15+ Outdoor Tile Ideas For Your Patio

The use of tiles can surely transform your outdoor area. If you want to make your outdoor area to look more gorgeous, here are some of the best outdoor tiles to consider using.

What tiles can be used outside?

You will want to look for more durable, more stable and permanent, as well as easy to maintain tiles for your decks and patios.

The tiles that you can use for the outside surfacing are; natural stone tiles which are made of either granite, limestone, slate or travertine. Porcelain tiles are also great for the outside surfaces. You can also go for the wood tiles.

What are the best outdoor tiles?

The best outdoor tiles are; porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, quarry tiles, travertine, slate, granite, limestone, decking tiles, concrete tiles, soapstone, and sandstone.

Porcelain tile is chosen for its density and strength. Soapstone is a smooth, non-porous and silky-textured stone which is excellent to use around swimming pools.

How much is outdoor tile?

The cost of outdoor tile depends on the type of tile material. It is also sold per square foot. You should also note that the cost of indoor tiles is cheaper than outdoor tiles.

One square foot of outdoor porcelain tile will cost between $3 to $ 35, ceramic tile costs between $1 to $35, porcelain wood tile $3 to $35, rectified tile costs between $1 to $ 35 and slate costs between $5 to $35.

Can indoor tiles be used outdoors?

You cannot use indoor tiles in outdoor areas. This is because the indoor tiles are not equipped to withstand the outside conditions.

The harsh outside conditions such as frost, heat, and sunlight will make the indoor tiles to wear and tear easily.

1. Outdoor tiles for porch

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When choosing for the outside tiles for porch, you should consider the density, durability, ease of cleaning and resistance to outside conditions.

Porcelain tiles are the best for the porch area since they are denser than other outdoor tiles. Concrete tiles are also suitable for the outside porch since they are durable and colorful.

2. Outdoor tiles for garden

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Tiling your garden will give you the comfort that you have never experienced. Porcelain tiles are the best choice to use for your garden.

You can also use the ceramic tiles since they are durable, and have high traction to prevent slipping.

3. Garden Path Tiles

4. Large outdoor tiles

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Large outdoor tiles are capable of transforming the looks and appearance of your outdoor area. This is because the larger the tile used the fewer the grout lines formed.

Large porcelain tiles can measure up to 17 by 35. The format of the large porcelain tiles will give an impression of both depth and movement.

5. Outdoor slate tile

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Slate tiles can be used on outdoor surfaces. However, the installation of the tiles is unique. These tiles can only be installed on top of durable surfaces such as concrete or plywood.

This kind of tile cannot be placed on top of dirt or grass. Also, when installing ensure that you use acrylic or latex mortar that will be able to handle the high temperatures.

6. Outdoor limestone tile

Limestone is the perfect material to use for the outside surfaces. Limestone has two very important characteristics that make it perfect for outdoor surfaces.

Limestone is highly durable and it stands out because of its beautiful appearance. Additionally, this material is easy to cut and thus is a suitable choice to create different and unique designs.

You can use limestone on your garden surface, outdoor kitchen and outdoor living areas.

7. Outdoor marble tile

The perfect marble for outdoor surfaces is one that is textured. Polished marble will easily get damaged if used in the outside surfaces.

The best marble will be able to withstand outside climatic conditions. Bigger marble is suitable to make the outside space appear bigger.

Proper maintenance of the marble will make it last longer. This stone can easily get stained if not properly cleaned.

8. Outdoor mosaic tile

You can choose to make your outside surfaces very colorful with mosaic art. You can make the art using either glass, tile or stone. Before making the mosaics ensure that the surface on which you want to create the mosaic s are strong and dry.

9. Outdoor linoleum


Linoleum is a material that is made of natural materials such as solidified linseed oil, pine rosin, wood flour, mineral fillers, and ground cork dust.

Linoleum flooring can be used on the outside surfaces since it is very durable and has good looks. More importantly, linoleum flooring is much less expensive when compared to other flooring materials. You can use this material for your pavements and other outside surfaces.

10. Outdoor granite

It is highly recommended to use granite for the outdoor kitchen tops. Granite is highly resistant to heat, stains, mold, and mildew.

The best way to maintain your outdoor granite countertops is to clean them, provide adequate shade and also cover them during winters.

11. Outdoor laminate


Most of the laminates are used for indoor flooring. However, you can still use it for outdoor flooring. Some laminate is weather-resistant and they can be used outside.

This kind of flooring is perfect for the sunroom where there is exposure to the outdoor conditions. Since this material is not suitable for high-temperature exposure, expansion gaps can, however, be used to control expansion and contraction.

12. Outdoor flagstone

Outdoor flagstone consists of sandstone, slate, and limestone. They are the perfect choice for patio flooring.

Flagstone is chosen for its high resistance to slip and also its durability. Flagstones are easily stained, therefore to maintain it you will need to seal it.

13. Outdoor brick

Paving bricks are the best materials to use for outside flooring. It is very simple to install paving bricks.

With the bricks, you can use them to build a brick path, a garden bench, brick edging, brick waterfall, birdbath and many other things outside your house.

14. Painted floor tiles


15. Stone dragonfly

16. Brick patio tutorial



You can make your home outdoor environment look appealing using any of the above ideas. There are so many tile types options that you can choose from.

Before choosing any of the tiles to use for the outdoor flooring or surfacing, you should consider the durability, strength, resistance to climatic conditions and also anti-slip resistance.


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