20 Stunning Victorian Bathroom Ideas That Will Transform Your Space

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Have you ever thought about the charm and timeless elegance a Victorian-style bathroom could bring to your home? The allure of Victorian bathroom ideas lies in their unique blend of luxury and history, creating a serene yet sophisticated space.

These bathrooms capture the essence of an era known for its attention to detail and opulence. With Victorian bathroom ideas, you can transform your ordinary bathroom into a haven of classic beauty and comfort.

From clawfoot tubs to ornate mirrors, this article will guide you through 20 inspiring ideas to achieve that perfect Victorian look.

Dive in to discover how you can incorporate these elegant touches into your bathroom, making every bath time feel like a luxurious escape.

20 Captivating Victorian Bathroom Ideas for a Vintage Feel

1. Classic Clawfoot Bathtubs

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Classic Clawfoot Bathtubs are the heart of a Victorian bathroom. These tubs are known for their elegant legs and deep soaking comfort.

They come in various materials like cast iron and acrylic, offering both durability and style. Place your clawfoot tub near a window for a luxurious feel, or make it the focal point of the room.

According to Jane Smith, a renowned interior designer, “A clawfoot tub instantly elevates a bathroom’s charm and elegance.”

2. Vintage Vanity Units

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Vintage Vanity Units add a touch of class to your bathroom. These vanities are characterized by their detailed woodwork and antique finishes.

Choose from materials like mahogany, oak, or marble tops to match your bathroom’s aesthetic. To incorporate a vintage vanity into a modern bathroom, pair it with contemporary fixtures and lighting.

3. Ornate Mirrors

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Ornate Mirrors are essential for a Victorian bathroom. Look for mirrors with intricate frames made of wood or metal, often gilded or painted.

Hang these mirrors above your vanity to add depth and elegance to the space. Finding antique mirrors can be a delightful treasure hunt, but reproduction pieces can also achieve the desired effect.

Interior expert Emily Johnson advises, “An ornate mirror not only serves a functional purpose but also acts as a piece of art in your bathroom.”

4. Victorian Tiles and Flooring

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Victorian Tiles and Flooring bring a touch of history and elegance to your bathroom. Popular patterns include encaustic tiles and intricate mosaic designs.

For flooring, consider checkered marble or bold patterned tiles. These styles not only add visual interest but also create a durable surface.

When installing, ensure a level surface and use high-quality grout to prevent future issues. Regular maintenance, like sealing and cleaning, keeps your tiles looking fresh. As Sarah Richardson says, “The right flooring can transform a bathroom into a timeless sanctuary.”

5. Elegant Lighting Fixtures

5 victorian bathroom ideas

Elegant Lighting Fixtures are key to achieving a Victorian bathroom’s ambiance. Think chandeliers, wall sconces, and vintage-style pendants.

Choosing fixtures with detailed metalwork and glass elements enhances the Victorian feel. Combine aesthetics with function by placing lights strategically around mirrors and the bathtub. This blend of form and function creates a warm, inviting space.

According to Nate Berkus, “Lighting can make or break a room. Choose fixtures that not only illuminate but also complement your style.”

6. Freestanding Sinks

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Freestanding Sinks are a hallmark of Victorian bathrooms. These sinks, often made from porcelain, marble, or cast iron, stand out with their elegant designs and sturdy build.

They work well in both small and large bathrooms, offering flexibility in placement. Install a freestanding sink with vintage-style taps and pair it with a matching vanity or console for a cohesive look. “A well-chosen sink can be the centerpiece of your bathroom,” notes Kelly Wearstler.

7. Rich Color Palettes

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Rich Color Palettes are a hallmark of Victorian bathrooms. Popular Victorian color schemes include deep reds, lush greens, and royal blues.

These bold colors can be used on walls, tiles, and accessories to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Balance these rich tones with neutral colors to avoid overwhelming the space.

Interior designer David Collins says, “Using deep, saturated colors in the right way can transform a bathroom into a luxurious retreat.”

8. Floral and Damask Wallpapers

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Floral and Damask Wallpapers are a staple in Victorian bathrooms. These intricate patterns have a rich history and bring a touch of elegance to any space.

Use wallpaper on one or two walls to create an accent without overpowering the room.

Combining wallpaper with other design elements, like wainscoting or decorative moldings, can enhance the overall look. “The right wallpaper can add depth and character to your bathroom,” notes Kelly Wearstler.

9. Brass and Gold Fixtures

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Brass and Gold Fixtures add a touch of opulence to your bathroom. These metals are known for their warm tones and timeless appeal.

Use brass or gold for faucets, towel bars, and light fixtures to create a cohesive look. To keep these fixtures shining, regular cleaning with a gentle cleaner is essential.

According to Nate Berkus, “Brass and gold fixtures can make a bathroom feel more luxurious and inviting.”

10. Antique Accessories

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Antique Accessories bring a genuine Victorian touch to your bathroom. Think soap dishes, towel racks, and toothbrush holders with intricate designs.

You can find authentic pieces at antique shops or fairs, and high-quality reproductions are available online.

Arrange these accessories thoughtfully to enhance the Victorian theme without cluttering the space. As Sarah Richardson puts it, “Carefully chosen accessories can transform your bathroom into a historical retreat.”

11. Cast Iron Radiators

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Cast Iron Radiators are a classic feature in Victorian bathrooms. These radiators not only provide efficient heating but also add a vintage charm.

Place them under windows or against walls for optimal heat distribution and aesthetic appeal. Pairing these radiators with modern heating solutions ensures efficiency without sacrificing style. “A cast iron radiator is both a functional and stylish addition to any bathroom,” says Nate Berkus.

12. Stained Glass Windows

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Stained Glass Windows are a beautiful element in Victorian bathroom design. These windows add color and light, creating a unique and elegant atmosphere.

You can incorporate stained glass in bathroom windows or even as a decorative panel. Customization options are vast, allowing you to choose designs that match your style.

Regular maintenance keeps the glass vibrant and intact. Interior designer Kelly Wearstler notes, “Stained glass brings an artistic and historic touch to your bathroom, making it a true sanctuary.”

13. Luxurious Fabrics and Textiles

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Luxurious Fabrics and Textiles are a defining feature of Victorian bathrooms. Common choices include velvet, lace, and brocade.

These rich materials add a sense of opulence and comfort. Use them for curtains, shower drapes, and towels to enhance the room’s aesthetic.

When selecting these fabrics, look for high-quality, durable options. Regular cleaning and proper care will maintain their beauty. As Candice Olson says, “The right textiles can elevate any space from ordinary to extraordinary.”

14. Wooden Elements

14 victorian bathroom ideas

Wooden Elements bring warmth and character to Victorian bathrooms. Oak and mahogany are popular choices, known for their durability and rich hues.

Incorporate wooden furniture, such as vanities and cabinets, and consider wood paneling for walls.

To protect wooden elements from moisture, use proper sealing and regular maintenance. “Wood adds a timeless quality to any bathroom, blending seamlessly with Victorian design,” notes Tommy Smythe.

15. Victorian Style Toilets

15 victorian bathroom ideas

Victorian Style Toilets are a charming nod to the past. High-tank pull-chain toilets are a classic example, featuring ornate designs and brass or chrome fittings.

Modern reproductions offer the same aesthetic with updated plumbing for better efficiency. Installation is straightforward, and pairing these toilets with period-appropriate fixtures completes the look.

According to Emily Henderson, “A Victorian-style toilet can be the perfect finishing touch to a historically inspired bathroom.”

16. Decorative Shelving and Storage

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Decorative Shelving and Storage are essential in a Victorian bathroom. Options include wall-mounted shelves, freestanding cabinets, and built-in niches.

These solutions not only provide storage but also a place to display toiletries, candles, and vintage decorations.

Arrange items thoughtfully to keep the space tidy and enhance the Victorian theme. According to Nate Berkus, “Proper shelving can beautifully combine functionality with aesthetic appeal in any bathroom.”

17. Marble Countertops

17 victorian bathroom ideas

Marble Countertops bring luxury and elegance to Victorian bathrooms. Marble is durable and offers a timeless look, making it a popular choice.

Styling tips include pairing marble with brass fixtures and using neutral tones to let the stone shine.

Regular sealing and gentle cleaning keep marble looking its best. For those seeking alternatives, quartz or granite can also provide a similar Victorian feel. “Marble countertops elevate a bathroom’s style instantly,” says Kelly Wearstler.

18. Exposed Plumbing

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Exposed Plumbing adds a distinctive charm to Victorian bathrooms. Showcasing pipes and fittings in brass or copper enhances the vintage look.

To incorporate this style, consider using exposed plumbing for sinks and bathtubs. Regular cleaning and occasional polishing keep the pipes looking pristine.

Interior designer Sarah Richardson mentions, “Exposed plumbing can turn functional elements into stylish features, adding character to any bathroom.”

19. Victorian Artwork and Prints

19 victorian bathroom ideas

Victorian Artwork and Prints can add a touch of elegance to your bathroom. Popular types include botanical illustrations, portraits, and landscape scenes.

To display art effectively, choose antique frames and place them on walls or shelves at eye level.

Combine artwork with other decorative elements like ornate mirrors or wall sconces to create a cohesive look. According to Charlotte Moss, “Artwork in a bathroom can transform it into a serene and stylish retreat.”

20. Indoor Plants and Greenery

20 victorian bathroom ideas

Indoor Plants and Greenery can breathe life into a Victorian bathroom. Suitable plants include ferns, palms, and ivy, which thrive in humid conditions.

Place plants on window sills, shelves, or in hanging baskets to add a natural touch. Incorporating greenery not only enhances the Victorian aesthetic but also purifies the air and promotes a relaxing environment.

As Bunny Williams says, “Plants add a refreshing and natural element to any room, especially bathrooms.”


Creating a Victorian bathroom involves blending historical charm with modern comforts. From clawfoot bathtubs and vintage vanities to brass fixtures and stained glass windows, each element contributes to a space that is both elegant and functional.

By incorporating rich color palettes, luxurious fabrics, and antique accessories, you can transform your bathroom into a luxurious retreat.

Don’t forget the details like marble countertops, exposed plumbing, and Victorian artwork to tie it all together. Embrace the timeless appeal of Victorian design, and you’ll create a bathroom that offers a daily escape into elegance and comfort.

FAQs about Victorian Bathroom Ideas

1. What are some popular materials for Victorian bathroom fixtures?

Victorian bathrooms often feature fixtures made from brass, porcelain, cast iron, and marble. These materials add a touch of luxury and durability to the space, helping to create an authentic Victorian feel.

2. How can I incorporate Victorian-style lighting into my bathroom?

To achieve Victorian-style lighting, consider using chandeliers, wall sconces, and vintage-style pendants. These fixtures typically feature detailed metalwork and glass elements, adding elegance and warm lighting to your bathroom.

3. What types of tiles are best for a Victorian bathroom?

For a Victorian bathroom, popular tile choices include encaustic tiles, mosaic patterns, and checkered marble. These tiles add visual interest and historical charm, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the bathroom.

4. How do I maintain the look of brass and gold fixtures in a Victorian bathroom?

To keep brass and gold fixtures shining, regular cleaning with a gentle cleaner is essential. Avoid using harsh chemicals that can damage the finish, and periodically polish the fixtures to maintain their luster.

5. What are some tips for incorporating indoor plants in a Victorian bathroom?

Choose plants like ferns, palms, and ivy, which thrive in humid conditions. Place them on window sills, shelves, or in hanging baskets. These plants not only enhance the Victorian aesthetic but also purify the air and add a natural touch to the space.