25+ Best Backyard Grill Station Ideas and Designs

Last Updated on June 10, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

Nothing makes outdoor activities more pleasant than the warm season. Many people spend most of the summer period relaxing and hanging with friends and relatives. Cooking and preparing meals never gets boring during summer days when you have enough space outdoor.

You can enjoy lovely moments such as socializing with friends and also watching your kids play while cooking. 

Below are the ideas that can inspire your outdoor cooking on your backyard patio.

best backyard bbq area ideas

1. Do You Have Building Space?

Do You Have Building Space?

Make sure you have the outdoor space before coming up with the backyard grill idea. Since many activities will be going on in your backyard, space plays a crucial role. Think of where you will build your grill and the cooktop.

Having set the place for grill and cooktop, remember entertainment also requires some space. Your outdoor kitchen will look excellent when it comes with a spacious counter.

 Ample space will make your backyard grill look more stylish. Every requirement in your outdoor grill should have its own space to bring out the focal point.

Make sure you make use of your landscaping wisely. Put your backyard grill in a place where you can enjoy every activity in your exterior.

2. Consider Simple Basics

Consider Simple Basics

You can start with what is within your reach so long as there is that outdoor space. You don’t have to spend so much, yet there are simple ways and materials you can kick start your summer period. You can start with a simple charcoal grill in case your outdoor space is not that large. Areas such as balconies and townhouses are suitable for such small, simple designs.

You don’t have to get high-end grilling devices when you can just remain simple. You can start things with the cheapest grilling method as you upgrade with time. Some of the grilling methods include gas and charcoal grilling. Grab yourself a cookbook to acquire the basics.

3. A Herb Garden Grill

A Herb Garden Grill

Putting your grill near the herb garden can be the best thing you can do to your backyard. Imagine grilling your meat with your natural spices just hands reach away? You can also incorporate wood shelves near the grill so that you store everything you’ll need for grilling. Try this if you’re a gardening enthusiast. 

Make sure you put your herbs on an open shelf to provide visual interest. Do not hinder your guests from accessing your herbs too. Remember that you can use your stand for other purposes, so try to keep it as neat as possible.

4. Consider a Poolside Grill

Consider a Poolside Grill

Think of how great a poolside meal can be, especially during the summer. Who doesn’t love the good taste of barbeque on a poolside? As you are cooking, you can capture all the moments within your outdoor. You can as well throw those exciting poolside parties. 

Chill out with healthy grilled dishes all summer long at your poolside grill. The idea of throwing yourself into the pool when you start sweating from too much grilling is just great. Do not also forget to put up valuable along your poolside during summer to make things easier.  

5. Get a Casual Dining

Get a Casual Dining

You don’t have to spend much on your outdoor dining. A lot of fancies are not necessary. You are not a weatherman, so ask yourself what can happen if things turn out not the way you expected. Don’t take out very much furniture and utensils. Only bring those essential items you’re going to need.

Dressing your table with pretty linens and centerpieces will do you no harm. You can add style and make your space desirable by using a rug to ground your outdoor.

6. Put Some Comfy Seats

Put Some Comfy Seats

Don’t let your guests get tired by standing. Make your outdoor grill inviting by putting in some comfortable seats around the grilling area. Make sure you go for the outdoor-friendly furniture.

Your family and friends should be relaxed and able to enjoy the grilling experience. Look for perfect furniture that is not heavy to carry if the weather becomes unpredictable. 

Having comfortable seats doesn’t mean that you should put them randomly in the outdoor space. Instead, look for specific spots to put them. Areas such as lounging grill and under the shades within your surroundings can do.  

7. Think of Under Cover

Think of Under Cover

Don’t let anything to chance. Weather can interfere with your fun making activity. As you plan for your outdoor grill, keep in mind how you cannot let bad weather ruin your noble idea.

Cover your grilling station and seats to ensure there is no rain or hot summer that can disrupt your outdoor party. Undercover ensures you and your team are safe from any weather-related damage.

Also, think of a grill cover. There are many out there that can offer perfect grill protection even in bad weather. Covering your grill will also increase the lifespan of your backyard grill. Your exterior surfaces will be much-taken care of by grill cover.

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8. Stock up Your Counter and Fridge 

Stock up Your Counter and Fridge

Have you ever seen any party without drinks? I bet not. Rise to the occasion by stocking up your counter and fridge before the grilling day. Your guests will love grabbing drinks of their choice. Drinks will keep you rejuvenated throughout the time. You can sip on our expensive wines as you wait for the meat to cook. 

Apart from drinks, you also need to have enough food stock. You can use your fridge to store those perishable veggies, fruits, and also the remaining foodstuff to avoid wastage. You’ll badly need them as accompaniments to your drinks.

9. Put Up a Fireplace 

Put Up a Fireplace

Do not assume the fireplace. The fireplace makes your outdoor grill look stunning. Let not warm weather dupe you to avoid putting one. Grilling Around the fireplace creates a lovely outdoor feature. Just think of you and your crew sitting around the fireplace while having those lively stories and creating memorable moments. 

Just because you’ll be grilling doesn’t mean you don’t need extra warmth. At least your family and friends will have a place to warm themselves if the weather changes or after enjoying poolside swimming.

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10. Create a Lounging Space

Create a Lounging Space

Do not put everything under one roof. Set aside someplace where you can sit and relax while having your favorite drinks. You can put a couch on one side of your patio to provide you with a luxurious feeling. Lounging space should give a peaceful experience to get entertained.  

11. Consider Lighting System

Consider Lighting System

Despite natural light availability, you should also set up your lighting system if darkness catches up with you. Make sure that your lighting system matches your backyard grilling system. Too much light is not right. 

Install simple spotlights that highlight the places you need to see in your outdoor grill and give your exterior that perfect look. Remember that the surrounding should be welcoming, and lighting plays an essential role in appearance.

You can consider placing your backyard grill at the entrance of your surroundings to trap natural lighting. Your backyard grill should also face the entertainment space to make it accessible to anybody. The lighting helps to separate all the activities within your exterior.

12. Try Out Decoration

Try Out Decoration

Be creative with your backyard grill. Make your surroundings funny by customizing various things. You can even take your wood pellet grill to the artisan for some decoration.

Making your grill appealing shouldn’t be something you ignore. Some of your guests may even come to see that well-crafted wood pellet or that traditional cooking pot. 

You have a lot of things you can customize to make your backyard grill enjoyable. There is no magic you can’t apply to make your outdoor look great. There are many decorative options to choose from. The good news is that you can do all of that yourself.  

13. You Can Go Green

You Can Go Green

Try to decorate your backyard space with lots of greenery. The green atmosphere looks beautiful and makes one feel relaxed. The vegetation also helps to purify the air within your surroundings. The new connection of ingredients keeps your guests alive and entertained on their entire stay. You also preserve nature by incorporating the greenery into your compound.

The greenery look makes your outdoor more romantic and attractive. Incorporate this in your green and you’ll never have room for regrets.

14. Have Some Purpose

Have Some Purpose

 Don’t just wake up and set up a backyard grill without defining the real purpose or motive. Why do you want to have a party? Let us say you are hosting a family gathering or any family meetings. Or you’ve just decided to give them a treat. 

Make your backyard grilling based on something. You can even hold a thanksgiving or birthday party and decide to involve your friends. Or you organize a pool party for your schoolmates.

15. Incorporate Backyard Grill and Living Room

Incorporate Backyard Grill and Living Room

Spending the summer nights in the outdoor living room is the perfect feeling you don’t want to miss ever. But you also want to have the feeling of comfort like that of your living room even though you’ll be outdoors.

Features like a pergola of your outdoor patio look like a real living room. An outdoor couch and a coffee table should also feature. Don’t forget the fireplace to add on the comfort and beauty.

16. Full Patio Grill with Island

Full Patio Grill with Island

Your backyard grill should consist of a sink, fridge, dishwasher, and a smoker. You can bring visual interest to your backyard space by using formal stonework. Add a refined touch on the gourmet by the granite counters.

Let your guests enjoy watching their favorite movie on any game on the flat-screen TV that is above the focal area. Do not also forget the lights as your final touch. 

17. Think of Crate Shelving

Think of Crate Shelving

Look at an area for prepping and staging in your backyard grill. Crates are best for shelving in the outdoors. You can use these small crates to hold on to plates and dishware until it gets to your guests.

Shelves have two parts which you can use. Use the inner feature for your dining, and in the top position, you can add some décor or your favorite fruits and veggies. You can as well give some plant life to the top of your shelf.

18. Think of an Outdoor Bar

Think of an Outdoor Bar

Many guests love partying outdoor, so do not deny them that chance. As they enjoy grilling, give them that opportunity to access the bar space. By doing so, they will have enough room for partying. Also, ensure the bar space is open to allow proper circulation of fresh air. 

Do not forget to provide the right seats. You can place the seats towards the counter while couches can be laid back. 

Don’t freak yourself out if your outdoor space is not enough to put up a bar. Instead, incorporate it in the grill. Your guests can sit at the counters as you prepare their food while there are a sink and mini-fridge on the other side of your grill. 

19. Try Slate and Stone Outdoor Grill Décor

Try Slate and Stone Outdoor Grill Décor

Make sure your outdoor grill look luxurious. Slate performs pretty well when it comes to laxity. With slate, you can create a focal point and bring visual interest by using a few stones.

Ensure the top of your counter is spacious enough to accommodate your food on either side. Then you can also put your deep green smoker on the other side. Your outdoor backyard should be superbly neat. You can put deep green plants to improve on your design.

20. Think of Food and Wood Storage

Think of Food and Wood Storage

Build or set aside storage space for your food and wood. Storage space is significant at your backyard grill. Make sure you secure the storage space using a wire mesh.

By doing this, you will be avoiding getting into trouble with your friends or neighbors. Theft is a normal thing, so it is good to be cautious as you protect your backyard grill.  

21. Provide Walkout Space

Provide Walkout Space

Do not forget to create a walkout in your outdoor backyard grill. Ensure there is smooth movement, both indoor, and outdoor within your surroundings. Make every place accessible.

Having enough walkout space ensures there is enough space for relaxation, and there is also easy access to cooking space. Your guests are also able to walk in and out freely. 

Provide a walkthrough to enable your guests to move from the front to your exterior house’s backspace. The walkout and walkthrough space makes your exterior entertaining throughout the period. 

22. Protect Your Backyard Grill Territory

Protect Your Backyard Grill Territory

Provide enough security to your family and friends another great way to secure your grill. You can erect tall concrete jungle walls to keep everything safe. Tall fences will also give you the feeling of owning your surroundings.

Additionally, any noise coming from your compound during party time cannot go beyond your tall concrete fence. Due to the warm weather, you will have an ideal cooking space and entertainment within your compound.  

23. Don’t Ignore That Side Yard

Don’t Ignore That Side Yard

The side yard is found almost in every home. Many people don’t make use of or know the importance of that empty lying space. If you have that space at your home, don’t ignore it. Make use of it by turning it into private cooking and grilling spot. 

It is the right spot for relaxing and enjoying the outdoor after a long day of work as you sip your favorite wine. Turn that place to your favorite grilling spot and you’ll never regret it.  

24. Make Use of Your Balcony and Micro Yards

Make Use of Your Balcony and Micro Yards

Do not get boring at home if you have a small balcony in your outdoor. Get out and enjoy the beautiful sceneries outdoor. Balcony views are a lovely space outdoor you can unwind your day by relaxing as you grill your meat.

Let not those small outdoor spaces in the urban areas limit your outdoor experience. You can add artificial turf to provide the comfort you need.  

25. Try Out Modern Décor With Clay Pizza Oven

Try Out Modern Décor With Clay Pizza Oven

Modernization is taking over everything across the globe, so don’t be left behind. Try out your favorite pizza oven appliance. This appliance produces warmth as it gives out the subtle golden glow color to the stainless steel appliances.

The oven’s large size allows a lot of pizzas, including the wood storage below the stove. The enclosed kitchen area produces that finished feeling in your backyard grill.


Planning and setting up a backyard grill is not that difficult if you consider the ideas mentioned above. Think outside the box and make use of that outdoor backyard space lying in your compound. Don’t hold yourself back in that urban or city balcony; instead, turn it into an exciting outdoor experience. 

That small outdoor space can inspire you a lot. You probably wouldn’t want to miss any exciting and relaxing adventure within your surroundings. Let’s know what you think in the comments.