6 Things You Can Do to Give Your Modern Living Room a Traditional and Classy Look

Last Updated on March 7, 2024 by Kimberly Crawford

A modern house will have a modern living room. However, there are ways you can turn that modern look into something classy and traditional. Here’s how you can do that.

#1. Repainting the Walls

1 classic living room

When choosing a color for your living room walls, pick something warm and soft. Gray is a popular choice for living room walls, especially when you’re going for a traditional look. A cool gray tone on the walls will complement the darker grays that you may have on your cushions and carpets.

Darker but muted colors will help land an elegant yet classy look. Use colors like warm reds and forest greens. Purple isn’t a bad shade either. However, it might make the room feel darker than it should. Using bright colors is the best option since it makes for a clean backdrop for traditional furniture and living room decor.

You can also go with pastel colors if you’re confused about the rest. Pastels can work wonders on a classy and traditional living room scheme. A single or two-tone pastel shade will make your living room walls pop. More importantly, these shades will complement any furniture or decor you have inside the room.

#2 Don’t Be Afraid to Try Different Patterns

You can always opt for different patterns if a single coat of paint isn’t working for you. The living room, dining room, and bedroom will look traditional with patterned walls. However, decorating your house with patterns on the walls needs a bit of extra oversight.

You’ll have many pattern styles to choose from. However, you must opt for something that won’t clash with your decor or furniture designs. Another golden design rule here is that the furniture must be plain if you have patterns on the walls.

The decor in your living room also can’t have too much going on in terms of colors and designs. That’s because the two elements need to complement each other. They will end up overshadowing one another if they have a similar appeal. 

#3 Place A Vintage Rug On the Floor

vintage rug

Vintage rugs will add to your classy and traditional appeal. They will help create an elegant charm in your living room while keeping things simple and classy. Vintage-looking rugs come in a variety of patterns and designs. So, remember to consider the patterns on your walls and match them before buying.

Jute and wool rugs are very popular these days. Any rug shop you check out will tell you that these types of rugs sell the most. You, too, can opt for them without second-guessing their appeal.

#4 Bring In Some Vintage Looking Furniture

You already have vintage-looking rugs in your living room. It’s only fitting that you bring in some vintage furniture too.

Replace your existing living room storage facilities with vintage ones. These can include cupboards, shelves, a chest of drawers, and so on.

A China cabinet would fit in perfectly in your traditional living room setting. You can use it as a shelf or even a storage unit for books and DVDs. As for the sofas and chairs, make sure they are all wooden. Don’t opt for leather couches, as they will throw the entire set off balance.

Rattan is also a good option if you’re looking for vintage furniture.

#5 Think of a Botanical Theme

botanical living room

Botanical elements like leaves and flowers always make for a soothing look. Since you’re already done with the walls, furniture, and floors, it’s time to think about where you can add these new elements to your living room.

The living room curtains would be perfect for such a botanical theme. The background or primary colors on the curtains need to complement the walls. So, for dark walls, use light-colored curtains.

For light walls, use a dark tone for the curtains. The curtains can have botanical patterns shrouded over them once you decide on a primary color.

#6 Set Up a Fireplace

A fireplace acts as a period feature inside the living room. It allows you to make the room look more authentic and classy. Besides, you would love to get cozy near the fireplace during the cold winter months. So, a fireplace has both functional and aesthetic values.

Once you make all these changes, your traditional living room will be ready. You will have a beautiful living room inside your house with all the amenities and aesthetics one can expect in such a setting.