30+ Best Patio Wall Ideas and Designs

Last Updated on August 17, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

Outdoor living space is not always complete without a good patio wall. A unique and new patio wall completes the look of your outdoor space.

Creating a wall requires less effort, money, and even less time spent on building one. So, there’s nothing stopping you from giving your family a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. 

Now that you think about improving the look of your patio then here are 35 patio wall ideas to try.

best patio wall ideas for outdoor space

1.  Try Mother Nature

Try Mother Nature

Nature can be a perfect decoration tool if properly used. Mother Nature provides a solution in almost every home. Think of covering your great wall with a green plant. That greenery looks in your surroundings will bring out a stunning work of nature. Don’t forget about that fresh, welcoming air into your compound. The therapeutic air is all thanks to the presence of green plants.

You can go on and make everything green in your outdoors and indoors. You can never go wrong with that cohesive look.

2.  Bring the Indoors Outside

Bring the Indoors Outside

Just because your patio wall is outside doesn’t mean it can’t mimic the indoor look of your house. Give it a try, and you’ll love what you see. You can do this by decorating your patio wall with some garden plates. You’ll make the door look like a kitchen but in a unique way.

3.  Don’t Throw the Recycled Shutter Away

Don't Throw the Recycled Shutter Away

Please do not throw away those metallic objects and used clocks. Turn them into a noble use that your patio will appreciate. Clutter them against your wall. Hanging them against your wall will bring out the focal point.

You’ll also enjoy and love that easy and straightforward display. Don’t ignore the importance of reusing such objects to showcase the patio wall.

4.  Give it An Ocean Theme

Give it An Ocean Theme

If you love the ocean, you might want to consider bringing that theme to your home. An ocean-themed patio can take many forms. You can even collect the seashells and use them to decorate your outdoors. If you do this well, you can transform your home into a little vacation paradise.

5.  Do Not Ignore Signs

Do Not Ignore Signs

Signs are not only vital in public and social places but also play a critical role at home. Be creative enough to add some décor to these characters. For example, use any greenery plant to decorate that welcome sign. This sign will automatically give your outdoor space a unique look.

You can also use any décor of your choice with the signs to bring out the best outdoor view. A perfect one will create that welcoming gesture to your guests.

6.  Try Being Personal

Try Being Personal

Your outdoor look is nobody’s concern but you. Try as much as possible to be personal as you put up your favorite items such as photographs. You can turn these photos into canvas prints to come up with various sizes and styles you like. You can also create a fun image to use on your wall patio for a long period.

Let it make your wall look classic. Then again, ensure your wall is immaculate before putting up a photo.

7.  Not Everything Is Trash

Not Everything Is Trash

That object you see as a trash can be of great importance to your wall. Please don’t throw it away. Preserve it for some use to decorate your patio wall. Remember that nothing is as cheap as artwork. You don’t have to spend much, and even the task is so simple that added labor is not necessary.

Turn that trash into treasure and get the best look out of your wall. You don’t need any magic to make your wall patio lovely, and you only have to do it yourself. Those used wood planks are significant, especially when making frames.

8.  Create an Inviting Mood

Create an Inviting Mood

Inviting mood cannot be created without involving some cozy ideas. Create an inviting seating arrangement by placing some cozy blankets and pillows in your patio wall space. Place those soothing colors on your wall to add to the comfortable idea.

Your green plants hanging on your patio wall will depend on the soft color shades to look stunning. Use envelope planters to hang your green plants on your patio wall.

9.  Think of that Water Wall

Think of that Water Wall

Nobody hates the view of nature that water creates. That calmness will surely make you feel comfortable. How about that beautiful look?

I think what most people need at home are calmness and beauty, the rest follows. Water wall brings that lovely touch to your patio, making your outdoor look inviting.

10. Turn it to Garden Store

Turn it to Garden Store

Please do not throw away those garden tools that you no longer use. Hang them on your wall to enhance the look. These tools can create a lovely and decorative display in your patio wall if you place them appropriately. They will also make your wall more attractive.

By putting those tools on your wall, you will be giving them some honor for the work they have done. You’ll also be creating an archive right at home.

11. Don’t Make It Solid all Along

Don't Make It Solid all Along

Think of that outside sunshine while designing your patio wall. It isn’t a must for it to be a wall. Think of making a glass wall to enjoy some natural light while indoors. Consider placing a glass wall not on all sides but at least one side to get the luxury light you need.

You can decide to leave one side without a wall to get natural sunlight. But it’s better to use a glass wall to protect you from wind and rain.

12. Try Fireflies Jars

Try Fireflies Jars

The main agenda of your wall patio is to brighten your seating patio. Try as much as possible to make your deck livelier. Think of placing your white lights in the mason jars, then wait for the outcome. The twinkling lights make your wall patio look so cute.

The mason jars and the lights are not expensive, so they are right to go on making your patio wall shine. Also, ensure the color of your light resembles that of your wall.

13. How About Outdoor Screen

How About Outdoor Screen

Think of watching a movie outdoors. You don’t have to carry a screen stand to come to place your screen outdoors. Instead, put up an outdoor movie. You can enjoy your screen privately or invite your few friends. Also, note that the screen will not stand on its own, so there must be a wall behind it.

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14. Try an Accent Wall

Try an Accent Wall

You can try and incorporate an accent wall into your patio. Think of how you can decorate your patio wall to give it a stunning look. You can use bright and bold paint color to bring out that accent wall. Also, wallpaper patterns and stenciling can create that accent wall. Also, don’t forget your ceiling while transforming your wall patio.

15.  Light it Up

Light it Up

If you still want to spend some time outdoors even after nightfall, then you’re going to have to light it up. You can never go wrong with some artificial lights on your patio walls. Soft lights dictate nothing but beauty. Be creative with the lighting to bring out the stunning look.

16.  Use Fabric to Showcase Your Wall

Use Fabric to Showcase Your Wall

Adding fabric design to your wall patio adds pattern and color to your space. Those vintage framing and pretty textiles create some softness in your place. Fixing these fabrics takes very little time compared to other wall patio ideas.

17.  Consider Hanging Mirrors

Consider Hanging Mirrors

Mirrors are essential in any space. They make small rooms look bigger by reflecting light. Brighten your indoor space using a mirror. Size doesn’t matter since you can use an oversized mirror or use several smaller pieces. Those mirrors mostly used in the salon can do a great job.

18. Turn It to Storage

Turn It to Storage

You can use your patio wall as storage for some of your home items, such as hats and walking sticks. You can do this by installing some hooks or even a pegboard to hang your belongings. You will be able to show off your finery as you make your display look fantastic and striking. You will also have to utilize your space accordingly.

19. Mount Your Bikes on the Wall

Mount Your Bikes on the Wall

Before you mount your bikes on the wall, make sure it cannot cause any harm by dropping off from your wall. Your wall should be more stylish and sleek to provide your bike with space and also create a focal point that will, in turn, transform your patio wall. This patio wall idea is very functional and fantastic.

20.  How About Your Personalized Map

How About Your Personalized Map

Maps can be a good décor if placed in the right way on a wall. Try to order your personalized map of either country or the world. Let it be of one color palette.

Provided that it is your personal property, you can place pins on places you plan to visit or locations you have already visited. Maps can showcase your patio wall design in a unique way.

21. Place a Removable Wall Art

You can use this idea if you don’t want to complicate your wall with so many decorations. The removable wall art is very convenient since you can place them any time you want on your wall. They come in variety so take one is suitable for your wall. If you don’t want to damage any wall you have rented, it is appropriate to use removable art.

22. Try Out a Mural Paint

Try Out a Mural Paint

Mural paint makes you feel like you are in another place. The colors look real. You can choose to use paint or use a wall covering. The impact associated with the mural is excellent.

23. Turn Your Wall into a Gallery

Turn Your Wall into a Gallery

Think of that wall filled with artworks. Gallery wall comes with a lot of personalities. Take out your art, photographs, or any wall hangings and display them on your wall. Try to mix things up by using simple, cohesive frames or ornate variations. You can make the space look big by extending the gallery wall as much as you can.

24. Try Stone Heart Décor

Try Stone Heart Décor

Try this patio décor to ensure your wall patio looks beautiful. You can craft the stone heart by yourself or hire someone with the profession to prepare it for you. Make it clear and appealing to bring out the intended motive, making your patio wall look great.

25. Try Paneling

Try Paneling

Maybe you are not used to colors. But this should not be the reason why you abandon your precious wall space. You can try an accent wall idea. Here, you can create dimensions on one side of the wall using wood paneling. If done in the right way, paneling brings out a stunning look to your wall.

26. Try to be Subtle

Try to be Subtle

How about if your wall is too large, and you want to avoid dominance? You cannot use some colors to avoid a lot of prominence in your room. Such paints are too bold and too dark colors; instead, go for neutral to bring out the best in your space.

Neutral colors should come in a subtle pattern. Your wall patio should make your home furniture and décor look adventurous.

27. Cover Your Wall with Wood

Cover Your Wall with Wood

Making a statement by showing off your decoration should be your top priority while coming up with wall patio ideas. Go for something that will incredibly show that statement. Turn your house to a farmhouse by using wood in your wall instead of a headboard.

28. Trim Your Wall Patio

Trim Your Wall Patio

Trimming is suitable for glass walls.  Maybe you don’t want the entire wall to be painted; you can only paint the trims, moldings, and casings using a splash of colors to break up space. Therefore, you don’t have to paint your entire glass wall if you don’t see the need.

29.  Place Rustic Cutout Wood in Your Wall Patio

Place Rustic Cutout Wood in Your Wall Patio


Make your entry decoration charming by putting in rustic cutout wood. You don’t have to hassle so hard to get this rustic wood. You can use recycling palettes or barn wood for repurposing. This rustic wood will make your wall admirable.

30. Display Children’s Art

Display Children's Art

Please do not ignore your children’s masterpiece. Use a frame to display them on your patio wall. You will not have to spend much on art by showing them, and at the same time, your children will be very proud of their craft.

Please give them a subtle touch by arranging them in a modern frame. Adding some great colors and designs will make the wall look like a little paradise for your little ones.

How to Build a Patio Wall

Patio wall is built by laying bricks side by side but not end to end. Laying bricks side by side allows them to alternate in parallel and perpendicular directions.


With the patio wall ideas above, you can make your wall patio look incredible and attractive. Besides, you can still improve your wall’s appearance if you have already used some ideas and design. You still have room to incorporate new, emerging, and latest ideas that keep on popping in the market.

Share with us some of the best ideas that work well for you. We might incorporate them in our next article.