25+ Best Backyard Basketball Court Ideas and Designs

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There are many different ways of building a basketball court in your backyard, whether big or small.

Though you may find some good ideas with a budget beyond you, we can give you other low-cost and DIY options that will be equally great and fun.

Please have a look at some ideas that we’ve gathered for you.

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best backyard basketball court ideas

1.  A Full Basketball Court Luxury

A Full Basketball Court Luxury

If you have a huge backyard space, go for it. You can create a court with two hoops enabling the actual gameplay.

A full basketball court luxury floor is made of concrete and a protective acrylic layer to add cushion, seal out water and allow the use of different colors to mark it. This court can also serve as a tennis court.

2.  Backyard Court with Metal Fence

Backyard Court with Metal Fence

This backyard court allows both basketball and tennis games. Whenever you want to play basketball, remove the net in the middle to have more space.

After that, you can return it if it is time for tennis. It is hugely loved by kids who love to play, use distinct bright colors when marking borders to add more spirit to the players.

3.  Put a Basketball Hoop On A Garage Door

Put a Basketball Hoop On A Garage Door

Do not despair if you have a small backyard. All you need to play a basketball game is a hoop that can comfortably sit on your garage door. One advantage of this custom made basketball court is; you can perfect your shots whether it is raining or shining outside.

4.  Opt For a Portable Basketball Hoop

Do you love to play basketball, and you have neither money nor space for a court? Worry not; buy an inexpensive portable hoop, and you will be good to go.

You can change your driveway into a sporting zone with this hoop. Tow it on your garage door or storage area to enjoy your favorite sport.

5.  Contemporary Patio Space

Contemporary Patio Space

You can be creative with an ample patio space in your backyard. If you love sports and particularly basketball, use a portable rim or a permanent pole to put a hoop in the available area.

But, set it up so that it doesn’t dominate the whole background space; I’m sure you live with other people who don’t enjoy basketball.

6.  Go for a Textured Basketball Court

Go for a Textured Basketball Court

This type is a basketball court made from tiles. The tiles come in different designs to give homeowners lots of options to choose from.

These tiles are quite expensive since they come from materials that can absorb shock, making the injury on the players’ legs and knees to be less stressful.

7.  How About a Concrete Basketball Court

How About a Concrete Basketball Court

Concrete floors can handle balls well. A leather or rubber basketball will bounce well on concrete as opposed to other types of floors.

A concrete basketball court is relatively affordable to install but will pinch you hard on the maintenance cost; it is vulnerable to cracking or getting potholes from the strong impact forces.

8.  Consider a Traditional Basketball Court

Consider a Traditional Basketball Court

a traditional basketball court is a complete setup, with all the two hoops and correct court marking. Consider this only if you have a big backyard and probably thinking of hosting a basketball tournament once in a while. But, if your love for basketball is on another level, why not?  

9.  Think About a Backyard Basketball Half-Court Idea

Think About a Backyard Basketball Half-Court Idea

This idea is perfect for those with large size or medium-size backyard space. You love basketball, yet you don’t want to occupy the whole area in your backyard, try this type. A half-court setup idea is permanent so think well before actualizing it.

10. Set Up A Mini Basketball Court

Set Up A Mini Basketball Court

A mini basketball court idea is ideal for those homeowners who do not have enough room for basketball. It is cost-effective. You only need to put a small hoop and backboard on a large tree in the backyard or put a hoop on top of your garage.

11. Hillside Backyard Court

Hillside Backyard Court

This hillside backyard court is perfect for a one-on-one shooting hoop. It is suitable for outdoor fitness, especially in the morning. You can set a dining space over the hill where your friends or family members could sit as they take a turn in throwing shots at the hoop.

12. Why Not A Poolside Balling Court?

Why Not A Poolside Balling Court?

Imagine shooting some hoops, and then later cool yourself in the pool when you finish playing. It is a great idea. You can also practice taking some shots from the pool, only that you need to be careful not to break a window or your door.

13. A Classic Backyard Basketball Court Idea

A Classic Backyard Basketball Court Idea

This type requires a vast backyard space. Before building it, you have to consult with the local authority or neighboring housing laws; read and understand the law to avoid future legal proceedings.

14. A Backyard Resort Court

A Backyard Resort Court

This basketball court is created in a way to mimic the NBA court. It is fancy and has generous dimensions to allow you to play in two teams. If you ever dream of playing basketball in your national team, this is the best court for you to practice.

15. You Can Also Consider A Multi-Use Court

You Can Also Consider A Multi-Use Court

As the name suggests, this court allows you to play basketball plus other games you like. There are days you will wake up not fit to play basketball; from this court, you will find other multiple games to play and enjoy as well.

16. Branding A Basketball Court

Branding A Basketball Court

Suppose you have a child or a family member who loves basketball and has been continuously asking for autographs from his favorite player whenever you attend a basketball match; consider branding the floor of your backyard court to uplift his spirit. The branded court will connect him to his passion.

17. Backyard Basketball Court with Facile Setup

Backyard Basketball Court with Facile Setup

To design a basketball court, you only need a place to hang the hoop. In this setup, you can use a wall for that purpose.

You can either decide to use concrete or structured tiles to come up with a complete basketball court on the floor.

18. Basketball Court and Golf Area Idea in Your Backyard

Basketball Court and Golf Area Idea in Your Backyard

This idea is very skillful, and it means you kill two birds with one stone. It works best in a reasonably medium backyard, leaving the grassy part for golf and the hard surface for basketball. You get to have the luxury of choosing what game to play.

19. A Basketball Court with a Field House Idea

A Basketball Court with a Field House Idea

Can a full-size basketball court fit in your backyard? This court has two backboards, free throw lanes, keys, marking lines, and a field house as an added feature. You can use this house as a storage room for the ball and other outdoor properties.

20. Use a Homemade Hoop

Use a Homemade Hoop

You can custom make a DIY hoop with the stuff you have in your home. A basketball court doesn’t have to be expensive for you to have fun. You could then tie the hoop on a backyard tree or telephone pole and start gaming.

21. A Dirt Patch Basketball Court

A Dirt Patch Basketball Court

It is not a must you have a fancy floor to play basketball; use that beautiful patch of dirt in your backyard. Get dirty playing; you will have a bath afterward. Note that a dirty court is better than no court.

22. Visual Graphic Basketball Court Idea in Your Backyard

Visual Graphic Basketball Court Idea in Your Backyard

If you have some artwork skills, then try customizing your backyard basketball court with some breathtaking graphic designs. It is the only way you could personalize your backyard court with beautiful decorations.

23. Driveway Court Idea

Driveway Court Idea

If you are still practicing basketball, a driveway is the best place for a portable hoop. You will be in a better place if the surface of your driveway is made from asphalt material. The asphalt surface is not as slippery as a concrete surface.

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24. Easy Tree Hoop

Easy Tree Hoop

With a little touch of creativity, you can change anything into a basketball court. One benefit of a tree hoop is that you do not need to do any construction. Just hoop the board directly to a tree. Go for a backyard tree with enough space around it.

25. A Backyard Stone Basketball Court

A Backyard Stone Basketball Court

This type requires excellent designing skills. In most cases, a stone basketball court is made of stone that will match all the incredible stonework around it. Customize it by arranging size and shape as per your taste.

DIY Backyard Basketball Court Ideas & Plans – FAQS

How Much Does It Cost To Put A Basketball Court In Your Backyard?

Building a basketball court in your backyard gives you flexibility for placement and installation. The cost varies from the type of materials you plan to use, the size of the court, and the preparation amount your home needs. The price could range from $4 to $16 per sq. feet for a standard size.

What Is The Best Surface For An Outdoor Basketball Court?

Asphalt is considered to be the best surface for an outdoor basketball court.

It is strong enough to withstand the hardship condition brought about by the rigorous play that takes place on it. Asphalt can also stand harsh weather conditions like rain and high temperatures that are fond of creating cracks on other materials.

This material is smooth and absorbs shock reducing on the risks of getting injured while playing.

It is also water proof thus enabling one to enjoy basketball in all weather conditions. Please note that asphalt is also resistant to wear and tear that could occur in extreme weather conditions

What Size Should A Backyard Basketball Court Be?

The size of your court depends highly on the space you are willing to spare in your backyard. And weather a full or half size court could fit in it. Build a full size basketball court of dimension 94 by 50 feet if you have enough space. If not, consider a half-sized court of about 42 by 50 feet.

How Do I Make My Backyard Into A Basketball Court?

Would you love a backyard basketball court but don’t know how to go about it? With these simple steps you could make your backyard into a basketball court;

Size Your Space

The first thing is to know what dimensions you want for your court. A full court dimension is 94 by 50 feet while half court is 42 by 50.

How Do You Want Your Floor Made, With Or Without Concrete?

Select between using a premade court floor made from rubber tiles or a plastic polymer mix over a concrete slab. Remember a concrete floor is strong, solid and durable.

Gather Materials Needed To Construct A Basketball Court

Materials include; hooks, concrete (if applicable), stencil, tape measure, tamper and a twine or stakes to mark your court.

Set Your Floor and Hoops

Measure out your court and mark it with stakes and twine. Ensure you are using a level surface. Use an excavator, shovel, and tamper to move the soil as required. Then work with your concrete contractor to frame and pour your slab. lay your hoop/s and secure in the cement when the slab is still wet. Leave it for 28-30 days to completely dry.

Mark Your Basketball Court

Once the concrete dries, resurface to add a surface such as the rubber or polymer tiles. If the surface isn’t pre-marked, use a court stencil to create accurate markings.

How Thick Should A Concrete Slab Be For A Basketball Court?

A typical concrete pad for a backyard basketball court should be 4inch thick. One thing to note is that your concrete is level and has minimal slope.


There you have it, 25 backyard basketball court ideas to choose from and also to inspire you. Regardless of your budget and your beauty stand, whether you have a small or big backyard space, there are endless ways you could use to add a basketball court in your backyard and make this game an essential part of your daily life.

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