10 Ways to Redecorate a Bedroom for Under $100: Cheap Decorating Tips and Tricks to Update your Bedroom

10 ways to redecorate a bedroom for under $100

Last Updated on February 19, 2024 by Kimberly Crawford

Discover 10 ways to update your bedroom’s look for under $100. Use these great tips to redecorate your bedroom for less.

Bedrooms are a very special room in the house, they’re personal and should be a direct reflection of the people that sleep there. Decorating on a budget in a bedroom can be tricky because the pieces are often expensive and large but with a little work you can redecorate your bedroom for under $100.

The following 10 tips and tricks for redecorating your bedroom on a budget can be used separately or combined together for a more noticeable change in your bedroom décor.

Add Paint

With your $100 budget painting the entire bedroom may not be possible, but you can create a border or do some decorative painting. Or you could stretch paint you already have by adding a glaze and doing a faux finish.

New Bedding

New bedding for under $100 may not be an option for all bedrooms but it may be just the thing for some people and may provide that all over new look you’re looking for.

Throw Pillows

If buying new bedding doesn’t fit within your $100 budget, how about some throw pillows that add new pops of color and make your personal retreat cozier?

Throw Rug

Give yourself a touch of luxury when you wake up in the morning with a soft and fuzzy throw rug at the side of your bed.

Window Treatments

If you can sew then you can easily create new and exciting window treatments but there are ways to make no sew curtains that look just as fantastic as store bought ones and they’re less expensive.

Add a Chair

Adding a reading chair to a corner makes a bedroom multifunctional and gives it a sense of luxury.

Shelving and Storage

Find some inexpensive shelves and storage solutions and use them to tuck accessories out of the way and create focal point functional decorations.


Lighting can be expensive, especially for a bedroom, but consider adding a new lamp to create a new look and feel. If the lamp you want is out of your $100 bedroom decorating budget then use your money to purchase new lampshades or light bulbs with a different wattage. Don’t forget about candles either, use them to create a romantic mood in your bedroom.


Adding mirrors to your decorating scheme is a great way to add depth, make a small room seem larger, create visual interest, bring brightness and light to your bedroom. Rather than just adding one mirror, consider adding a series of smaller ones for a unique artistic statement.


Look for new accessories that make a statement, something new, bright and artistic that will draw attention to itself. You may even want to eliminate old accessories to really emphasize new ones.

Always remember to shop wisely and creatively when decorating on a budget and you’ll be able to stretch your money further and get better results. To give the rest of your home a boost consider using $100 budgets to redecorate your kitchen, rejuvenate a bathroom, and spice up a living room.


10 Ways to Redecorate a Bedroom for Under $100: Cheap Decorating Tips and Tricks to Update your Bedroom