40+ Outdoor Tile Ideas and Designs For Your Patio (With Pictures)

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If you have an old patio and would love to give it a completely new look, consider using tiles. There is an excellent selection to choose from, which can be confusing if you are not careful. First, understand the climate change in your area, then the usage, and finally your taste and preference.

Once you understand the above, you can have a look at some of the patio tile ideas you could use to transform your patio’s look.

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What tiles can be used outside?

You will want to look for more durable, more stable and permanent, as well as easy to maintain tiles for your decks and patios.

The tiles that you can use for the outside surfacing are; natural stone tiles which are made of either granite, limestone, slate or travertine. Porcelain tiles are also great for the outside surfaces. You can also go for the wood tiles.

What are the best outdoor tiles?

The best outdoor tiles are; porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, quarry tiles, travertine, slate, granite, limestone, decking tiles, concrete tiles, soapstone, and sandstone.

Porcelain tile is chosen for its density and strength. Soapstone is a smooth, non-porous and silky-textured stone which is excellent to use around swimming pools.

How much is outdoor tile?

The cost of outdoor tile depends on the type of tile material. It is also sold per square foot. You should also note that the cost of indoor tiles is cheaper than outdoor tiles.

One square foot of outdoor porcelain tile will cost between $3 to $ 35, ceramic tile costs between $1 to $35, porcelain wood tile $3 to $35, rectified tile costs between $1 to $ 35 and slate costs between $5 to $35.

Can indoor tiles be used outdoors?

You cannot use indoor tiles in outdoor areas. This is because the indoor tiles are not equipped to withstand the outside conditions.

The harsh outside conditions such as frost, heat, and sunlight will make the indoor tiles to wear and tear easily.

The use of tiles can surely transform your outdoor area. If you want to make your outdoor area to look more gorgeous, here are some of the best outdoor tiles to consider using.

1. Outdoor tiles for porch

1 outdoor tile ideas

1 outdoor tile ideas 1

Source: hometalk, decoruminteriordesign

When choosing for the outside tiles for porch, you should consider the density, durability, ease of cleaning and resistance to outside conditions.

Porcelain tiles are the best for the porch area since they are denser than other outdoor tiles. Concrete tiles are also suitable for the outside porch since they are durable and colorful.

2. Outdoor tiles for garden

2 outdoor tile ideas

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Tiling your garden will give you the comfort that you have never experienced. Porcelain tiles are the best choice to use for your garden.

You can also use the ceramic tiles since they are durable, and have high traction to prevent slipping.

3. Garden Path Tiles

3 outdoor tile ideas

3 outdoor tile ideas 1

4. Large outdoor tiles

4 outdoor tile ideas

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Large outdoor tiles are capable of transforming the looks and appearance of your outdoor area. This is because the larger the tile used the fewer the grout lines formed.

Large porcelain tiles can measure up to 17 by 35. The format of the large porcelain tiles will give an impression of both depth and movement.

5. Outdoor slate tile

5 outdoor tile ideas

Tutorial: decorandthedog

5 outdoor tile ideas 1

Slate tiles can be used on outdoor surfaces. However, the installation of the tiles is unique. These tiles can only be installed on top of durable surfaces such as concrete or plywood.

This kind of tile cannot be placed on top of dirt or grass. Also, when installing ensure that you use acrylic or latex mortar that will be able to handle the high temperatures.

6. Outdoor limestone tile

6 outdoor tile ideas

6 outdoor tile ideas 1

Limestone is the perfect material to use for the outside surfaces. Limestone has two very important characteristics that make it perfect for outdoor surfaces.

Limestone is highly durable and it stands out because of its beautiful appearance. Additionally, this material is easy to cut and thus is a suitable choice to create different and unique designs.

You can use limestone on your garden surface, outdoor kitchen and outdoor living areas.

7. Outdoor marble tile

7 outdoor tile ideas

The perfect marble for outdoor surfaces is one that is textured. Polished marble will easily get damaged if used in the outside surfaces.

The best marble will be able to withstand outside climatic conditions. Bigger marble is suitable to make the outside space appear bigger.

Proper maintenance of the marble will make it last longer. This stone can easily get stained if not properly cleaned.

8. Outdoor mosaic tile

8 outdoor tile ideas

You can choose to make your outside surfaces very colorful with mosaic art. You can make the art using either glass, tile or stone. Before making the mosaics ensure that the surface on which you want to create the mosaic s are strong and dry.

9. Outdoor linoleum

9 outdoor tile ideas


Linoleum is a material that is made of natural materials such as solidified linseed oil, pine rosin, wood flour, mineral fillers, and ground cork dust.

Linoleum flooring can be used on the outside surfaces since it is very durable and has good looks. More importantly, linoleum flooring is much less expensive when compared to other flooring materials. You can use this material for your pavements and other outside surfaces.

10. Outdoor granite

10 outdoor tile ideas

It is highly recommended to use granite for the outdoor kitchen tops. Granite is highly resistant to heat, stains, mold, and mildew.

The best way to maintain your outdoor granite countertops is to clean them, provide adequate shade and also cover them during winters.

11. Outdoor laminate

11 outdoor tile ideas


Most of the laminates are used for indoor flooring. However, you can still use it for outdoor flooring. Some laminate is weather-resistant and they can be used outside.

This kind of flooring is perfect for the sunroom where there is exposure to the outdoor conditions. Since this material is not suitable for high-temperature exposure, expansion gaps can, however, be used to control expansion and contraction.

12. Outdoor flagstone

12 outdoor tile ideas

Outdoor flagstone consists of sandstone, slate, and limestone. They are the perfect choice for patio flooring.

Flagstone is chosen for its high resistance to slip and also its durability. Flagstones are easily stained, therefore to maintain it you will need to seal it.

13. Outdoor brick

13 outdoor tile ideas

Paving bricks are the best materials to use for outside flooring. It is very simple to install paving bricks.

With the bricks, you can use them to build a brick path, a garden bench, brick edging, brick waterfall, birdbath and many other things outside your house.

14. Painted floor tiles

14 outdoor tile ideas


15. Stone dragonfly

15 outdoor tile ideas

16. Brick patio tutorial

16 outdoor tile ideas


17.  Modern Patio Flooring tiles Idea

Modern Patio Flooring tiles Idea

Here you can use either porcelain or marble tiles that look like natural stones. The natural stones mimic a rustic touch to the patio and protect it from discoloration. To make it more colorful, add rugs with different colors to the floor.

18.  Patio Rubber Tiles

Patio Rubber Tiles

Ever heard of the rubber patio tiles? Well, they’re quite popular. You can use them if you are tired of the typical traditional stone tiles. These tiles are easy to install, very durable, and waterproof. You also have a variety of colors to choose from: red, grey, or brown. 

19.   Patio Tile in Porcelain Idea

Patio Tile in Porcelain Idea

Many people love porcelain tiles for their patio since they require minimal maintenance and can also stand extreme weather elements. You can go for a porcelain look that fits your taste and preference, one that has a textured finish or a teak-looking tile.

20.  Stone Tile Patio Looks

Stone Tile Patio Looks

If you are the kind that loves the look of pebbles or stones but are too lazy to lay them down individually, then the stone tiles were made for you.

They require little to no maintenance cost, so having them on your patio is a big plus. They come in two designs; straight edge and interlocking. This will give you a perfect continuous layout design. 

21.  Painted Patio Tiles

Painted Patio Tiles

Color gives life to a dull place. It makes it more lively and fun to be around. Simple shades of dark and light blue, for instance, blend well with a white-themed patio.

It’s a perfect idea if you want to give it both beauty and brightness during the day. Uniformly lay the tiles to achieve that same unique design throughout. 

21.  Contemporary Square Patio Tile

Contemporary Square Patio Tile

Lay these square patio tiles in a manner that leaves space between them to allow grass to grow. Grass adds a green color to your patio bringing in a touch of nature. The design is unique and attractive.

22.  DIY Painted Patio Tile

DIY Painted Patio Tile

You can decide to buy plain white floor tiles then add them to a shade of any bright color. The painting could be in a circle, triangle, square, or any pattern of your choice as long as it is uniform.

To save yourself from this much work, you can opt to buy already painted tiles that you love. You can never go wrong with a white and black tiled patio.

23.  This Herringbone Pattern

This Herringbone Pattern

You can get creative with your patio tiles; they could be in either rectangles or parallelogram shapes. Arrange them in a manner to resemble the herringbone pattern. It is doable as long as the tiles are of the same color and dimension.

24.  How About a Painted Concrete Tile Patio?

How About a Painted Concrete Tile Patio?

The colorful concrete tile will make your patio stand out. It is beautiful and eye-catching when arranged in a mid-century style pattern. These tiles are more durable than any other type since they are from concrete.

25.  Terra Cotta Patio Tiles

Terra Cotta Patio Tiles

Yearning for a unique patio floor? You can never go wrong with Terracotta floor tiles. These fantastic tiles are hand-made in molds, baked at scorching temperatures to ensure they are hard enough for the floor thus durable. The terracotta tiles will give an antique Tuscan look to your patio. 

25.  Tumbled Stone

Tumbled Stone

These tiles have a smooth and worn-out appearance that is both rustic and earthly. They have soft round edges and pits on the surface; both products look like a good number of feet walked over them for ages.

26. Natural Stone Tiles

Natural Stone Tiles

These are tiles made from granite, slate, limestone, and travertine. Natural stone tiles are popular because they work seamlessly in an outdoor environment. However, you’ll pay a bit more for their eye-catching appearance. Polished stone tiles are chic and easy to care for, but they can get slippery when wet.

27.  Consider Adding Granite Tiles to the Patio

Consider Adding Granite Tiles to the Patio

These are the hardest and most durable natural stone tiles, available in different colors. They can also withstand extreme temperatures hence are loved by many for their outdoor patio. If you live where you experience tremendous weather changes, then granite tiles will never let you down.

28. Mediterranean Patio Flooring

Mediterranean Patio Flooring

Do you have a Mediterranean patio with an outdoor kitchen that you deem dull? Use Ashlar slate tiles to give it that perfect texture. These tiles are available with a range of patterns and colors; choose according to your taste. Complete the look with some wooden furniture and beautiful flower plants. Magic!

29. Marble Stone Tiles Idea

Marble Stone Tiles Idea

Marble tiles are less stiff and more absorbent than granite tiles; this means they need sealing to stand extreme weather changes and foot traffic. It has a unique and speckled finish that gives a civilized look to the patio. Marble stone tiles come in a range of colors to choose from, from white to black.

30. Slate Tiles Patio

Slate Tiles Patio

Even though slate tiles are softer than both the marble and granite tiles, they are still strong enough to be used in the patio area. They come in different colors such as grey, green, tan, brown, and orange.

One unique character of slate tiles is that none is identical to another. Both their colors and textures vary to create a real visual look.

32. Wood Patio Tiling

Wood Patio Tiling

Wood is another smart idea for your patio. Wood tiles are crafted from hardwoods, making them strong enough to withstand foot traffic. There are two types of wood tiles. One is ipe, which is fire-resistant. The second is Bangkirai, which is resistant to insects. These tiles are readily available and affordable.

33. Tiles Installed Dry Over Gravel, Grass, and Sand

Tiles Installed Dry Over Gravel, Grass, and Sand

These are thick porcelain stoneware tiles laid over grass, sand, and gravel. The process can happen either by dry installation, without glue. Or, you can do it traditionally, using glue to stick them together.

They won’t stain or fade their color when exposed to sunlight over time. They are not slippery even when wet. They’re also easy to clean. These tiles are ideal for patios with heavy foot traffic. 

34. You Can Install Huge-Oversized Tiles

You Can Install Huge-Oversized Tiles

This type of floor tiling is ideal for a backyard patio with fireplaces. It creates an indoor like environment and makes it safer to use fire pits. There is no need for installation costs or any other cost apart from the money you spent on buying them, of course. Just drop these huge tiles over a fairly spread gravel. 

35. Use of Porcelain Tiles as Stepping Stones and Pathways

Use of Porcelain Tiles as Stepping Stones and Pathways

If you have a large garden or grass with no path in between, you can drop these huge porcelain tiles to create a way and avoid people stepping on the beautiful grass you planted on your patio. It will give the patio a very unique and attractive look. Apart from grass, you can also lay these tiles on gravel.

36. Embrace the Quarry Tiles for Your Patio

Embrace the Quarry Tiles for Your Patio

The quarry tiles look so much like stones, but they are not. They are prepared in a furnace to look like the standard bricks. Their reddish color gives them a natural look, which is sure to attract everyone. Since quarry tiles are prepared in a stove, they are strong enough to be installed in a high foot traffic patio.

37. How About Plastic Tiles?

How About Plastic Tiles?

If you are looking to change your patio floor design on a budget, then the plastic tiles are ideal for you. They are also a massive win for DIY lovers since you don’t need any technicity to install them. Their texture is slip-resistant that increases friction; this means you can easily walk on them even in rainy seasons.

38. Sandstone Tiles on Dry Weather

Sandstone Tiles on Dry Weather

You can never go wrong with a patio in dry climates made out of sandstone tiles. Sandstone tiles are natural rocks thus durable.  Compared to granite, they are easy to cut and install. Do not install these tiles if you live in a place that experiences a heavy snowfall since shoveling will leave marks on it.

39.  Patchwork Tiles on Patio Idea

Patchwork Tiles on Patio Idea

These tiles give you freedom of creativity. Patchwork tiles are very fashionable and allow you to add more colors and different patterns to their patio. With these tiles, you can build the most unique, intriguing, and expressive composition ever on your space.   Whichever place you put them, on the floor or wall, they still stand out.

40.  Try Using Resin Tiles

Try Using Resin Tiles

These tiles are from resin, just like the name suggests, and recycled materials. The tiles vary in shapes, patterns, colors, and sizes to give your patio quite an uneven look in a unique way. They also have interlocking features making them easy to install and maintain. You can use resin as faux tiles.  


What Type Of Tile Is Best For Outdoor Patios?

The best times are porcelain tiles. These tiles are non-porous; they don’t fade and are very durable. They can withstand extreme weather changes, thus the best for outdoor patios. Porcelain tiles don’t absorb water during heavy rainfall. They also don’t crack when exposed to harsh sunlight over time.

Can You Tile Over Concrete Outside?

Yes, you can. You first need to choose a slip-resistant surface tile that is ideal for outdoor use. Choose porcelain over ceramic since porcelain doesn’t absorb water and is also durable. Then you clean the slab well before you lay a tile, don’t forget to add a waterproof membrane to the concrete slab before tiling.

Is Porcelain Tile Good For an Outdoor Patio?

Yes, it is. Porcelain tile has all the qualities you can ever wish for from an outdoor patio. Its unique benefits make it stand out among the other many choices. These tiles are stunning, durable, and need little maintenance.

They are also fade-resistant and frost resistant. Most importantly, they aren’t affected by any weather conditions. Porcelain tile is the best choice for outdoor patio

How Do You Lay Porcelain Tile On A Concrete Patio?

Follow these DIY steps to lay porcelain on a concrete patio.

  • Mark out the base and prepare the area. If you have an old slab, you can lay the tiles on top instead of starting from scratch. If you prefer starting from scratch, ensure you have a good run off for water to prevent water pools from forming on the surface.
  •  Prepare the porcelain tiles. They require a slurry primer added to the back, ensuring good adhesion to the cement base.
  •  Mix concrete. This step consumes a lot of time as you must achieve quite a dry mix to lay the tiles to enable you to place and adjust each tile easily. Test the mixture by squashing a lump in your hands. If it sticks together without moisture, then it’s ready for use.
  • Lay the tiles. Follow the string line well and carefully lay the first tile. It will set the patio’s angle. Add just enough concrete mix to the base to do one tile but after turning over, fill the mixture on the sides about 5mm taller than the required amount. You then place the tile on top and move it into place using the rubber mallet. Remember to not step on the tile until the concrete sets. Repeat the same process while adding more tiles until your patio is complete. The cement will take about 24hrs to dry thoroughly, keep kids and yourself away until then.
  •  Apply grout to the tile gaps and smooth it over the top. Spray a little bit of water to some areas that are drying so fast to moisten them. After applying grout, you can now start smoothening over the joints with a wet towel for better results.

What Is the Cheapest Patio Flooring?

You can save money with porcelain tiles in the long run since they don’t need any maintenance at all. Once you lay them on your patio, you won’t need to replace them any time soon. You will not spend time and money to clean them; remember these tiles are stain-resistant.

How Much Does It Cost To Tile a Patio?

We look at the cost of installation per square foot. The cost highly depends on the tile material you choose. High-end materials like marble will cost you more compared to relatively affordable ceramic. The average price of installing one tile is approximately $10 to $15 per square foot. This price is all-inclusive; tile itself, labor, and the process of installation.


You can make your home outdoor environment look appealing using any of the above ideas. There are so many tile types options that you can choose from.

Before choosing any of the tiles to use for the outdoor flooring or surfacing, you should consider the durability, strength, resistance to climatic conditions and also anti-slip resistance.

The patio can be a favorite secret corner to chill when you need your alone time. You can also use it as a designated area for family gatherings or social gatherings. This will depend on how large it is. This place should pictorially showcase your tastes and preferences. Whether you want to change your patio on a budget or want to splurge, the patio tile ideas above will spoil you of choice.

Kindly tell us what you think about this article in the comment box below. Also, feel free to share it with others, so they also transform their patio.