the cushions are of high-quality foam with feathers. The material is of full-grain Italian leather

To ensure the furniture’s quality, the Natuzzi company has its quality lab for testing every component. Not only will the Natuzzi sofa offer you quality but also comfort and anti-wear furniture.

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Is Natuzzi Editions the Same as Natuzzi?

Natuzzi Editions is a brand collection that deals with a B2B trademark from the Italian furniture company. It’s the widest brand which belongs to the Natuzzi company. The manufacturing of furniture at Natuzzi editions happens worldwide in various production plants. The reason why the production plants are all over is to be near their customers.

Natuzzi, on the other hand, is another brand collection of the Natuzzi group company. It deals with the high-end market with the products made in Italy.

Are Natuzzi Sofas Comfortable?

If you go for Natuzzi sofas, you’ll get not only a custom-made seat but also a classy and comfortable couch. The sofas have different designs that allow for comfort as you may wish. The shape is also great for relaxing as well as the soft materials that make it extra comfortable.

Are Natuzzi Sofas Real Leather?

Natuzzi sofas consist of real Italian leather of various grades and different colors. The couch is 100% top-grain Italian leather. The Italian leather hides are of grade 10 to 30 type of leather. So, it’s upon you to choose what you’re comfortable with in terms of price and quality.

Natuzzi Sofa Prices

Natuzzi sofa has various price points meaning you can go for a price you’re comfortable with. The lowest price you can buy a Natuzzi sofa is $1300, and the highest is $15000. Although if you want something cheaper, go for loveseat sofas. But the ones that will cost you much are the over-sized and leather sectionals.

Top 3 Natuzzi Sofas

Editions Prudenza Leather Sofa

natuzzi Editions Prudenza Leather Sofa
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One of the best Natuzzi sofas is prudenza, whose price is $2041. Its measurements are 92″ W by 37″ D by37″ H. the sofa has 65 different colors you can choose from, and its height is 19 inches. With this sofa, you’ll enjoy the comfort of your living room as it’s enjoyable sitting on. Your sitting space will also stand out owing to its style and color choice.


natuzzi quiet sofa
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With its modern design and perfect shape, Quiete is the right choice for your sitting room. It’s a high standard sofa with the right material choice. Quiete sofa will cost you $1805, and it’s a three-seater.


natuzzi pazienza sofa
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Pazienzia will make you love spending your time in your sitting room and give you value for your money. It offers you a wide sitting area and consists of high standard materials. Pazienzia has a backrest that’s adjustable, giving it a plus. The cost of this sofa is $2891. 

How Do You Separate a Natuzzi Sectional Couch?

The Natuzzi sectional couches comprise of two or more components that make one piece. You can separate the Natuzzi sectionals at will at any time. Here’s the process to do so

First step

Locate where the two separate components join. Some sectionals join in different places, while others have one point. Do this after removing the cushions and keeping them safe.

Second step

After that, put your hands under the component on the left side. It should be on the spot where you want to separate it from. Ensure your hands are to the point where the two components separate.

Third step

The next step entails lifting the component on the left side and to the left. As you’ll be doing this, the dowels, tabs, or brackets will get off the plates that hold them to the right-side component. Remember to check if the other side also comes out. Afterward, you can rearrange the sofa in whatever manner you want.

How Long Does a Natuzzi Couch Last?

Going by the quality material composition of Natuzzi couches, they should last longer. Your Natuzzi couches should last for about 15 years. But remember how you maintain and use your sofas also matters.

How Do You Take Apart a Natuzzi Sofa?

You can separate your Natuzzi sofa into different parts.

To do so, follow the below steps;

  • Find where the two components join.
  • Then lift the right edge of the component on the left side.
  • Afterward, push the right edge of the left component to your left to remove the dowels.
  • Eventually, remove the components after they disconnect.

How to Clean Natuzzi Sofa?

It would help if you didn’t worry about cleaning your Natuzzi sofa as you can buy a cleaning kit from Natuzzi editions. If not, you can use neutral soap, water, and a dry soft white towel. Don’t use conditioner or chemical of any kind on the Natuzzi sofa. All you need to do is dust and clean spots whenever necessary, and your sofa will last.

Where to Buy Natuzzi Furniture

You can buy Natuzzi furniture through their Editions stores. Alternatively, you can search for the Natuzzi website and contact them from there. A store locator can also make your work easier as you’ll be able to find a dealer next to you.

What Is the Warranty on Natuzzi Editions?

If you buy either a Natuzzi sofa or armchairs, you’ll get a ten-year warranty on the frames. For the upholstery, coverings, and mechanical parts, you’ll get a two years warranty. The furnishing accessories have a two-year contract. Don’t forget to do warranty activation. There’s a form for warranty registration, which you should fill upon purchase.

Although the shipping fee, return policy, and delivery period varies according to each retailer. The return window also differs from each retailer.

What Is the Life Expectancy of a Natuzzi Sofa?

Given that Natuzzi sofas are of high quality, expect them to serve you longer. With the right care, a Natuzzi sofa should have a life expectancy of seven to 15 years. With this life expectancy, you’re sure you’ll get the value of your money. You’ll never regret choosing the Natuzzi furniture for this reason and for the fact that they’re comfortable.


If you love leather seats that are classy and unique, try Natuzzi sofas. The furniture from these manufacturers is not only high quality but also a sight to reckon. Also, they have different price points meaning they have all their customers at heart. Remember, you can also request a custom-made sofa, armchair, or other sitting room accessories at Natuzzi furniture.

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