15 Types Of Closet Doors (With Pictures)

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They say that it pays to know basic interior design if you are a homeowner because through that, you would know that the smallest detail including a closet door serve a purpose.

Choosing the best type of closet door is not just beneficial in upscaling or maintaining the design flow of the room. You also need to choose the best one so that you can exhaust the best out of your closet in terms of storage. 

In this post, the most common types of closet doors are discussed. With familiarity, along with their sets of pros and cons, you would know which ones to choose and what would be the best type to install in different rooms. 

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popular types of closet doors

15 types of closet doors 

Without much ado, let us go straight to the 15 types of closet doors which you can choose from. A rundown of some of their major pros and cons are also presented for a more objective look on why they would fit best in your closet. 


1. Bypass closet door

bypass sliding closet door

This is one of the more familiar closet doors because they are also called sliding doors. It could be just one sliding door or two doors sliding on opposing sides.

A door track is installed within the door’s frame where they slide on. They usually come in wood, glass, and aluminum finish. They can be carved and designed for whatever design taste.

Space saver; they do not swing out.Limited access to the closet at one time. 
Unlimited design opportunities. Rusting of the tracks can be a cause of frustration. 
Very sturdy and lightweight. Updating the tracks to a more modern one is laborious. 

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2. Bifold closet door

bi fold closet door

This is the most popular of all closet doors. They are often confused with bypass closet doors because they move through a track.

Their main difference would be that they are made of two panels and are hinged in the middle, so they open on one side and then fold together when folded. They are considered as one of the most practical bedroom closet doors. 

Pros Cons
Wide range of design options; highly customizable. Tendency to come off the track.
Can feature up to 6 folding panels. Not made for fully open use. 
Inexpensive; space saver.Far sides are quite difficult to access. 

3. Accordion closet door

Accordion closet door

As the name suggests, this type of closet door is made of multiple door panels that fold like an accordion. These panels run in a single track which is commonly installed on top of the door’s opening.

Modern accordion doors are now made with vinyl or PVC so it can look like wood, laminate, aluminum or even fiberglass if an acrylic material is inserted in it.

Offers a full access with space saving feature.No bottom track; could feel unstable most of the time. 
Great for smaller closet doors (i.e. laundry room, hallway closets, compact bedrooms). 
Lightweight and inexpensive to install. 

4. Pocket closet door

pocket closet doors

If you want a full access to your closet without the hassle of swinging it all out, a pocket closet door is another perfect choice. The main idea here is that you have a sliding door that would make an in-wall pocket when you open it.

It is made for compact rooms with little to no room for swing doors. Aesthetically, it gives a lot of modern, Victorian vibes. 

Saves space; meant for compact spaces. Expensive choice; needs professional installation for the pockets.  
High aesthetic value; comes with many finishing choices. Hard to repair; complicated hardware. 
Lightweight; full closet access feature. 

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5. Pivot closet door

pivot closet door

If you want a hotel vibe and a closet door that makes a compelling statement, a pivot closet door is the best choice for you. Compared to bifold doors, pivot doors are held by top and bottom hinges.

With this, you get a full closet access without taking up much space at a time. They are usually frameless, and they can be customized to any look. You can also have them from bottom to ceiling for a more high-end look. 

Very customizable. Expensive; needs professional installation.  
Lightweight; allows full closet access. 
Modern designs; high impact look. 

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6. French closet door

french closet door

We all dig the European flair of some multi-paned closet doors that only a French style door could offer. They get the traditional hinged look but use more lightweight materials and glass for it to fit smaller closet openings.

You can be creative on the glass as you could incorporate a tinted or frosted style for more aesthetic value. They are the best choice for spacious rooms. 

Grand look and classic style. Expensive materials. 
Opens on the side; saves space. Needs enough space and clearance to have full closet access. 
Does not need special hardware and installation. 

7. Double closet door

double closet doors

This is the more conventional, swinging closet door. They look like two regular doors with separate knobs. You can open just one door at a time to save space or have a full swing to access the entirety of the closet.

You can use the standard latch lock or more modern types. It is suited for more spacious rooms. Design wise, they can come in various materials and finishing. 

Highly customizable. Needs a wide space. 
The trims and hardware can match those of the main doors. Can be outdated. 
Inexpensive to install. 
Hardware is durable; easy to adjust. 

8. Pivot closet door

It is not the most conventional door for a closet, but it could work if you have a spacious bedroom. As the term implies, the door’s pivots are installed from top to bottom, attached there through a frame instead of hinges.

They swing in and out, can be on a simple finish, or with glass and acrylic inserts for it to be more high-end. You maintain the pivot’s movement using an oil or lubricant. 

Wide range of materials and finishes to match the home’s aesthetics. Hard to install. 
Controlled access to the closet. Complicated hardware. 
Easy to maintain, repair and replace. Expensive. 

These next types of closet doors are differentiated in terms of material and style used. They are versions of one or more of the previously mentioned types of closet doors that we have narrowed down. 

9. Mirrored closet door

mirrored closet door

You can transform most types of closet doors into a mirrored version, so this type is more of like an upgrade to your bifold, bypass, or sliding closet door. Of course, the aesthetic value of a mirrored closet door is hard to miss. 

Think of high-end boutiques or even Versailles and that is what you can get from this closet door at best. Function-wise, having one offers more natural light to seep in as well as an illusion of space to the bedroom. 

Versatile; can be framed or not. May bring unwanted glare to the room. 
You can check your clothes’ fit right away.Has the tendency to look outdated. 
Makes the room spacious looking. Can break. 
Provides lots of natural light.A bit expensive. 

10. Wood closet doors

wood closet door

If you are drawn to a country flair, a farmhouse style, or a rustic vibe, you would surely consider wood closet doors. The most common style would be a bifold style or a sliding barn door for the closet.

Accordion wood closet doors are also stunning to look at. Wear and tear are expected through the years but regular maintenance can reduce it. 

Relatively cheap (hardwood is of course expensive). High maintenance and upkeep. 
Versatile and comes in different styles and finishes. Prone to rotting in moisture and could be destroyed by mites and other insects. 
Sturdy and durable. Heavy material.

11. Louvered closet door

louver closet door bi fold

This is another classy style to incorporate to a closet and in a bedroom in general. These closet doors look like window shutters, complete with fine slats in between.

They can be made of wood, PVC, or vinyl. They swing out one at a time if you need minimal access or all at once for full access.

Keeps clothes fresh and crisp with good air circulation from the slats. Cleaning, maintenance, and upkeep could be a challenge. 
Prevents mildew and rots during the rainy days because of the gaps in the panels. 
Good for bedrooms, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. 

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12. Sliding barn closet door

sliding barn closet doors

Unlike usual sliding doors with a bottom track, this one has an exposed metal bar where the door slides from side to side.

It also features wheels at the bottom for a double sliding manner.  If you want a vintage or rustic charm, this is definitely the closet door that you should have in your closet. 

High rustic appeal. Not suitable for compact rooms. 
Flexible design patterns. Hard to repair. 
Sturdy and durable. 

13. Bookcase closet door

bookcase closet door

This is a multifunctional closet door and a good accent furniture for a bookworm’s bedroom. It is more of a bypass or bifold closet door which opens to a new dimension once fully opened.

It is a good touch if you want more storage from the outside and surely in the closet inside. 

Good for medium to large rooms. Hard to incorporate in some bedroom designs. 
Offer more storage and provide another display option to the room. Not made for small rooms. 
Can come in many finishes and uses different materials. Can be expensive to build. 

14. Glass closet door

glass sliding closet door

You would say that it is life mirror closet doors but that is not the case. With a sliding style or even a bypass design, you can incorporate an air of poshness, modernity, and sophistication in your bedroom. You can use tinted glass, frosted glass, go trimmed or frameless. 

Sophisticated and modern look. Needs regular cleaning. 
Transparent so you do not have to open the closet when you check your outfit. Expensive. 

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15. Synthetic material closet door

Synthetic material closet door

This one is a collective term for PVC, acrylic, and vinyl materials used in building closet doors. They come in a range of designs because they are more workable than other materials.

They are also lightweight and very durable. If you are into alternative designs, you can use any synthetic material in a bypass, bifold, and sliding closet door. 

Inexpensive and easy to maintain. Still more brittle compared to wood. 
Comes in different materials and finishes. Vulnerable to stains. 
Sturdy and lasts long. 

16. Single panel closet door

single panel closet door

If space is the main issue, you can still have a stylish closet door using the more practical single closet door.

It is a regular swinging door which you can uniformly match with the material and style of your bedroom door. It just needs a small amount of space to be swung out and if you are into minimalism, it is a prime choice for you.

Very customizable and high decorative value.Swing-out door.
Full access to closet only.
Minimalist and inexpensive


Aside from these different types of closet doors, there is also essential information that you should know about building one.

If you are looking for other alternatives to closet doors, there is also a list here that you could check. As such, here are some FAQs about closet doors that you should know. 

How much do closet doors cost?

closet door cost

Depending on the material, style, and size of the closet or storage to which the closet doors would be installed in, closet doors would range at an average of $80-500. This excludes labor costs and other materials. Reeling them in, expect a range of $200-700

How much does it cost to replace a mirror closet door?

This one has a more elaborate breakdown because we must consider different materials. Wood, vinyl, and aluminum materials are repaired at a range of $50-200.

Mirrored closet doors or those with glass material range from $200-1000. Combo materials such as wood and glass on a pivot design would cost you $60-700 at least. 

What type of closet doors are in style?

closet door in style

When it comes to the trendiest, most popular closet door styles, we are talking about the following: 

  • Bypass closet door
  • Bifold closet door
  • Pocket closet door
  • Pivot closet door
  • French closet door
  • Framed Venetian closet door
  • Mirror/glass closet door
  • Ledge closet door

Are mirror closet doors outdated?

After the glory days of the 80s, mirror closet doors lost their popularity, but interior designers now say that its popularity never went out.

It just mellowed and now it has taken back its place among trendy closet doors. So, to answer the question, no. Mirror closet doors are not that outdated. 

What can I use instead of a closet door?

If you do not want to invest more money on a closet door, you can make do with just common window treatments. These are some of the treatments that you can consider to work for your closet. 

  • Closet curtain (blackout curtains)
  • Macrame curtain
  • Beaded curtain
  • Lightweight privacy screen
  • Murphy doors

What are the benefits of installing a closet door?

benefits of closet door

If you are caught up in the decision to install one or not, here are some notable benefits of a closet door that should keep you thinking. 

  • It is a good accent piece to customize your bedroom. 
  • It can upgrade or modernize your room. 
  • It is a durable fixture which adds extra storage to your room. 
  • If installed well, they are fairly low maintenance. 
  • Closet doors change the feel and look of the room. 
  • They can function as room dividers too. 

Is there a standard size for closet doors?

The average dimensions for a closet door would be 30×96-inches. Nonetheless, they could vary depending on how customized you want them to be. When you are working on a bifold or bypass door, this dimension is the best size for such a type of closet door. 

Can you install a three-panel sliding closet door? 

If you have a spacious space, it would be one of the best closet doors you will ever install. A three-panel glass sliding door to be exact can give you an air of sophistication like no other as it gives you a centralized view. It also gives you more usable space for greater storage. 

Can you DIY the change of closet doors? 

If you are refurbishing an old wardrobe door, DIY-ing should not be a hard job if you have done it before or if you have a background in woodworks and carpentry.

Hinged or latched closet doors are easier to change. But sliding doors, pivot doors or those that have complex hardware to install, you might need the assistance of a professional. 

What is the best color palette for closet doors?

The following colors were rated as the best color tones for doors in the year 2020. You should consider one if you are looking for something to re-upscale your closet doors: 

  • First Light
  • White Heron
  • Buxton Blue
  • Cushing Green 
  • Golden Straw


One would say that closet doors are not that necessary but with what we have covered here, it is a good investment for any room. When we think of closet doors, we only think about bedrooms but really, a closet door is functional for laundry rooms, pantry, and other storages around the home. 

The efficiency of a closet door is dependent on the material used and the style it is built with. As such, it is very imperative to know that you have a range of choice when it comes to these fixtures.

If you feel like you are ready to have one, go through this list and find the best type of closet door for you.