32+ Space Saving DIY Hidden Storage Ideas and Designs For Every Room

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Are you planning to create some extra space in your room to organize your belongings? Here you will find some easy and amazing hidden storage ideas to take the maximum benefit from all the unutilized space within your house.

Dumping belonging can clutter the outlook of your room and it even becomes a tedious job to find the required item from the clutter.

Though the majority of owners shifts to ready to install storage decks however, they are expensive and do not fulfill the real needs. With these simple tips and storage ideas, you can make the most out of your tiny living space as well.

best hidden storage ideas

1. A Side Table with a hidden storage area for remotes

1 hidden storage ideas

We often dump small items such as keys, coasters and Remote controls on our side tables, which ends up giving a bad overview of our room. However, as these items are used a lot putting them completely aside is not a practical idea?

Therefore a side table with hidden storage underneath can keep these items close to your easy access. The table is beautifully designed and made by Ashley, a designer associated with Sugar and Cloth. The table is not only having a minimalistic design but it even offers space for storing.


2. A Storage space Beneath the Bed for extra clothes

2 hidden storage ideas

There are plenty of ideas for storing clothes under your bed, you can easily find cheap storage boxes or you can use the DIY method to create some cheap alternates. Here you can store all your off-season clothing, extra shoes, and bedcovers to save space in your closet.


3. Wooden boxes for storing kid’s toys.

3 hidden storage ideas

The most common clutter in any household with toddlers is their toys, ranging from soft Stuffed animals to harsh Legos and board games. These items easily clutter the children’s room and can even be a reason for frequent tripping.

If you don’t have extra storage spaces in your house, you would always end up choosing more toy storage spaces which would mean you need to sacrifice the beautiful space in your house.

How about you create a storage space for toys out of plywood and few hinges that can end up becoming seats for your children? This amazing idea is cost-effective and your kids would even end up loving their tiny customized seats.


4. Hidden office space at your comfort

4 hidden storage ideas

If you are working from your home you know the importance of office space. Office space in a house is a much-needed spot to organize those files, desk supplies, laptop accessories, and printers.

Thought a work desk even provides the necessary objective however it still ends up taking a lot of space in the room. Rather than cluttering your closet with your papers, side table with your laptop and dresser with your other desk supplier, you can easily create a hidden office space by using an armoire.

A simple paint job of the armoire can help it match with your room style. For inside you can add pegboards, do chalk paint on the doors for notes and add some baskets or boxes for supplies.


5. A perfect Book Camouflage storage area

5 hidden storage ideas

Many of us have bookshelves at our homes where we add our favorite book collections at easy access. Did you ever think that you can benefit from these bookshelves to create a hidden storage space for your little cluttering items? With few books, glue and paper box you can recreate this simple storage idea.


6. A spice rack on your fridge’s side

6 hidden storage ideas

If you don’t have ample space in your apartment and remodeling of your living space is an expensive idea for you, you can easily look for some hidden storage ideas to utilize some cleave spaces in your house.

Kitchen items, groceries often mess up our kitchen closets. You can simply scan your fridge sides and construct an easy tall shelf with some wheels for sliding. By using this idea you can create extra pantry space for your kitchen.

Picture: instructables, hometalk

7. Hidden space for your Toothbrushes

7 hidden storage ideas

Usually, all toothbrushes in the households are stored classically in a cup or holder on the vanity counters of the washroom. Although it a pretty convenient method of storing toothbrushes but it leaves them exposed to germs.

By using this idea you can easily store your toothbrushes inside your washroom cabinets. All you need to do is get some PVC pipe from a local hardware shop and cut them in the small ideal length of the toothbrush.

The bottom of the PVC pipe can be covered using caps. This idea can even be used in the storage of other items in the kitchen.


8. Bathroom storage

8 hidden storage ideas

9. Hidden key storage

9 hidden storage ideas


10. Rub-a-Dub Tub

10 hidden storage ideas


11. Wood tilt trash can cabinet

11 hidden storage ideas


12. Ikea expedit under stair storage

12 hidden storage ideas


13. Cabinet door storage bin

13 hidden storage ideas


14. Hidden outlet wall safe

14 hidden storage ideas


15. DIY Coffee Table With Storage

15 hidden storage ideas


16. Red coffee table

16 hidden storage ideas


17. Secret compartment

17 hidden storage ideas


18. DIY under the bed storage

18 hidden storage ideas


19. Makeup storage on medicine cabinet

19 hidden storage ideas


20. Below the stairs

20 hidden storage ideas 1

21. Cabinet door storage

21 hidden storage ideas


22. Under the bed storage

22 hidden storage ideas


23. Under cabinet drawers

23 hidden storage ideas

24. Old Hollowed-Out-Book Trick

24 hidden storage ideas


25. Doortop stash

25 hidden storage ideas


26. Basement steps storage

26 hidden storage ideas


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27. 3D Function Tiles for Tiny Bathrooms

27 hidden storage ideas


28. Hidden storage headboard

28 hidden storage ideas


29. Jewellery drawer

29 hidden storage ideas


30. Bathroom towel storage

30 hidden storage ideas


31. DIY storage chaise lounge

31 hidden storage ideas


32. TV console with storage doors

32 hidden storage ideas



It often gets frustrating to look for a storage place in your house that can organize your extra stuff. And even if you stuff your store rooms and garages with the extra stuff you end up forgetting them when they are most needed. By using these simple DIY and easy to organize ideas you can utilize the black spaces in your house creatively.