Backyard Landscaping Ideas for Dogs

Dog friendly landscaping ideas

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Backyard landscaping can be beautiful even if a dog lives at the residence. Just keep garden design for pets in mind at the planning stage.

Has your landscape gone to the dogs–literally? Backyard landscaping for dogs will solve that problem. There are a couple of things to keep in mind when purchasing plants and features for the backyard:

  • Don’t put anything in the backyard that can hurt the dog.
  • Don’t put anything in the backyard that the dog can hurt.

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Firstly, log on to and get the list of plants that are poisonous for dogs. Take this with you to the nursery when buying plants. There are plenty of beautiful non-poisonous plants to choose from so don’t let that list be a discouragement.

Backyard landscaping for dogs requires a potty area for the dog. Prepare the area with gravel or dirt. Put a fire hydrant or something to serve as a fire hydrant in this spot. A large log or rock would work fine.

Train the dog to use this area only for potty breaks. This won’t be a factor for female dogs, but male dogs like to have something they can mark as their territory. Place a decorative feature or two in this area, but make it something that will hold up under dog urine. A water feature for the dog to drink out of would work well.

Backyard Landscaping for dogs requires some hardy plants. Try to find plants that dogs don’t care for like barberry bush. This plant has long thorns that dogs will definitely not want to eat or turn into a bed for an afternoon nap in the sun. Some resilient plants are rosemary, lavender, peonies, catmint. Rosemary has a smell that is undesirable to dogs.

Build a meandering dry creek-bed. Fill it with pea gravel and river stone. Plant a few drought resistant plants sporadically along it. This will add visual interest to the landscape and urine and feces will not harm rock.

Dogs love to run and roll in the grass so do have a grassy area. Choose a tough lawn by consulting your home and garden store. This is the dogs area so don’t expect it to be picture perfect. It won’t be the focal point of the yard.

Stay away from fragrant flowers. These will attract bees. Dogs don’t realize that chomping down on that buzzing bee will give him a fat lip and possibly an allergic reaction.

Avoid plants that attract butterflies. Dogs will have them for lunch.

Have fun with garden design for pets. Anyone can do it. All it takes is a little creativity, some practicality, and caution. Most important, choose non-poisonous plants. Avoid features that can be destroyed by dogs. The end result will be a paradise for the dog and easy care landscaping for the home owner.

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Landscaping Ideas for dogsdog friendly landscaping ideas

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