30 Budget-Friendly Office Furniture Table Ideas and Designs

Last Updated on December 7, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

Are you thinking about building an office and confused about your office layout plan, what’s hot in the market, and most importantly what is pocket friendly and can be found at the best prices in the market. 

Then you have landed at the perfect place, as in this article we will discuss 30 Budget-Friendly Office Furniture Table Ideas having all kinds of tables included, you can consider buying one for your office or you can even buy multiple tables from the lot for different rooms.

You can also get these built by your own carpenter according to your preferred color, material, space, and prices. 

So let’s dive in!

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1. Minimalist Work-space

1 office furniture table ideas

 The Minimalist workspace is the perfect table if you’re looking for something that doesn’t occupy maximum room space. You can fit a foldable table in your bedroom or drawing room walls to save on floor space.

These tables add a minimalist touch and are strategically placed to offer the best office table comfort in your working area. Installation of these tables is relatively easy, and you can easily stick them to your walls. 

Budget:  $6.65 – $33.24

2. Work from home office table 

2 office furniture table ideas

With the advent of the pandemic, the work-from-home office tables are the most in-demand. With companies shifting to a hybrid work model adopted by most employees and workers worldwide, the work-from office table is a must-have.

It has a spacious look and appeal that can accommodate all your belongings. You can consider combining such tables with an ergonomic chair, as employees will be spending more than 7-8 hours of their day working on them.

 Budget: $ 100-500

3. Bedroom work table

3 office furniture table ideas

Next up in line is an office table that individuals can set up in their bedrooms without disturbing their room interior and adding a look of an office workspace.

This setup is preferable for workers who love the comfort of their bedroom environment and wish to switch between their beds and workstations for work.

You can either use a small table with your work belongings or choose a large desk with attached shelves to store your files and other office supplies. 

Budget: $ 70-350

4. Elegant designer office table

4 office furniture table ideas

As the name suggests, designer office tables are often developed on orders for customers and occupy large spaces. These tables are primarily set up for large meetings with exceptional designs and ominous working areas to leave a lasting impression.

You can use these for individual work purposes or turn these tables into meeting tables by adding more chairs. The tables offer additional storage with the pre-installed chest of drawers.

Budget: $ 30-100

5. Creative work corner 

5 office furniture table ideas

The creative work corner is as exemplary as its sound. Besides providing a comfortable work environment, these office corners also dispense aesthetic looks and a creative outlook to their users.

Having beautiful glass cabinets and an array of antiques combined can awestruck the worker, standing out as a fabulous office corner with skylights.

Budget: $ 30-100  

6. Oval office table

6 office furniture table ideas

The oval-shaped office table is an exemplary table with a lot of space for multiple people to sit and discuss. The massive table and area come with delicate designs and comfortable chairs with softened edges for a smooth and indulgent experience.

Mainly these tables are used at the reception area or in meeting rooms for essential discussions.

Budget: $ 100 – 300

7. U-shaped large office table

7 office furniture table ideas

You will usually locate U-shaped tables in offices for people working in a higher position. Majorly built with stainless steel and polished wood, it has a lot of spacious drawers and a separate storage area.

These tables also provide additional leg space for large legs and hidden drawers to store confidential data.

Budget: $ 150 – 250

8. MDF Office Table

8 office furniture table ideas

The medium-density fiberboard is next in line. It is built out of the finest material to give out a trendy design and a prominent density structure; having simple and highly lightweight plywood plastics and woods installed, it comes with extra space for a desktop, keyboard, and mouse.

This table design has big and smaller drawers with a focused lock system enabling users to store critical confidential files and stuff. 

Budget: $ 60 -120

9. PVC Office Table

9 office furniture table ideas

PVC tables are preferred by those people who want an unbreakable and durable table. These tables are prominently used in households with kids. Being resistant and scratch-proof, it has a sleek and smooth look.

These tables are lightweight and durable, with easy mobile access. They are mainly used at home or the office’s reception area. Due to their shiny PVC material, these tables will usually have a glossy look.

Budget: $ 50 – 100

10. Godrej Office Table

One of the oldest and most famous furniture and almirahs, the Godrej tables and office furniture, has a whole new line that has become more prominent lately.

These Godrej tables are preferred by the executive or senior people in the company, as they occupy very little space. These tables are highly pocket-friendly and elegant to invest in with pure-wood interiors and a polished outdoor look.

Budget: $ 50 – 120

11. Laptop Office Table

61KPXOkXvjL. AC SL1500

This one’s a small table, designed out of small solid blocks and creative designs. The laptop office table can be used below storage shelves occupying significantly less space. Being long and spacious, you can place this table anywhere and everywhere.

The furniture is convenient to transport with additional locks and handles, and workers can use it easily while traveling/shifting. They are the next best alternative to foldable study tables.

Budget: $ 20 – 100

12. Living-room tables

12 office furniture table ideas

Yes, you heard that right, these tables are hot in demand, as they can be transformed to sofa tables or dining tables with the perfect combination of a workspace and lounge area.

The appeal sets this table apart from ordinary tables with an elegant design and unique sitting area, and it occupies the least space amongst all the tables in this list.

With multi-utility offerings and multi-purpose agendas, these tables are a little expensive but highly durable and functional.

Budget: $ 120- 250

13. Stylish Office Table Design

13 office furniture table ideas

As the name suggests, the in-class stylish tables come in various designs, styles, and aesthetics. You can book one from any online site, or you can get these built on order as well. These are lovable and lightweight tables that can be installed in small offices or even in your bedroom.

They can serve many purposes like they can be used as a study table and a work table or a dining table. Being extremely environmentally friendly (only made with wood), they also come at a lower price in the market. 

14. Traditional Wooden Office Table Design

14 office furniture table ideas

This one is similar to the above one, but the only difference is that it occupies a large space and is more suitable for offices and corporate houses.

If you are looking to build one fancy but in a budget office, you should go with these, as it has an apple hassle-free working area and has long rows of shelves and drawers for multiple purposes as well. You fit these well with wooden floorings or brown carpets

15. Contemporary Office Table Design

15 office furniture table ideas

The Elevated table is hot in demand due to its spacious contemporary design and cutting-edge looks.

This table is most suited for office areas and corporate receptions, and the new-age look ensures clutter-free working. Also, the miniature legs and broader top provide minimal space and maximum output.

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16. Zigzag Office Table Designs

zigzag office table

These zigzag tables have a reputation for conference halls as well as for brainstorming sessions. This table has a unique design because it has the best features like it can be easily expanded and folded altogether.

Many offices have these kinds of tables in their meeting rooms or creative corners. Apart from being extremely useful, they are also convenient to handle and store sufficient documents. 

17. Office Computer Table

71jQYX9JNKS. AC SL1500

These finely polished office tables have now replaced the old computer cubicles. 

Having separate space for mouse pads and keyboards, they have single door drawers and small cupboards below them tabletops. They are primarily found in financial institutions to maintain the confidentiality of work. 

18. Steel Office Table Design

The steel office tables are the oldest in the lot and have been used for many years as they are incredibly durable and long-lasting.

Also, coming with the least maintenance cost, they are vividly used in India, especially in the Government sector and the public work institutions. Having multiple layers of drawers, they also have a shiny and smooth look. 

19. Executive Office Table

Are you wondering what table will go for your boss’s office room? Then the executive table designs are the best for you.

These tables are exclusively used for bosses and executives, and they come in L-shaped designs and colors, above which you can also build a display frame for the trophies and photos.

Along with the executive office table, you can also buy the perfect cushion chair with an elegant design.

20. Modern Reception Table

modern reception table

The reception table is a piece of modern industry-specific furniture, which can also be used in reception halls of hospitals or medical institutions. With large round outer layers, the table can cater to a large number of people.

Reception tables also have a divider in between to avoid any physical contact. Painted in a set of subtle colors, you can fit these tables anywhere, from your office interiors to your work-from-home setup. 

21. Victorian Office Table Design

Victorian Office Table

Are you looking for something with an old-fashioned look? Then this table is the perfect selection for you. The rustic look of the Victorian-style office table can give the feel of your good old days.

Such tables give birth to new ideas and ventures. The company’s senior executives love artistry tables that have an antique look and are heavy and stable, like these.

Budget: $ 2500-500

22. Table With Wheels

61n88PFkvIL. AC SL1200

The most accessible and movable table on the list is the table with wheels, and you can quickly move it to any room. It is best suited for small offices and even your work-from-home office setups. 

If you are looking for something cheap but more accessible, this is the best option. Coming in different colors, you can choose whichever color suits your office space best and use it at your reception, workspace, or conference room.

Budget: $ 50-150

23. L Shaped Table

71f2YoNDO4S. AC SL1500

The L-shaped table is the best to accommodate in a room with lots of other furniture. It has ample space to have many chairs attached to it, and it also leaves space for different kinds of furniture like a bean bag or a coffee maker.

Accompanied with three stands and rustic wooden tops, one can never get bored of this piece of furniture.

Budget: $ 90-150

24. Plastic Office Table Design

Next up the list is a plastic table – they are low maintenance as the furniture is made with heavy, high-grade plastic over natural wood. Moreover, plastic tables are more appropriate for daily use, and having a wooden look, no one can tell that the table is made of plastic.

Being highly durable and lightweight, you can easily transport this table to different settings with you. 

Budget: $ 20 – 100

25. Circular Office Table

circular office table

The small room meeting has these round tables, which are used for quick meetings and hop-on gatherings. The primary objective of this table is to cater to a large number of people in a small space, which is why it’s the perfect choice for many offices.

These stylish-circular tables are made entirely of wood and can be attached with more than five chairs if needed.

Budget: $ 60-150

26. Artist Work-office Table

71rHw4TSm4L. AC SL1500

This is another wall-fixed table with almost little space that you can consider for your work-from-home office furniture or corporate furniture ideas. Being durable and extremely light, such work tables are used for different purposes throughout the day.

For example, you might set up your laptop during your working hours and then accommodate your clothes or iron your clothes. The artistic, accessible, and pleasing design never fails to amaze the worker.

Budget: $ 100-700

27. Conference Room Table Design

61sbzyw6yaL. AC SL1300

This table has been in business for a very long time. Primarily found in hotels, schools, universities, auditoriums, and corporate offices. The round discussion tables can never go out of fashion.

Having different kinds of chairs and combinations, you can pick your choice from the market. Usually combined with a large projector or a screen, the critical conferences and meetings are taken while sitting at this table.

The table accommodates enough drawer chests and leg space with attached chairs to offer maximum comfort. This can especially help when the conference room meetings usually go on for 6-7 hours. 

Budget: $ 200- 1,000

28. Aesthetic- Modern Office Table and furniture

modern office table

This table is widely used in open and co-working spaces. You can also find such tables in different settings like restaurants or cafes with lounge chairs and round tables.

To avoid using small cubicles and cabins and provide more open space, the concept of modern tables was released. Having the perfect carefree look, one can feel at complete ease while sitting on their comfortable chair.

Budget: $ 1500- 3000

29. Multi-purpose Office Table

81vswTLINcL. AC SL1500

This table is my personal favorite as it serves various purposes at a time. While it may look small, the table has dozens of perfect-sized drawers with the right amount of pouches to attach and store important files.

You can keep your lamps, books, and belongings in the corner and even slack up papers and newspapers around your leg-space area. 

Budget: $ 60 – 1000

30. Eco-friendly Office Table Design

eco friendly office table

The last office table recommendation is the eco-friendly office table design. The green, spacious-looking table is made of wood with polished brown color to give a healthier and positive look.

You can also prefer to have green plants along with your table to have a fresh feel all-around your workspace.

Budget:  $ 300 – 700

Few Tips You can consider while buying office tables: 

Phew, after this exhaustive list, there is a chance you might have gotten more confused about what to buy, what not to buy, and where to find these different kinds of tables at lower prices. 

Don’t worry; we’re here to solve the problem. Therefore, we are listing a few tips you can consider while buying the tables so that you’re able to make optimal and informed decisions. 

  • Before buying office furniture, you should always measure the area you own, how much space you have there, what you can accommodate, and whether you need movable or fixed tables or the storage requirements for those tables. 
  • If you are deciding on a larger office, you can consider the option of bulk buying as bulk buying will help you get more incredible discounts.
  • After each table design, make a plan and invest in more durable products as per the budget mentioned. Also, pick the kind of material you would prefer according to your years to use them.
  • Explore the market and look for the options you can have at your workspaces easily. Individuals must paint the interiors in soft, neutral colors that blend well to avoid distractions while at work.
  •  Never compromise on comfort as the ease of your employees and their well-being should be your top priority as it always helps in the company’s growth.