What Color Furniture Goes With Dark Wood Floors? (25 Ideas)

The floor is an integral part of the home, accommodating all the weight of the household and the furniture.

Having a strong and would-last-for-years flooring is a homeowner’s goal not just to save and keep the budget at low cost but to prevent repeated construction.

When deciding on a flooring, choose wood because aside from it being very durable it also goes with any color and style. 

If you are looking for the best colors for furniture that goes with dark wood floors, you have come to the right post because we listed them all here for you. So, without much ado, read on.

furniture colors go with dark wood floor ideas

25 Color Furniture Goes With Dark Wood Floors 

As has been mentioned, dark wood floors offer a powerful contrast to almost all colors. However, there are just some standout combos that fare better than the others and this list shall prove that.

Here are some of the most notable colors of furniture which goes well with dark wood floors. 

1. Tan furniture on a spacious floor plan

1 tan furniture colors goes with dark wood floors
Source: Lecy Bros Homes & Remodeling

Having a spacious floor plan makes dark wood floors worthwhile because it gives it a lot of emphasis.

The large windows of this home allow a lot of natural light, making the whole area very cozy and ambient. Combine that with the balance of muted neutrals like tan is just a fine idea as shown in this one. 

2. Bright white and connected dark wood flooring

2 white furniture colors goes with dark wood floors
Source: Kyle Hunt & Partners, Incorporated

The coziness and sophistication in this one is so strong thanks to the all-dark wood flooring from the living room to the kitchen.

The use of bright white walls and furniture with minimal streaks of other neutrals create a perfect tonal balance for the entire area. The transition from rustic and rugged to classic and suburban also creates a visual division for this one. 

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3. Grey, light tones, stones, and high ceilings

2 grey furniture colors goes with dark wood floors
Source: Mary Cook

When choosing a dark wood flooring, having a high ceiling and a variety of light-colored materials are a plus.

The muted colors of the couch, the nude look of the ottoman, the chandelier, the coffered ceiling and the stone wall, make this one very relaxing and homier. The addition of the fireplace also creates a rustic and moody vibe in this dark wood floor living room.

ashleyfurinture rug
antique bronze progress lighting chandeliers

4. Blue, white, and dark wood floors

4 blue white furniture colors goes with dark wood floors
Source: Diana Bastone Designs
faded abstract washable rug

Going for cooler colors of furniture like shades of blue, white plus a splash of yellow and green create a fresh and calming aura for the living room like this one here. 

4 blue white furniture colors goes with dark wood floors 1
Source: Christina Wedge
ivory fuchsia nourison area rug

In a living room, a relaxing feeling is always the goal so when choosing a design, go for the colors that are cool and give you light and vibrant vibes despite having it dark on the floor. The coastal vibe in this one is very strong and we just love it. 

5. Plains and Prints

5 plain print furniture colors goes with dark wood floors 1
Source: KDWHome
katrina blooming rosette rug

Choosing darker colors for the flooring has its pros and cons. One is that it must always have a lighter fixture to brighten the home.

Going for bright pastel colors is always a good choice. In this idea, a vibrant color red and a patterned throw pillow is infused to serve as an accent color to this room full of neutrals.

When going for this idea, do not second think of using the red tones into your natural-colored area. 

6. Light and stylish

6 light furniture colors goes with dark wood floors 1
Source: Toll Brothers, Inc.
91F7EX2DKtL. AC SL1500
61bijEgI8WL. AC SL1500

This style exudes a very light living room with dark wood flooring. From the natural lighting down to the furniture plus the added lights in the ceiling makes it lighter and wide.

The total look of this room brings out positivity and with all the elements present, looks very stylish and cozy. The beige, tan, brown, gray and white plus a tinge of denim blue is just on point. 

7. Classic white furniture

7 classic white furniture colors goes with dark wood floors 1

Still one of the best choices for dark wood flooring would be the contrast of coral white. In this room idea, the harmony is very delicate and harmonious.

They just beautifully complement each other. Choosing the white colors always makes a home so elegantly looking. This is so much recommendable for those who like it clean and simple. 

8. Hardwood Up and Down

8 furniture colors goes with dark wood floors 1

Making all-white and woody in-betweens are good choices. The color white makes a space area look larger so it does not matter if you make your ceiling and floor dark.

Using neutral colors as accent colors lifts up the mood and the vibe of dark colors always create a layer and angle out of the plains and neutrals.

9. Dark woods and natural lights

9 natural light furniture colors goes with dark wood floors 1
Source: Houzz

Having a home designed for natural light is such a good contrast to dark wood floors. The illumination from the natural light keeps the wood flooring moody and cozy.

For instance, this all-glass wall, complemented with white, plains, prints and beige keeps it trendy and very traditionally stylish. You can never go wrong with these color combos.  

10. White and grey elegance

10 white grey furniture colors goes with dark wood floors 1
Source: Dwell Interiors, LLC
51gL38IEwKL. AC SL1000

Dark woods always create an old and antique vibe plus it looks so expensive especially when paired up with colors and lights that makes it dramatic.

The use of grey and white is a combo that is best for this luxe and antique look. The dark wood flooring and high ceiling, along with natural and ambient lighting create high visual impact for this living room idea.

11. Layers of gray and dark wood flooring

11 grey dark furniture colors goes with dark wood floors 1
ripple wave rug

Blending the dark wood flooring with light to medium light wood and layers of gray is one way of giving off an industrial vibe and an urban feel like this one here.

When looking for a good combination, light, medium brown and gray and dark wood perfectly work together in making a room compelling but not overwhelming.

12. Shades of brown on dark wood flooring

12 brown furniture colors goes with dark wood floors 1
brown sectional sofa

Having it dark is very much ideal not just for a modern home but for the traditional ones who want to make their living room look simple, minimalist but elegant. Dark to dark does not always mean broody. 

Sometimes, going dark means giving a chance for vibrant colors to pop out and serve their purpose in the dark contrast just like this light beige in color and different shades of brown in a dark-to-dark wood flooring. The ambient light also makes it trendy. 

13. Dark Blue

13 dark blue furniture colors goes with dark wood floors 1
13 dark blue furniture colors goes with dark wood floors 2
Source: Atmosphere Interior Design Inc
711y0rgE5IL. AC SL1500

Choosing dark blue colors plus combining it with brown sure are an eye catcher especially on a further contrast of dark wood flooring. All the other colors pop out in this room because of the bold color of the dark wood.

The whole arrangement also makes it very expensive looking. There is really not so much going around in this design but the color combination itself makes a statement. 

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14. Lighter layers of brown

14 light brown furniture colors goes with dark wood floors 2

While many seem to be loving the mixing of colors, in this design, the dark brown color plus the same dark shade of a furniture is something that surprisingly works well.

This combination, though dark, gives a relaxing feeling and creates a romantic vibe given the lights and simple presentation of the furniture put together in a spacious dark wood flooring. If you want simple and cozy, you might just as well go for this combination. 

15. Black and dark wood

15 black dark furniture colors goes with dark wood floors 2

Going for a black color for accent furniture over a dark wood flooring is never a bad idea. They offer a good balance with each other and given that they both give off a strong vibe, they are also dramatic in a way.

15 black dark furniture colors goes with dark wood floors 1

Going for this color combination means having to deal with all the darks but having to prove that they go and look beautifully together. 

16. Yellow green and dark wood flooring

16 green furniture colors goes with dark wood floors 1

For a more natural looking, having the dark wood flooring combined with greens truly imbibe the colors of nature.

16 green furniture colors goes with dark wood floors 2
16 green furniture colors goes with dark wood floors 3

The greens give excitement to the strong dark wood color and it also pops out because of the surrounding bold colors. When you want to look clean and fresh, choose the colors of nature and a little bit of white and black to add an accent. 

17. A mix of neutrals

17 natural furniture colors goes with dark wood floors
shaded shag with tassels rug

Mixing the dark wood color in light, neutral colors is very much common of a combination but is beautifully good that is why it is most used.

Having a large room plus big windows would benefit a lot from the little mix of neutral colored furniture on the inside and horizontally patterned dark wood flooring that seems unending. It is so good to see—clean and spacious.

18. Yellow orange popping

18 yellow orange furniture colors goes with dark wood floors
Source: ScavulloDesign Interiors

A dark wood flooring also looks good with a vibrant orange. In this room, an all-orange sofa set and bright white walls work in harmony with the flooring. The orange gives a fun and playful vibe while the white comes in a calming effect.

The dark wood completes the room putting down in balance all the bright ones with its dark color. Having to choose this idea is creating a chic and stylish vibe inside the home. 

19. Opulent purple

19 purple furniture colors goes with dark wood floors

While the bright ones give a fun vibe, the purple also has a lot to say when combined with the dark wood flooring.

They look so elegant and gorgeous in any dark pairing plus it is a daring color to begin with. It can add to the overall aesthetic value of the room because the color purple can stand alone in a room full of darks. Picking this color to your dark wood flooring would be a great choice. 

20. Sunny yellow and white

20 yellow white furniture colors goes with dark wood floors
First image: Create Design Build

Another contrasting color that matches the dark wood flooring is the sunny yellow. It is so bright but is a good option.

Having the walls painted to the flooring’s likeness is also a good idea because the sunny yellow couch, throw pillows and blankets stood out in this kind of living room design. A pop out color like the color yellow works best in dark colors. 

21. Minimalist colors

21 minimalist furniture colors goes with dark wood floors

A dark wood flooring goes perfectly well with the white walls and monochromatic furniture inside this room.

21 minimalist furniture colors goes with dark wood floors 1
Source: Marina Dagenais

In a big space, dark colors create an impact that is why it is a choice. In this room, the majority of black, white and the dark wood flooring makes this room simple yet strong and cozy.

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22. Industrial flush of neutrals

22 industrial furniture colors goes with dark wood floors 1

Using dark wood colors in a trendy architectural design for lofts because they can look trendy and traditional at the same time.

In this case, the industrial brick white walls highly complement the dark wood flooring. Having it accented with a white couch makes it a clear and clean view plus it gives a larger look given the apartment space. 

23. Classic white, beige, white, and brown

23 white beige furniture colors goes with dark wood floors 1
81EUuOdfWlL. AC SL1500
beige area rug

Having a traditional vibe in the home is an idea that is very much on trend not just with adult homeowners but even for independent millennials.

They give in a cozy, chic and classic style but instead of a boring vibe given the mixing of colors, the dark flooring helps the balance in this room. The dark wood flooring here is given a lot of emphasis. 

24. Dramatic deep teal

24 teal furniture colors goes with dark wood floors 1

When you want a striking combination, a dark wood flooring and a deep teal wall area are a match made in heaven. The opulence in this room is very outstanding.

The dark wood flooring, the leather couch, and the retro looking furniture creates drama in the entire room. An accent color to the sofa also gives a happy aura making it a little brighter. Going with this idea is recommendable.

25. Red, brown, and washed dark wood flooring

25 red brown furniture colors goes with dark wood floors
25 red brown furniture colors goes with dark wood floors 1
Source: Urbano Design & Build

If you want to achieve that distressed looking, rustic design, you can always go bold with the mix of red and dark brown furniture, whitewashed brick walls, and a contrast of aged dark wood flooring.

Let us just allow this bistro looking cellar receiving room to speak for itself. 

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Dealing with color combinations should not be a hard job provided that you know which ones to mix and match. When it comes to dark wood flooring, the choice is virtually endless when it comes to the color of furniture that would go with it.

However, if you want a popping living room and other spaces in the home, there truly are standout furniture colors to go with. We are sure that we ran them down in this list so you should not run out of ideas for your next dark wood flooring arrangement.