30+ Best Covered Patio Ideas and Designs Attached To House

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If you love being outdoors in your backyard, you should have a good design patio. But settling for the best design can always be tricky owing to the different types of patio present.

However, going for a covered patio is a great pick since you won’t suffer from environmental effects.

You’ll enjoy reading, drinking, or sleeping on the patio as it’s covered. Read this informative article to understand the thirty different patio ideas for your backyard.

best covered patio ideas

1.  Moroccan Rooftop

Moroccan Rooftop

You can try out the Moroccan rooftop on your patio and have a great outdoor experience. Alexandra Lauren designed the patio rooftop, and it consists of clear Perspex that’s UV resistant. With this type of patio, your backyard will be elegant and charming.

2.  A shade of Cloth Patio Covers

A shade of Cloth Patio Covers

You can also cover your patio with a shade cloth and have a unique design. You Wondering how you’ll be cleaning the shades cloth? Don’t worry with this type of shade cloth doesn’t look only attractive but also easy to clean and maintain.

Its fabric is also resistant to molds and mildew. Installing a shade cloth patio is too easy, and you can do it yourself.

3.  Can You Try the Santa Ynez Rustic Patio?

Can You Try the Santa Ynez Rustic Patio?

Another perfect idea for your patio is the Santa Ynez rustic. It was first designed by Carson Douglas landscape architecture for a California ranch.

With this patio, you can make different features that are custom made. Meaning you can incorporate anything you love to be in your backyard like a vegetable box.

4.  Do a Pergola

Do a Pergola

One way you can make a covered patio is by building a pergola. Build a structure for a start and increase its coverage with foliage or seasonal climbers like jasmine. You can also waterproof it if you wish. With a pergola, you can add garden lighting at will.

5.  Consider a Garden Net for Your Patio

Consider a Garden Net for Your Patio

If you want to cut on cost but still achieve a wonderful covered patio, try the garden net. It allows you to have a simple install a covered patio that can be at different locations. Remember though that the garden net won’t prevent rain from reaching you in bad weather.

6.  Bring in a Louvered Canopy

Bring in a Louvered Canopy

If you want your patio to cover a larger area, incorporate a louvred canopy. It blends well with a bigger garden. You can attach it to your house like an extension or a freestanding. The good thing about a louvred canopy is that its blades are adjustable so you can enlarge it at will.

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7.  Cover Your Patio with a Tilted Umbrella

Cover Your Patio with a Tilted Umbrella

Suppose the balcony or the area you intend to put your patio is small using a tilted umbrella. The tilted umbrella will not only protect you from rain but also sunshine.

It also tilts meaning you can move it in different directions. All you need to do is pick the one that favors your needs.

8.  A Cedar Pergola

A Cedar Pergola

If you want your backyard to stand out, try incorporating a cedar pergola. It will give you a great shelter. And also provide space for climbing plants making the patio beautiful.

If you make your cedar pergola next to a swimming pool, you’ll have a relaxing, fantastic view.

9.  Introduce a Gazebo for Your Patio

Introduce a Gazebo for Your Patio

Do you intend to enjoy your summer season on the patio? Bring in a gazebo that will allow you to enjoy the cool breeze. It’s a beautiful way of mixing both the traditional and the modern look. You can add some life to your patio by bringing in chairs, benches, or a dining set.

10. Build a Palapa in Your Backyard

Build a Palapa in Your Backyard

You won’t go wrong by bringing the coastal feel to your backyard by building a palapa. The palapa will make your patio have an aesthetic look that’s relaxing. Incorporate some beach-themed décor and some tropical plants.

11. Bring the Natural Feel Using Reed Grass

Bring the Natural Feel Using Reed Grass

If you got a love for nature, you could bring it closer home using reed grass. A patio covered by reed grass will make it unique and blend well with your green backyard. Add some natural curtains to cover the frames.

12. Incorporate the Tuscan Feel with Wood and Bricks

Incorporate the Tuscan Feel with Wood and Bricks

Although this covered patio design involves a lot more than others, its result is glamorous. Combine the Tuscan style, wooden ceiling beams, and some bricks and color to get a breath-taking patio. Add some comfortable chairs too to make it appealing.

13. A UV Protective Open Sky Cover Can Also Do

A UV Protective Open Sky Cover Can Also Do

You can also make your patio using a UV protective open sky cover and get a good relaxation point. Add some wooden elements like furniture or flooring to make your deck beautiful. The patio size varies with the space you have in the backyard.

14. Do an Outdoor Grotto with A Pergola and Climbing Plants?

Do an Outdoor Grotto with A Pergola and Climbing Plants?

If you want a simple yet coolest and aesthetic patio pick on this design. The pergola should have some beautiful flowers to enhance the look. If you build this design, be patient as the flowers can take ages before flourishing.

15. Work with a Strong Standalone Patio Structure

Work with a Strong Standalone Patio Structure

You don’t need to have your patio attached to any building. Go for the standalone patios somewhere serene. Use a combination of materials like steel, wood with smooth lines to have an aesthetic covered patio.

16. What of a Seasonal Canopy?

What of a Seasonal Canopy?

If you need a place to relax outdoors during some season alone a fabric canopy comes in handy. You can either use it during the summer to get some cool breeze. Or put it up during winter to get some extreme cold.

To bring out a unique look, blend different neutral colors and some comfortable furniture. Ensure you also have lights in the right places.

17. Why Not Try A Partially Covered Patio?

Why Not Try A Partially Covered Patio?

You’ll never go wrong with a partially covered patio. A partially covered patio will allow in enough light and air. Not only that but also, you’ll get enough view space to see what’s around you.

A partially covered patio is also capable of protecting you from falling leaves and light rainfall.

18. Combine Asian Theme with a Pagoda Roof Top Style

Combine Asian Theme with a Pagoda Roof Top Style

If you love Asian culture, then this is a perfect covered patio pick. It will make your backyard stylish and unique. Create this great design using different materials like red tiles.

You can then bring in Asian statuary, and have a Zen garden. Also, include a koi pond to have a complete Asian look.

19. What of a Bare Pergola?

What of a Bare Pergola?

Do it differently by having a bare pergola since most include climbing plants. A barely covered patio will provide you with both shade and room for privacy. Add some life to it using color and the right furniture choice.

20. Make Your Patio Look like A Modern Paradise

Make Your Patio Look like A Modern Paradise

you can make a little paradise in your backyard if you’ve got enough space and money. Give the patio a modern look by incorporating bricks and concrete. You can also make it beautiful by including natural plants and flowers.

A pond, fireplace, and some comfortable chairs will also make it look great.

21. Build a Room with a Permanent Wooden Roof

Build a Room with a Permanent Wooden Roof

If you’re in your residential place, a permanent wooden patio roof is a good choice. It’s built against the house using different materials. Like strong pillars, ceiling and low step over the wall to bring the sitting room feeling.

Building this room with a permanent roof will give you a good relaxation point, that’s all-weather. You can use this room to catch up with friends and do your hobbies at any time of the day.

Or build it for gazing at the stars at night. All you need to do is bring in comfortable seats with the right décor.

22. Try the Curtain Calls

Try the Curtain Calls


You can go the inexpensive way by using curtains to bring shade to your pergola. Ensure you use strong curtains that can withstand any weather like canvas tarps. Using the curtains to get a covered patio is not only cheap but attractive and stylish.

23. A Shade Can Also Do

A Shade Can Also Do


If you have limited space in your backyard, make a shade by yourself. It will not only save you money but also good for some privacy. If you are not sure of what kind of patio to install you can start with this shade to taste.

24.  Try a Wooden Awning

Try a Wooden Awning

Suppose you need a simple space to host your guests to build a wooden awning. It includes unique wooden beams, red tiles, and concrete pillars.

The combination creates a patio cover that’s a breath-taking and unique style. Install the wooden awning at your house corner to have a full structure.

25. Do a Multi-Layered Patio Cover

Do a Multi-Layered Patio Cover

You can fix a patio with multiple layers and different colors and texture to have a unique look. Combine wooden patio cover and some fabric. You’ll love the outcome of this combination as it will be colorful and stylish.

Add light on the beams for beautification and for lighting the space.

26. Make a Nice Lattice Patio Cover

Make a Nice Lattice Patio Cover

Although this design resembles that of the pergola, making it is not hard. It contains wooden beams with three corners and a house for support. Consider using thick shading lattice or those mostly found in flower arbors.

Remember it’s also cheap to install and one of the easy to cover designs.

27. Build a Patio Cover Using Lights

Build a Patio Cover Using Lights

You can create a lively mood in your backyard using lights. The lights are cheap and easy to install saving your money. With this patio cover, all you need to do is look for outdoor light strands. Hang them in line on the roof after getting enough strands. Use energy-saving led lights for this purpose.

You will require posts or trees at each corner of the patio. Be creative with the lights by hanging them in different designs. Do hang them across, mix and match, or in a woven pattern.

28. Build a Modern Industrial Courtyard

Build a Modern Industrial Courtyard

You can have a beautiful looking patio by building a modern industrial courtyard. It’s a great design for doing most of your artwork with fewer interruptions from other family members.

You can build it using cedar decks and slat walls with rigid plastic roofing. The roof is capable of protecting you from rain but also allows insufficient sunlight.

29. Do a Briar Bayou

Do a Briar Bayou

If you love spending most of your time outdoors, a Briar Bayou is a perfect design to go for. It has a place for a two, meaning you’ll have a source of entertainment at your patio. Even if it gets cold, you’ll be still here as it has a fireplace to keep you warm all through. Briar Bayou also has a segment for the kitchen so you’ll be preparing your meals outdoors.

Ensure you pick on the right seats as you’ll need to be here most of the time. You can also have a color choice so that this space looks attractive.

30. Bring a Poolside Retreat in Your Backyard

Bring a Poolside Retreat in Your Backyard

You can make your incredible backyard by bringing the beach to feel home. Build a poolside side gazebo and enjoy your outdoor moments. You can deep in the water whenever you feel like it. And also enjoy your drinks by the poolside as you catch up with friends. It has a modified gable style roof to make it attractive.

The roof also provides enough shade for any season. So, you’ll love being out here either alone or with some friends.

Covered Patio Ideas – FAQs

What Is the Cheapest Way to Cover A Patio?

Remember you don’t need to invest much to get a covered patio. And this is because it’s always in your backyard where not all people get to see it. To cover your patio cheaply, use a pre-made umbrella that’s also easy to install.

Another way you can cover your patio is by using shade cloth. You can hang this shade cloth in any type of patio to protect you from sun and rain. Remember you only need about four poles to cover the area.

What Is A Good Size Covered Patio?

The size of the covered patio varies from one person to the other. And this is because everyone builds a patio for their purpose. For example, if you love staying outdoors and hosting several people, you might opt for a big-sized patio.

You can also do a small size patio depending on the number you host or frequency of use. But ensure the size is enough for moving around, planting and shading. Don’t forget the kind of furniture and décor also will determine the patio size you build.

Budget with 25 square feet for every person you intend to host in there. Don’t forget that the space in your backyard is also a determinant here. The smaller area, the smaller your patio is likely to be.

Should You Leave Patio Cushions Outside?

Since your patio has a cover, you don’t need to be removing the cushions all the time. But if the patio design allows rain and sunlight to get through, you can do it. But it would help if you protected the cushions from extra sunlight or rain by covering them.

 Usually, morning dew can prevent you from using your patio because of wetness. But if you do cover, you’re free to use it any time. You also need to keep clean the cushions often to get rid of dust and bird droppings. Wipeout food droppings and dry out water spills.

How Much Does It Cost to Build A Covered Patio?

The cost of building a covered patio varies with the size and the material choice. But on average you can budget at about $16427. You can spend between $2900 and $40000, which translates to $22 and $75 for every square foot. However, a typical covered patio cost range is between $8295 and $24582.

The above prices translate to a labor charge of between $20 and $40 for every square foot. The cost of materials is also between $2 and $35 depending on the place of purchase. Don’t forget the roofing and also the type of amenities you’ll use is also a factor to budget for.

How Can I Cover My Patio with A Tarp?

You can always add a tarp over your patio using grommets, eye-bolts screws and cords. To cover the patio using the tarp, let it extend from the house’s eaves to the fence. Ensure the tarp holds tight so that wind doesn’t tear its grommets.

Here’s the process of covering your patio using tarp;

First, prepare the tarp

  • To prepare the tarp ensure you measure its grommets. Grommets are round metal pieces with holes in the middle. The tarp’s grommets are always 3 to 4 feet apart, depending on the type you use. Using a marker pen label the new grommets location equally that’s 8 inches between the existing grommets.
  • After that put a scrap wood under the tarp where the marks are. Then Cut an X at every mark using a knife and ensure the markings are half an inch long. Then slit off the corners with X mark to have holes for new grommets.
  • Then wear gloves and earplugs as you put the die from the grommet kit in one hole that you made. Note that a grommet has two parts: the center post and the other is a flat washer. Put the center post on the die as you place the tarp on the grommet piece. Remember to be pushing it downwards towards the center post.

Then you need to put one washer above the tarp and the grommet’s center post. Finally, center the kit’s grommet tool on the washer and ensure the other grommet pieces hold firm. Do the same process to each grommet’s hole.

Are Aluminum Patio Covers Good?

Aluminum patio covers require less maintenance, unlike wooden materials. To maintain its look, you only need to clean it using warm soapy water and a sponge. It’s also capable of withstanding all types of weather.

The fact that aluminum patio covers are durable and resilient makes it the best choice. Although aluminum is durable, it’s not strong as wood and requires supporting structures. That is if you want to hang things like potted plants.

Is A Covered Patio Worth It?

You will never regret building a covered patio as you’ll be saving on a lot of things. For instance, a patio without a cover means rain spoiling most of your furniture. So, you’ll have to repair them. But with a covered patio, this will be a past tense to you.

The cover also makes your backyard look attractive and beautiful. You will also get to enjoy the cool breeze on your patio cutting. Plus, the joy of saving on the cost of air conditioning bills is worth it. With a covered patio, you won’t have to run away from rain or hot sun as it’s for all seasons. So, you’ll enjoy all your time on the patio with no stress.

If you look at all these advantages of covered patios, you’ll realize that it’s worth your money and time. And remember there are different covered patio designs, so you have a lot to pick from.


It’s always tricky picking on the best-covered patio design. But with this knowledge, you can make your backyard your favorite relaxing point. Remember to pick on what meets all your needs, both financially and physically. Consider also your backyard space and the visitors you intend to host while choosing its size.

If you love these superb ideas, you can give some of them a try and also share with your friends. Everyone deserves a perfectly covered patio. Let’s know the idea that works for you in the comment section.