25+ Best Under Deck Patio Ideas and Designs

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The under deck patio is the cheapest place in your home to decorate and enlarge. You can turn it into a virtual space using various under deck designs. There are multiple options for under deck patio ideas and designs to consider.

You can also use various materials, including softwoods, hardwoods, pressure-treated lumber and synthetic woods.

Everything narrows down to what you want to achieve at the end of it. Have a look at some of those amazing ideas.


best under deck patio ideas

1.  Create a Raised Rustic Deck

1 farmfoodfamily.com under deck patio ideas

Give your home that modern feeling by mixing rustic materials and contemporary designs. Bring the realistic aged features to your garden by using wood with integrated colors. You also have to be careful when selecting under deck colors. Ensure you get colors that can match your fence and the furniture.

Make sure there is uniformity in the appearance of your outdoor patio. Your garden fence will have a place to sit on your under deck apart from the great visual impact in your outdoors. This under deck idea will also help in maximizing your garden space.

2.  Make Use of Outdoor Living Space

2 farmfoodfamily.com under deck patio ideas

Who doesn’t like spending time in a more beautiful place? Make a beautiful under deck patio to bring out the best in your home exteriors. Use materials that are soft enough to make your under deck patio attractive.

The exterior materials used to make under deck areas brings a lot of comfort to the outer space, pushing people to enjoy spending more time outdoors.

You can go on and give that similar look to your furniture. Bring out the outdoor feeling by ensuring soft furnishing to your under deck patio.

3.  Create a Grand Entrance Deck

3 farmfoodfamily.com under deck patio ideas

Give your home a perfect grand entrance by designing an under deck patio on the entry. Incorporating natural colors and some layers of varnish will add to the shiny appearance of your home entrance.

Make sure you use deck materials that can sustain outdoor weather. Don’t let all the resources and energy you’ve invested in your under deck patio go to waste in case the weather turns ugly.

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4.  Consider Expanding Your Playing Field

4 farmfoodfamily.com under deck patio ideas

Do not let your deck deny you the space to gather or party and play with your friends and family. Integrate your outdoor space using hardscape materials to enlarge your living room.

Under deck, the patio ensures you have that much-needed space to turn into a playground for your kids or social gathering space.

5.  Create Good Levels and Views

5 farmfoodfamily.com under deck patio ideas

If there’re many stairs around your outdoor, don’t hesitate to use them under the deck patio to split the floors. Set different step levels to enable you to view various locations in your outdoor environment by providing the needed space. Under deck patio also separates the large outdoor areas.

6.  Bring Great Look to Your Outdoor Deck Kitchen

6 farmfoodfamily.com under deck patio ideas

Are you thinking about how your outdoor kitchen can look when incorporated with an under deck patio? Having your outdoor dining just next to the kitchen brings that inspirational mood.

With an under deck patio, you can create a very stunning cooking space within your outdoor. And anybody around you would love having dinner in such an amazing place because of the fresh outdoor air.

7.  Turn It to a Storage Space

7 farmfoodfamily.com under deck patio ideas

Are you running out of storage space? Do not worry anymore if you have an under deck patio in your home. You can store anything under your patio, whether dry or wet.

But don’t forget to protect your storage from bad weather by installing your under deck 30 inches above the ground. With wet storage, there is no need to safeguard your items from bad weather, but you can raise them a little bit off the ground.

Additionally, make sure your fence is water-resistant for dry storage. You can as well use plastic channels between the joints of your deck to ease drainage.

8.  Enjoy Poolside Comfort

8 farmfoodfamily.com under deck patio ideas

Outdoor pools are very important, especially during summer periods. They provide a way of making your pool more enjoyable. Think of where you will be heading immediately when you get out of the water.

You have to lay down to catch up some fresh while relaxing. Under deck provides you with the crucial relaxing shade next to the pool. It provides you with a ceiling to spare you from the scorching sun.

9.  Add Some Value to Your Home

9 farmfoodfamily.com under deck patio ideas

Think of how you can turn that deserted space into something superb. And in case you intend to sell your home in the future, make sure you take care of every area, both indoors and outdoors.

Try and entice your future buyers by putting up a unique under deck patio in that unused space. You’ll love how it brings out the curb appeal of your home.

10. Changing the Image of Your Home

10 farmfoodfamily.com under deck patio ideas

Maybe you have a space that has been out of use for a very long time. You don’t even have the idea of how to bring the place back to its life. Worry no more.

You can turn that unused and deserted space into a very wonderful under deck patio. Start with renovating the floors, then the walls and finally the ceiling. Don’t forget to decorate it appropriately.

11.  Convert into a More Versatile Space

11 farmfoodfamily.com under deck patio ideas

You can convert your under deck patio into anything you want. You can use the space you get after laying your under deck in many aspects. You can decide to convert to a screened-in porch if you wish to or any other screened-in options. Just ensure you get something useful to do with space.

12. Think of Lighting Your Patio

12 farmfoodfamily.com under deck patio ideas

Under deck needs some light, and you need to be creative with it. You make it brighter by integrating some ceilings and wall lighting aspects.

Under deck ensures your entire atmosphere is more brilliant. You can go on and use lanterns and glossy white paint to ensure your patio shines all through.

13. Double Decker Balcony

13 farmfoodfamily.com under deck patio ideas

Separate that large space into two using different materials. You will end up having a double room on your exterior. And you will have created another important space in your outdoors. Whatever you are going to do with that added exterior space is up to you.

14. Provision of Colorful Contrast

14 farmfoodfamily.com under deck patio ideas

The under deck system allows you to come up with the designing colors of your choice. You have all the time in the world to think and come up with the best colors that suit your landscape. So go for some colors and textures that won’t disappoint. Try some inspiring colors and textures. Give your home a great look.

15. Think of the Stylish Sun Deck

15 farmfoodfamily.com under deck patio ideas

If you are a fan of luxurious things, try a stylish painted sun deck. The under deck design painted in the sun theme looks stunning. Think of matching your sunbeds with your exterior. The smart-looking color is outstanding.

Clean the under deck material before painting in case you’ve decided to paint. Use manufactured paints for the exterior to improve the lifespan of your under deck. The other good side is that you can repaint your under deck after some years to change the look.

16. Try a Private Pergola

16 farmfoodfamily.com under deck patio ideas

Many people love having private spaces in their homes, but they cannot create that private place. If you are in that situation, don’t worry more, because there are ways to create that privacy.

Incorporating a pergola gives you that private space where you can relax and enjoy your privacy. The beauty of pergola should not shun you away from adding more styles like climbing flowers plus adding your seamless colors. Just don’t overdo it.

17. Put that Commercial Area into Proper Use

17 farmfoodfamily.com under deck patio ideas

Commercial spaces can also upgrade on their exterior. With a good space down there, everyone that visits your commercial premises will find it very relaxing. There is nothing better than working in a gorgeous looking under deck patio. Think of that aesthetic feeling you get when walking or relaxing on under deck pathways.

Your working environment looks bolder and intrusive, thanks to the materials used to brighten the deck. That beautiful space has a unique way of improving the productivity of your employees.

18. Think of that Ground Pool Deck

18 farmfoodfamily.com under deck patio ideas

Eliminate that heat around your pool by designing a perfect under deck patio. It is true woods are not conductors of heat. Use them to cool down heat around your pool. You can integrate your under deck with a pergola to protect you from direct sunlight as it provides your pool with shade.

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19. Under Deck on the Water Surface

19 farmfoodfamily.com under deck patio ideas

Bring in a stylish look to your garden pond by creating an under deck patio on the water surface. Your garden will be more appealing than ever. Make sure your deck floats on the water surface.

Make a great impression while designing a floating and practical under deck. You can go on and erect a shelter as you sit beneath it.

Make it more stylish by transforming it to act as a bridge in your pond. This kind of deck is only recommended outside your home since putting it at your home can endanger other people such as kids and home pets. They can easily slip into the pond.

20. Grab that Cozy Feeling

20 farmfoodfamily.com under deck patio ideas

How about enhancing your home’s ambience, so you make it a perfect place to enjoy your leisure time? Turn your dining into a more relaxing place using an under deck system. Don’t let anything change, from the ceiling to the floor. Ensure you bring that cozy nook in your dining area. Try to use those attractive and appealing colors to make your space inviting.

Popular shades in many homes consist of linen ceilings. So don’t miss out on such a superb experience. Get out and turn your home into a palace. Remember that you should not mix colors to get that natural look.

21. Think of Gazing Place

21 farmfoodfamily.com under deck patio ideas

The ideal place to enjoy the natural environment of the outdoor and indoor landscapes is on the deck’s patio. Decks ensure your walkways and pavements look great.

You can turn any hardscape area in your exterior into a stunning arena. Think of enjoying your chilly evening in the fireplace located above the underdeck. The feeling is just inspiring.

22. Enjoy Swinging

22 farmfoodfamily.com under deck patio ideas

 Who hates some swinging experience while enjoying the beautiful outdoor view? Swinging is not only for kids as it plays a very important role in an adult’s health. You can hang a swing deck for you and your kids at home to enjoy the fresh air and the daytime sunshine.

You maintain a healthy heart when you swing outside the sun, hence getting much-needed vitamin D nutrients which keeps your immune system and bones strong.

Besides a strong immune system and bones, your life also improves when enjoying that outside view, allowing your brain to release serotonin that helps you always stay happy.

That back and forth movement when swinging improves your blood circulation, hence lowering stress and heart and reducing breath.

23. Acting as a Buffer Zone

23 farmfoodfamily.com under deck patio ideas

The wood deck serves well as a buffer zone. You can use the under deck to correct any landscaping irregularity in your outdoor area. You don’t have to hire those big tractors to help you in landscaping your surroundings. A wood deck can fix landscape problems such as irregular grading and rocky projections

The underdeck can also connect your interior space to the exterior by providing a solid base. It allows extra space to create room for your patio for expansion during high temperature and humidity periods. Most used wood is normally redwood because of the durability.

24. Balcony with Parquet Deck

24 farmfoodfamily.com under deck patio ideas

Have you tried multiple under deck patios that are designed for those who hate simple things? They tend to be a bit more unconventional. The under deck has a parquet flooring design making it to be outstanding. The rustic feeling gives it a unique look. The appealing nature is such motivating thanks to the multiple patterns

The stylish nature and seamless feeling are not left behind because of the repeated uniformity. Decking tiles are also used in the flooring to achieve the desired pattern.

25. Use Composite Deck

25 farmfoodfamily.com under deck patio ideas

Are you looking for a low-maintenance under deck solution? Look no more. Composite materials don’t require high maintenance like wooden under deck material.

They are also able to last long on your patio. In case you have a very small space, the composite material will still serve you well.


What is the best material to put under a deck?

Material to put under a deck will depend on the aesthetic nature of the deck and its function. The best material is a landscape fabric covered with non-organic materials such as gravel and rock. Landscape fabric is required to protect your under deck from weeds, while gravel allows drainage by holding the landscape fabric.

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How do you build a patio under a deck?

Considered factors such as headroom, drainage, grading, and low clearance before building your under deck patio. With headroom, you have to develop your deck at a lower point by excavating deeper to get the space.

For drainage, you can use waterproof materials such as piping to sweep away water from your patio. You can use retaining walls to prevent any washouts that can send mud into your deck for grading and clearance.

Can you enclose under a deck?

Yes, you can enclose your under deck patio. But before doing so, you have to check if there is a permit needed from your building department or get approval from the homeowners association. To enclose your under deck, ensure you access to the door by attaching the hinges to one of the enclosure panels.

What can I put under my deck to keep it dry?

You can use a concrete base, and the best deck base keeps your deck dry. Also, cover the bottom of your deck with a water-tight membrane.

What to put under a deck to stop Weeds?

You can use a landscape fabric that is non-organic to stop weeds. Non-organic materials don’t decompose easily; that is why they are suitable for weed eradication.

What do you put under a Second-Story deck to keep it from dropping onto a patio below?

You put under deck systems, which include aluminum, vinyl, and steel. Aluminum prevents leaking since it doesn’t expand or contract. Vinyl provides panels for drainage, while steel helps in sustaining the heavy weight of your deck.

What do you put around the Bottom of a Deck?

You can put boards, vinyl, or even lattice materials.

Should I put Gravel under my Deck?

Yes, you can put gravel material under your deck to allow easy drainage in your patio.

How do waterproof a Second-Floor deck?

You can wrap plastic membranes around the joint spaces in your under deck to make it waterproof.


Do not hold yourself back if you have a small space at home, even if it is an extension from your main house. Turn it into something great. The multiple choices and ideas for designing and using your under deck patio are endless.

Stick to your budget as you create the under deck patio design that suits your desires. Let us know what you think about these great ideas in the comment.