35+ Best Living Room Ideas With Fireplace and TV (Photos)

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As you arrange your living room, keep in mind that it will be a gathering place for your family and friends. A simple coffee table with a few magazines may appear refined and neat, but it will tire your guests in the long run. A fireplace and television provide enjoyable functions, but they may also clog up your space. 

From Television positioning to room arrangement, here is where you’ll find some design ideas and methods that can help you conquer your area.

Due to the sheer number of design components required, family rooms may be a difficult task. Before you even start thinking about what furniture to buy, how to organize furniture, and what style of fireplace would look best, there are a few things to think about.

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35 Living Room Ideas With Fireplace and TV

1. Above the Fireplace: A TV

1 living room ideas with fireplace and tv

The simplest and most usual arrangement is to place the television over the hearth. This way, anyone may enjoy both by curling up in front of the fire and enjoy their favorite movie.

Because you won’t need to buy a TV unit, this approach saves you room on the floor. The equipment may simply be hung above the hearth on the wall.

If your lounge room is a little larger, a couple of extra armchairs next to the couch, just several feet from the fireplace, could be a good idea.

The main drawback to this lounge room arrangement is the potential for neck pain when viewing TV because the screen isn’t at eye level.

2. Beside the fireplace is a TV

2 living room ideas with fireplace and tv

You may always install your TV next to the hearth on the very same wall or within a constructed shelf if you don’t want to hang it above the fireplace. This really is the simplest choice, since it does not need a lot of adjustment on your part.

To enjoy both the fireplace, and the television, simply situate the sofa as well as other furnishings opposite them.

It is not usually a great idea to arrange sitting directly across from the Television and hearth in a square lounge room. Instead, as demonstrated below, some individuals like to place their sofas and tables adjacent to these machines.

Your furniture will be positioned opposite the hearth in this configuration, allowing the fireplace to stay the room’s major focal point.

3. Fireplace in a corner

3 living room ideas with fireplace and tv

It doesn’t have to be a difficult task to arrange furnishings around a fireplace placed at the corner.

You may match the direction of the hearth around the chairs in spacious living room designs by putting the TV as near to the hearth as feasible. Both things will be able to function as focus points as a result of this.

The TV is bigger than the fireplace in a corner in this case, but it doesn’t take away from the brick fireplace as well as the artwork above it. In this vintage-style living area, both artifacts function as focal points.

4. An arrangement in the shape of a L

4 living room ideas with fireplace and tv

If your lounge room is bigger than typical and you have ample wall space, consider arranging your furnishings in a L shape like this.

You must arrange your Television directly opposite from the sofa, with the hearth on the parallel wall, for this to function. 

The other sofa may then be placed opposite the hearth, creating two seating zones, one towards the TV and another towards the fireplace.

When you still prefer your fireplace to be the center of attention, put a striking piece of wall art or a mirror directly over it. Even subtle lighting or a one-of-a-kind wall sculpture may help your fireplace stand out.

5. At the opposite ends of the room, there is a fireplace and a television.

5 living room ideas with fireplace and tv

Those who are fortunate enough to get a spacious living room can organize their lounge room design around the television and fireplace.

You can be quite adaptable with your seating equipment in such huge rooms by incorporating swivel chairs or especially soft armchairs. 

When the TV and the fireplace are at different sides of the room, you get the choice of sitting near to either one.

The vast area allows the furnishings to be set along the walls in this style. The fireplace and television are at opposing sides of the room, with just one serving as a focal point.

6. Layouts for Narrow Living Rooms

6 living room ideas with fireplace and tv

Make the most of a small living area by placing the fireplace and television on the very same wall. Regardless of how many couches you have crammed into your cramped living room, the fireplace will remain the focal point.

The arrangement will exude a welcoming atmosphere as long as the furnishings are facing the Television, especially if you can accommodate two footstools at the front of the hearth. 

The tiny living room’s earthy tone color palette has produced a warm and inviting atmosphere.

7. Living Rooms with an Open Floor Plan

7 living room ideas with fireplace and tv

In expansive living rooms, the large areas allow you to organize furniture in just about any manner you like.

Since there is so much room to expand, think about placing your seats across the fireplace and the television in the corner of the lounge room when planning your finest layout surrounding your Television and fireplace. 

One may even put the couch and desk in the room’s middle. The open floor plan in this modern lounge room has offered enough free space for the sofa to be placed across the television and the fireplace while still maintaining a cozy vibe.

8. Layouts for Small Living Rooms

8 living room ideas with fireplace and tv

Tiny living rooms can indeed be difficult to decorate, however as a general guideline, keep the furniture to a minimum to minimize clutter.

Contemplate a couch and two twinning chairs, or a two-seater couch with a tiny side table, to create a warm atmosphere around the fireplace.

The fireplace sits in the middle of the small living room in this cottage style room, and the area is optimized by the tiny sofas so that the area does not seem crowded.

The azure fireplace with its complementing small table is the room’s major focal point.

9. Don’t neglect the need of a proper mounting system.

9 living room ideas with fireplace and tv

The very first element you should think about is the installation system—this isn’t the time to cut corners or ignore your wall’s studs.

Choose a mounting technique that is appropriate for the capacity of your Television, and if you aren’t used to installing such big goods, utilize a stud finder.

10. The importance of practical power sources cannot be overstated.

10 living room ideas with fireplace and tv

If the fireplace releases a large amount of heat, you would want to be sure you have an electricity supply that matches your TV placement.

If you’re concerned about your electrical lines interfering in the way of open fires or heat, you should get advice from an electrician.

11. Make sure your fireplace is adequately contained.

11 living room ideas with fireplace and tv

Electronics and heat don’t mix well, so keep your TV a safe distance away from whatever heat emanating from your hearth.

Make absolutely sure the fire coming off your fireplace is appropriately controlled; whether it’s an electric or gas fireplace with a glass shutter or air-tight windows, you’ll want to protect your Television away from potential heat.

The technical specs of your television should include heat restrictions. Here, you’ll want to observe your product’s directions a little more closely than usual.

12. Make a gathering area.

12 living room ideas with fireplace and tv

Selecting a sensible focal point in the space, such as the fireplace entertainment area, is another excellent method for creating a multi-functional living space that encourages dialogue.

Rather than putting all of your visitors facing straight at the screen, consider organizing your furnishings in a way that encourages discussion.

13. Choose foldable doors.

13 living room ideas with fireplace and tv

Television sets are mostly not designed with aesthetics in mind, and as a result, they might detract from the overall look of your space.

If you can’t live without a television, consider hiding it behind a pair of cabinets. 

Whenever you want to sit back and watch Netflix, it will help in easy watching, but the moment the cabinet doors are closed, no one will notice you have a Television.

14. Make adjustments to the viewing angle.

14 living room ideas with fireplace and tv

When installing a television, although it is high over the fireplace, it is critical to know the watching height. Televisions must be placed at eye height, but if you have a benchmark fireplace, this will be impossible.

Consider getting a mounting device that lets you alter the elevation for a more comfortable viewing experience if you’re concerned about neck strain.

15. Make the switch to electric.

15 living room ideas with fireplace and tv

Similarly, a battery powered fireplace is a terrific choice for anybody who likes the look of a fireplace yet does not have access to a chimney.

Electric fireplaces usually give out a little warmth, which makes them more enticing than a fake fireplace.

16. Consider an out of the ordinary location.

16 living room ideas with fireplace and tv

Although it’s common to see TVs installed exactly over the fireplace, there’s really no law that says it needs to be perfectly symmetrical.

If you have a tiny or unusual area, consider putting the TV to the left or crosswise over the fireplace to make the most of it.

17. Place your television in an alcove.

17 living room ideas with fireplace and tv

Consider putting your TV in a nook or sunken wall if you’re creating your lounge room from the ground up and have the freedom to personalize it anyway you want.

This will not only appear much more contemporary than a traditional fireplace, but it will also provide an extra layer of protection. 

Wouldn’t you have the privilege of starting from scratch when it comes to decorating your home? Adding a few floating cabinets or shelves to the room may always provide extra texture.

18. Make the fireplace the focal feature of your space.

18 living room ideas with fireplace and tv

You’ll want to organize your furnishings so that the major sight in the space when you’re seated on your sofa and chairs is the hearth, which depends entirely on the shape, area, and your objective is to preserve the fireplace as the central focal point in the living room. 

Some fireplaces won’t let you hang a flat screen over them, so you’ll have to put it on a different cupboard or TV set in another part of the living room.

19. Fireplace with ribbons

19 living room ideas with fireplace and tv

With a contemporary twist, this large example stacks appliances. The wide ribbon fireplace lends a touch of elegance to the space.

While viewing from a lower-set sofa, angling the Television will also assist minimize neck strain. This tufted sectional appeals to people because of its open and welcoming design.

20. A narrow living area with a fireplace and a television.

20 living room ideas with fireplace and tv

Benefit from the fact that you have a small living room by placing the fireplace and television on opposite walls.

Place a large sectional sofa in front of it to keep it available and accessible. With a more pleasant atmosphere, arrange two lounge couches with footstools at the front of the hearth.

21. On a different wall, there is a fireplace and a television.

21 living room ideas with fireplace and tv

Make your living area more interesting by placing the fireplace and TV on opposite walls.

Set an amazing wall feature in front of your fireplace to draw attention to the high roof and its gorgeous features. Organize the couches in a way that allows for easy rearrangement.

22. With a sectional couch configuration, there is a TV over the fireplace.

22 living room ideas with fireplace and tv

For optimum relaxation and comfort, pair your Television over fireplace design with a sectional kind of sofa.

Make your television stand out by enclosing it with timber that matches the bookcases next to it. Create your living area more inviting by placing lounge seats next to the fireplace.

23. A living room arrangement with a corner TV over the fireplace

23 living room ideas with fireplace and tv

Place your TV above the fireplace in a corner of your living room to make the most of your space.

Make these two stand out even more by placing them on a textured wall that is a brighter color than the entire room, making it a focal point in the area. Choose black-colored furnishings to complement your fireplace and television.

24. Layout with a corner TV next to a fireplace

24 living room ideas with fireplace and tv

Make the most of the slanted area in your living room by incorporating your fireplace and television into it.

Allow your cozy living room’s hearth to be the focal point, with a mix of textures that extends to the ceiling. Cover the side of your television with a fabric that matches the entire room.

25. A slanted living room arrangement with a corner TV.

25 living room ideas with fireplace and tv

If your family values entertainment, place your Television in the main room’s corner to emphasize its significance.

Keep your television in a hidden cabinet to integrate it in, and outline the fireplace with Cobblestone components to make it stand out even if it isn’t in the middle of the room.

26. Materials with contrasting properties

26 living room ideas with fireplace and tv

Incorporate a variety of design textures, styles, and colors to create a lively living room. This could go despite your natural instinct to keep to one design, but you’ll discover that it creates a visually pleasing living space. As people appreciate your living space, you’ll be able to make a striking statement.

27. In front of the fireplace

27 living room ideas with fireplace and tv

Your home room’s actual hero might be the hearth. If you want to draw attention to a main point, such as a fireplace or television, surround it with décor.

Adding additional ornamental accents draws attention to the fireplace or television, ensuring that it receives the recognition it needs!

28. Extra seats are available.

28 living room ideas with fireplace and tv

It’s crucial to think about how many people you’ll be able to sit when arranging your living room arrangement.

If you do have a big family or often entertain visitors, it’s worthwhile to invest in numerous seating choices from the start. Combining styles in comparable tones or materials is a good idea.

29. Feelings of comfort

29 living room ideas with fireplace and tv

When your family and friends sit in the living room, how do you want them to feel? What mood do you wish to be in?

When planning the arrangement of your living room, these are key things to consider. This farmhouse-style apartment appears to be quite welcoming. What about those beautiful arched windows?

30. TV stand made of wood and white paint

30 living room ideas with fireplace and tv

White and wood are a color combo made in heaven. They are the ideal foundation for any living area and go with a wide range of colors.

Consider carefully wall suspending your TV rather than placing it right on top of the Television unit. Although the TV does not require the cabinet, it does bring interest and practicality to the space.

31. Lines that are straight

31 living room ideas with fireplace and tv

Draw inspiration from this area if you want to build a classy living environment. To offer it an adults-only atmosphere, it makes use of crisp lines and geometric designs.

Start with a huge black-and-white carpeting in a design of your choice to accomplish this appearance. 

Add a crisp, rectangular coffee table, a comfortable sofa in a color of your choice, monochromatic artwork, and small black chairs for the console table to complete the look.

32. The colors black and white

32 living room ideas with fireplace and tv

Add a dash of monochrome to your living area for a traditional appearance with a contemporary look. There’s only a small bit of monochrome in this lounge room layout plan, as you can see in the display framing, fireplace, television, and chairs.

Nonetheless, it makes a significant impact. Consider how you may use black elements to generate a whole different appearance like this.

33. A fireplace with many spaces

33 living room ideas with fireplace and tv

This design’s blend of contemporary and natural materials creates a welcoming and versatile area.

The main dining room’s fireplace serves as a focal point, making the move from supper to beverages even more seamless. The expansive living room concept allows for a smooth transition between the two areas.

34. Off-the-beaten-path contemporary

34 living room ideas with fireplace and tv

The uneven geometric style of this mantle, fireplace, and Television is quite popular.

This design has the advantage of making the space stand out without deviating from the neutral color scheme. It’s that simple to make your living area more contemporary!

35. Bold but welcoming

35 living room ideas with fireplace and tv

Orange is a difficult hue to work with, but this design succeeds! The place doesn’t feel like it matches in the 1970s because of the current minimalist components.

You’ll appreciate the fact that both the TV or the hearth are in the middle, providing you more flexibility in how you arrange your furnishings.


Where to place the TV in a living room with a fireplace?

Place the television in close proximity to the fireplace. If a chimney breast is something you own that creates a nook on each side of your fire, this is really a great area to put a television. You may then position your couch or other furniture right across from both units to enjoy them simultaneously.

Is the TV above the fireplace tacky?

Electronics and extra heat don’t mix, so mounting a TV over a fireplace isn’t a good idea. The region over the fireplace is usually warmer than the rest of your home’s walls. But the further the fireplace mantle reaches into the space, the more heat it deflects from the wall above it.

How far away from a fireplace should a TV be?

With a mantel, the minimum length between a hearth and a television is 20 inches. Give at least 7-8 inches of space between the peak of the mantel and the TV. Place the TV at least 65 inches from the ground to minimize stretching when watching TV.

Why do people hate TV over the fireplace?

The primary reason for this particular stance is that it sets the screen at an uncomfortably low viewing angle. In the split second before a collision, you sit on the sofa, looking suspiciously like a collision test dummy.

How do you hide TV above the fireplace?

You may hide a TV above your fireplace by putting it in a cupboard, cabinet, hiding it behind wooden doors, or hanging a pull-down poster in front of it. 


It’s challenging to design a family room, particularly when you’d love to integrate various amenities like a fireplace and a television. When planning, the first step should be to examine your unique design style and available space. 

The design and placement of your interior details may then be worked on. When your family and friends can’t stop gathering in your new area, you’ll be surprised your living room has truly come together.