9 Window Treatment Ideas That’ll Make Your View Even Better

Last Updated on January 30, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

The line goes ‘window to the soul’ but the real windows in one’s home are just as important to how the space looks and feels and even how it functions in different weather and different times of the day. Here are some wonderful window treatment ideas that will enhance your view and the beauty of your house. 

1. Tassel It Up 

curtains with tassels

If you are a fan of old Victorian interior design or an old European touch, then install curtains with tassels and ropes on them to give that mid-century vibe.

Using rich but deep colors like dark purple, burgundy, moss green or even royal blue will further enhance the effect you are trying to achieve.

Tassels are effortlessly sophisticated and make any window treatment appear super luxurious and elaborate. 

When the tassel window treatment is combined with molding (they can be done by hand), a distinctly old money vibe is created and it is a brilliant way to spruce up any space and make it impressive and eye-catching.

If you are remodeling your space you can reattach the curtain rods much higher than the actual expanse of your windows to give an elongated and pleasing appearance and the illusion of a higher ceiling. 

2. A Play On Light 

Many people choose curtains or blinds that are too heavy and too dark. These types of colors and textures can block natural light and make a room seem smaller and cramped.

Invest in light, airy, feathery curtains that will let in plenty of natural sunlight and make a room seem cheery.

Natural light has a lot of advantages for mood and mental well-being and this type of window treatment is essential if you live in a cold area where sunlight is a luxury anyway.

If you have walk-in or French windows, then the blowing of light white or neutral-colored curtains with the breeze is a very movie-like moment. 

3. Windows And Art Go Together

In some modern or fusion style designer homes, it is not unheard of to see a statement piece of art hanging over a window or even right in the middle.

If your window opens to a less than pleasing neighbor’s house or you are not fond of the view you can have a window display that is half covered by a stunning work of art.

Combining art pieces (even attachable ones to the windows rods) or some furniture like a console or a table in front of the window can create a lot of dimension to the same corner.

Anyone visiting will feel like there are visually many layers to appreciate in the décor. In windows partially covered by art, you will have to adapt the blind or curtain design as well. 

4. The Best Of Both Worlds

Who said you have to choose between curtains or blinds? Why not go for both? Buying blinds atlanta and having some heavier curtains in front of it by installing two rods can improve your home’s insulation and look like you take energy conservation as well as aesthetic appeal seriously.

Using the concept of double blinds provides the opportunity to fuse two different styles together such as vintage and modern and do justice to both.

Visitors will appreciate the amalgamation of two different styles in the same space and you can experiment with color and texture. 

5. The Rattan Route

rattan blinds

For people who want to impart that bohemian vibe in their space and want to use sustainable and organic natural materials, rattan is a great choice.

It looks handwoven and organic and it goes particularly well with other natural materials and items like wooden bowls, baskets, foliage and even natural stone varieties like shale or marble.

Rattan blinds are also wonderful for smaller spaces like bathrooms or even smaller kitchens since they do not take up additional space and look fairly sparse and utilitarian. 

6. Contemporary Shutters

contemporary shutters

Everyone loves the classic look that shutters provide as it both a mid-century favorite and a relatively modern reimagining of the perfect suburban home. Shutters are never fully out of fashion and are always making a return to the scene so they are a safe choice.

Opt for white, ivory, beige or other neutral colors like grey to keep the look timeless. Not to mention neutral colored shutters will fit in well with any kind of interior design concept that has been employed in the space. 

7. An External Awning 

exterior awning

An awning reminds many people of roadside cafes in the 60s especially if they are in the very recognizable rainbow stripes pattern.

Have awnings in your exterior windows to give a pleasing and exciting vibe and they can absolutely be functional too by being made to specification so they provide shade and waterproofing against rain and snow.

If you have an outdoor seating area or some lawn furniture, it can be positioned underneath the awning to provide some much-needed shade. 

8. Bright And Bold 

Statement curtains are a popular concept for window treatment especially when one considers old estates or period houses and mansions. Choose a bold and bright color like red for curtains and style it with the rest of the living space.

Statement curtains are usually the first thing anyone notices when they walk into a room and they can work to great effect if the windows are a substantial part of the space as is the case with houses that have large walk-in windows as a barrier to connect the indoor and outdoor spaces. 

9. Framing Drapes 

If you prefer a fancy look to your window treatment you can choose extravagant or funky frames to put around your windows and they need not be the same across all the windows for a more quirky effect.

Drapes give that vintage allure everyone has grown up seeing in period movies but in colors like pale blue or lavender they can be styled very well in a relatively modern interior design set up as well.