21+ Beautiful Vintage Bedroom Decor Ideas

Old is gold, they say. There is no better place where this holds true than when you opt to decorate your home vintage style. You should be comfortable with some wear and tear, as this goes a long way to authenticate your theme.

It can be tricky when it comes to the bedroom. In this article, we explore some ideas on how you can decorate it a vintage style.

best vintage bedroom decor ideas

The best place to start is with the headboard. You can repurpose an old door and nail it to the wall to achieve that old worn-out look.

Hang an old painting at the top to further emphasize the look. You can also use an old suitcase as a bedroom bench. You can also add some classic bedspreads on top of it, to accentuate the look.

The dressing mirror is where you can also have a lot of fun. Look for old newspaper articles and frame them. Place them on the dressing mirror and see how it takes you way back.

Other items you can put on top of your dressing mirror can be potpourri, a vintage lamp, and so on. Hanging a semi-transparent curtain made of lace around the dressing area is also not a bad idea.

For the lighting fixtures, you can replace this all together with older model chandeliers. If you have naked bulbs, you can accessorize them with birds nest looking shades.

You can also experiment with mason jars. For your local antique shop, you should be able to find LED wall lights that come in this design.

You can replace your bedside tables with something a little more old school. Old crates can be redesigned to function as drawers while still giving that old vibe. If replacing your bed is not an option, you can hang drapes on the ceiling above to create a canopy.

For the walls, there are numerous ideas that you can implement. One such way is by hanging old mirror frames with lace strung in between to create jewelry organizers.

You can also replace your vanity mirror with an older style one to complement the overall design. Posters are also an excellent way to decorate your walls. Look for posters from years back and let them adorn your walls.

Vintage Bedroom Decor Ideas

#1. Crystal Doornob

1 vintage bedroom decor ideasSource

#2. A Headboard Using Old Doors

2 vintage bedroom decor ideas

#3. Corner Wardrobe

3 vintage bedroom decor ideas

#4. Boho Vintage Bedroom Makeover For Girl

4 vintage bedroom decor ideasSource

#5. Old luggage nighstand

5 vintage bedroom decor ideas

#6. Crate Organizer

6 vintage bedroom decor ideas

#7. Old shutters and doors to make a head board

7 vintage bedroom decor ideasSource

#8. Lighting for bedroom

8 vintage bedroom decor ideas

#9. Stacked Crate Nightstand

9 vintage bedroom decor ideas

#10. String light headboard

10 vintage bedroom decor ideas

#11. Sheer panels

11 vintage bedroom decor ideas

#12. The brass bed

12 vintage bedroom decor ideasSource

#13. French Shabby Mirror

13 vintage bedroom decor ideas

#14. Farmhouse Shabby

14 vintage bedroom decor ideas

#15. Shabby chic bedroom

15 vintage bedroom decor ideas

#16. A dresser

16 vintage bedroom decor ideasSource

#17. Chippy church window as a mirror

17 vintage bedroom decor ideasSource

#18. A gilded gold mirror

18 vintage bedroom decor ideasSource

#19. Vintage bedroom for teens

19 vintage bedroom decor ideas

#20. Victorian Bohemian

20 vintage bedroom decor ideas

#21. Vintage bedroom decor 1920s

21 vintage bedroom decor ideasSource


We all experience nostalgia from time to time. With the above guideline, you are all set to remember the good old times.

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