25+ Best Backyard Gym Ideas and Designs

Last Updated on February 1, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

Home gyms are truly beneficial for achieving good health and relaxation especially that we are all locked in our homes for safety reasons. It is also a fun space where you and your family could bond in fitness.

If you have enough space in the backyard to create a home gym, you should do so but with the right design. 

In this post, we will give you some of the best and easiest backyard gyms to install. The styles featured here can give you a lead on what type of backyard gym to work on so read on.

25 Best backyard gym ideas 

best backyard gym ideas

You can easily purchase gym equipment and other fitness materials. However, it is challenging to build a place where you could store and use them. If you are planning on building your own backyard gym soon, here are some ideas that you can explore. 

1. Backyard partitions

1 farmfoodfamily.com backyard gym ideas

If you have a spacious backyard, you can build an outhouse where you could set up a home gym and a playhouse for the kids. If you do not love being drenched under the sun, this is a good way to stay fit while also looking after the kids in the designated play area. 

2. Farmhouse style backyard gym

2 farmfoodfamily.com backyard gym ideas

If you want to transform your old shed into something modern and more trendy space, opt for a farmhouse style indoor gym right there in your backyard. Instead of mats, try a cork board flooring. Insulate the gym with glass windows and doors. Just keep everything cool and light with white paint and a garden view. 

3. Repurposed laundry room

3 farmfoodfamily.com repurposed laundry room backyard gym ideas

For home renovations, you can repurpose old laundry rooms into an open backyard gym. Except for possibly softening the flooring, all you have to install are the gym essentials like treadmills, mats, dumbbells, and other stuff that you would find in a simple gym. Here is what it can look like. 

4. Backyard fitness room

4 farmfoodfamily.com backyard gym fitness ideas

Having an all-around fitness room in the backyard is another way to make the most out of your wide space. Aside from a basketball court at the center, you can also transform your back garage into a home gym complete with equipment such as a treadmill, stationary bike, and a punching bag. A rooftop yoga and Zumba space is also a good way to utilize every inch of that big space. 

5. Backyard gym deck

5 farmfoodfamily.com backyard gym deck ideas

For a raised home gym overlooking the pool, go for a gym deck instead of the usual deck patio. This take on a backyard gym is refreshing given the open flow of air and of course the effect of the installed water feature. This is an all-in-one relaxation spot for any homeowner. 

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6. Contemporary style backyard gym

6 farmfoodfamily.com contemporary backyard gym ideas

Again, instead of a typical backyard shed, you can combine wood, steel, and corrugated metal to create a backyard gym. You can make a pallet wall, sliding glass doors for insulation and track lights for outdoor lighting. Use recessed lights inside the gym and install your desired gym equipment. 

7. Transition backyard

7 farmfoodfamily.com transition backyard gym ideas

Train like a triathlon athlete by creating a seamless transition between your swimming pool and your backyard gym. To make the cardio training breezier, you can install some entertainment like a television while you run on the treadmill and moody music to keep you company while you work out.

8. Upscale transition backyard

8 farmfoodfamily.com upscale backyard gym ideas

It is the same as the previous concept but this one is posher and more high-end. What we have here is a full-blown gym and entertainment area complete with a large television, upscale gym equipment, and ref drawers where you can store water, energy drinks, and other refreshments. 

9. Tropical style backyard gym

9 farmfoodfamily.com tropical backyard gym ideas

Imagine a thatched roof, wooden flooring, and open sides of a traditional tropical cottage. Notch it up a bit and put in some glass doors for some enclosure. You can open it for better air circulation or close it if you want to go for a loss in the moment work out alone. This one is a good design for beach houses or coastal residences. 

10. Hardwood floor training room

10 farmfoodfamily.com hardwood floor backyard gym ideas

To achieve a varsity-like training room in your backyard, install some hardwood flooring and of course, sliding doors. Keep a polished interior using white paint and recessed can light for the ceiling. Go for a rugged arrangement of the gym equipment too. 

11. Unfinished woodshed

11 farmfoodfamily.com unfinished backyard gym ideas

Nothing beats the raw elegance of an unfinished woodshed. When transformed into a home gym, it makes a comfortable space where you can peacefully workout in your backyard. Doing kickboxing, cardio exercises and boxing make you feel like you are a karate kid. 

12. Backyard gym with washroom

12 farmfoodfamily.com backyard gym ideas with washroom

Another idea for a spacious backyard enclosure would be a home gym. Make it clean and polished with some natural stone colored vinyl flooring. Put a treadmill, a bike, and a washroom where you could freshen up after resting from a workout.

To achieve an illusion of space, as well as to keep the insulation, always go for sliding glass doors. 

13. High ceiling backyard gym

13 farmfoodfamily.com high ceiling backyard gym ideas

The size of gym equipment can look cluttered no matter how much you arrange them every after use. To lessen the dirty look of your home gym, try a high ceiling one along with white painted walls. Arrange all the equipment on the sides and leave an open space in the center where a ceiling is installed. 

14. Machine packed backyard gym

14 farmfoodfamily.com machine packed backyard gym ideas

Most of the time, the setup of a backyard gym is dependent on the type of gym equipment that you have. If you have a lot of heavy gym equipment, pack them all up in the home gym. It gives off the feel of your favorite gym but without the presence of fellow gym rats. 

15. Enclosed backyard pool and gym

15 farmfoodfamily.com enclosed backyard gym ideas with pool

If your workout is more on cardio, you can enclose both the pool and the gym in a spacious backyard shed. Putting these two elements together just makes sense. You can have a dip in the pool after a tiring work out or you can practice endurance by doing some routines in both gym equipment and in the pool. 

16. Seaside backyard gym

16 farmfoodfamily.com seaside backyard gym ideas

Everyone loves working out in a full view. If you happen to have a home by the seaside, setting up simple gym equipment in your backyard should be easy. You do not have to build a new gym structure and you can enjoy the insulation of an open space. Just set up in a shaded area by the backyard like this one. 

17. Slanted seaside backyard gym

17 farmfoodfamily.com slanted seaside backyard gym ideas

If you do not want just a plain setting up of your backyard gym, you can enclose it in a slanted space by your seaside home. With this, you can enjoy the natural light reflected by the glass walls and door. At the same time, you can also put in more gym equipment for you to use. 

18. Dome style

18 farmfoodfamily.com dome style backyard gym ideas

It helps to have an angled space as we have all been accustomed with the flat, box-type of gyms. For this, you can explore a dome design or a curved angle gym in your backyard. You can neatly arrange your equipment in a curved form to avoid so much cluttering. 

19. Wood and glass

19 farmfoodfamily.com wood glass backyard gym ideas

For a backyard home gym in a manor-style home, opt for wood and glass. This combination is a classic choice for high ceiling homes that want to incorporate a home gym in the backyard’s space. Aside from the light and insulation, the glass walls with wood trims are regal looking. 

20. Accent pieces and shelves

20 farmfoodfamily.com accent shelves backyard gym ideas

Aside from painting your backyard gym with white walls for a decluttered sight, you can also accessorize the space and put-up shelves for your small equipment. Set the treadmill and the back facing the backyard view and put up modern pendant lights to give the area an ambient glow while you are working out. 

21. Refurbished storage area

21 farmfoodfamily.com reburfished storage backyard gym ideas

This suburban home had an abandoned storage area by their backyard. Instead of designating it as a big trash bin, the homeowners’ children decided to refurbish it into a compact home gym by the backyard. It might be small but the addition of an accent mirror on the side gives an illusion of space. 

22. Open backyard space

22 farmfoodfamily.com open backyard gym ideas

If your type of workout does not include treadmills, bikes, and weightlifting, you can benefit a lot from an open backyard gym. You can set up your gym ball, yoga mats and lighter gym equipment. You can also relax and just feel the backyard breeze during rest time since it is just an open space. 

23. Modern open space backyard gym

23 farmfoodfamily.com modern backyard gym ideas

It is not literally an open space but its peak/attic style along with glass walls and wood trims widens the space no matter how compact it is. Since it is not the traditional square flooring, you can arrange your equipment better without fear of it being too cluttered to look at from the outside. 

24. Zen backyard gym

24 farmfoodfamily.com zen backyard gym ideas

This is another thing to do if your workout routine does not involve heavy lifting and cardio. If you are more into meditation, yoga, or martial arts, you can have a hardwood floored open space and Japanese-style lights while facing the view of the garden like this one

25. Gray walls and concrete floors

25 farmfoodfamily.com gray wall concrete floors backyard gym ideas

For a modern, minimalistic flair, opt for a backyard gym of gray walls and gray concrete floor. Accent it with a large wall mirror for the illusion of space. The hardness of this arrangement goes well with heavy gym equipment especially those used in bodybuilding. Having the outdoors as a view softens this combination. 

Frequently Asked Questions

To wrap up our take on the best backyard gym ideas that we have listed, here are some FAQs that you should be on the know. 

Can I build a gym in my backyard?

Yes. If you have a pre-existing shed or old garage and laundry room, you can easily transform it into a gym in your backyard. However, if it is a new structure that you will build on, you must consult with local regulations about building extended structures in your home. 

How do I protect my outdoor gym equipment?

Outdoor gym equipment can still be vulnerable to rusting and deterioration if they are constantly exposed to UV rays and rain. This is the reason why you still need a shade or a storage area for them to be kept after use.

If you have observed, the listed backyard gym ideas here still feature a roofed space or an entire room. Keeping them from direct outdoor exposure is still the best protection for outdoor gym equipment. 

What size shed home gym?

While it is perfect to repurpose a shed for a home gym, it should always be in accordance with two things: enough space for gym equipment and an ample space for you to move around and breathe. As such, the recommended size for a shed to be transformed into a home gym should be 3m x 3m. 

How do I make a simple backyard bodyweight gym?

If you are only eyeing a simple backyard bodyweight gym with a weightlifting set, barbells and leg and bicep building equipment, here is a good visual from Mark Hanson. 


With these backyard gym ideas, we have reaffirmed that fitness and the love for working out can be personalized and within the comfort of our homes. They can simple installations or a full, upscale gym room complete with all the gym essentials that you can find in commercial ones. At the end of the day, the purpose of a backyard gym is for you to have a quiet time to sweat the stress out.