30+ Best Modern Garden Ideas and Designs (With Pictures)

Last Updated on February 27, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

Beautifying the home is always a homeowner’s priority and one of the spaces that has to be given effort for beautification would be the garden. Having many functions beyond being the space where the plants and flowers grow, the arrangement of the garden can be transformed through different design schemes. If you are eyeing for a clean, streamlined, and minimalist garden, you should go for some modern garden ideas. 

In this post, we feature some of the most notable modern garden ideas that you can consider if you are planning to have one. From the simplest additional detail to a full refurbishing of the garden look, here are some modern garden ideas for you. 

Looking for the best modern garden design can be a bit challenging but we sorted out some of the good ones and listed them here so you could get an idea as to how modern garden ideas could turn out. 

1. Minimalist style

It is always good to go with crisp, clean lines and minimalism when looking for the best modern garden idea. This one here focused on the green turf as its focal point. Having just the color green in your garden is calming and is very clean to see.

A minimalist garden like this idea is timeless and it goes with any season and with any celebration. When having a hard time looking for the best one, sometimes, the simplest one is the answer you might be looking for.  

1 modern garden ideas

2. Pool garden

If you are going for an upscale, more extravagant look, adding a pool in the middle of the garden is always a fine choice.

Aside from creating a long-lasting visual impact, it can also provide a relaxing vibe and become the central water feature of the garden.

This can become a resting or leisure area or it can also be an escape place for others who want to calm their minds or who want to feel refreshed. 

2 modern garden ideas

3. Blending indoors with the outdoors

While having a separate garden works, linking indoors with the outdoors through a transitional garden is a fine modern garden idea which should be on top of your list. This works for homes with limited garden space.

At the same time, it does not fall short of aesthetic appeal. To top it all up, a good choice of plants and other modern decorative elements should be placed to give it a dynamic look. 

3 modern garden ideas

4. Flowing water

When you have enough space to make a more creative modern garden design, it is also best to put a flowing water feature to give your garden a sense of naturalistic vibe.

Coordinating it with all the greens present in the area plus maintaining the neutral colors of the tiles on the ground complements the earthy, natural look of the home.

This one is perfect for those who like it fresh, simple, and relaxing. 

4 modern garden ideas

5. Bed sofa

A garden yard that can resonate living rooms is also a modern garden idea that you should go for if you have a wide space and a hefty budget.

This garden arrangement intersects nature, leisure and relaxation. The grey sofa set and the intense and light greens look so classy together. When having a garden yard like this, make it a point to give attention to the direct rays of the sun as it can damage the quality of the sofa and the material too. 

5 modern garden ideas

6. Vintage garden style

Who says that vintage could not look sleek and modern? The combination of modern elements and the laidback retro lighting of this garden is a sure hit.

The overall look, the anchorage on wood, the basin fire pit and the hammock make everything more scenic and dramatic.

Adding ambient lighting, deck garden benches, and other modern elements make this vintage garden style not totally vintage at all. 

6 modern garden ideas

7. Adding a dining area

Who does not want a meal in a garden right? The set-up is one big factor but the idea of actually dining under a tree or with lots of greens and flowers create a whimsical experience which everyone will love.

Putting decorative items like lights, wooden tables and glass elements completed the view. This is a modern, bistro garden style which everyone would truly indulge in at any given time. 

7 modern garden ideas

8. Concrete walls

Whether used as a separation, a bench, or a plant bed, the presence of concrete walls is an added feature which can make the garden look neat, angled and modern and at the same time upscale too.

Judging by this whole garden idea, nothing is extra special, only that it has been organized well. All the greens and added decoration mattered and can be appreciated individually thanks to the separation and emphasis given by the concrete walls. 

8 modern garden ideas

9. Playing area

For homeowners who have children in the home or for homeowners who want a fun, laidback space in their gardens, adding a small playing area would make it modern.

You can place a simple wooden piece where you can hang all your toys or an object which can give a little excitement to every kid who is visiting the place. 

Giving an area for extra leisure intended for kids can give time for the adults to have a wonderful time exchanging stories while enjoying the wind and all the natural things a backyard could give. 

9 modern garden ideas

10. Lighting effect

Though a bit cliché, adding lighting to your garden area can totally change up the mood. In this idea, yellow lighting gave this modern garden a dramatic vibe.

The couch and color choices as well as the other accent elements like the coffee table, the ottoman and the lamp made it more modern chic.

Either way, the lighting can decide the aura and feel of the entire garden area. That is why it is also important to choose the proper decorative items like the lighting, especially if you are into modern garden design. 

10 modern garden ideas

11. Bench sitting

Having a place where you can sit and relax while enjoying nature and everything that goes with it, whether a conversation or a mere meditation outdoors, would be enough to breathe minimalism in a garden. 

In this idea, you can see that a small bench is placed on a side in a view of the surrounding and the colorful tones that comes with it instead of the usual middle of the garden seating. With just this detail, you have added a modern flair to your simple garden. 

The Many Moods of Garden Benches | Better Homes & Gardens

12. Garden with pond

A garden with a pond, though small, can still look refreshing and different. It serves as the focal point of this entire garden which is in uniform with the theme of the house.

The modern, oriental design of this house suits the way the garden is created and organized. Whatever plants surrounding the area would look fresh and enticing especially that it is contrasting with the color black.

12 modern garden ideas

13. Long and narrow garden

Having a bigger space for a garden is also one of those modern garden trends especially for seasonal gardens and for homeowners who love rare plants for visual display.

The long and narrow space is the basis of the lined-up plants and flowers that are put together in the area. 

Variety of colors and kinds are put to one with the presence of a high leveled space meant for leisure or relaxing. Overall, the angled look of this garden is what is making it modern looking. 

13 modern garden ideas

14. Modern garden with fire pit

This modern design garden is assembled like a living room but with sleek, garden benches. The bold color of black contrasting it with the woods is a perfect combination and the presence of the green completes the whole zen look of this modern garden.

The presence of a fire pit makes it a cozy place and makes it a homey and cozy space where you can enjoy short conversations with your loved ones. 

14 modern garden ideas

15. Modern chic garden design

Having a modern chic design for a garden is not that hard to achieve if you are good at minimalist arrangements like this one here. Adding a glass accent makes it angled and wider.

The white colored stones and flooring accented with a metal table set also gave this modern garden design a more upscale and clean look. This design is just placed on one corner but it sums up the total look of the area. 

15 modern garden ideas

16. Family friendly

If you want a space that is good for recreational activities for the family, but angled enough to be considered modern, this Korean inspired box garden is a perfect fit.

The presence of the swing, a large walkway, a good space where you can put portable cooking materials, tables and benches and the grass area where you can just put a large blanket and have a picnic just within the reach of your homes make this design modern in look, but conventional and homey for the family. 

16 modern garden ideas

17. Just greens and benches

While we know that the real show stopper here is this architecturally scenic home, the simple garden benches and the greens complementing it also adds a modern, minimalist flair to the area.

Having a compact and minimalist garden is always a good idea to enhance the exterior aesthetics of the home. In this case, the adjacent garden is neat and clear enough to give just enough color and breathing space to this modern home. 


17 modern garden ideas

18. Growing low

Having a low growing plant gives a larger and wider view of the whole garden especially when it is placed in between pathways of the area like this modern Japanese garden style.

Aside from it adds a view to the area, it also highlights the walkway which can give you a clearer view of its end lines.

While very simple in arrangement, the semi-oblique bench is a good added detail to keep the modern rustic view and the oriental look of this modern garden in place.  

18 modern garden ideas

19. Serene green

The large and empty space on the other side and a crowded place on the other where everything is put together to create a scene in this modern garden idea.

The waters, the benches, the trees and the other greens present in the background are very warm and beautiful to see. This is a perfect example of a serene and refreshing space while enjoying a view and the gift of nature.

19 modern garden ideas

20. Bar-like area

The garden is probably the most functional space in the home where views are unlimited and the space is wide enough for people to get together. In this modern garden, a lounging, bar-like area is incorporated.

It is complete with a high chair, dining seating and modern elements such as the industrial lighting, the neat lining of wood walls on one end and of natural stone wall on the other. Here, you can have privacy while you have utmost fun with family and friends. 

20 modern garden ideas

21. Colorful garden

While a plain green modern garden works, a colorful one is always a plus since it makes everything pop.

In here, different types and colors of plants are arranged but the one with the modern statement would be its hot pink wall and the layered spaces of ponded green turf and surrounding low layered perennials.

Talk about color, texture and contrast and this small modern garden idea would be an idea to go for. 

21 modern garden ideas

22. Outdoor garden kitchen

What makes a garden modern in style would be the functionality that comes with it without looking overwhelming.

This large garden here features an outdoor garden kitchen on one end. Perfect for garden cookouts and more, you can easily come up with this streamlined idea of cabinetry while incorporating a modern rustic feel.

You could revamp this idea to make it neater and more edgy, more modern in appearance. 

22 modern garden ideas

23. Doubling the space

A mirror in your garden area doubles the space. Not the actual size but the way it can be looked at. You can rebuild and design your gardens with plants and old furniture that could look modern like this garden style.

Using a grey accented with pastel colors is also looking all so fresh and modernly shabby. When having no space for a garden and wanting to have one, this idea could be on top of your choice. 

23 modern garden ideas

24. Outdoor workspace

Again, modern designs employ multifunctionality and minimalism. Having an outdoor workspace in the garden is one which imbibes these two modern characteristics and this idea here proves how.

Having to work in the garden does not only offer convenience but also productivity thanks to the serotonin inducing effect of plants and nature. Work, relaxation, and a bit of play? This modern garden idea should be on top of your list. 

24 modern garden ideas

25. Add new levels

To make a garden look more interesting, edged and modern, try and add new levels where you can put all the greens, a shed, and a seating area for more depth.

A semi second floor can be the top of your choice like this garden design or you can add plants to other places like the shed and stairs in this case.

With this, it can look much cleaner and more beautiful plus the added lighting hanging just above the open area. 

25 modern garden ideas

26. Vertically hanged plants

To give your minimalist garden a bit of dynamics and visual layering, hanging potted plants on a corner of your garden area can look modern and decorative.

Having them attached to black wooden bars like this makes it a bit of modern industrial.

Sometimes, modern garden ideas just rely on some key details to bring out what it means to be modern. 

26 modern garden ideas

27. Combination of different flooring material

Whatever your garden size is, using different materials for the flooring could give you a distinct and neat modern garden idea in place.

The conventional combination of wood and natural stone does not disappoint in this compact and urban garden space.

The areas are well emphasized and at the same time well-separated. The choice of greens are also strategic in this garden to bring out its minimalist angle. 

27 modern garden ideas

28. Extend your indoors

Make a close room outside of your home and make it look like an extension of your indoor spaces. This whole set design is funky, trendy, yet very modernly ambient.

The use of wood is a classic but the patterned flooring makes it a new and refreshing sight. The color splashes are also very contemporary and everything complements each other, so much so, that this modern garden idea here gives off a calm, suburban feel. 

28 modern garden ideas

29. Boho, natural look

When talking about a modern garden idea, we tend to just focus on the plants surrounding the area. But really, it is more of how the seating space is arranged to make it all the more minimalist.

In this garden space, the focal point is the deck seating. Complemented with privacy panels for walls and a matching flooring, plus an Egyptian rug and well-curated greens, we could see how sometimes, it is the small details that make a modern garden idea, well modern. 

29 modern garden ideas

30. Modern spa garden

Since the garden is a space for relaxation, why not go over the top and create a modern spa garden out of it like this one here.

Featuring an upper wooden deck, a small spa tub on one corner, well lined greens surrounding the deck, ambient lighting and angled seating for more angle and depth, this one is as complete as it could get. What a view and vibe to indulge in after a long, tiring day. 

30 modern garden ideas


Aside from the modern garden ideas that we have listed here, it is also important that you get to have some tips that might come in handy for you to have a better layout and ideas for your modern gardens. As such, here are some modern garden FAQs for you. 

What is modern garden design?

A modern garden is more focused on the architecture, materials, plants and greenery while having to enjoy the beauty and organization it can get when putting them together. This can be a little beyond the usual plus creates a new look every homeowner would surely adore.

What is modern garden architecture?

The modern garden movement began in the early 1900s, when homeowners and architects sought to create outdoor spaces that were in keeping with the style of their homes. The modern garden movement stressed simplicity and functionality, and sought to use natural materials and forms in the landscape.

One of the most famous proponents of modern garden architecture was Gertrude Jekyll. Jekyll believed that gardens should be an extension of the home, and should reflect the style and function of the house. Her gardens were often composed of natural materials such as stone, wood, and plants, and were designed to be used by homeowners for relaxation and recreation.

What are some common features of a modern garden?

A modern garden typically features a simple design, with clean lines and minimal decoration. It often includes elements of nature, such as stones, plants, and water features. And it usually has a low maintenance requirements, so that homeowners can enjoy it without spending a lot of time working on it.

Which is the most beautiful garden in the world?

This is a difficult question to answer, as there are so many beautiful gardens around the world. Some of our favorites include the Gardens of Versailles in France, the Butchart Gardens in Canada, and the Keukenhof Gardens in the Netherlands.

How can I make my garden modern?

To complete the look of your modern garden idea, here are some tips which you can consider: 

  • Use shapes: When wanting to add a unique presence in your gardens, adding shapes in the picture of a plant bed, lighting, added decorative items, and other more can give a different taste to a usual garden. Hence, a good idea. Make sure that it is seen and is highly recognized so that it can add value. 
  • Using water features:  Putting a pond as the focal point of the area or just an accent is also recommendable when going for a modern design garden. Water brings calm and peacefulness in the area that is why it does not make less of a view. 
  • Split your gardens into different levels: Make sure that you create levelling especially when going for the same kind of plants but wanting to create a dynamic and added interest. 
  • Create transitions: Getting creative with the space in between indoors and outdoors could also mean a good space area for a small garden design. This might be a bit challenging, transition wise, but can be a wonderful idea when wanting to fill the gaps. 
  • Experiment with designs: Experimenting is never a bad idea. Whatever you want to put together, either with the kinds of plants or the types of furniture or just anything that could add interest in it’s overall look, do not be afraid. Experiment and experiment until you come up with a masterpiece.


Gardens are imperative to a home not only for its vibrance and visual function but also in creating an ambient and relaxing space for everybody. Going for a modern design is always a good choice especially for compact gardens or for homeowners who like it neat and angled. 

The ideas that we have featured here prove that it is not hard to conjure a modern garden idea if you know the elements and details that would make it modern. Ultimately, modern garden ideas rely on the neat and minimalist arrangement of all the components but at the end of the day, the final look depends on your preference.