30+ Cool Things To Buy For Your Bedroom

Last Updated on January 4, 2024 by Kimberly Crawford

We have heard this phrase, “Home is where the heart is,” plenty of times, and undoubtedly, it’s true. But, have you heard this phrase, “Room is where your soul is?”

We bet you haven’t. Well, the room is a place where, when you enter, you heave a sigh of relief and feel calm. Moreover, your to-do-list in the bedroom includes:

  • You are tired; you sleep there!
  • You want to stay alone; you lock up yourself in the bedroom
  • You get ready for work there.

In short, if we say that you spend the major portion of the day in the bedroom, then it won’t be wrong. Also, the bedroom is where most of us find healing to our broken hearts and wounded souls.

Being a “bedroom person,” you would definitely want to make the place a comfortable, luxurious, and appealing to you.

Here, we have gathered 30+ cool things to have in your room, along with some simple bedroom decorating ideas, so you can make up your room again and infuse a new soul into it by implementing a few DIYs as well.

Let’s dive into it.

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How To Make Your Bed And Its Surroundings Look Nice?

The bedroom things’ list is incomplete without bed-related items. The bedding should be comfortable enough to relax your mind and to get a cozy sleep. Some are discussed here (and the remaining ones you can share with us in the comments section below).


1.    Photo Wall Above Bed

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One of our readers came up with a query, that was “How to make your room look aesthetic?” We found this question interesting, so we answer that query here. The best way to make your bedroom look nice is to add some paintings in the room. It is advised to hang the framed paintings above the bed. For instance, you can hook one large painting or go with plenty of small paintings (if you are a real painter at heart).

Pro-Tip: You can decorate the above-bed wall with your DIY paintings.

2.    Under Bed Drawer

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Keep your favorite snacks, books, or everything you want near the bed, but in an organized form. Well, for this purpose, you don’t have to create a mess on your bed when you can have an under bed drawer. The under bed drawers are easy to manage, and you can put your daily wear shoes, makeup, snacks, or anything. It can easily be pulled outside to get the thing needed and pushed inward to maintain the tidiness.

3.    Install Hidden Lights

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Do you usually get afraid of the darkness, or think like tens of times before visiting a bathroom at midnight? Don’t panic! We have an exciting idea that will not only help in bedroom décor but works as a savior for you. Yes, we are talking about hidden lights that you precisely install under the bed and turn them on at night without thinking about the cost.

4.    Bed Duvet & Cushions

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Our readers were concerned about how many pillows a bed should have to give it a luxurious look. Let’s make it easy for you. You can have three types of cushions on your bed, such as sleeping pillows, decorative pillows, and the third type is of accent pillows. Simply arrange them (as the types have been briefed above). Additionally, do not forget the fancy duvet, throw it on the bed, and finalize the bed look.

How To Style Your Bedside Table?

When we talk about a bed or the whole bedroom décor ideas, we can’t neglect the importance of bedside tables. At night, we try to keep a few things near us like a wallet, a book, keychains, etc. Here, along with other room things, you must check these handy ideas, too.

5.    Decorative Lamps

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Lighting in the bedroom is imperative and aids in taking the bedroom charisma to the next level. Especially, the bedside table lamps or lanterns are actually worth it. You can find antique-designed lamps for the bedroom side table. The light that comes out of the lamp’s canopy creates a lovely ambiance, and you can read or spend your time with a happy mood in the dimly-lit room.

6.    Books To Read

Being a bookworm, you would love to keep some “good-reads” on the side table. So, yes, you can easily decorate the side table with the books you are reading, and we bet it won’t look bad. But, make sure that you have organized small-sized books rather than going with the large and hefty book collection.

Note: Don’t keep books or other decorative items on both side tables as it looks inappropriate.

7.  Small Knickknacks

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Place some vintage decoration pieces on the side table. For example, you can have small glass trinkets or make tiny figurines that go well with the side table of any color, style, and look. Never keep your bedside table empty as it gives a less slightly view to others. Being a homemaker, you may DIY the small crafts and objects to beautify the table.

8.    Put A Flower Vase

71CK1EUq%2BSL. AC SL1000

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Blooming flowers don’t only add color to your bedroom décor but also diffuse a soft aroma, which, of course, refreshes your mind.  Moreover, before putting a flower vase on the side table, check the size of the lamp. Well, if the lamps are large, then pair them with small vases, and vice-versa.  

9.    A Cool Reminder Clock

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One of the coolest things to put in your room’s tables is an alarm clock. Now, you don’t need to place old alarm clocks on the side tables, which required a hand-punch on their head to snooze the alarm because we have better options. Such as table clocks with contemporary design are very famous, and some of them come up with a display reminder option that is quite interesting.

How To Decorate Your Bedroom Corner

Never underestimate the importance of bedroom corners. Empty corners represent the empty soul. Isn’t it? According to modern bedroom ideas, you can even accessorize these places to grab the attention of everyone. Let’s check more.

10. Heightened Floor Vase

Corners are for heightened décor like the tall vases with artificial twigs, and branches are mostly placed there.  Again, the floor vase must be according to the theme of the room. Let’s suppose if your bedroom theme is black and white, then you can choose a floor vase in black or white color. Amazingly, you can include a touch of some other color as a contrast, like with black/white theme the yellow vase also looks very nice.

11. Hanging Flower Basket/Pot

713pEAcVPUL. AC SL1500

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Hang flower pots (or baskets) from the ceiling in the corner, in which you can put your favorite blooms. We love unique floras like the nerve plant, black dahlia, or rose of Jericho. Jericho rose is a spiritual flower that opens up in the water. This rose enjoys both historical and religious importance. However, the information about the rose of Jericho is rarely found. Still, you can get a wing to it through a guide for the resurrection plant.

12. Corner Rocking Chair

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Many people who love to ponder for a longer time might like to have a moving chair in their room. The bedroom corner is considered the best place for the rocking chair because it doesn’t affect the remaining room setting. Once you have this furniture placed in the corner, you can enjoy the to-and-fro movement of your body. Also, you may easily relax and read books. 

13. Simple Corner Book Shelf

71OMQd1FkmL. AC SL1500

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People with good home management skills never keep their room messy and find ways to de-clutter stuff like books, small essential tools, etc. You can build your own corner bookshelf and style it accordingly. Assemble your favorite reading stuff there and show off your literature. Even you can place big books on the shelf, which you might have opened once. Lol!

14. Floor Cushions

91ObUdkwm1L. AC SL1500

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How can you forget the floor cushions while decorating a room corner? We suggest you add this so that you can include various sitting options in the room. Choose from various styles and designs, like accent cushions, large round cushions, square-shaped cushions. If you really want to save money, then you can feasibly stitch the floor cushion by yourself.  

Interesting: The artists draw their imaginations, fantasies, and thoughts on the corner walls that actually seems impressive.

How To Set Bedroom Window Area

The window side must not be forgotten while revamping the bedroom. This is the place where you meditate most of the time. Let’s find master bedroom window setting ideas for 2020 below.

15. Beautiful Wind Chimes

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Let the soft melody rule the bedroom when the breeze comes through a window. Puzzled? Here, we are talking about wind chimes.  Yes, the window inner side is the most desired place to hang wind chimes. We prefer to bring in some innovation by suggesting DIY options for wind chimes. However, you can also find amazing wind chimes from the market to hang with your window easily.

16. Window Sofa/Couch

61 SUP8et%2BL. AC SL1001

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The more sitting options you create in the bedroom, the lesser you get bored. If you’re an introvert, then you probably like drinking your coffee in a very secret place, aka bedroom. The window area is considered as the most relaxing one for the early birds. Thus, do something interesting with the window by welcoming the best seats to make it the comfort zone.

Pro-Tip: If you are not very fond of sofa chairs, you can have a wooden swing in front of the bedroom window.

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17. Indoor Long-Tail Plants

Some people love green plants, their scent and wish to bring their outdoor garden indoor. However, it’s impossible. Yet, they can inhale the fresh plants by placing some indoor long-tail plants that come in big ornamental pots. You can find plenty of planter pots and succulents to grow indoor from various gardening nurseries and stores.

18. Trendy Blinds & Curtains

The window loses the value if it isn’t covered with the adorable blinds and curtains. We all know that the blinds help in recreating the moment when needed. You tie them up in breezy weather and enjoy sun rays in winters. Also, the blinds prevent scorching sunny rays from entering the room in summers. Eventually, they work as a savior throughout the year.  Excitingly, you can sew the lovely bedroom curtains on your own.

How To Style A Media Console Around A Tv

Bedroom décor is incomplete without a TV stand, especially for those who exclusively love to keep musical devices in their room. Here, we have some cool gadgets for your room, which look adorable placed on the tv trolley.

19. Songs/Movies Collection

Being a music lover (or artist), you may build a CD rack on the wall right above the tv. There, you can keep all the movies, DVDs, music cassettes, and even the old phonograph discs. Every friend or family member who will visit your room might stand still for a minute after seeing a huge collection of songs and movies.

20. Vintage Gramophone

61aahOX5RrL. AC SL1000                      

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Love for old music will let you bring in an antique gramophone. The gramophone sound usually takes a listener back to that time when the melody was created. Where can you put it? Simply, make a space for a phonograph either on the left corner or the right corner of the tv stand.

Pro-Tip: You can also place the gramophone on the accent table beside the TV stand console if you have plenty of other gadgets for the TV stand.

21. Media Player

Keep your CD/DVD media player in the middle of the console and attach its both speakers on the wall (one on the right side of the tv and the other one on the left side). Also, you can put the media player in the inner rack of the selected console. The reason is to protect the valuable electronic device from any sudden harm.

22. Big Charming Decoration Pieces

There are a few precious items that hold the power to mesmerize you with their look and style. That’s why you must add some enthralling and captivating decoration pieces. For instance, you should have a gramophone at one side of the table and a big decorative accessory on the other to amp up the appearance of the table. Along with this, the console tv stands drawers are used to store your mandatory tools, gadgets, and goods.

How To Enhance The Look Of An Empty Wall

Many experts recommend various DIYs for your room’s wall, especially for the one that is adjacent to your bed or tv stand. Yes, people usually leave those adjacent walls empty, making them look odd. Here, we have combined some ideas for that one specific wall.

23. Wall Photo Frames

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One good option to add life to the empty wall is to cover the area with photo frames. The designer gurus advise hanging multiple small photo frames on the wall instead of sticking one large image. For this, you can decorate the wall with your childhood pictures to relish the memories.

Note: Some homemakers make their own string of photos to decorate a wall in a unique style.

24. DIY Wall Painting

Good news for the artists! Now, you are allowed to draw and paint the wall as you want. Enhance your skills by practicing on your bedroom wall without thinking twice. Of course, your parents wouldn’t scold you for that if you come up with fascinating wall painting. Prove to them that you can also become a doodle boy or girl by creating your imaginations on the room wall.

25. Antique Wall Clock

The appropriate choice of the clock depends on the size of the room. Let’s take a scenario: if your room is small and you opt for a big wall clock, how would it look like? Terrible! We bet you will not like the “wall look” later. Hence, you are suggested to select the wall clock according to your room size and wall width. Choose a big clock for bigger (or heightened) walls and the small clock for smaller space (that is exactly the opposite).

26. Soft & Fluffy Rug

81 K80Pt7PL. AC SL1185

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Colors contain magic, and when you add colors to your bedroom décor, they automatically heal the mind. Likewise, the colorful floor rug under the empty wall looks great when it is paired with some antique floor decoration pieces (discussed above) that soothe the mind and soul.

Pro-Tip: You can fix a long wall mirror on the wall opposite the window and pair it with the colorful rug. So, when the sunlight comes in and reaches the mirror, it reflects with the rainbow-like view in the whole room.

Don’t Forget The Closet

The closet is the part of the bedroom accessories, and you must keep the ideas (shared below) in the mind while beautifying it. No doubt, the room with no eye-catchy wardrobe looks incomplete and empty. Without wasting more time, let’s dig into some more things for your peaceful area, “the bedroom.”

27. Inner Wallpaper For Wardrobe

The closets with transparent doors give a view to “what’s inside.” Sometimes, your wardrobe’s background wall shows up. To hide the actual condition of the background wall, you must go with a wallpaper that suits your cupboard color. Other than this, you can stick the wallpapers to the door of the wardrobe. No doubt, every time, when you open the cabinet, you would smile while seeing a wardrobe.

28. LED String Lights

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For dark searches, you must install LED string lights on the inner corners of the cupboard. By doing so, the closet will not look messy and unorganized. Apart from this, these lights help you to find things even in the darkest hours of the night. People with creative aesthetics put effort into making their string lights without getting indulged in the lengthy task of finding heavy material for lighting. Interestingly, you can also make the banner-like string lights with the help of things available at home.

29. Organizer Bags For Open Shelves

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You must have an open shelf (outside the cupboard) attached to any one side of the cupboard. This place is extremely useful as you can place the daily usage items there—for example, the makeup, hairbrush, skincare products, and even your work-related accessories. To organize all those necessary items, the homemaker should have organizer bags that may keep their things intact, but at one place.

Note: These open shelves are also considered as the “corner shelves” because of their shape.

30.Mirrored Closet Doors

If you don’t like to put mirrors separately (because, maybe, you possess a small room), then we have a more feasible option for you. The mirror can be installed on the closet doors, and this is how you can save space. Certainly, the mirrored cabinets leave a great impression on others by giving a contemporary look. Plus, you are free to install it on either both doors of the wardrobe or go with the one. In this way, you can decorate the other door the way you want. Besides, you can get the mirror fixed on the inner side of the door as well.

31.Wreath Of Flowers

Your bedroom closet doors are there to help you with many things. Astonished? Well, they do. You can hang a wreath of flowers on the cupboard doors if you want to keep it simple and decent. The wreath, incredibly, looks cute on the closet doors. It is advised to DIY the wreath. To make a garland, you may need some flowers (or a paper to make flowers), metal wire for wreath frames, and a glue. Make it and get appreciated for your artistic skills.

How Does It Help? You want to post adhesive notes or reminders, the closet helps. You want to stick pictures, again the closet door (or inner wall) helps.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have tried to cover everything you wished to include in your bedroom. Check these things, and don’t underestimate your DIYing skills while implementing the ideas shared above. Showcase your expertise and win praise from your loved ones.

Also, if we have missed something, you can share it with us!