28+ Awesome Teal Bedroom Ideas and Designs (Color Schemes)

Last Updated on January 29, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

Our bedrooms are our personal oasis at any given day, mood, and level of tiredness. As such, bedrooms should be both relaxing and also visually appealing. According to the Psychology of Color, the color palette that we choose has a big effect on our mood, sense of clarity, and comfort. 

Common colors under the category of calming yet attractive would be green and blue. Gladly, you can have the best of the two with the color teal; cool and relaxing as the deep sea and dope for any bedroom design.

In this post, we will give you a rundown of some teal bedroom ideas that will surely make you want to have a bedroom makeover right here, right now. 

teal bedroom designs

What colors go with teal in a bedroom?

Being in between green and blue, teal proves to be a versatile color. While it could match with any color in the color wheel, the best colors that would go with teal in the bedroom would be white, black, gray, and purple. 

Each combination will evoke a specific effect. For example, teal and purple are perfect for bigger rooms, making the room darker and good in contrast to lightwork or in making the room look fuller. On the other hand, teal and white are perfect for compact rooms in giving a more spacious effect. 

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Is Teal a warm or cool color?

The popularity of teal as a color has grown since the retro years of the 1950s and has made its way in interior design and in painting too. In the 50s, teal was a favorite complementary color to salmon, bright yellow, and bright pink. 

Teal is not considered a natural color as it is in between green and blue. At one point, it was considered as both a warm and cool color as it was designated as the fusion of warm blue and cool green. At present, teal is considered a cool color providing a vivid hue on its own and a rich accent when combined with other colors. Its recognized complementary color is maroon. 

Is Teal a good bedroom color?

Yes. With no second doubts, teal is a good bedroom color. It is cool but it is also sophisticated. It is modern but also traditional and retro. It makes the room relaxing both with lights on but more during lights out. And if you are high on decorations, teal is a beautiful accent, enhancing everything that is contrasted with it. 

Teal is also called the ‘darker turquoise’, evoking more green than blue most of the time. As such, it is both calming and at the same time majestic. Under the blue tones, teal is light, tranquil, and light to look at. It is a playful color but also enigmatic which is perfect for kids, teens, and adults’ rooms. It is also a go-to color for gender-neutral rooms. 

Teal and Pink bedroom

Teal is a bold color so you need something to soften the all ensemble and pink is a good option to consider. This combination is a viable option for compact rooms, giving a feeling of more space. 

Pink walls never go out of style but complement that with a flair of dark teal is so royal looking. Complete with a pink-cushioned bed and dark teal sheets plus metal, brass, and other industrial looking accessories, everything will just feel regal like this one. 

1 teal bedroom ideas

If you are eyeing a clean and feminine look, go for baby pink walls with teal accents in between or as wall linings. Complement it with soft pink curtains with a teal sheer fabric in between. Add pink and white furniture and teal details with the pillows and lamps. 

Make the contrast by having a teal ceiling and light pink floor like this one from Pinterest

2 teal bedroom ideas

You can also go for this perfectly mixed teal and pink room from Maxim Shpinkov

3 teal bedroom ideas

Teal and White bedroom

Nothing speaks of a class than teal and white in a bedroom. It is neat, sophisticated, and is a very relaxing adults’ room. The good thing about teal and white is that they would not need very many fixtures around, making it appropriate for minimalistic designs. 

White walls, a teal bed with wooden posts, light-colored carpets, and teal nightstands would do just right. Teal and white curtains, white loveseats or ottoman and adding small wooden pieces are also good complements. 

Take this one from marydewaltdesigngroup for reference. 

4 teal bedroom ideas

White floor and white ceilings also put a classy look good for kids and teenagers. Keep all the walls in teal, add some brass accents like nightstands, a teal-colored bed with brass posts and wooden dressers, and a carpet with white and teal accents too. 

Top it off with teal and white patterned blinds and you will have a neat design like this one. 

5 teal bedroom ideas

A playful white and teal, added with a kids’ canopied bed, wooden or carpeted floors and white dressers, and some additional white accents make for a fine kids’ bedroom like this one. 

6 teal bedroom ideas

Teal and Yellow bedroom

Teal and yellow is a very interesting combination. It is trendy, and with the right elements, it is a picture right out of a West African or Latin American painting or street. It is the perfect mix of warm and cool which really enhances the room and the details inside it. 

For a vivid and refreshing feel that will relax you with the right warmth and right coolness, go for citrus yellow and bright teal. 

Go minimalist with some ottoman, brass, or steel bedside desks, brass lamps, teal sheets in lemon yellow bed, and a few wall decors to complete the look. 

Go for the teal wall and gray or white floor to make it fresh and neat like this one.

7 teal bedroom ideas

Two shades of yellow in contrast to dark teal is a bold take. Paint one side of the wall with dark teal and the adjacent walls with tan or mustard yellow. 

This will be best complemented with light-colored ceilings like white or beige and dark-colored floors like mahogany brown to contrast with the yellow accents. 

Wooden furniture including the bed are perfect options too. Be creative with the sheets and the pillowcase. Citrus yellow is a good choice for the sheets like this one. 

8 teal bedroom ideas

Teal and Royal Blue bedroom

If you want a bedroom that looks like a coast-side hotel or a vibe like you are in an ocean dive at the same time evoking that hard, formal look, go for teal and royal blue. 

You can go for a masculine, modern, industrial look fitting for an attractive bachelor’s pad. Paint all the walls with a mix of teal and royal blue, and royal blue accent lines to outline a light painted ceiling for contrast. 

Light-colored carpeting and rugs along with royal blue ottomans or loveseats is also a good choice. Modern, dark-colored beds with a flair of royal blue pillows on the side and modern, abstract paintings is a good topper like this one from Ikea.

9 teal bedroom ideas

If you are thinking about a full hotel look like the ones you see in Florida or California, here is a bold teal and royal blue design that you can do with your master’s bedroom like this one.

10 teal bedroom ideas

The ceiling, walls, and floor must be of soft teal. Outlines of white or baby blue for the ceiling is also a good choice to enhance the royal blue elements that you will add. 

Go for royal blue colored lamps, curtains, couch or ottoman, as well as the sheets, topped off with a sea of blue pillows. 

Teal and Lime Green bedroom

Like teal and yellow, this is also a bold combination. It is good for girls’ rooms of any age making it look hippie and trendy at the same time. 

A straight-up teal and lime green combination for all the elements in the bedroom; from walls, ceilings, floors, sheets, and other decors, here is a design from Charmean Neithart Interiors that you will surely consider. 

11 teal bedroom ideas

To make it more trendy, add white accents in lamps, dressers, and bolder colored furniture.

To get the illusion of space, paint one side of the wall with lime green and the other side with soft teal. Putting glass accents to reflect the depth of the room along with other lime green and soft teal fixtures for the sheets and pillows is the best topper like this one from Kinwoven

12 teal bedroom ideas

Teal and Brown bedroom

For a suburban kids’ bedroom, a teal and brown bedroom is a bold shot but totally worth it. It is neat and at the same time playful if you pick the right elements. Go for teal walls accented by hardwood floors and mahogany brown bed and side desks. 

Modern bunk beds with drawers will add to the playful look like this one.

13 teal bedroom ideas

The same neat touch can also be done in adults’ rooms. Just give a bolder choice for the decorations like brown and teal patterns and designs for the pillows. 

Brown accent linings on soft teal walls will make it look formal and mature. Wooden furniture including the bed is perfect as this one. 

14 teal bedroom ideas

Teal and Orange bedroom

This is yet again, a very underrated combination. It is both classy and modern looking. Combine it with contrasts of white, royal blue, black and brown with light floorings and ceilings. 

With these elements, you get a minimalist, clean, and modern look like this one.

15 teal bedroom ideas

Or what about an artsy take to teal and orange? Brass beds, graphic wall decors with a contrast of satin sheets, white lamps, and trendy orange additions like a velvet-textured ottoman and other elements are great picks like this one.

16 teal bedroom ideas

Teal and Gray bedroom

This power combination exudes a vintage feel and an elegant look. It is so underrated but creating the right theme that will go with the colors will be one of the best designs you will ever get. Since it is a neutral combination, you can be playful and creative with the accent decors, furniture, and carpeting. 

Speaking of creative, you can mix and match two shades of gray. You can paint two opposite sides with a darker shade and the other opposing sides as a lighter shade of gray. You can also have all gray walls and a lighter gray ceiling and floor. Add some white accents and teal sheets and pillows for contrast. Here is a neat design. 

17 teal bedroom ideas

A gender-neutral room of teal and gray is also a fresh take on supposedly bold and vibrant gender-confined colors of pink, yellow, blue, and red. Layers of teal and gray walls, gray carpeting, gray fabrics for the sheets, and the cushion in the crib. Throw in some baby things like fluffy toys and everything is set. Add this one to your design list. 

18 teal bedroom ideas

Teal and Gold bedroom

Now if you want that royal feeling or a Moroccan, Persian vibe, a teal and gold bedroom is a perfect choice. For a classy yet modern, Victorian room, install gold wallpapers with intricate patterns. 

 For contrast, go for dark brown floorings and beige or white rugs or carpets. Complement it with teal seats and sheets like this one from Houzz

19 teal bedroom ideas

You can also go overboard for that killer combo by painting one side of the wall with gold and the opposing walls with teal. Go Moroccan for the sheets, the furniture, and the pillows. 

Take the light gold flooring or carpeting and add shades of teal for the lampshades and desks like this one.

20 teal bedroom ideas

Teal and Red bedroom

For a festive theme that will surely notch your mood levels to everything happy, go for the vibrant teal and red. Combine that with dark wood flooring and light-colored ceilings and you will achieve a masculine, modern look like this one from Anna Abaieva

21 teal bedroom ideas

If you want to focus on the red but still with the balancing nature of soft teal, bleed red on the sheets, the bed and nightstands, and the pillows like this one.

22 teal bedroom ideas

Teal and Purple Bedroom

This combination is a popular choice for kids’ rooms and teens’ rooms. Teal and purple might not seem to make sense at first because both are strong and cool colors.  

But given the right positioning for the accents and some complementary fixtures like purple curtains, teal walls, or purple carpeting or blinds and a touch of purple lamps, everything should be alright such as this one. 

23 teal bedroom ideas

You can also shift to purple walls with teal accents and all teal beds and curtains. A touch of purple would add to the elegance especially if you use a satin bedsheet and pillow covers. 

Give some slight purples still in between like purple lamps or a purple ottoman.

24 teal bedroom ideas

Teal and Magenta bedroom

Teal and magenta is a fusion of hybrid colors. Teal is in between green and blue and magenta are in between pink and purple. 

Both can be considered as cool colors but makes a vibrant bedroom design. Take for example this teal and magenta bedroom. It infuses a lot of color elements but teal and magenta are the base colors.

25 teal bedroom ideas

For a festive, graphic, almost hippie look just bursting with colors on the contrast of teal and magenta, you may consider this design from Eli at home

26 teal bedroom ideas

The white touches and modern fixtures offer an overall neat look. 

Dark teal bedroom

If you choose to go for dark teal, make sure that the complementing elements are either bright-colored, neutral, or light. With this contrast, you can add to a range of fixtures and furniture. 

For a relaxing and minimalist feminine room with dark teal walls and soft teal flooring, here is a design you can pattern on from TLC Interiors

27 teal bedroom ideas

For a sophisticated, royal look of dark teal and green, consider this design.

28 teal bedroom ideas


So far, we have covered the best color combinations for teal. It is a versatile cool color that evokes a cooling and relaxing effect to the bedroom. Given the right accents and decorative elements, you can transform your bedroom into any vibe that you want. 

They say that once you go black, there’s no going back. For these teal bedroom ideas we can say, once you go teal, you will never get tired of its relaxing feel.