13 High Sofas For The Elderly and Buying Guide

Last Updated on December 3, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

Having older people at home compels everybody to adjust a lot of things, from pace to lifestyle to furniture, to sofas.

Considering high sofas for the elderly helps them in a lot of things. Aside from the comfort, carefully chosen high sofas lessen their experiences of muscle strain, joint pain, and challenges in terms of mobility. 

If you are looking for the best high sofas for the elderly, you are on the right post because we will give a roundup of which ones you should be checking out now. 

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13 high sofas for elderly 

best high sofas for elderly

Furniture for the elderly is a tough choice to make and not having a solid field to look for first could make the choice difficult for anybody. To help you in generating a head start for high sofas for the elderly, here is a rundown of the high sofas that you can consider. 

1. Serta Bakersfield Convertible Sofa

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Its elderly-friendly feature is that it is finished with LiveSmart fabric. This means that they cannot be stained and that they are essentially waterproof. It comes with a chaise lounge where one could fully stretch while watching TV and beneath it would be a cubby. The tufted backrest is cushioned well to add more support for the legs and spine.

2. RecPro Double Recliner Sofa

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This one is comfortable and visually attractive. It is made of faux leather that is easy to clean and maintain. Unlike most recliners, this one only needs 3inches from the wall for it to fully recline. It has a 54inches backrest, stable armrests, and adjustable footrests. 

3. Blackwolf Upholstered Modern Loveseat

817g2H57jZL. AC SL1500

Home libraries or the porch are favorite elderly nooks and for comfortable and steady seating, this loveseat is a good fit. It has hardwood legs and frame and a 60inches back height providing enough back support and sturdiness for ease in movement. 

4. Stone and Beam Sectional Sofa

This is another stain-resistant couch that is perfect for living rooms for the elderly. The reversible backrest and cushions of sectionals are also prime features that make it a good high sofa for the elderly.

It is sturdy with its hardwood frame and legs. Its back and armrest are also durable enough to provide back and shoulder support. 

5. Benjara Upholstered Sofa with Rolled Armrests

61wlGjNSP2L. AC SL1500

This chic, wooden sofa with rolled armrests is inspired by the tufted Chesterfield. It comes with a stain-resistant velvety fabric giving enough warmth for joint and back pains. The welt trim detail and the thick padded armrest give enough durability and firmness for the elderly. 

6. US Pride Velvet Nailhead Sofa

US Pride Furniture Emanuel Velvet Nailhead Sofa

Even the elderly deserve some glam for their high sofa. This one is filled with high-density foam which bounces with every movement thanks to its sturdy springs. It sits high at 37inches. It also features a tufted backrest and firm seat cushions for hours of comfortable seating, supporting the lower back, the neck, and the shoulders. 

7. Park Avenue Power Recliner

brown power reclining sofa 1

Its hardwood frame, coiled pockets, and vinyl finish along with its navigation buttons and quilted memory foam seat cushion and backrest help in back, knee, and joint discomfort. It is also 43inches high so the back and spine are well-covered. 

8. Coaster Company Motion Sofa

motion sofa chocolate

The plush fabric and the 26inches seat depth of this dark brown, motion sofa offers delicate support for the knee, spine, and lumbar area. It is 87inches long, accommodating four to six people at once, and stands at 40inches high to cover the entire back area. 

Since it moves with the body’s movement, it offers a lot of pressure where body pain is commonly felt by the elderly. 

9. Acme Furniture Alianza Sofa

acme sofa with 2 pillows

This one is unique for its microfiber cushion finish making it stain-resistant. On top of that, it also features English-style, padded armrests, and a tufted backrest of 38inches high. The elderly will surely appreciate the firmness of the padded cushions as it provides additional sturdiness and warmth for the back and spine. 

10. Home Roots Antique Sofa

fabric antique white upholstery poly resin sofa

The vintage and ornate feel of this antique sofa fuse a lot of timelines in one seat. It has a steady, tufted backrest of 47inches high complete with delicate embellishments along with the sofa’s aprons and trims. Aside from this, the rolled armrests are also a big help in giving ease in movement, especially in standing and sitting. 

What completes the sophistication of this high sofa for the elderly is its poly-resin fabric that is easy to clean and maintain, its floral pattern on a champagne color base, and its five accompanying throw pillows with the ornate floral design too. 

11. Homall Recliner Sofa

717EfW62ZqL. AC SL1000

This padded, single recliner sofa is made of faux leather but with the warmth and elegance of a real one. It is good as a corner couch or for a home theater which the elderly surely love. With its adjustable back, arm, and footrest, it easily becomes one of the best grandpa chairs out there. 

12. GDF Studio Tufted Recliner Sofa

91j0iCBvKnL. AC SL1500

Recliners need not look all the same. For a standout recliner, you can consider this tufted, Elizabethan style recliner sofa. It is a beautiful grandma chair made of stain-resistant fabric that is soft against the skin. It also features a tufted backrest of 32inches high. It also comes with an adjustable footrest with warm, padded cushions. 

13. Magic Union Power Massage Recliner Sofa

61YXfeeBkdL. AC SL1100

For the ultimate relaxing lazy boy for everybody but especially for the elderly, this power massage recliner is the best choice. Aside from the warm leather finish and soft polyester and cotton cushion, it has buttons for reclining the backrest and adjusting the footrest. 

And instead of paying a visit to your therapist, you can just activate its massage feature. So, it is not just a high sofa that provides back, neck, lumbar, and spine support, this chair literally also massages the mentioned body areas. 

Buying guide

Choosing the best high sofa for the elderly is a more delicate job than a common sofa and furniture. They should be comfortable, durable, and firm, supporting the physical constraints of old age. As such, here are important factors to consider when you are considering buying one. 

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A bad sofa for the elderly sinks them in because of too much seat depth. If the sofa does not have the desired firmness, you are looking at more joint and back pains for the elderly.

It could also cause a stiff neck, muscle strains, and bad posture. For this, choose the best cushion filling for your chosen chair. Cotton and microfiber are the best options still. 

Seat height

Sofas with lower seat height like typical loveseats and Chesterfields are not commendable choices for older people. As such, choose more versatile seats with at least 60inches in seat height and 36inches and above for their backrest. This way, muscle stiffness, and knee strains are not encouraged. 


The main consideration for the armrests is that they should be stable enough for the arms and shoulders or better yet, solid enough not to encourage too much arm movement. This is the reason why recliners are still considered the top choice for chairs for the elderly. 

Adjustable features

This is another reason why recliners make a lot of sense. This gives the most desirable seating experience because one could control the seating angle, back height, seat depth, and more. Just to note, there are sit and stand support products that you can also check out if you do not want some major sofa changes now. 

Some sit and stand support items to consider would be detachable therapy seat frames, installing a lifted cushion in the sofa, or adding more seat warmth by adding a cushioned sofa cover. 


Most importantly, consider your budget. Special sofas like these are more expensive than others and you must be prepared about how much you will need to spend. 

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When it comes to the elderly, everything must be a calculated choice even for high sofas. Sure, you could just choose recliners but there are some stylish choices that can be as comfortable too. It could be a Chesterfield inspired sofa, a traditional nailhead sofa, and chaise lounge, a modern take on recliners, and more. 

But when it comes to making the choice, there are some pointers that must be considered. These considerations may look basic but given enough thought, they could give the best seating experience for our elderly loved ones.