35+ Creative DIY Bathroom Towel Rack Ideas and Designs (Photos)

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While sometimes neglected, bathroom towel racks perform a crucial function in your bathroom. Having extra towels on standby in the bathroom is usually a good idea, but keeping them in an elegant manner may be difficult. 

How you keep your washcloths, bath towels, and other linens, whether it be on hooks, in baskets, or above the shelves, has a big impact on the overall aesthetic of your bathroom.

Are you looking for unique towel rack solutions to help you make the most of your bathroom space? Here’s a list of clever hacks to elevate a towel rack to another level that you may do at home. These towel storage solutions can make your bathroom seem nice while also providing useful storage.

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35 Bathroom Towel Rack Ideas

1. Using a Heated Towel Hanger to Warm Things Up

1 bathroom towel rack ideas

It’s tough to get out of the shower. It will seem like nirvana if you have a heated towel that will surround you in its toasty warmth. Try a heated towel rack that’s a step up (or a few steps up) from a regular towel bar.

This device can warm your towels if you arrange them in a pattern that’s zigzagged in the rack. Pull one edge of the towel after you’ve finished bathing and you’ll be immersed in the sunny deliciousness of comfort and warmth — it’ll feel like you’re on the beach.

2. Use a Vintage Towel Bar to complete the look.

2 bathroom towel rack ideas

This towel rack is formed of a metal tube with rods linked to it, giving it an industrial aspect. You can simply hang towels avoiding them touching each other because the hooks are facing opposite directions.

It’s a revolving towel rack, which implies you can move the pegs in one way when there aren’t towels to display. The towel bar’s wrought iron gives it a victorian vibe that will look wonderful regardless of the rest of the bathroom’s decor.

3. Invest in a Stylish Towel Bar

3 bathroom towel rack ideas

This mahogany bar is so much more than a bar. It also has shelves where you may store additional toilet paper wraps. A comical sign that reads “Soap and water 5” can demonstrate your witty side.

You may, of course, have other amusing signage as well. “If you happen to run out of toilet rolls, you’re through your own!!” I’m thinking. On the shelf, a luxury soap will look stunning.

Of course, there’s a lot of room for houseplants as well. The burlap cord on top adds a rustic aesthetic that is both elegant and old. And, of course, there’s the towel rack at the bottom.

4. Consider installing a towel rack behind the door.

4 bathroom towel rack ideas

One place that is underutilized is the space behind the bathroom door. What, after all, is behind the door? Except when you’re enjoying hide-and-seek with your child. Install a towel rack in this space to make the most of it.

This towel rod can hold up to four full-sized linens and is ideal for small bathrooms. If you don’t have enough room in your restroom and don’t have enough towel storage, this is a great method to make use of the excess space.

5. Towel Rack on a Wall in a Farmhouse Style

5 bathroom towel rack ideas

This remarkably elegant idea combines a bar with a basket. On top, there’s a wire basket, and below it, there’s a bar. You might find a basic towel bar uninteresting. However, combining a basket and a bar is not only functional but also attractive.

The basket is large enough to accommodate an additional shampoo, roll of toilet paper, and lotion. This style will work well in any bathroom, regardless of its theme, size, or layout.

6. Using a Log as a Towel Bar

6 bathroom towel rack ideas

Consider the log towel rack, which is essentially a polished log positioned between a couple of wooden hooks, if you’re searching for anything out of the norm.

Make sure the log is extremely bonded or fastened in place if you don’t want that to roll out every time you pick up the towel.

This appears to be one-of-a-kind and captures the eye. Hang a hilarious quotation just above the towel rack to ensure that all eyes are drawn to it.

7. Make a Towel Rack Out of a Ladder

7 bathroom towel rack ideas

You wouldn’t even want a towel rack if you happen to have a ladder sitting around the house. However, only if the ramp matches this one’s style. There will be enough room for as much towels as the number of steps on the platform.

The houseplant at the bottom of the staircase is lovely and gives a splash of vivid green to the bathroom. The ladder’s hue complements the mirror’s frame, giving the bathroom a luxurious appearance. This might be the ideal bathroom design for you if you desire a motif that is both country and traditional.

8. Get a Set of Golden Towel Bars

8 bathroom towel rack ideas

If one isn’t enough, acquire several. There will be one of each category. A towel rack, a round towel organizer, a hanger, as well as a toilet paper organizer are among the accessories available.

And they’re all golden, which looks fantastic against a turquoise wall. Teal is a wonderful color that pairs well with a variety of other hues. 

For example, golden here. Also, those pink towels upon that golden bar are looking really lovely. The towel bar set’s elements offer the bathroom a magnificent and royal appearance.

Make sure that the rest of the bathroom’s accessories are similarly soft golden in hue and complement the overall motif.

9. Double Towel Bars with a Rustic Look

9 bathroom towel rack ideas

This stand includes two towel bars, one of which is more projecting than the other, allowing both towels to be hung without touching. It has a vintage look and is perfect for houses with a rustic theme.

The partition behind the towel bar is also made of wood, which adds to the overall look. It will be a sin to build a towel bar which is not rustic if you own a wooden wall. Make sure the towel bar, which will attract all emphasis to itself, maintains the vintage style.

10. This design combines steampunk and vintage elements.

10 bathroom towel rack ideas

This arrangement of bars and shelves creates an appearance that is both rustic and reminiscent of the steam engine period. The wooden racks give the layout a rustic feel, while the steel pipes give it an industrial feel.

While the rods are intended to drape towels, the racks may be utilized to store anything you like. To enhance the steampunk mood, some additional pieces of toilet paper and even antique pharmacy bottles might be used.

A few incense sticks can keep the bathroom smelling fresh for a long time. Add a jar to keep your shower caps and loofahs, of course.

11. Towel Bars that Double as a Towel Rack

11 bathroom towel rack ideas

Here’s the agreement: towel bars are towel bars if they’re installed horizontally. When two towel bars are stacked vertically, they form a towel rack.

These towel storage are composed of cast iron pipes, which give them an industrial character while still being reasonably priced.

This setup is fantastic since you can stuff them with as many towels as you like. If you live in a shared flat or don’t want to replace your towels each day, this is a great option. Simply stack them and you’re set for several days.

12. As a Towel Bar, Use a Clothes Hanger

12 bathroom towel rack ideas

We’ve all been slacking off. Simply nail the towel to the wall. If a nail can perform the task just as effectively as a towel bar, why bother?

Of course, that nail is unattractive on the frame and has the potential to damage the towel. As a result, you should opt for the other best option.

On the nail, put a clothes hanger. You now have a towel rack without the need to purchase or install one. To make it appear nice, use a hardwood hanger instead of a basic wire one.

13. To make a towel rail, join towel bars together.

13 bathroom towel rack ideas

Attach three or more towel bars to make a rail instead of just one. It provides your bathroom a contemporary look.

With some thoughtful preparation, you can achieve a stylish bathroom on a budget. Towel bars should be grouped together while keeping the space in mind.

It’s attractive, affordable, and radically transforms the aesthetic of your bathroom. If you want a more minimalist style, this towel rack will do the trick.

14. Make a Towel Bar That Is Organized

14 bathroom towel rack ideas

Isn’t it true that a towel bar can’t be arranged? It’s only a bar, after all. However, with proper planning, even a simple towel bar may be organized.

This manner, you may utilize a basic towel bar in a variety of ways while keeping everything organized. Your organized skills will impress your visitors.

If you’re the type of person who loves to keep things simple and orderly, this versatile shower rack is for you.

15. Use your imagination when it comes to towel bars.

15 bathroom towel rack ideas

It’s just a standard towel bar, but it doubles as a towel rack when two towels are securely wrapped around it. This solitary towel rack can store a total of 6 towels and does so stylishly.

Imagine trying to pack six towels onto an one towel bar. An unappealing appearance. But have a look at this unusual style — it’s distinctive and adorable. Make an impression on your visitors by arranging your bathroom in unusual ways. 

16. Triangle Towel Bar with Style

16 bathroom towel rack ideas

A towel bar with a triangle on top that not only serves as storage and also looks excellent. In one part, stack some spare toilet paper rolls, while in the other, add a houseplant. You may also use incense sticks to brighten up the bathroom on the other side.

The towel, of course, will be held by the bar below. The dark oak of this towel rack contrasts beautifully with the bathroom’s white walls. This towel rack will be excellent for you if you want a mix of contemporary and rustic appearance.

17. A Hardwood Towel Bar is a great option.

17 bathroom towel rack ideas

On the wood, there are steel towel bars. There are also steel towel bars. However, there aren’t as many timber towel bars. Try this all-wood towel bar for a sophisticated and rustic look.

It has a minimalist aesthetic, which is unusual because we haven’t seen timber toilet rods in any of the restrooms we’ve visited.

This might be the best towel rack for you especially if you like the appearance of wood and have wooden flooring or perhaps a wooden extra layer.

18. Towel Rack that stands alone

18 bathroom towel rack ideas

While there are numerous towel racks that connect to your wall, there are also bathroom towel racks that are free standing if you are concerned about damage or don’t want something permanent.

They take up a little extra space in the bathroom, yet they won’t damage your walls and can be removed at any time.

They also give you a lot of options available to picking one that matches your décor. The use of freestanding towel racks is both fashionable and practical. 

19. Towel hangers that retract under the sink

19 bathroom towel rack ideas

With collapsible under-sink towel racks, you may keep your towels within a cabinet. They conceal your towels, allowing you to keep your bathroom appearing tidy.

You won’t be worried about your bath towels being used by visitors. Gross. With this wonderful and ingenious towel rack, you can keep your towels out of sight.

20. Towel racks with built-in shelves for the bathroom

20 bathroom towel rack ideas

Or perhaps you’re searching for a towel rack that can be used not just to place wet towels for drying but also to store them? If that’s the case, a towel shelf featuring a towel bar installed to it which can be placed on the wall might be ideal.

This form of bathroom towel racks can keep clean fresh towels on top while also still allowing you to hang your old wet towels upon that bottom, allowing you to use them twice.

21. Bathroom Towel Racks that Swivel

21 bathroom towel rack ideas

Swivel towel racks include flexible arms. They allow you to move the rod in whatever direction you want.

One arm of this towel bar is attached to the wall, whereas the rest of the arm or arms stay free. This implies you have a couple of hangers at your disposal to utilize in any way you see fit.

22. Adding More Poles to Your Curtain Rods Shower is a Good Idea

22 bathroom towel rack ideas

When you take a shower or bath, you constantly utilize your shower curtain, so why not let the shower drape rod extra hard? On the exterior of the shower area, you can install one or maybe more rods opposite to the one displaying your curtain.

If you place your towels here, you’ll be able to grab them even if you’re only peering out just behind the shower drapes. 

23. Make a Towel Rack Out of Your Window

23 bathroom towel rack ideas

Add a towel rack at the bottom of your bathroom window to make it more functional. This project is great for windows with antique architectural details, since it may give them a retro-with-a-modern-twist vibe.

This is a clever approach to make the most of limited space, particularly if you’re on a budget.

24. Clutter Remover

24 bathroom towel rack ideas

There is one trick to conquering a tiny area, according to interior designers. The idea is to look for underused spots, such as nooks, behind closets, or high up on the walls. This towel hanger is an excellent illustration of how to accomplish this. 

As a consequence, you can turn the unused space outside your door into a convenient drying area for towels. It may also be mounted on the wall if you choose.

It won’t save nearly as much storage that way. The four towel bars, on the other hand, may rotate into or out of the path.

25. Bathroom in a Barn

25 bathroom towel rack ideas

This odd take on rustic décor is amusing, one-of-a-kind, and definitely noticeable. This eye-catching artwork will draw the attention of any visitor to your home. The textured effect of the blended materials is warm and welcoming in any bathroom.

26. Just Getting Started

26 bathroom towel rack ideas

This isn’t your typical towel rack. It also comes with a towel warmer. Who wouldn’t wanna enjoy stepping out of the bath and swaddling themselves in a soft, warm towel?

On two levels, this is pure luxury. First and foremost, there is enough space to hang all of your towels. Furthermore, the towels should always be fluffy, toasty, and ready to use.

27. Return to the Basics

27 bathroom towel rack ideas

You can’t go much more simple than this if you want ultra-simple style. This bamboo ladder may be leaned against any accessible wall in a relaxed manner.

It’s simple, yet it’s still beautiful. This serves as a decorative item as well as a spot to place your towels. After all, it’s difficult to outperform structure and function.

28. Another Interesting Point of View

28 bathroom towel rack ideas

This white heated towel rack is a more casual approach to a thermal towel bar. Many heating racks are made of silver metal, which some people find excessively contemporary or modern. In a casual setting, a look like this is still appropriate.

29. Hanging To Dry

29 bathroom towel rack ideas

This towel station is composed of jute thread and wood, both of which are natural materials. This simple rack is great for a rustic, natural design.

It’s simple to hang and doesn’t require a lot of extras. The gray worn wood goes with practically any design. It’s warm and comforting, perfect for a vintage or cozy bathroom.

30. For the time being

30 bathroom towel rack ideas

There’s still hope if you truly want a classic towel rack which stays upon that wall but can’t attach anything permanent. Racks like these stick to the marble wall using suction cups.

These racks are only meant to be used temporarily and will not cause any damage to the wall. As a result, they’re ideal for short-term rentals.

31. Slender Rooms

31 bathroom towel rack ideas

This freestanding, ultra-thin alternative can go almost any place. It’s only 10 inches broad, which is unbeatable.

This is the perfect solution for a cramped bathroom when nothing ever seems to accommodate. With this towel rack option, you won’t have to worry about running out of room.

32. Disperse it yourself.

32 bathroom towel rack ideas

This is the rack for you if you despise wet towels. Everybody knows how squished towels seem to never dry completely. The hooks on this rack, however, may be changed.

This implies you can dry the towels by pushing them apart. Then, to create a place for fresh towels, you can move them further together.

33. Rings for towels

33 bathroom towel rack ideas

After cleaning up, place hand towels on wall-mounted hooks to keep them close at hand. This towel storage system is ideal for tiny bathrooms featuring platform or hovering sinks and limited storage space. You’ll also have the opportunity to display any fancy washcloths you have on board.

34. Shelves with Baskets

34 bathroom towel rack ideas

Install a set of woven baskets placed at the wall just above the sink to serve as floating shelves for a unique towel display.

Additional washcloths and bath towels can be stored in the long, thin form. Store commonly used toiletry goods like cosmetics and hand lotions in the other baskets.

35. Towel shelf with recess

35 bathroom towel rack ideas

The smart towel storage place in this bathroom may go unnoticed at first look. Two large piles of towels are kept on a recessed shelf at the vanity’s foundation.

Towels are kept in a separate container, making room for toiletries in the restricted vanity storage and sunken shelves just above the vanity.


Where do you put a towel in a small bathroom?

You can install hooks or rings at the wall if you don’t have much space. There are also other options that look stylish like a slender freestanding rack which you can place near the shower door,

What can I use instead of a towel bar?

If you discover amazing towel rings or hooks, your bathroom will appear so much nicer. Towel rings or hooks are the approach to go if you really want your restroom to be functional.


How may towel racks be significant enough to warrant consideration? Unless you attend somebody’s bathroom and then see a stunning towel bar, in which case you’ll believe that even a modest towel bar can accomplish a lot!

If you have a tiny or spacious bathroom, a towel rack has the potential to be the focal point. We hope these clever bathroom towel bar designs will pique anyone’s interest when they walk into your bathroom. Which of these towel rack ideas is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below!