What Color Kitchen Cabinets with Gray Floors? (25 Ideas)

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Do you have gray floors? What color of kitchen cabinets will you fix to make the space beautiful and unique? If you’re yet to find the color for your kitchen cabinets on a gray floor, here’s a solution.

We’ll show you colors that will make your kitchen look clean and attractive in this article. Read on!

color kitchen cabinets with gray floors

1. Keep It Sparkling and Clean with White

1 white kitchen cabinet goes with gray floors
Source: Arteva Homes

Are you a clean freak who loves crispy-looking surfaces? Then this is the right color of kitchen cabinet to go for. The happy color is sure to bring some vibe into your kitchen making the time you spend there all worth it.

In addition, white cabinets reflect light making your kitchen brighter while also appearing bigger.

You will not struggle to incorporate décor on white cabinets as it compliments most colors. However, you need to clean the kitchen cabinet surfaces regularly, especially if you’re in a dusty area. In addition, you need to be careful as white can also hold in stains easily.

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2. Go Natural with Green

2 green kitchen cabinet goes with gray floors
Source: Wren Kitchens

Having green cabinets on gray kitchen floors will make your space look natural and relaxed. The green cabinets will bring a refreshing look to your space, making it lovely all the time. You can go for different shades of green depending on the shade on the floor.

Also, your love for bright or calm colors will determine your choice of shade. Remember, some green shade on a glossy gray floor will make your cabinets invisible. So, it’s advisable to go for green cabinets when your kitchen floor is light gray.

3. Mix Gray on Gray

3 gray kitchen cabinet goes with gray floors
Source: Leicht Westchester-Greenwich

Designing your interior space is much of being creative and accommodative. That’s why you’ll not go wrong when you fix gray cabinets on gray kitchen floors. All you need to do is play with the shades to avoid having a dull combination.

So, go for light gray kitchen cabinets on dark gray floors. This will make the area look spacious and neater as the color reflects light. But if your floors are light gray, go for dark gray cabinets, which will absorb light. It will make the space intimate, but you can spice it up with colorful décor if you wish.

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4. Brighten The Space with Blue Cabinets

4 blue kitchen cabinet goes with gray floors
Source: Studio Build

You can add life to your kitchen by installing blue cabinets. The bright blue cabinets will help brighten dark gray floors but still make them beautiful. For example, use dark blue kitchen cabinets on light gray floors. Try lighter shades of blue if you’re not into bright colors.

 Having this combination will make your kitchen space look sleek and attractive. You can also add in some colors like gray marble countertops to make your kitchen stand out.

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5. Bring Vibrance with Red

5 red kitchen cabinet goes with gray floors
Source: © Виола Левина

You can also make your kitchen cabinets red. This is a good choice for those who like a bright kitchen space.

If you wish to keep it simple and natural, go for cabinet kitchen wood made of mahogany or cherry. But you can also give it a modern look by incorporating kitchen cabinets with red gloss laminate.

To balance off your red and gray combination in the kitchen and make it welcoming, go for neutral décor colors. Alternatively, you can go for two-tone kitchen cabinets. This means that you paint red on the base of the cabinets while gray on their walls.

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6. Opt Brown

6 brown kitchen cabinet goes with gray floors

If you want to keep it simple, go for brown kitchen cabinets. However, you must know that this is a common choice in most kitchens. So, you need to be creative to make it unique and attractive.

Brown cabinets and gray floors will allow you to do this with ease. This is because any bright color will blend well. Have colorful curtains or have the countertops in a different color like white.

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7. Make Your Cabinets Black

7 black kitchen cabinet goes with gray floors
Source: Dick Clark + Associates

Having black cabinets with gray floors will create a bold statement about your personality. Black will also help contrast the floors and give you an easy time fixing décor in this space.

You will also not have to do regular maintenance on a black cabinet since they maintain their beauty for long.

It’s advisable to put black cabinets in a kitchen with lots of natural light. This is because it will absorb the excess light making this room look cozy. To make your cabinets shiny and attractive, use glossy paint on them.

Note that installing black cabinets on a small and darker kitchen will make the space look dull and boring. The good thing with black cabinets is that they’ll not show dirt easily. Also, it’s not easy to have fingerprint marks on them.

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8. How About Orange

8 orange kitchen cabinet goes with gray floors
Source: Troake and Rowsell Architects

Orange cabinets on your gray kitchen floors will help you bring fun and brightness indoors.

However, to make it look beautiful, go for bold shades of orange and a dark shade of gray. Or pale gray floor with dark orange and make your kitchen space wonderful.

9. Go For Pink and Gray Combo

9 pink kitchen cabinet goes with gray floors

You can also bring a girly look to your kitchen by making your cabinets pink. If your floors are pale gray, then do dusky kitchen cabinets. But you will have to soften the look by introducing an orchid house plant or silk curtains.

The best thing about having pink cabinets and gray floors is to give the kitchen a modern look. It will also make the space cool and can withstand the test of time.


10. Purple Also Works Great

10 purple kitchen cabinet goes with gray floors
Source: Анна Поминова

You will not go wrong by installing a purple kitchen cabinet on gray floors. The color will make this room look unique and attractive. So, go for lavender cabinets and gray kitchen floors and get the coolness while cooking. This feminine color will, however, require you to be clean as it tends to shout.

But it will bring a modern touch to your kitchen and allow you to play with other colors. For example, you can have white cabinet countertop surfaces. You can also incorporate industrial-style hardware to give it a modern, classy look.

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11. You Never Go Wrong with Beige

11 beige kitchen cabinet goes with gray floors
Source: Hendrick Interiors, LLC

Beige on gray also looks fabulous and will help you keep your kitchen look clean all through. Remember, it can perfectly hide dust, preventing you from regular cleaning. Beige kitchen cabinets will also help you make this space warmer and soften the gray floors.

But it will be a perfect pick if your floors are light gray. Having darker gray on the floor and beige on the cabinets will make your kitchen cabinets invisible, unkempt or worn out.

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12. Black And White

12 black and white kitchen cabinet goes with gray floors
Source: Crystal Sinclair

Don’t fear combining two colors for your kitchen cabinets. Try mixing white and black and see how they blend well with gray floors. You can paint one color on the sides and the other one on the cabinet top surfaces.

Alternatively, you can have different colors for the top and the lower cabinets. Doing this will add depth to your kitchen while also making it look elegant.

13. Wood Cabinets

13 wood kitchen cabinet goes with gray floors
Source: Norman Building & Design
13 wood kitchen cabinet goes with gray floors 1
Source: Mediterranean Kitchen
13 wood kitchen cabinet goes with gray floors 2
Source: Mid Continent Cabinetry

You can also add natural wood cabinets and have them blend well with your gray floors. Go for maple wood for the cabinets if you’ve cool gray floors. But mahogany which is reddish best suits warm gray floors.

Toning down warm wood for your cabinets is also possible. For example, if you’ve settled for pine, cool it down with a greenish stain.

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14. Off-White

14 off white kitchen cabinet goes with gray floors

If you fear having pure white kitchen cabinets go for off-white colors. The off-white cabinets and gray floors will enable you to maintain a classic look without having to do much cleaning. You can go for cream and get a soft and subtle look for your kitchen space.

When you have off-white cabinets and gray floors, make your walls a bit colorful. Or you can add in décor and curtains with bold colors to enhance the look.

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15. Blue And White

15 blue white kitchen cabinet goes with gray floors
Source: Elena Eskandari – Case Design/Remodeling Inc

With this color combination, you’ll be able to create harmony in your kitchen. You can have blue on the sides of the cabinet and white on the top surfaces. But if you don’t like it that way, don’t make blue the dominant color.

Use it to decorate the white kitchen cabinets and see how beautiful your kitchen will look. For example, have blue paintings on the sides of your white cabinet.

16. Have Golden Cabinets

16 golden kitchen cabinet goes with gray floors
Source: Anna O Design

Gray floors with golden kitchen cabinets will give you that expensive look. However, it’s a perfect pick for those who want to shift attention from a dull gray shade.

The golden cabinets will also make your house look luxurious, shiny, and comfortable to work on. You can tone it down by making granite countertops. This will give your kitchen a modern and warm look.

17. Taupe

17 taupe kitchen cabinet goes with gray floors
Source: Censational Style

If you want kitchen cabinets with both a brown and gray touch, this is the right color to go for. The color on your cabinets and gray on the floors will help you get a balanced, soft look.

It will also make the space soothing and well-grounded. But choose the right shade of gray for your floors to avoid having a dull look.

18. Do You Mind Teal Cabinets?

18 teal kitchen cabinet goes with gray floors
Source: designsponge

If not, then try having this color which is a combination of blue and green. It will help you enhance the look and compliment your gray floor.

This is the right color for anyone who wants to show their personality through colors. In addition, it creates tranquility and peace, making your kitchen relaxing as you cook.

61SQWZkkpfL. AC SL1500

19. Bring The Vibe with Yellow

19 yellow kitchen cabinet goes with gray floors
Soure: iam interior.architects.munich

If you want to get a modern look and create positivity in your kitchen, go for yellow. Yellow cabinets will blend well with any gray shade, not limiting your choice.

It will be the center of focus on your kitchen because of its visual coziness. Go for yellow if your kitchen has an insufficient supply of natural lights.

If you like bold things, add colorful décor or paint the walls with a bright color. But you can also have yellow cabinets, gray floors and keep it simple by infusing neutral colors.

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20. Combine Navy Blue and Gold

20 navy blue golden kitchen cabinet goes with gray floors
Source: David Woolley

Opt for gold if you want navy blue kitchen cabinets but include a color to break the serious look down. Use blue as a base for the kitchen cabinet and add golden fixtures and hardware.

With this combination, you can make your kitchen walls white to add contrast to the room. Additionally, you can have colorful artwork on the walls that will help reduce the attention on your blue cabinets.

613ko9FEk6L. AC SL1200

21. Citron, Black and Stainless Steel

21 citron black kitchen cabinet goes with gray floors
Source: Rehkamp Larson Architects

You don’t have to limit yourself with colors. But instead, be creative and playful with them. Have stainless steel on the outer surfaces of your cabinet. Then paint the countertops black and have citron on the inner surfaces.

Doing this will help you bring vibrance to the dull gray floors and make the space look sleek and contemporary. The black and gray color combination will help absorb the lights from the stainless steel. Your décor choice will help bring vibrance to this special room. So be playful with décor colors.

22. Do White Brown and Black Cabinets

22 white brown black kitchen cabinet goes with gray floors

Don’t stick to a black and white combination when brown can add in some pomp. Instead, mix the three colors and see how vibrant your kitchen will look. If you add this to your gray floors, you’ll have a heavenly look.

If you’re into white, let it be the center stage, then have black on the sides of the cabinet and brown on countertops.

But if you don’t want black or white to be the predominant color on your kitchen cabinets, use brown. Then have the two at the sides and on the countertops.

The four colors within your kitchen will create harmony while not limiting your décor choice. It will also make the room welcoming, casual and cozy at the same time.

23. Elude Confidence with Red and Blue Cabinets

23 red and blue kitchen cabinet goes with gray floors
Source: Vincent Joly

Sometimes you need to be extraordinary to make your space beautiful and unique. So, go for red and blue kitchen cabinets and match them with your gray floors. This combination will help you bring vibrance to your dull gray floors while also keeping them soft.

Matching the three colors will show how confident you’re and how you like bright spaces. The blue surfaces will soften the red color, while the gray floors will absorb the brightness. Dark blue and bright red will perfectly work for you.

24. Try Mixing Blue Gray and Chocolate

24 blue gray chocolate kitchen cabinet goes with gray floors
Source: Barlow Architecture Studio

If you want to have a soothing feel in your kitchen, try doing blue-gray and chocolate cabinets. The combination will give you a relaxing and welcoming look that makes staying in the kitchen enjoyable. But, of course, your gray floors will also shine in the mix, giving you a traditional look.

If you like the blue-gray, let it dominate while chocolate be on countertops. But if you want a simple and a more natural look, let it be on the top surfaces.

25. Blend Copper and Cream

25 cream copper kitchen cabinet goes with gray floors
Image credit: Little Greene

If you want to have a simple yet modern look, try this one out. The two colors plus your gray floors will make your kitchen look fresh regardless of time. You can have cream on the base while copper on countertops. Brighten the look with colorful curtains.

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Bottom Line

Choosing cabinet color when you’ve gray floors in your kitchen shouldn’t stress you out. All you need is to choose your favorite colors and play with them to bring out something unique. We hope this guide has enabled you to see how simple this is. So, what colors do you think works for you? Let us know what you’ve picked.