50+ Sloped Backyard Ideas On A Budget

Sloped backyards are blessings in disguise if you know what to do with them.

The elevation gives unique angles and access in scenic views of your property and could be a landscaper’s dream in no time. But of course, landscaping could be expensive and so, here are some sloped backyard ideas on a budget that you may consider. 

50 best sloped backyard ideas for landscaping

What can I do with a small sloped backyard?

There is no limit to what you can transform your sloped backyard into. For starters, you can always decide on having a view deck, terraces, a flower trail, wood railings or a feature path.

You can even combine two or three of these ideas if you want to go over the top. So you see, a sloped backyard is not different from leveled backyards, all you have to do is be creative. 

Can you level out a sloped backyard?

Thinking of leveling a sloped backyard may have been inspired by typical allegations of sloped yards causing water runoff, erosion and difficulty in mowing and tilling the yard.

A bit of leveling the backyard will surely do the trick so yes you can level a sloped backyard but it comes with a cost and doing it on your own will prove to be tedious (and will involve a lot of sweat and labor). Not only this, but you would have to take care of your wearables while leveling the ground as well. Thereby, we will recommend you have a comfortable gardening kneeler and seat to do the chore easily. Forget about getting stains on your clothes.

How much does it cost to level a sloped backyard?

So yes, you can level your sloped backyard but at what cost? Landscapers and property brokers all agree that leveling a sloped backyard could cost a homeowner $2 to $20 per cubic yard of dirt.

To complete the whole thing and of course depending on the size of the entire backyard, you will get to spend an average of $1900 to complete the whole thing with hired laborers and $1200 if you do it on your own.

23 sloped backyard ideas on a budget

As have been mentioned, there is no limit to what you can do with your sloped backyard but it would be best to narrow down the ideas with the most common backyard designs when it comes to sloped and uneven yards.

1. Water feature with watering cans


2. Tumbled Paver Patio


3. Stone landscaping


4-7. Stone steps

Source: 7

8. sheltered seating area on a slope


9. Stone walls and steps


10. Steps, walls with sleepers


11. Small backyard


12. Slide on hill


13. Build stairs on a hillside


14. Nice slope with abundant boxes

Source: mysquarefootgarden, brews-bros

15. Raised beds


16-19. Tiered

If you are thinking Beverly Hills and Mediterranean homes, tier designs for sloped backyards would make the home classy yet commanding at the same time. And if you use the right materials that will complement your home’s overall design, you can avoid erosion and water runoff due to the uneven slopes.

On top of that, you can always play with layers with plants and other elements. Take a look at these designs from Bob Vila, The Spruce. 

20-23. Staircase

The most common design of all would be stairs of all forms and using various materials. There is something about stairs that leaves a dramatic impact to the scenic angle it will lead to be it the back garden, a pergola to dine in, a fire pit for smores and merrymaking and many more. Look at how bewitching these sloped backyard designs are from Houzz, and Villa Landscapes

24-27. Water features

A water feature in the backyard is always a good idea and would be very scenic if the design is executed well.

Aside from giving the home a natural cooling system, the wood, stone or concrete elements along a sloped backyard will make the space more enigmatic. For ideas on how to incorporate water features in a sloped backyard, look at these designs from Demotivateur, Eat Anchor Hitch, Bob Vila and Pinterest.

28-30. Retaining walls

To make a clave-like space where you could spend time in the backyard, retaining walls are a thing of beauty specially for sloped backyards.

You could always adorn it with flowering plants, palm trees and enclose the walls with wood, cobblestone or concrete for a cinematic effect like these ones from Houzz

31-34. Decks and rails

Decks and rails are also default ideas when it comes to sloped backyards. Like tiers, stairs and retaining walls, decks make the ambience of the backyard more dramatic.

They make a good venue for family soirees and with light work, woodwork, plants, stone elements, and the right theme, it will be a sweet spot for all family gatherings. Just look at these designs from The Home Depot, Real Homes, BHG and Archadeck West Country


35-50. More sloped backyard ideas


To conclude, slope backyards could be a beautiful home project if you just sit down and see their potential.

Instead of spending a lot of money leveling the slopes of your yard, why not make the most out of what you got and just invest in what will make it an asset for your entire home. And these ideas, as you now know, need not be expensive.


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